The Babysitter Ch. 02


I woke up early to the sound of Bobby playing in his crib. I lay in bed for a few seconds after I heard him. I stretched my arms out over my head and then slipped them under the covers. My hand instinctually went to my breast. I was naked. I must have just got into bed after I took a shower last night. I didn’t even remember getting out of the shower; I was in such a haze from being with Shane. I started to massage my breasts. Oh my God, Shane, I thought. I moaned just thinking about him. I slid my hand down to my pussy and ran my finger up, feeling how wet I was. If I started this now I wouldn’t stop, I thought. I got up and threw on a pair of shorts and t-shirt and went to check on Bobby.

Bobby and I were in the kitchen when Mrs. Miller came downstairs. I was cutting strawberries and heating some formula for Bobby.

“Oh good you’re making breakfast for all of us that’s so nice,” Nancy said rubbing her eyes. Nooooo I was making your son and myself breakfast, I thought. I quickly whipped up a batch of waffles and eggs, just as Jessica and Tony came down. They ate everything, leaving nothing for Shane or myself.

I was feeding Bobby a spoonful of smashed bananas when Shane finally came down. He looked amazing in a pair of cargo shorts and a black t-shirt. I had to bite my lip to keep from smiling when I saw him. Shane was more obvious about it as he smiled and looked me up and down. He said good morning to everyone and Nancy and Jessica announced that they would be taking Bobby into town today to do some shopping. For about half a second I was so excited to have Shane all to myself before I remembered Tony would still be in the house. I smashed some more banana on Bobby’s tray before I grabbed the dishes to clean.

“I think you missed breakfast. Do you want me to make you something real quick?” I asked Shane. It took everything in me not to let on that he had given me the best orgasm I had ever had less than six hours ago.

“No it’s fine Morgan, I can get it.” He said heading into the kitchen.

“I’ll just clean this up and pack Bobby’s bag and stroller for you guys. Shopping will be fun!” I sounded like a Barbie commercial. I didn’t care I just wanted to be in the kitchen with Shane as fast as possible.

I walked into the kitchen and before I could even get the plates in the sink, Shane was behind me with his lips to my ear.

“I need you again. Now.” He whispered as I felt his cock harden against my ass. I almost dropped the plates as I grinded against him. We had just been together and I felt like I needed him for the first time. I knew he felt the same as he slid his hands under my shirt to grasp my tits. I really did try not to moan but I couldn’t help it. Shane exhaled deeply into my neck and thrust his hips into me. He quickly turned on the faucet as to not arouse suspicion and began to kiss my neck as he moved against me again. We heard a chair squeak against the hardwood floor and he released me, moving to the fridge to grab a bowl of fruit. Nancy walked in holding Bobby.

“Morgan you can finish those later. Go upstairs and get Bobby dressed and get his diaper bag ready.” She lowered her voice and looked at Shane “You need to entertain Tony today while we are out. Can you handle that?” She asked him.

“No.” Shane said as he rolled his eyes. He was trying to be sarcastic but it really came out like it was a dreadful task. Nancy looked back at me.

“Now . . . please,” She said to me as she looked back to Shane.

Nancy and Jessica left with Bobby around Noon. I knew the only reason why she brought Bobby was to show that she a good mother. Tony made a pitcher of margaritas and convinced Shane to go swimming in the pool. I cleaned up the house and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. I didn’t wear a bra. Nancy was out for the day so she wouldn’t notice and I knew that Shane liked it. After I got ready, I went to check on Tony and Shane. I wanted to put a load of laundry on before I got in the pool so Nancy would see that I was busy during the day, and not fucking her husband.

“Hey boys, do you want anything?” I asked as they sat on chaise lounges in front of the pool. Shane gave me a “get me out of here look” and Tony ran his fingers through his chest hair, as he looked me up and down.

“Just to get you all wet,” Tony said getting up and walking towards me. I accidently grimaced.

“Ha . . . I need to put some laundry on,” I said turning away from him. Before I knew it, he had his arms around me and was dragging me to the pool. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Shane jump up and head toward Tony. He looked like he was going to punch him. Suddenly I was under water, sinking to the bottom of the pool. I quickly kicked off the bottom and burst out of the water. Shane met me at the edge of the pool and in one quick hoist, lifted me out of the water. Tony was Ataşehir Escort laughing and jumping around like an idiot. I smiled at Shane trying to let him know I was okay and that he should definitely not punch his wife’s best friend’s husband.

