Teachers have Fun Away from Home


*Story follows on from School Cupboard Hook Up, but it can be read as a stand alone story*

There were 4 members of staff going on the school residential trip; Emma, Suzanne, Liz and Jon. Emma was nervous about being away with Jon. Nothing serious had happened since their session in the cupboard, but they always seemed to find a reason to brush hands, or end up sitting next to each other in meetings.


On the Monday; Emma, Jon, Suzanne and Liz organised 30 excited 10 and 11 year olds onto the coach, with a phenomenal amount of luggage! Emma was last on the bus as she was counting them all on, which left her sitting at the front with Jon; who was at the front with the first aid kit and sick bucket.

“Excited?” He smiled at her. “I am actually!” Emma chuckled! They waved goodbye to the parents as the bus pulled off, raising an excited cheer from the children!

It wasn’t a long drive to the residential centre and they pulled up outside just before 11am. The first day was always a bit hectic! After getting all their luggage off of the bus, they made their way into the main teaching area to meet the instructors. They were briefed on the activities planned, house rules and safety. It was a lot to take in and the children were keen to get into the canteen at lunchtime to sample the food. Emma always enjoyed the fact that she had a week of not having to cook!

After lunch, the complicated task of sorting out who was sleeping in which room. The children took their luggage to their rooms and were taken on a quick tour of the facilities; bathrooms, recreation room, TV room, wet room, kitchen etc. Then they were split into groups for an afternoon of fun team building games with the instructors. This gave the school staff time to make sure everything they needed was organised; and to have a quick cup of tea and a break!

Emma was in her room, sorting through her belongings. Toiletries for the bathroom, clothes that needed to be hung up, phone charger for later that evening etc. There was a quiet tap on the door. Emma opened it, expecting to find a child there, but instead she found Jon. He smiled sheepishly, putting his hands in his pockets.

“Are you ok?” Emma asked. Jon nodded, “Yeah, just thought I should make sure I knew who was in what room… incase of emergency?” He shrugged. Emma tried not to laugh but she couldn’t keep the smile from her face. “Ok.” She chuckled.

Jon looked around, checking no one was coming along the corridor, then slipped into Emma’s room. Quickly, he pulled her towards him, bringing their lips together. “Maybe I can come by later?” Jon asked quietly.

“What if one of the boys needs something and you’re not in your room?” Emma asked. Jon thought for a moment, “Once they’re asleep it should be ok?”


After dinner, the children were allowed some free time before getting ready for bed and by about 10.30pm, they all seemed to be asleep.

Emma was woken up by a quiet knocking at her door. She checked her watch; 11.48pm. She really didn’t want to get out of her warm bed, but knew she had to in case it was one of the children. She opened the door, blinking in the darkness to try and make out who it was. A sudden kiss on the lips told her who it was, as he moved them quickly into her room and closed the door.

Emma pulled him over to the warmth of the bed, keen to get out of the cold. They stayed wrapped in each other’s arms under the duvet for a while, chasing away the cold. Emma started to doze off again, tucked up in his arms with her head on his chest. Jon felt the strong pull of sleep too, closing his eyes and resting his face on the top of her head.

The early morning sun shining through the thin curtains woke Jon. He looked at his watch, cursing himself for falling asleep with Emma. It was 5.30am. Carefully, without waking her, he eased his arm out from underneath her and got up. He needed to get back before anyone else woke up and realised he wasn’t in his room.

Emma woke up in an empty bed. If she hadn’t been able to smell Jon’s scent on the pillow, she might have convinced herself it was just a dream.

They gave each other an awkward ‘hello’ at breakfast and were soon out with their groups on the first activity of the morning. Emma’s group had orienteering first, followed by team games. Jon’s group were busy doing caving all morning.

After a quick lunch at the centre, they were back out again. Emma’s group were canoeing and Jon’s were staying Kartal escort at the centre to do team games.

