I was awakened from my restless sleep as you crawled up onto our bed. Before I became fully conscious, you had positioned yourself kneeling with your feet at my ears and your hands resting upon my thighs.

Through the dim light I saw your lovely white thighs and your panty-covered crotch. You were moving your ass about and pushing yourself toward my face. I could smell your aroma from there, so sweet, so desirous. I ran my hands up your thighs and buried myself in your wet and musky sex.

Simultaneously I became cognizant of the fact that you were still wearing your sexy little yellow skirt, the same one in which you departed this evening, and that the thick and sexual aroma from your crotch was more than just your tender, sweet smell that I have come to adore so deeply, it was a mixture.

It all hit me like a jolt, and I became instantly aroused and wide-awake. I would alternate between licking alongside your panties and thighs while snaking my tongue in for a ‘peek’, and breathing deeply at your large wet spot.

I began to wonder what time it was. How long had you been out? Who had you chosen, and what did you do? A stranger, an old flame, a friend? Would I have the occasion to be in his company any time soon? Him knowing he had you, and also aware of my ignorance and confusion?

How delightful you are, the way you tease me and are able to intensify my sexual pleasure through your magic spells of servitude and obedience. To be able to make me do the things I do for you, to you, and with you without any apparent weaponry or force. You control my will, and therefore my accord.

I use my hands to spread your cheeks so I can get closer to your body and your secretions. I want to take you, to have you, to be a part of you in any way I can. My tongue roams under your panties, above your sex to your anus. I run my tongue around where I can through the clothing constrictions and back down again. I try to squeeze my nose under the fabric, but it is too tight.

This action elicits a giggle from you and you reach for my balls and squeeze. My gasp of air and tightening fingers proves to you that you used the right amount of force to achieve your objectives. I slow down, refocus my efforts on your crotch and allow my hands to run over your body. I am careful to not touch beyond my limits.

I stroke your soft belly and rib cage, I yearn to extend a finger just a little to merely touch your certainly supple breast, but good sense cautions me against it. I return to your thighs, legs and feet. My mind now reeling at the thought of your breasts. Wondering again about their shape, their texture. I am able to remember a time, months ago, when I was blindfolded and you teased my tongue and lips with your nipples. I was laying there, as you quietly surprised me with your flesh. I licked and kissed as you slowly pulled away. I strained against my bonds as you evaded my tongue. And you giggled then, too. You brushed your nipples over my face and chin. I agonized over that thought for weeks, my dear.

As I breathe in your mixed scent I glance back mentally at the beginning of our evening. There we were, watching a movie and smoking a nicely rolled joint when the phone rang. As you spoke with him I could see the marijuana having its effect on you and your senses.

As your conversation got warmer your hands began to roam over your belly and thighs. You leaned back in the corner of our couch Şerifali Escort and touched yourself to his words. You asked me to turn down the TV volume so you could hear better. I heard your moans, your words of debasement, and guttural need flow into the handset. I watched as your hands reached under your extra long T-shirt.

You motioned for me to fetch your hot pink vibrator. I looked at you with envy. Your hand now firmly under your panties, your legs spread slightly. I admire your legs, ankles, and feet. I gaze at you, longing to be with you and to satisfy you the way he must.

When I return with your vibrator you immediately turn it on and begin running it over your underwear. Eventually, you and your friend manage to satisfy each other’s phone needs. The receiver drops from your hand, as does your toy. You fall back along the edge of our couch with your eyes closed as you mutter for me to prepare a bath; you’re going out tonight.

I recognize your tone and feel the familiar growling in my stomach as I open the faucets and feel for the proper temperature. I pour in some bubbles and a perfumed oil bead; no doubt you will want to smell exotic this evening.

After your soaking and sponging, I was again called in. With a cloth over your breasts, my forbidden fruit was again opaqued. You sat on the tub’s corner ledge with one foot still in the bath water, and the other on the rim. Your legs and exposed sex made my knees weak. I looked at your belly, your hips, and the length of your leg.

I saw your face, your smile, your devilish eyes. You knew the level of my excitement. You knew that at that point I would do whatever you wanted in whatever fashion you chose. But I have never felt in dangerous hands while in your presence and under your spell. I know that what you do, you do to extend and maximize my excitement … who is to blame you if you take advantage of the situation occasionally?

Our love may be strange, but it is devoted and open.

While still in my shorts and T-shirt, I wade into your tub, kneel and take your right foot into my hands. I apply to your leg a smooth coating of shaving gel and begin my agonizing entertainment. As I shave your leg, I feel behind the razor to ensure smoothness. I am also able to take this opportunity to touch you like I need to and have to.

While I am shaving your leg, you teasingly bring your other foot down to my clothed thigh and wriggle your toes up to touch my balls. A still further push causes a gasp from me and I almost nicked your calf. Your foot reached the tip of my dick and then continued to temp and tantalize as I finished up your right leg.

After we repeated this process with your left, I exited your bath, dried, and left you to your peace. I was trembling. I was shaving my woman’s legs for her anticipated rendezvous with another man. A man who could, with the sound of his voice, bring you to a sexual crescendo. My stomach ached, but my excitement grew. I was free to quit and escape at any time, but your power was all encompassing. My head was reeling from the millions of thoughts and emotions that were happening.

You picked your sexy black blouse under which I saw no sign of a brassiere. Was this guy going to see the part of you I could not? Was he going to fondle your breasts? Suck on them? Make love to them as he made love to you? Would he excite you to such a degree that you would allow him pleasures İstanbul Escort you won’t even allow me?

