The Abyss


She walks in the front door, drops her bag, peels off her tight jacket and kicks off her expensive shoes and sighs, looks around and walks towards the fridge. The wine, her favourite Pinot Gris is just where she told him to put it. In the door so it doesn’t get to cold, but cold enough that when she puts it down on the bench to get a glass the bottle starts to perspire in the humid heat.

She sighs, almost in pleasure after her first mouthful of the wine and reaches to her waist, three practiced movements later her tight black skirt is sliding down her thighs to pool around her ankles like liquid shadow. Six more movements and the buttons on her blouse are undone and she shrugs out of the constricting silk. Another mouthful of the wine and she starts to feel more like herself.

The bottle returns to its spot in the fridge and her bra and panties join the rest of her clothing on the floor. Another sip and her glass of wine disappears and she walks towards the large shower in the air-conditioned bathroom.

Her breath catches then she sighs again as the cool air breathes across her naked body. Standing before the full wall mirror she watches as her nipples harden and her hands slip up her firm stomach to her breasts, then she pinches the diamond hard points and moans again. Slowly she rolls the dark buds around between her fingers, remembering how her current lover referred to them as “Hershey’s Kisses” last time he had one in her mouth.

The memory of how he had taken her, she had tried to resist, to make him work for it but his voice had crashed through her defences and she had submitted on the floor of her apartment. She had gone from the strong, iron-willed attorney to a horny, penis-starved minx in seconds. Begging him to do unspeakable things to her pliant body.

Her words had urged him on, making him fuck her harder and faster until they had both collapsed in a mess of bodies, sweat and juices from both of them. She had loved it and ever since that night she had struggled to focus at work, the smell of a man’s after shave, the feel of carpet on her stockinged feet when she kicked her heels off under her desk between clients… even a knock at her door set her pussy aflame.

Steadying herself against the vanity she reached down between her legs, a week ago, she would have been shocked, even appalled to know she could get as wet as she was now… now it was an everyday occurrence. A guttural moan tore from her throat and she ground her hand against her pussy with the front of the hand basin. Loving the feeling of something pushing against her. Why did he have to be so far away, why had he given her a taste of the forbidden fruit of multiple Anadolu Yakası Escort orgasms and left, for a whole week?

Didn’t he know her pussy needed attention? He had opened a door inside her and she didn’t know how to close it, she wouldn’t even if she knew. Whenever her mind drifted it went to the feeling of being taken on the floor, knees and hands roughly rubbing into the carpet, the hard thrusts against her from behind as he filled her wet pussy.

The slaps to her ass, her poor, poor ass. All she wanted was to be taken again, pushed to the edge and thrown into the abyss of lust and release. She pinched her nipple roughly to regain a semblance of control.

With that she pushed the button on the wall to activate the shower, she had pre-set the temperature on the way home knowing she would need a relaxing cool shower, not just because of the oppressive heat and humidity, because of the fire inside her pussy, the uncontrollable burning that left her thighs wet and for the first time in her life, checking seats after she stood up in the office to make sure she hadn’t left a wet patch.

She staggered against the wall, the fire building to a feverous pitch, she needed release, she needed to… the door to the bathroom closed behind her. She jumped and spun around, in her panic she didn’t think to cover herself, it was him. He put a finger to his lips and quickly removed his clothing, then he was in front of her, roughly kissing her under the water under her body screamed for breath, he held her a few seconds longer then spun her away from him.

She gasped as his corded arm snaked around her neck and pulled her back against him. She moaned as she felt it press against her. She need it, she needed him, she needed it inside her!

She felt him smile against her neck, “Missed me, did you?” he asked, the deep resonating tones of his voice crashing through her mind was like fuel on the inferno between her legs. She moaned again, pushing back against his hard thickness. It was like velvet wrapped steel and she needed it. Another guttural moan as she fought against his tight hold.

He chuckled, the noise made her knees weak and she knew it wasn’t just the water from the shower running down her thighs. His free hand slid over her stomach and between her legs, she almost screamed with delight as the heel of his hand pressed down on her hard, desperate clit. The flat of his hand moved slightly as his thick penis pressed against it and then it slid the object of her dreams inside her.