Emma had a lot of fun with her group! They learnt how to work together to paddle and steer the canoe along the river. After that, they had a go at building their own rafts out of plastic barrels, planks, rope etc. Then the moment came when they needed to test them out! They worked together, cautiously pushing the rafts onto the water, making sure their whole team was on board.

One of the rafts sank quickly, leaving those children soaking wet, dragging their raft out of the river! Two teams managed to keep theirs afloat, leaving Emma’s team waiting to see if they could make it as far down the river as the others could. It was going well, until one of the ropes came untied, causing their barrels to start pulling away from each other; dumping Emma and her team into the river!

They walked the short distance back to the centre to get changed. Jon saw Emma’s group through the window and went next door to the wet room to meet them.

“Did you all have fun?” Jon called cheerily. “Yes sir!” Chorused the children in Emma’s group. Emma was helping them out of their wet layers, sending them off to get changed and warm up. “Do you need help?” Jon asked, watching Emma struggling to peel off her wet layers. “Please!” She replied, her arms wedged into her soaked sleeves. He peeled her waterproofs off.

“I thought you were canoeing, not swimming!” Jon laughed, noting how wet her clothes were; even with all the waterproofs on! Emma glowered at him.

He watched her hang her waterproofs up to dry, her breasts clearly visible through her wet top; the cold making her nipples protrude. He felt his cock stir. Emma turned, noticing his gaze and raised her eyebrows at him. She folded her arms across her chest and headed upstairs to get changed. Jon took a deep breath and returned to his group.


Jon couldn’t get the kids to bed quick enough that evening! Emma’s hard nipples had been on his mind all afternoon. His corridor had been quiet for a while, so he decided to have a shower.

Emma knocked on Jon’s door, but when she got no answer she opened it and peered into the room. She could hear the shower running. Quickly she sipped out of her pyjamas and crept into the bathroom. Jon had his back to her, lathering his hair under the stream of water.

The shower door was ajar, so she quietly slipped in behind him. He jumped when he felt cold hands on his back, followed by soft lips kissing his shoulders. He rapidly scrubbed the shampoo from his hair, turning around to kiss her. Emma had pulled the shower door closed, trapping the steam in.

Leaving the water running over them, he kissed her passionately. He’d been waiting for this moment all day and needed the release. Emma ran her hands down his chest to his hips; over his buttocks and his back. Jon was engrossed with her wet breasts; stroking and cupping them in his hands; gently pinching her nipples.

Emma sighed and kissed him back, her tongue meeting his as they worked themselves up even more. The shower wasn’t big enough to do anything else, so without breaking their kiss, Jon knocked the shower off and moved them back into the bedroom. They were still dripping wet, but too horny to notice, as Jon pushed her down on his bed. He paused for a second, watching her beautiful breasts rise and fall with each breath; before nudging her legs apart and entering her roughly.

Emma gasped at the sensation of being filled so quickly with cock and wrapped her legs around his back. He let out a sound like a low growl, thrusting faster and harder. He bent his head to run his tongue over her nipples; as her breasts bounced up and down with his thrusts. Emma bit her lip, trying to keep herself from crying out with pleasure.

It didn’t take Jon long to feel the familiar twitching and tightening of his balls, as he prepared to come. Emma could feel herself coming close too, finally reaching an orgasm as Jon emptied himself inside her. She pulled his lips to hers as he collapsed on top of her.

They stayed wrapped up in each other’s arms, catching their breath, before Jon stood up and stretched. He grabbed a towel and finally dried off from his shower. He passed the towel to Emma, who stood and did the same. As he watched Emma rub her hair dry, his cock hardened again.

Emma grabbed his hands and pulled him back to the damp duvet, straddling his Kurtköy Escort lap, she paused with his tip nestled between her moist lips. He ran his hands up and down her thighs in anticipation. Emma lowered herself down slowly, slipping all of his cock inside her. She closed her eyes as he reached around to grab her ass.

