The Biker Festival

Big Tits

Ahhh…this is the life, John thought as he was riding his Harley down a country road. Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the countryside, he was making sure he didn’t pass up his exit to find the Cabbage Patch, his destination of today’s ride. As every spring, a big biker festival was held there and in bars in the area. Generally around this time all hotels and motels are booked solid, but in old biker fashion, John had chosen to camp out again. A small two men tent was secured on the back of his bike, a comfortable sleeping bag, plus an inflatable air mattress as well. The grassy area behind the Cabbage Patch, usually filled with cows and horses, turned into a giant camp ground in the spring time, filled with bikers from all over the world.

Carefully guiding his bike through the masses of people, tents and bikes, John finally found a spot on the outside of the field. Quickly he set up his tent and settled his personal belongings inside. Unfolding the sleeping bag and blowing up his air mattress could wait till later, now he wanted to get a cold beer and take in some of the action at the club. Slowly he made his way towards the large building which housed the Cabbage Patch, passing vendors of all sorts on his way.

Finally he found a stand that sold beer. Getting in line, he waited for his turn to be served. Looking around, his gaze settled on the body in front of him. A well shaped bottom in a tight pair of washed out jeans, a tight white shirt, with no bra lines as far as he could tell, and topping off the outfit where a black pair of cowboy boots and a ball cap, with a braid hanging down the girls back. Smiling to himself, he slowly moved up with the line, enjoying his view.

As the girl in front of him got served and moved away he casts an appreciative glance after her, just in time to see her turn her head, and wink at him with a pair of intensely dark green eyes. Taking this as a definite invite, he quickly orders his beer, then tries to follow the green eyed girl in the crowds. But too soon he loses her in the masses of people around him. Sighing, he continuous on his previous course into the bar.

Finding an empty barstool, he orders another beer from the bartender. Looking around, John was trying to locate his buddies whom he was to meet tonight. Slowly sipping his beer, he looks around the darkened and noisy room, till someone taps him on the shoulder. Nate, his buddy, stands in front of him and motions for him to follow him to a table in the corner where the rest of the crew was sitting. Moving in between cliques of people, they make their way to the table, and after everyone is greeted, they settle into a night of drinking, dancing, listening to music and generally having a good time.

Every so often when John looks up, he thinks he sees the girl from the beer vendor earlier, but with so many people packed into a tight place, it’s hard to make out faces. Concentrating his efforts on the girl sitting next to him, he soon forgets the girl with the green eyes again.

As the evening wears on, the girl next to him, Maria, and him are getting closer and closer, and soon it’s clear that she will follow him to his tent. Holding hands and stopping every so often to kiss, John and Maria weave their way through the field to his tent. Once there he quickly inflates the air mattress and unrolls his sleeping back on top of it. They both crawl into the tent and try get undressed in the confined space. To make it easier on her, he gets back out, to take his pants off and his boots. Calling İstanbul Escort into the tent that he will be right back, he walks around the tent to relief himself.

All ready with half a hard-on and looking forward to making love to Maria he crawls back into the tent. Only to find Maria there, half undressed and passed out cold laying on top of the sleeping bag. So much for a night full of sex and fun, John thinks to himself. Grumbling he tries to going to sleep beside the now loudly snoring Maria. Not being able to get comfortable and not being able to get any rest with the noise in the tent, he climbs back out, gets dressed again to roam around the field and find another beer.

Picking his way in the dark around tents and bodies sleeping in the open, he finds a beer vendor that is still open. Purchasing a couple of beers, he takes them and walks around, trying to find Nate’s tent. Suddenly he hears a voice behind him.

“Are you going to share those beers with anyone, or are you going to drink them all yourself?”

Smiling he turns around, to find the green eyed girl sitting in front of a tent, with a lantern illuminating her and the surrounding area. Quickly the plans to find Nate to share his beers with are forgotten. Walking closer to her, he reaches one beer out to her.

“Of course I will share my beers, I was just looking for someone to share them with.”

Returning his smile, she replies “Come, sit down. My name is Nathalie, what’s yours?”

“I’m John and I’m glad to see you again. I saw you this afternoon at one of the beer vendors.”

“Yes, I noticed you too then. You where standing behind me and staring at my butt the whole time we stood in line.”

Laughing he confesses, “Yap, that was me. Sorry for being so blunt, but I could never resist a beautiful girl.”

