The Best Worst Blind Date Ch. 01


Maria sat by the door impatiently, staring at the blank screen of her phone as if she could will it to ring. Her tight red dress rode up her thigh as her leg bounced compulsively. After what had seemed like an eternity, her phone lit up with the name of her date, Eric, who was now half an hour late (to a first date, no less). She picked up before the phone even had a chance to ring.



“It’s Maria,” she replied, irritated.

“Oh, sorry babe… traffic’s killing, Maria. Be there in no more than 15, ok?” said Eric in a flippant tone. Maria was feeling worse and worse about this date.

“Ummm, okay I guess.” She was too shy to say anything more to this complete stranger. She waited for his response, but soon realized he had already hung up.

Growing angrier and angrier, she texted her friend Casey:

“SOS. This guy you’re setting me up with is a total dick.”

Casey replied quickly. “He’s rough around the edges, but he’s usually cool at work. Give him a chance, ok?”

Maria sighed, texted a quick “ok fine” back, and got up. She walked to her bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. Her makeup was still perfect, but she touched up her lipstick anyway. She’d picked a classic red lip color, and paired it with smokey grey eyeshadow. Her blonde hair was styled in big, bouncy curls that fell over her C cup breasts. Her red dress was low-cut but tasteful, and showed off her natural curves. Maria regretted having wore her lacy black bra and panties, because this date was clearly going to end quickly. What was she thinking? This was a first date, and she obviously wasn’t going to get anywhere with this douche Eric. She resolved to change her outfit to something less revealing.

Just as she had started across her apartment to the bedroom, there was a knock at the door. She internally groaned and opened the door, steeling herself for the inevitable nightmare to come, but as soon as the door was open, she gasped.

The man standing in front of her was red hot. He was tall, with an athletic build, dark brooding eyes, olive skin, İstanbul Escort and wavy black hair. His tight gray t-shirt showed off his abs, and his black jeans left just enough to the imagination. He was rocking some chain necklaces in a big way, and his facial hair was too full to be called stubble, but still showed his defined jawline.

Eric grinned, clearly amused at Maria’s apparent interest in him. “Heya Monica. You ready?”

“It’s uh… it’s Maria” she stuttered, regaining her composure. She crossed her arms.

He gave her a quick glance up and down. “Right, right. Ready?”

She rolled her eyes. “Sure, let’s go.”

One uncomfortable car ride later, Maria was a fly on the wall in the trashiest night club in town. She’d never been before tonight, and she wasn’t changing her tune on the place now: everyone except her was completely sloshed, the lights were nauseating, and the music was loud and awful. Eric seemed like he was enjoying himself over at the bar, flirting with the hot young girl who was tending bar. Jealousy washed over Maria. It hadn’t been 5 minutes at this club, and he was already over her. She tried to correct herself: why did she care about what this asshole was doing? Still, she couldn’t help but frown as she watched him grab their drinks, wink at a nearby waitress, and saunter his way back to her.

“What’s wrong, blondie?” He joked. “We’re kinda here to dance, babe. What’re you doing on the wall?” He flashed a smile, but it was clear he was growing frustrated.

“I’m not a big dancer.” She huffed, adjusting the straps of her dress.

Eric was getting noticeably pissed now, his eyebrows knitting together. “You’re not gonna be a tight-ass the whole time, are you? Casey told me you were cool.”

“Excuse me?” she retorted, turning red.

“Look blondie, I’m not a huge fan of these set-ups in the first place,” said Eric flippantly. “I don’t even know why I let Casey talk me into this. I can get plenty of chicks on my own.”

This date had lasted under half an hour, but it had already gone on long enough. Anadolu Yakası Escort “You clearly think that, don’t you, strutting around like you own the place, flirting with every girl you see.” Maria’s shy demeanor had shattered, leaving her rude, stubborn side on full display. “Well I feel like an idiot for being here with you, so good luck getting any girl tonight pal.” She sidestepped past Eric and stormed out of the club. Eric followed.

“Where do you think you’re going?”


“How the fuck are you gonna get there? I drove you here.”

“I’ll think of something”

“Why aren’t you-“

“Why do you fucking CARE all of a sudden?” Maria exclaimed. She looked straight into his handsome face, which was forming an expression she couldn’t quite place. Eric fell silent.

They looked at each other, too angry for words, the tension mounting.

Finally, Eric spoke: “You… you…”

He grabbed her shoulders and suddenly his lips were on hers. He was kissing her with passion, his tongue roaming her mouth, and to her surprise, Maria was kissing him back. He pulled her closer to him and ran a hand through her hair. Her tits pressed up against his chest, and her hair smelled like lavender. She couldn’t ignore the feeling of her lace panties on her freshly waxed pussy as her tongue pushed back against his, testing his limits. They stayed locked like that for what seemed like forever, tasting each other, only getting more and more intense. Maria’s hand grazed over the growing bulge in Eric’s jeans. He felt a twitch in his cock, and moaned a little into Maria’s mouth. Finally, Eric took a deep, desperate breath, biting her lip slightly as he pulled away.

“What the fuck was that?” he asked, partially to her and partially to himself.

“Holy shit, Eric. If you don’t shut up and do that again, I swear to god I’ll-“

He kissed the base of her neck, shutting her up. She exhaled, moaning slightly as he worked his way to her ear.

“Let’s get out of here,” he whispered.

They made their way wordlessly to Eric’s Kartal Escort car. On the drive to Eric’s apartment, Maria ran her hand up and down the inside of his thigh. She was getting dangerously close to Eric’s stiffening cock. He tried to stifle his moans as he pulled into his spot.

Finally they were in Eric’s apartment. He grabbed Maria by the waist and shoved her onto the nearest countertop, kissing her deeply. His left hand grabbed her breast and started working it through the fabric of her dress, and his right hand slid up the inside of her thigh to her soaked lace panties. He grinned. “Jesus Blondie, if you get any sexier I’m gonna fucking blow.”

Maria’s eyes darkened. She slid off the countertop, tore off Eric’s shirt with the ferocity of an animal in heat, and pinned him down on a nearby couch. She pulled her dress off, leaving her in her black lace bra and panties, and positioned herself so that she was face-to-face with the growing bulge in Eric’s jeans. She freed his cock and leaned her head down like she was going to start blowing him, but instead she starting kissing his inner thighs and his stomach just above his groin. Essentially everywhere but his cock. She was teasing him and they both knew it. “Blondie… I swear to god… holy shit, please….” Eric begged.

“Say my name, asshole.”

“Fuck, Maria, you’re evil.”

“That still counts.” she smiled, satisfied, and slowly licked Eric’s 8-inch cock from the base all the way up to the head. He shuddered and groaned. She took his cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head. She started bobbing up and down slowly.

“Holy fucking shit… don’t stop…. ohhhh….fuck….” She started going faster and faster, moving her hands up and down his shaft in time with her mouth. They locked eyes. Eric was panting now. “Oh god, oh fuck, oh fUCK MARIA! FUCKING HELL, DON’T STOP, HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT MARIAAA, GOD, FUUCCKKKK.” Eric threw his head back and moaned as his cock exploded, shooting cum deep down Maria’s throat. She swallowed every drop.

Maria repositioned herself so she was sitting on Eric’s lap, their faces inches apart. She leaned in and whispered smugly in his ear. “Guess you didn’t forget my name when you were moaning it.”

Eric looked into her eyes, his face dead serious. “Fucking god, Maria. I’m gonna pay you back for that.”

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