“Oh It. Is. On!” I challenged Tony, trying to relieve the tension. I flipped my hair back and noticed Tony had gone silent. The two men were staring at me. I had completely forgot I was wearing a white t-shirt without a bra. I looked down and saw that my shirt was completely see-through and they could clearly see my nipples.

“Why don’t you make another batch of margaritas? I think Morgan probably wants one,” Shane said to Tony stepping in front of us to block his view. Shane handed him the empty pitcher and I saw Tony straining to look past him.

I went upstairs to put my bathing suit on and within seconds, I felt Shane’s hands on the button of my jeans. He slid my jeans and panties off and I strained to get the wet fabric off my legs.

“I’m going to kill him if he touches you again,” he said reaching in front of me and squeezing my tits as he kissed my neck. I turned around to face him and lifted my arms as he peeled off my wet shirt. Shane let my shirt drop to the floor and leaned back to look at my body. I reached out and unlaced his bathing suit before pulling out his cock. I stroked it up and down and led him the last few inches back to the bed. I fell back and spread my legs, guiding Shane’s cock to my pussy. Shane stood in front of me, his muscles oiled by suntan lotion. My pussy pulsed and my back arched, looking at him. He stopped and looked at the door, listening for Tony downstairs.

“Please baby. Please give it to me,” I moaned as I massaged my tits. My body ached for him and my pussy was dripping. We heard the blender turn on and Shane smiled. He slowly slid the head of his cock into my pussy and then pushed all the way into me hard. I arched my back high off the bed and squeezed my pussy around him. He let out a low groan. He held tightly onto my hips and thrust in and out of me. I loved the feeling of him inside me again, filling me up. My body was hot and my face flushed as each thrust brought me closer and closer to exploding. I heard the blender stop and so did Shane. He stayed still and held me while his cock was buried deep inside of me.

“Don’t stop. Oh God please baby don’t stop,” I moaned as I lifted my hips up and began to fuck myself on his cock. Shane’s eyes rolled back and he inhaled sharply. He let me use his cock for a few more seconds before he pushed back into me making me cry out. He held me in place with one hand and fucked me hard as he grabbed my tit with the other.

Just as I was about to cum we heard a knock on my door. We both stopped and looked at the door. I saw the doorknob turn. Please have locked the door, I thought. Shane didn’t pull out of me; he just stood up taller and watched as the door shook. It was locked!

“One second,” I shouted as I looked back at Shane worried. He smiled at me and leaned over to suck on my tits before he slid out. Even with Tony trying to get in the room, I offered it to him, needing to feel his mouth on me. When Shane released me, I jumped up and pulled on my bathing suit bottoms. Shane laced up his shorts and hid in the bathroom.

I was tying my bikini around hips as I opened the door. Tony was standing there with two glasses of margarita as he looked down my body to my naked hip. I finished tying my bottoms before I looked up at him.

“Hey,” I said smiling and lifting the strings of my bikini top to release my hair. Tony blatantly started at my tits.

“Is Shane in here?” He asked still staring.

“Why would Shane be in my bedroom?” I asked taking one of the drinks from his hand. He watched me take a sip and the condensation that dripped from the glass slid down between my tits. I placed a finger in between my tits and wiped up the spill before sucking it into my mouth. Maybe that will get his mind off of where Shane was, I thought. I stepped closer to him and closed the door behind me. I walked toward the stairs and turned back to look at him. He was staring at my ass now.

“Are you coming back to the pool?” I asked as I headed down the stairs.

Tony was watching me put suntan lotion on when Shane came back down. Shane’s jaw tightened when he saw Tony looking at me. I was still wet and Shane watching me touch myself, as I put the lotion on, wasn’t helping. I was rubbing it into my chest, letting my fingers dip just under my top and trying not to moan as I grazed my nipples. As I moved to my legs, Tony got a call on his cell phone. He got up and walked around the pool talking loud and laughing even louder. Shane grabbed a glass and poured himself a drink as he sat on the chaise lounge next to me.

“You have to stop that. You’re making me hard,” Kadıköy Escort he whispered and smiled.