Jon watched her breasts sway and she rocked gently on his cock, a flush spreading down her chest. “Fuck,” Emma whispered, as he stroked his thumb lightly over her sensitive clit. He knew she was enjoying it, he could hear the sucking sound of his cock moving in and out of her wet lips. “Ride me baby!” Jon smirked. Emma upped the pace, riding him faster. She placed her hands on his chest for balance. “Those tits are just perfect…” he whispered, reaching up a hand and rolling her nipple between his fingers. Emma moaned, coming closer to another orgasm.

After they’d both finished and cleaned themselves off in the shower, Emma pulled her pyjamas back on. It was just after midnight. Jon opened the door and checked the corridor was clear, so Emma could leave without being spotted.


The following day passed by in a rush of different activities and heavy rain!

That evening, after dinner, Suzanne put a DVD on for the children to watch in the TV room. This gave the school staff a little break. Liz made them all a cup of tea and bought out a packet of chocolate biscuits. Liz and Suzanne sat chatting on the comfy sofas in the library, while Jon challenged Emma to a game of pool in the recreation room.

They were half way through their first game, when Jon nudged the door closed with his foot. He was currently winning and Emma was trying to find a way to get some points back! “I want to fuck you on that pool table…” Jon growled. Emma looked at him in surprise. “In your dreams!” She giggled. “It will be…” he replied, running one hand down her back as he passed her. Emma shuddered under his light touch, struggling to focus on her shot. He brushed his lips against her neck, barely touching her, his breath warm against her skin. She quivered in anticipation.

With Emma facing the pool table, he quickly unbuttoned her jeans and slid his hand down the front of her pants. Emma gasped, “Jon…” but she didn’t finish her sentence as he began lightly stroking her, placing small gentle kisses on her neck. “You like that don’t you?” He whispered in her ear. Emma nodded. “Tell me what you want…” Jon breathed. Emma flushed, embarrassed. “Um… uh…”

Jon ran his tongue sensually along the side of her neck, making Emma’s knees buckle. “I want… I want you inside me…” Emma gasped.

“In where?” He asked, quietly pushing her to talk dirty to him.

Emma paused. “M.m..my pussy.” She mumbled, “put your fingers in my pussy.” Without replying, he swiftly entered her with two fingers. Emma pushed back against him, grinding her ass against his crotch. “Like that?” He asked. Emma nodded again.

Jon curved his fingers round to rub against the sensitive g- spot. Emma leant forward and braced herself against the edge of the pool table. Jon growled, finding himself behind her, like he had in the alleyway. He slipped his other hand into her pants too, using it to spread her lips open, giving him even more access.

“Yes!” Whispered Emma. “I love your fingers inside me!”

“I love feeling how wet you are…” Jon whispered into her ear, nipping her earlobe lightly. Emma groaned again.

“Harder Jon!”

Jon moved his fingers faster, using his other hand to roughly play with her clit. “Harder!” She murmured again. “Damn you’re so dirty.” Jon mumbled back, “I wish I could rip your jeans off and fuck you, spread eagle on the pool table!”

Emma gasped as she started to come. Feeling her tense up around his fingers, he kissed her neck, slowing the pace of his fingers until he was sliding them in and out slowly. Emma was gripping the pool table tightly as he withdrew his fingers. She turned to face him, taking his hand, to put his fingers in her mouth. She sucked his fingers clean as his cock twitched and hardened in his trousers.

The sound of the kitchen sink being filled made them pull apart quickly, hurrying to look like they were still playing pool. Liz poked her head around the door. “Are you done with your mugs? I’m going to wash up and head up to bed. Suzanne’s just sending the kids up to get ready.”

“Sure, we’ll be up now.” Jon replied, passing her their mugs.

“That Maltepe Escort was really close!” Whispered Emma. Jon nodded solemnly.


Thursday was their last full day at the centre, another day packed full of different activities. Emma was exhausted from all the physical activity; both with the kids and with Jon! They were doing their last activity altogether.