Your yellow skirt was ablaze with contrast versus your long black hair. You wore your hair as a badge, an accomplishment. Its color allowed you to wear such striking outfits against your olive skin. Your legs and feet bare.

You sat in our chair and noted how dry the soap had made your legs. I was quick to respond with the lavender lotion. I poured some into my hands and blew warmly on it so that the coolness would not shock you. I took one foot in my hand and began rubbing the lotion into your skin. I applied it up your leg to above your skirt line. I was delirious. Kneeling in front of you, with your breasts almost visible under the thin, black fabric that was your top for the evening, I was rubbing warm lotion into your freshly shaved legs and feet. I had your full presence in my view and was memorizing every move, every twinkle in your eye as I softened your legs for his pleasure.

After I finished with your lotion, you realized that you had the perfect nail polish for this evening. I knelt again at your feet and lovingly applied the polish to each of your toes. I blew on them individually to keep the polish from running and/or spreading. How sexy you looked!

As I walked away to retrieve your shoes for the evening I was taken aback at your glow. Your eyes were bright and smiled at not only your immediate future, but also at your effect upon my being. Your blouse barely hiding the contour of your breasts, and your legs bare, soft, and smooth glistened in the afternoon sun as you crossed them and dangled an awaiting foot.

As I help you strap on your shoes, I cannot help but to lean low and apply my lips to your instep. A kiss of love, of admiration. Of need. You giggle and rise to leave. After a final look in the mirror, that was as much for me as for you, you grab your pocketbook and begin to depart. Fresh in my mind, the thoughts of your preparation and that final glance in the mirror. You look so daring, so sexual, so ready! I felt the swelling in my throat.

I want to beg you to not go, I want to ask that you reconsider, but I know that would not be appropriate. I am there for you when you want me and as you want me. You are there for me to admire, to crave, to desire. I am humbled at the opportunity to please you, and see my pleasure as a gift from you.

I walk you to your car. It is still light outside, anyone in the neighborhood with an interest could see me opening your door and staring at your legs as you sat. They could watch me watch you leave our house dressed to incite … and alone. As you drive away, you blow a kiss and tell me, loud enough for all concerned to hear, not to wait up.

And now, deep into the night or early in the morning, I have your hybrid aroma and taste on my face, in my mouth, and deeply in my sinuses. As you play with my balls and dick, you ask me if I would like to taste you this morning. I say yes. You squeeze a little harder, play a little faster, and ask again. I say yes, with a plea in my tone. After you squeeze again, I cry out for the privilege. I ask you over and over if I may! I beg of you, and I plead with you to allow me to taste you and please you with my tongue!

You ask me questions about what I want to do, why I want to do these things, what tastes I want to experience. I answer in my shaking voice, Ümraniye Escort begging you almost through tears for you to pull your clothing aside and to let me suck from you the juices of your tryst this evening. To clean you wherever he was, to please you in any manner my mouth can, any manner you wish..

As you finally do, and you straighten your body up and rest back upon my face, I do as I promised. You move yourself to whatever position you like, whichever location you wish for my tongue and lips to be. I lick inside of you, around you. I honor the lips of your vagina by taking each one individually into my lips and lick and suck lightly. I reach inside you trying to find a place that will make you shake and relax your body on mine.

You move your hips forward and my nose is pressed against your anus as I lick and work within your musty and exotic sex. You slip further and I find myself licking and forcing my tongue through your anal tightness. I note a familiar taste and realize that your friend had been here, too. I am repulsed by it, but so turned on that I am paralyzed with our very presence in time.

You quickly return your wet and erotic vagina to my tongue. I notice that you have given me access to your spot and are ready for your final release of the evening. I suck lightly and breathe through my nose, now sticky with your and your lover’s juices.

Then, as it hits home, you squeeze tightly on your thighs and grind hard onto my face while your body tenses, your hand tightens around my balls, another digs into my thigh. I need to scream, but I need to maintain my pressure for you.

As you subside, you remove your grip on my testicles. Your hips relax. You roll off of me and slowly sit up on the edge of our bed. You undress, toss your clothes on top of me, and you get up. You walk around the bed, and you take my straining dick in your hands, lean over and kiss it on the tip and give it another good squeeze. You look deeply into my pleading and helpless eyes as you run your fingertips up and down the length a few times. Enough to create such agitation within me that I lift my hips from the bed.

You lower your head to kiss me, and kiss we did. I felt your tongue run deep through my mouth and straight through my soul. I felt your saliva trickle through your kiss and accepted it graciously. You would lift your head from time to time and I would follow, needing to feel your tongue inside of me, needing to earn your approval for release. This brought giggles from you as you watched me strain to keep the touching alive, the connection open.

While kissing me, your hand kept making me leap as you touched, squeezed, pulled, and tantalized my already sensitive dick. You find such things so amusing. You find it amazing what you can make my body or me do merely for your touch.

Then you remove your hand and tell me maybe next time you’ll ‘be in the mood’ longer. With that you leave and I am left to dissect my thoughts and emotions for the evening.

I am re-acquainted with reality when you again opened the door. I thought that this was going to be my moment. Instead, I am merely given the command to not jack off tonight. No explanation, no other words of comfort, only that I was not to obtain any relief at all today. I hold your underwear close to my nose and eventually drift off into a very haunted and sexually deprived sleep.

You are such a tease. I need that part of you in my life.

My dear, your power over me amazes me to this day. How I want to and need to serve you and pleasure you and your needs. I am glad we are who we are. Rest well and I will be here.

Until next time

Your lover in desire.

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