Tech or Treat


I’m the designated short straw guy, which is why I had to leave a great Halloween party at 8:00pm to fix a dead server. The dead server was no treat, but I had some tech tricks in my bag, such as new disks and power supplies.

“I reboot and restart server. All work. Go home now,” said Mr. Nguyen. We do all the computer support for his dry cleaners, car wash, Asian grocery, and Haunted Mansion during the Halloween season.

“I have to look at it, Mr. Nguyen, you know that.” My boss kept a tight lid on Mr. Nguyen. Personally, the two of us had a good working relationship, mainly because my boss did all the negotiating and arguing and re-negotiating with Nguyen. But Nguyen often started the process on me, thinking that would soften up my boss a little, or I’d cut him some slack on what I wrote down.

“Your crazy boss charging me overtime,” said Nguyen, “full two hour service call, so you stay full two hours.” When he said that, I knew he and my boss had already started their billing dance. That made me happy, because that meant Nguyen wouldn’t start on me. He pronounced his name “win” and he always wanted to, especially when there was more than six cents at stake. If I was lucky, he wouldn’t try beating me out some extra materials or free consulting.

As I figured, the small server was overloaded and overheated. The heavy load of ticket sales and other work proved too much. I smelled ozone and knew the power supply was overheating or dying. The server gave up the ghost at that moment, and the screaming from Mr. Nguyen and his employees drowned out the kids screaming in the Haunted Mansion.

“Fix it! And stay both hours to watch it,” screamed Mr. Nguyen.

The fix was easy. Someone, probably Nguyen himself, had thrown clothes and boxes on top of the server, cutting off the air flow. I uncovered the server, took off the case, found a house fan under some boxes, and started it blowing directly onto the motherboard. After two minutes, the Mansion was selling tickets and Haunted yet again.

After checking a few software details, I went and set on a couch. The junk room slash server room was separated from the staff people and attendees. I leaned back on the small couch. It had been a long day, and the Halloween candy I had earlier was wearing off and I was crashing.

I must have dozed off, because I jumped when a girl touched my arm.

“Who are you?” asked a slim brunette in a long black dress and a mask.

“Eugene. Tech for your server problems. Who are you?”

“Linda. Why aren’t you working?”

“Mr. Nguyen made me stay after I fixed the problem because we have a two hour service call minimum after hours. Why aren’t you working?”

“Need a break. Feet hurt.” She put her foot up on the couch arm. I expected a black stiletto heel, but it was a tennis shoe painted black. A small ankle led to a well defined calf. I must have looked disappointed, because she laughed.

“Did you leave a party to be bored here?”

I sighed and nodded.

“Then you deserve a treat.” She started pulling her dress up and up until I could see her knee and lower thigh.

I moved my head to see farther up her thigh. She laughed, a young but throaty laugh, and put her hand on my head.

“Just a second.” She went over to the table and turned off the lamp. I could see her outline, but no real details, which was a shame. Her slim neck lead up to a smiling mouth with a dimple on the left side. The dimple disappeared in the gloom.

Before I could complain, her face was against mine, our lips met, and her tongue explored my lips then started dancing with my tongue. My eyebrows grazed her mask.

Her hands circled my head and pulled me tightly to her. After a kiss down to my toes, she pulled me upright and one hand started undoing my jeans.

“Are you ready to play?” she asked. Using both hands, she released Bostancı Escort my halfway excited dick from my jeans. As her hands touched Little Geek, and gently cupped my balls, Little Geek passed the halfway point quickly.

“I’m getting there.”

“Then get me ready.” Her hands left my suddenly lonely dick, and her dress started rising. She stepped up on the couch cushions and put her stomach in my face. I got the idea, sat down on the couch, and started a slow lick upward from mid thigh.

The closer I got to heaven, the more she quivered. The more she quivered, the harder I got. When I realized she didn’t have any panties on under the long black dress, not even a thong, Little Geek rose to full attention. As my nose touched her pubic hair, she pulled my head tightly to her crotch.

Her scent was clean, musky, and wet. Coming from the front, my tongue hit her clit immediately, and she quivered again and pulled me even more tightly to her. I reached up and felt her breasts, surprised at how firm yet small they were.

“Are you legal?” I asked.

“I’m in college, so don’t stop now.”

I pulled her legs open slightly so I could reach more of her pussy. I whipped my tongue from side to side, labia to labia, as far back as I could go. Then I pulled forward, where she shook again with I licked her growing clit. After a half-dozen trips back and forth, she pulled my head away.