“What do you mean, Mr. Miller?” I asked as I massaged the lotion into my thighs. I could see he was getting hard again. With the amount of times we had been interrupted over the past two days, I knew he probably needed to cum more than once today.

“Hey Shane! There’s no service anywhere!” Tony yelled from across the pool.

“Ya, you’ve gotta go out to the front of the house!” Shane yelled back. Tony rolled his eyes and hurried to the back door. I slipped into the pool and beckoned Shane to follow. I leaned against the edge of the pool and Shane stood against me. He looked toward the back door and then back at me smiling. His hand moved down my stomach and into my bikini bottoms. I gasped as he ran his finger up my pussy.

“I love how you’re always wet for me,” he said getting very serious. He slid a finger into me and I moaned. I placed my hand on his chest and let my head drop back as he fingered me slowly.

“Fuck me again,” I said as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He shook his head.

“The next time I fuck you I’m not going to stop until I cum deep in your pussy.” He slid his fingers out of me and held my ass so that his hard cock was positioned at my pussy. I wrapped my arms around his neck and squeezed my legs around him grinding up and down against him. My tits were in front of his face and he opened his mouth to kiss them. He slid his tongue out licking my skin before kissing it and squeezing my ass into him. He looked over my shoulder and nodded his head toward the back door.

“He’s coming back out,” he said.

I spent another hour sitting by the pool with Shane and Tony before going back in, to change and do the laundry. Nancy and Jessica came back and announced that they had found a lovely spa that they would be going back to tomorrow, without Bobby. Bobby was exhausted and took a late nap. Shane and Tony were put on grilling duty while I was supposed to help Nancy and Jessica prepare the salads and vegetables in the kitchen. The two of them were horrible on their own; together they were impossible to be around. Nancy handed me a plate of corn and instructed me to take it out to the grill and I happily complied. Even a few second break away from the two of them, was good enough for me.

I walked outside and Shane was alone. When he saw me he lowered his brow, pursed his lips, and made a small whistling sound. I was wearing a very short chiffon summer dress. I laughed and did a little spin for him.

“Oh you like teasing me do you?” he asked raising an eyebrow. I smiled and looked around for Tony. When I didn’t see him I backed against the wall of the house and slowly picked up the bottom of my dress showing him that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Jesus,” he whispered as he rolled his head back. He jerked the tongs he was holding, motioning me to come closer. I smiled and tiptoed over to him. He pulled me into his side and squeezed my bare ass.

“You should go for a walk on the beach later. Maybe around the same time I go running,” he whispered in my ear and spanked me lightly.

“I think I probably will,” I said dropping my mouth and raising my eyebrows before smiling and walking back into the house.

Dinner was excruciating sitting across from Shane and not being able to touch him. Around dusk Shane announced that he was going to go out for a run.

“He’s always running. I guess once a Marine always a Marine,” Nancy said rolling her eyes. Are you kidding me? This man couldn’t get any hotter, I thought. Tony declined the invitation that Shane never asked and Bobby was still sleeping. Shane quickly changed and went out for his run and I cleared and cleaned the dishes as Nancy, Jessica and Tony talked around the table.

“I was going to go out for a quick walk on the beach before Bobby wakes up, if that’s okay,” I said looking at Nancy.

“You should have just gone running with Shane,” Jessica said sipping her wine.

“Oh I refuse to run unless I have a coach screaming at me,” I laughed. I looked at Nancy questioning and she nodded her head.

The sun was completely set except for an orange glow in the distance. I found an old over turned boat a short distance from the house and I leaned against it waiting for Shane. It wasn’t long before I saw a dark figure running down the beach toward me. Shane looked incredible with a pair of shorts and no shirt. His damp skin glistened in the glow of the sunset and I couldn’t help but grab him and kiss him when he approached.

“I need you so bad,” I moaned against his lips. His hands felt amazing on my skin.

“You couldn’t need this more than I do,” he said lifting my dress and squeezing my ass. I tucked my thumbs into his shorts as he kissed me and slid them over his hard cock. He Bostancı Escort picked me up and sat us down in the sand. He held his cock at the entrance of my pussy and I slowly slid onto him.

