The Affair Ch. 03


In Part one, Maggie’s husband, Curtis, tells her that he knows one of her co-workers is flirting with her. She denies it, but then realizes it too. He’s a good looking younger man. She became fascinated by him.

In Part Two, Maggie and Randal wind up in a parked car alone together and temptation becomes too much. She winds up giving him head.

It was just past eleven thirty at night when Randal heard soft knocking at his door. At first he thought maybe it was the wind, but under the crack of the door he could see someone’s shadow. He walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. It was Maggie! He opened the door.

“What are you doing here?”, he asked. It had been a few weeks since the encounter in the car. They had exchanged glances at each other, but not a word was spoken about the event.

Maggie didn’t say anything as she entered the apartment. She was wearing a loose fitting t-shirt and shorts. Randal closed the door. “Maggie?”

“I came here for you. I know it’s wrong, but I need you”, she grinned. She pressed her body against his and kissed him deeply. Randal fell backwards. She had him pinned against the door as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. She didn’t even think about her husband. He responded with long strokes of his tongue in her mouth. Maggie gyrated her hips to his body, dry humping him through their clothes. Randal could see her hard nipples against her shirt.

“You’re not wearing a bra, are you?” he smiled looking at her breasts. Maggie smiled a sexy smile before lifting her shirt enough that her bare breasts fell free. “Such a bad girl”, he remarked. Maggie grabbed his face and brought it down to her breasts. He sucked and kissed them, rolling his tongue across every inch of her nipples.

“Mmmm, you haven’t seen anything yet”, she returned. Quickly she raised her arms to remove her shirt completely. Randal began grabbing her breasts Göztepe Escort rougher as he sucked her tits. “Oh yeah, Randal. You like my boobs, don’t you?”

“I’ve wanted to taste your breasts in my mouth for months now. And it was worth the wait.”, he said as his face came back to her breasts.

“Is that all you’ve wanted in your mouth?”, she coyly remarked.

“No. I want to repay the favor for the car”

“Oh really? What do you have in mind?”, she asked fully knowing what he wanted.

“I want to taste you, Maggie. Slip my tongue deep inside you. Would you like that?”. She took his hand and guided it between her legs, rubbing the fabric of her shorts.

“What do you think?”, she grinned.

“I think I have got to get you out of the rest of your clothes”, he responded. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt, raising it over his head and tossed it over by her shirt. He unzipped her shorts, slipping them down her legs. Together they walked to the couch.

Randal kneeled in front of her as she sat down, He grabbed her white cotton panties and slid them off. Maggie raised her hips off the cushions as the fabric left her body. The cool air of the room hit her. A shiver ran down her spine.

He began kissing her thighs, slipping her legs around his shoulders. Her neatly shaved pussy was so invited. He pressed his face in between her legs, kissing her pussy with his tongue buried inside her.

“Yeah, Randal. Ughh, Lick my pussy baby. You got me so wet”, she screamed, her deep accent ringing through the room. His tongue slipped in and out of her pussy. She played with his hair as he tasted her juices in his mouth. Maggie ground his face against her groin. He breathed in her aroma as he kissed her pussy lips.

Maggie continually moaned his name as he ate her out. Her hips shifted everytime his tongue made contact with her clit. Her body was rocking, İstanbul Escort her breasts bouncing as she began to sweat from the excitement. Maggie couldn’t remember being this turned on in her life.

“I want you inside me, Randal. I can’t take it anymore”, she pulled him up from his knees and unbuckled his belt. He pinched her nipples, watching them rise at his touch again. He leaned over and tasted them back in his mouth. This seemed to drive Maggie even more crazy as she slipped his shorts around his ankles. Randal kicked them off. He quickly pushed down his boxers and let his dick fall free.

Maggie slid over on the couch, now laying on her back. Randal crawled on top of her, covering her breasts and neck with kisses. She grabbed hold of his dick and rubbed it across her pussy lips. Randal pushed forward, slipping into her as she moaned.

Randal began thrusting against her body as she panted. He felt her body respond to his movements, she moved under him. She grabbed onto his back, scratching him with her fingertips.

“Harder, fuck me harder. It feels so good, Randal. Give it to me!”, she panted. She pushed him harder against her. Maggie could feel his chest hair rubbing against her full breasts. He began to fuck her, his body pounding away on top of hers. She could feel every part of her body surrendering to him. Maggie was out of control. She needed this like she needed the air she breathed.

Maggie sucked his tongue into her mouth, nibbling on it with her teeth as she felt his body thrusting harder against hers. Her pussy felt full with his hard cock inside it. She felt his balls slap against her body with each thrust.

Randal pinned her down against the couch, grabbing her by the wrists. She didn’t try to move. She enjoyed the way he was taking control of her. For weeks, Randal was in control of her mind. Now he possessed her body as well. Anadolu Yakası Escort She trailed her mouth to his neck, licking his skin and ears as he pounded into her.

Her pussy was soaked from her excitement. Before she even arrived at Randal’s apartment, she played with her pussy. She knew she needed to have him tonight. And now, she laid on his couch, naked with his body covering hers as they fucked.

The room was full of sounds coming from both of their mouthes, and the sound of their bodies slapping together. Maggie wrapped her legs around his waist and ass, pushing him even further inside her pussy.

“That’s good baby, keep fucking me. I want to know what it feels like to have your cum inside me. I’m all ready sopping wet for you. It’ll feel so good when you flood me with your hot cum”, she moaned as she responded with her body. Randal nibbled on her neck and ears as he listened to her. With a free hand, he groped her tits and nipples, squeezing them together. He loved playing with her body. She responded to every touch. For months he had fantasied about rubbing her nipples and now he was doing that and so much more. She had such a beautiful body. Her breasts were so full and heavy in his hands.

Randal began grunting and moaning louder as he rubbed her breasts. Maggie felt his body tense and she knew what was going to happen next. She was going to get a pussy full of cum. She kissed him deeper, pushing her tongue into his mouth. That’s when she felt the first spurt of cum inside her. He moaned into her mouth as he exploded deep inside her.

Maggie felt her body begin to tense as well. Randal was still semi-hard inside her as she pushed his body into her. It felt great to be under his body. She licked his mouth, which immediately opened with his tongue. His hands continued to play with her breasts, squeezing her nipples between her fingers.

Finally, Maggie came. Her voice hurt from moaning as much as she did. She slid Randal off her. He slipped his arms around her as they lay on the couch. Maggie didn’t feel the least bit guilty after just being fucked by another man. After all, it was all her husband’s fault.

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