“Oh god am I ready,” she said. She pushed me back, turned around and got down on her knees on the couch. Leaning over the back of the couch, she looked back at me and said, “Be easy.”

A little pissed at not getting any oral attention from her, I got over it as I saw her slim thighs round up to a small but shapely ass and tiny waist. I pushed all eight inches of Little Geek between her thighs, slid up to her pussy, and rubbed my dick back and forth a few times to get as much lubrication as possible before entering my little Halloween treat.

I nestled Little Geek into her pussy lips and slowly pushed in. She was tight, so I went even more slowly. Since she said to be easy, I guessed she wasn’t fully lubricated and didn’t want things too vigorous until she was warmed up.

In halfway, out, in halfway again, repeat a few times, then I pushed deeper. She got much tighter, then loosened up. When my balls finally kissed her pubic hair, she yelped a little and shuddered once again.

“Too much?” I asked.

“Easy. I want to enjoy this.”

By “easy” I assumed she meant not going to fast or pushing too hard until we were both warmed and likely to stay quiet and not attract attention. Out again, then slowly back in. I could feel her hot wetness and smell her sweet but musky natural perfume a bit more strongly. I could tell she was warming up pretty well, as was I.

After a minute or two of slowly sliding in halfway and back out, I started sliding deeper once more. I could feel my heart pounding, and my hands felt her ribcage swell and shrink faster and faster as her breathing got deeper.

“More. Faster. Do it more,” she said.

Thank god she gave me permission to really start fucking at full strength, because her heat and tightness was driving me crazy. Forgetting other staff people, including probably family members, were just beyond a thin curtain, I started steadily sliding in as deeply as possible, going faster with each stroke. Soon we sounded less like lovers and more like a drum as my balls swung up around her pussy at the end of each plunge, then slapped my thighs on the way back.

She whimpered in time with my strokes, and her sounds deepened, got louder, and then started rising in pitch. By the time she started her orgasm, a group of young teen girls were squealing just around the corner. Her high pitched moans fit in with their high pitched squeals and giggles. No one could tell who was Kadıköy Escort scared and who was skewered.

“Wait, wait,” she said, reaching back and grabbing my hips and holding them tightly to ass. My balls swung like a pendulum a few times, then stopped. She held me, moaned and shook, consciously trying to control her noise if not her vaginal walls. Wave after wave of pussy contractions squeezed and released Little Geek.

“OK,” she said, and I started stroking slowly again, careful of what should be a tender and sensitive pussy. As I started speeding up again, I thought I heard her say ‘so that’s a real organism,” but I must have been mistaken. If I did hear her correctly, shame on those college boys for not doing a good job and making sure she had her explosion before they had theirs.

Back up to speed, with balls slapping in good rhythm, I felt the rumbling start down deep in my thighs. I knew I had only another minute or two before exploding.

Linda must have felt a change in my stroking. “Tell me when you’re ready to finish. I want do to this right.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by right, but I was betting it had to be as much fun as everything els so far. “Another minute or so,” I said.

After about a half minute, she put her hands back to stop me, then slowly pulled away. I hated to see those sweet slim hips disappear and that hot ass let Little Geek go.

Since I missed getting any oral attention earlier, I started hoping that’s what she had in mind. She turned around, grabbed Little Geek with one hand, and pulled me to her lips.

“My boyfriend always wanted this,” she said. I could see sadness in her face, or maybe it was just the dim light. “And I never did this for him.”

Before I could figure out what to say, or if I should say anything, she licked the tip of my dick, then gently wrapped her lips around the head. The building rumbling that had worked up from my thighs to my stomach and almost to my balls started receding. I had to help her.

“I need some pressure to finish,” I said. She tightened her lips a little, but not nearly enough.

“Keep sucking, but let me help,” I said. She looked up and nodded. I reached down and started jerking Little Geek, and the fire reappeared immediately.

She smiled, pushed my hand away, and started jerking me herself. Her small hands didn’t grip hard enough or stroke fast enough, but I was so close just the sight of her sucking on Little Geek providing all the excitement I needed.

“Hold on,” I said. “As sexy as you are and hot as this has been, I’m going to really explode.”

And explode I did. The first gush felt like a mouth full, and her eyes widened and she tried to pull back. I was ready and put my hand behind her head and gently held her close. I kept my hips as still as I could so as not to thrash around any more than I had to, since this seemed to be her very first mouthful.