Jon stood next to Emma, watching the children attempt the high climb and ‘leap of faith’.

“Our last night…” he said casually, without taking his eyes off the children, “shall we?…”

“Yours or mine?” Emma replied quietly.

“I’ll come to you.” He answered. “How do you want it?”

“Rough.” Said Emma.

Jon smirked. “It’s a date…”


Just after 11pm, Jon made his way down the corridor to Emma’s room. He’d showered and shaved in preparation, thoughts of fucking her roughly had occupied his mind all evening. He stroked his hand over his crotch, feeling his cock bulge through the fabric of his pyjamas.

He pushed open Emma’s door quietly and went inside. To his surprise, she was sitting on a chair in the corner, in just her black, lace underwear. He felt his cock harden further. Emma stood and walked over to him. “I want you to fuck me.” She breathed, looking into his eyes and rubbing her hand over his crotch. He closed his eyes and moaned softly.

Jon ran his hands all over her, stopping behind her back to unclasp her bra, letting it drop to the floor. She leaned in to kiss him, cupping his face in her hands, enjoying the feeling of his hands all over her.

He hooked his thumbs in her pants and tugged them down off of her hips. Emma stepped out of them and pulled down his pyjama bottoms, freeing his erection. Slowly Emma turned around and bent over, leaning her hands on the chair and exposing her firm, pale ass to him.

John licked his lips, stroking his cock as he readied himself. Still holding his cock in his hand, he rubbed the tip against her lips, spreading her moisture around to make it easier for him to enter. He ran his hands over the curve of her ass and grasped her hips, driving his cock deep inside her.

“Yes!” Emma gasped, grinding her ass back against him. Remembering how hard she liked it in the alley, he picked up the speed. Emma gasped again.

She began playing with one of her nipples, squeezing and pinching it; enjoying the pain mixed with pleasure from his cock. Taking a chance, Jon rubbed his thumb over her puckered asshole. Emma let out a moan, surprised by the sudden sensation.

He rubbed his fingers along her pussy, lubricating his fingers, before sliding the tip of his finger slowly into her ass. Jon could tell from how tight she was that she’d never had anything in her ass before. The thought of being the first to explore it made his cock twitch in excitement. He wriggled his finger in a little further, rotating it a little to stretch her hole. “Fuck! Jon… I’ve never…” Emma mumbled.

“I know.” He replied, quickly pushing his finger in further. He was balls deep in her pussy, with one finger in her ass, up to his knuckles. Emma cried out in shock. Anal had never appealed to her before, and she couldn’t imagine her husband doing it! She let herself relax, allowing his finger more freedom to move.

Emma didn’t know how long she could hold back, the different sensations overwhelming her. Jon continued pounding her from behind, unrelenting.

“Fill me with cum!” Emma cried, “Fuck me Jon!” Spurred on, he felt his balls tense as he shot a massive load of cum deep in her pussy, while still working her ass with his finger.

He quickly pulled his dripping cock out and dropped to his knees, placing his tongue to her anus before she could protest. He started flicking it with his tongue, pushing it inside as Emma gasped.

“Mmmm…” he sighed, with his mouth pressed against her anus; alternating between licking and sucking. Emma gasped again, not realising she could orgasm from it, until the wave of pleasure crashed through her! She collapsed forward onto the chair, her pussy dripping and her ass tingling.

Jon smiled smugly to himself. Sitting back to catch his breath. Emma slid down to the floor next to him. Jon chuckled at the shocked look on her face, making Emma blush. He reached for her hand.

“What are we doing?” Emma smiled at him, squeezing his hand. Jon shrugged, “Having fun?”

“It is fun,” Emma sighed, “But I’m not prepared to break up my family.” Jon nodded, “Me neither. But neither of us is happy with the sex at home, admit it.”

“I know.” Emma admitted, “Friends? With benefits?” Jon smiled, “We could make that work. No strings? Just sex?”

“No one ever finds out.” Emma added. Jon nodded.

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