“Oh fuck,” I whispered as I began to ride him. I arched backwards supporting myself on his thigh with one hand. I slid onto him, lifted my hips slightly and came back down again and again. I held his hand as it caressed my breast. He growled and began to squeeze making me ride him faster. I was so close to cumming.

“Morgan! Bobby’s up!” Nancy screamed from the house.

“Shit,” I said startled. Shane grabbed my hips and slid me back down onto his cock. He pushed and pulled me back and forth.

“Don’t stop,” he whispered, encouraging me to ride him.

“Morgan!” I heard Nancy yell as I leaned back again. Now Shane was pushing into me with every down thrust of my hips.

“Good, baby. Don’t stop. Oh, you’re going to make me cum,” Shane breathed heavily. He pushed into me hard and exploded. Feeling him cum in me, sent me over the edge and my pussy seized on his cock. I slowly rocked on top of him as my orgasm subsided. I fell over him and he kissed me.

“Keep your door unlocked tonight,” Shane whispered in my ear before I got up and sprinted up to the house.

“Hey I’m so sorry I was all the way down the beach when I heard you calling,” I said when I saw Nancy.

“That’s fine, Bobby is up,” Nancy said rolling her eyes.

I spent the next few hours playing with Bobby and feeding him a late dinner. He didn’t go back to bed until after midnight. I was worried about his sleep schedule being too disrupted today. Hopefully I could get him back into his routine by tomorrow night.

Around one in the morning I could hear Nancy and Jessica stumble upstairs. I knew Shane wouldn’t be far behind. I completely undressed and put some make-up on and let my hair down. I had just finished lighting a few candles in my room when the door slowly opened. Shane was standing there with his mouth slightly parted. I let my hands trail down my breast and stomach. I slowly walked to the bed as he closed and locked the door behind him, never taking his eyes off of me. I seductively crawled onto the bed. I stood on my knees and cupped my breast as I looked back at him. Then slowly I turned and bent onto my hands. I slid my hands down the bed so that my ass was up in the air and my arms outstretched in front of me. As my head found the sheets I turned it slightly so I could see him looking at me and I moaned. I slightly spread my legs out and stuck my ass up higher.

“Mmmm. Good girl,” he growled and I slowly rocked back and forth as I saw him undress. He held his hard cock in front of him and softly stroked it as I raised a bit off the bed letting my hair fall to one side in front of my face and slipped my hand through my legs. I ran my fingers up my pussy lips and moaned as I looked at him. Shane stood behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist and slid them down to my thighs. He quickly pulled me back so my ass was now at the edge of the bed and my arms were completely outstretched in front of me. I felt his tongue slip through my pussy lips and slide up to my clit. The second his lips touched my clit I let out a loud moan. He held onto me tightly as he rolled his tongue over my clit. It felt so good to have his mouth on me and I wasn’t going to be able to take it much longer. He dipped his tongue into my dripping pussy and fucked me with his mouth. When his tongue finally made its way back to my clit I completely melted. I came so hard and my body shook from the pleasure.

Before I could even catch my breath Shane shoved his cock into my pussy. I gasped and quickly sat up straight on my knees. I arched my back and started to grind my pussy on his cock. Shane reached his hands under my arms and grasped my tits. He lifted them and squeezed them tightly before pushing me back on to the bed. He squeezed my ass with both hands and pushed and pulled me onto his cock. He fucked me hard and fast for much longer than any of the other times we had been together.

Shane quickly flipped me over so that I was on my back. I spread my legs wide for him as he slid his cock back into me. His head went back and he moaned and he entered me. He grabbed my hand and sucked two of my fingers into his mouth and then put them on my clit.

“Make yourself cum again. I want to feel you cum on my cock,” he groaned. I obeyed, rubbing my fingers in circles around my clit. I moaned and my pussy tightened around him. I lifted my hips to meet his thrusts. Shane increased his speed and groaned as he watched me.

“I’m going to cum baby,” I whispered looking at him.

“Oh fuck,” Shane said as he felt my pussy pulse around his cock. He thrust into me hard and my pussy contracted, squeezing out all his cum. He collapsed next to me breathing heavily. I wiggled my body slowly on the bed as I relaxed from my orgasm. Shane grabbed me and pulled me into him, sucking on my tits.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he said and began to drag his lips across my hard nipple. I moaned feeling that pulse again in my pussy.

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