She opened her mouth to catch a breath, and I saw a white pool cover her tongue. Then she swallowed and locked her lips on me again immediately, in time to catch the next explosion. She held on and sucked hard, a great feeling on Little Geek. The fire was quenched, flared again, and repeated over and over.

After what seemed to be twenty contractions, I was dry. She kept stroking and sucking, the pressure now much stronger and almost painful on my tender dick. Regretfully, I held her head still and pulled myself away. Little Geek was about halfway back asleep when I put him in my pants.

“Thank you,” she said. “Thank you for indulging me.” She stood, her small Vietnamese frame leaning against me. Her head fit just below my chin, and I felt her take long, slow breaths.

“No, thank you,” I said and meant it. “What could have been a boring tech visit turned out to be fantastic.”

She hugged me tighter.

“Can I see you Göztepe Escort again?” I asked. “Linda. Really. I want to see you soon.”

“I hope so,” she said. “But this is a weird time for me.”

I knew what she meant. In college, and she mentioned a boyfriend. Damn.

“Call me when you figure out your weirdness,” I said. I pulled a card from my pocket, got a pen, and wrote my personal phone number on the back. “Or give me your number so I can call you.”

“I can’t right now. It’s complicated,” she said.

“Call me anytime, for anything,” I said. I wanted to beg, but I could see her face cloud up, no doubt thinking of that poor boyfriend who never got that blowjob he wanted. I got it instead, and it was fantastic.

“It’s time for me to go,” she said. She backed toward the curtain, blew me a kiss, and vanished.

I sat there for about ten minutes, thinking about Linda, trying to memorize her scent, her touch, and the feeling of her thick black hair brushing up against the bottom of my chin. If I saw her again, would I recognize her without her mask? I knew I would recognize her lips, her chin, and her voice, but I never saw the rest of her face.

Mr. Nguyen came in. “You go now,” he said. “Tell your boss I’m only paying for one hour of support because you just sat there and did nothing.”

I felt so good I didn’t bother to argue. Mr. Nguyen always talks my boss down a few dollars, which is why his rates are always a few dollars higher than normal. Before I could ask about Linda, Mr. Nguyen disappeared.

After I packed my gear and smoothed my hair, I went to the office to ask Mr. Nguyen about Linda. He wasn’t there, but Mrs. Nguyen was. She looked odd, not quite scared but more wistful, or a combination of both.

“Do you have Linda’s number, Mrs. Nguyen?” I asked.

She jumped at the name Linda. “You saw her?”

“Yeah. We, ah, talked. I’d really like to see her again.”

Mrs. Nguyen started wiping away the tears that suddenly ran down her cheeks. “I would love to see my niece again, but I never will.”


“She died five years ago tonight. She always worked Halloween for us, and came back her first year of college to help again. Her boyfriend had just broken up with her, and she was upset. I wanted her to stay the night, but she wanted to drive back to school that night and apologize and try to win him back.”


“Car wreck. But every year she comes back and my husband and I can see her and talk to her. Or maybe we’re just wishing we could.”

“Did she wear a long black dress and a black mask, and black tennis shoes?” I asked.

“Oh my god, you really did see her.”

I started to feel pretty creepy. “Just about ten minutes ago,” We really started about thirty minutes ago, but I didn’t want to go into details. “She touched me and everything.” Boy did I mean everything.

“She came to me just now and said she finally did what she planned to do, so she can now rest in peace,” said Mrs. Nguyen.

“What did she plan to do?” I asked.

“Don’t tell my husband, because he was as protective of Linda as of our own daughters. But she wanted to throw away her Virginity Ring to try and get her boyfriend back. He wanted her to, you know, do more. She was ready, finally, but she died before she got back to see him.”

I couldn’t say anything else, so I waved and left. Obviously, I had fallen asleep and dreamed the entire encounter. I must have heard someone talking about this ghost story and incorporated it into my dream. Maybe, after all these years, I could still have a wet dream and one of those embarrassing “nocturnal emissions.”

In the car, I couldn’t stand not knowing. My crotch didn’t feel wet like it should have after a wet dream. Weirdly, Little Geek felt like he’d just been busy, doing, well, what Linda and I did.

I flipped on the overhead light and looked around to see if anyone was watching. Then I opened my pants.

There was no cum or other evidence from a wet dream. There was, however, on my dick and on my underwear, a bright red smear of virgin blood.

The End

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