Her pussy offered up a token resistance, she was tight but so incredibly wet. Even he moaned when he realised how desperate for this she was. Then Bostancı Escort his foot pushed hers to the side and spread her legs further and he pulled her head back so he could kiss her again. Then before she realised it she was under the water again, unable to breath but he was inside her, she was full again, but she couldn’t breathe.

Her body fought with itself, one half wanted the release, the beautiful agony of the pent up, sought after, needed orgasm. The other half wanted to breathe, then he solved her problem for her, he kissed her again, and like a drowning patient the oxygen in his lungs sustained her as she fell into the abyss again, deeper and deeper as he thrust into her, repeatedly, filling her up and her juices tried futilely to push him out through the sheer quantity he was producing in her.

Eventually he pulled out and she gushed for what seemed like hours before he thrust back inside her, pulling her out of the cascading water and pushed her against the glass wall of the shower that looked out over the street below her apartment. She gasped as her breasts were squashed against the wall, then felt self-conscious, in her aroused state forgetting that no one could see through the tinted glass.

Then lost the thought as he thrust deeper inside her and as his thumb pushed some where she never thought to feel pleasure from. She screamed as he filled both her holes at the same time, both in pleasure and in shock, then, as she knew she would, she relaxed and let him in, giving over completely to feelings he forced her body to experience. Her scream died on her lips, replaced by a deep, guttural moan of delight and contentedness.

She was fuller than she had ever been, her virgin ass was being shown to feel things she had only heard in whispered conversations between wine soaked co-workers after a one night stand or a romantic birthday getaway with one of their regular lovers. She was a good girl, or was she? He thrust again and she realised she had been a good girl, until a man she barely knew had fucked her on the floor of her apartment, a man she knew nothing about other than he made her feel things she had never thought she would experience, a man who was about to make her cum for the… she couldn’t even think, she had cum so much already.

The orgasm tore through her, the arm not around her neck caught her at the waist and stopped her from falling to the floor of the shower. She caught his eyes with hers and tried to convey the thanks she felt, not for stopping her from possible pain but she couldn’t bear to spend any more time than was necessary without his thick… his thick cock, she shivered at the thought of using Erenköy Escort the word, deep inside her. Even the thumb which had shocked her to begin with, she wanted more.

She pushed back against him, trying to take more, wanting to stretch herself on his cock, she wanted to be the naughty girl, the slutty one. Not that she was ready to tell any of her female co-workers about this, this was her secret. His arm tightened around her throat, she felt her world start to spin and her pussy clenched as she prepared to cum, just as she felt like she was going to pass out through lack of oxygen his arm loosened and her orgasm hit her, this time he followed her to her knees, the orgasm clenching and unclenching along his length and his moan surprised her, he seemed to have so much control.

With a devilish grin, she decided to do everything she could to make him cum. This man with his… she groaned as his thumb popped out from inside her ass and she lost the semblance of any coherent thoughts. She submitted to him again, in her favoured position on her knees in front of him, body moving with each thrust, each slap across her cheeks. His arm released its grip around her throat and she gasped, she hadn’t even realised he had been choking her again.

She put her hands on the glass wall and thrust back against him, taking him by surprise, he moaned again. Her plan returned to her, she was happy to cum as many times as was needed to make him finish. She wanted to feel the hot fluid inside her, the squeaky clean, prim and proper attorney who never stepped out of line and who had been on one date in her life, wanted this man to cum inside her.

She wanted to feel him pull out and know that his cum was dripping out of her well used pussy. She moaned in delight and trust herself back on top of him again. He moaned again and slapped playfully at her ass. “You will… I’ll cum if you keep that up,” he panted at her. She smiled and thrust back again, delighting in how she was affecting him. She looked back over her shoulder, then bit her bottom lip suggestively and he grabbed her hips with both hands and started pumping faster and faster. Slamming through orgasm after orgasm, she gave up taking notice, she had hit the point where she was cumming constantly.

Then without warning she thrust back one more time and he collapsed over her back and she felt it. The spray against her walls, the moan against her back and then the kisses up her spine as he pumped in and out of her, slowly now, releasing everything he had inside of her. He started to pull out, but she clenched his softening shaft with muscles she didn’t even know she had. “Wait,” she said breathlessly and stated slowly moving backwards and forwards on him, using his cum to lube up his penetration. Then she started moving faster, she wasn’t done, if he was then she would use him, she wanted to cum one more time. He had shown her the abyss and now she was going to stay a while.

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