“It’s alright, most men stare at me, but I only wink and stare back at the guys I like.”

With a knowing smile at each other, that neither was going to spend the night alone, they clinked their beer bottles together. Each taking a long swig, then putting them down in the grass. They continued talking and getting to know each other. Each sharing their backgrounds a little bit, and where they came from. Surprisingly they only lived about 30 miles apart, and each had visited the bikers festival for the last couple of years.

As they talked, Nathalie lay on her side, resting her head on her left hand, looking up at John while he was talking to her. Smiling up at him, then reaching her right hand up to his face, she gently pulled his face close to hers, gently kissing him on the mouth.

“Don’t you think we wasted enough time talking now? Why don’t we show each other now how much we like each other?”

With that remark, she gets up and crawled into the tent, looking over her shoulder at him and beckoning him to follow her. Smiling he goes after her. Her tent is set up much like his own, with an air mattress and a sleeping bag on top of it. They take their clothes off, their arms bumping into each other in the confined area of the tent. John is done first, laying back and watching Nathalie take off her thong panties. Finally with both of them naked, John gathers Nathalie into his arms, kissing her for the first time.

She tastes like beer and smells like the field around them, of grass and country. Their kiss is getting more intense, their tongues are playing with each other and their hands are roaming across each others bodies. Finding her breasts he gently starts to massage them, Bayan Escort rubbing his flat hand across the nipples, turning them into little hard nubs. Concentrating on her left breast, he takes the nipple in between his index finger and thumb and pinches lightly, hearing her moan in response. Breaking their kiss he bends his head down, taking the nipple into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it. He stiffens his tongue and runs it around the areola, then placing his lips around the nipple again he carefully sucks on it, feeling it harden even more in his mouth.

Switching sides, he starts to play with her right breast, as his hand moves across her flat stomach and down to the center of her woman hood. His fingers brush across her trimmed hair, feeling her wetness on his fingertips. Gently he rubs across her outer lips, spreading her moisture around before parting them and seeking her wet hole with his index finger. Slowly he starts to pump in and out, adding another finger while her hips pick up the motion. His thumb finds her clit and starts rubbing that while his fingers slide in and out of her.

While continuing to arouse her with his hand John stops the teasing of her breasts to move his head back up to her mouth, kissing her deeply. Breaking the kiss, he gets up on his knees, moving around in the confinement of the tent, placing his hard dick against her slightly parted lips. Greedily she opens her mouth wide, letting him slide his hardness inside her mouth. Slowly her tongue snakes around his purple head, swollen with lust and desire. Reaching one hand up, she cups his balls, gently massaging them. A small moan escapes John’s mouth as he leans forward to replace his hand with his mouth and lips. Dipping is tongue inside her wet hole they now lay side by side in the classic 69 position.

Soon the tent is filled with their sounds of passion. Suddenly he grabs her hips and rolls both of them over, bringing her to lay on top of him. Spreading her legs wide on either side of his head, he can now use his hands again. Wetting one finger of his right hand with her juices, he starts to run it around her rosebud, while two fingers of his left hand immediately dip into the wetness of her pussy. Moving them in rhythm he continues to lick around her clit. Sometimes taking it into his mouth and sucking it, sometimes just flicking his tongue over it.

Moaning loudly Nathalie bends her head down, dripping some saliva onto his shaft, then cupping her hand she slowly moves it up and down, while moving her other hand to massage his balls and lowering her mouth to his head. Kissing it first, then engulfing his head with her mouth, circling around with her tongue, before taking as much of him inside her mouth as she can. Moving her head up and down, she matches her massaging hand to the speed of her mouth and tongue. Sucking and licking him, just as he is licking and sucking her.

Knowing that both of them where getting close to climaxing, John slides out from underneath her, leaving her to lay on her stomach. Getting in position behind her, he slides his erection across her buttocks. Teasing her anus again, before inching himself into her wet and waiting hole. Gripping her hips tightly he pushes his hardness all the way inside her, so that she can feel his balls against her pussy with his every stroke. Holding on with his left arm around her hip, he reaches his right hand forward to massage her clit for added stimulation.

John’s movement with his hips is slow at first, but both of them Eskort are so excited and aroused it doesn’t take long for him to pick up his pace. Rotating his lower body in an almost circular motion he slides in and out of her. His right had switching from her clit to move up to tease her breasts and nipples. Nathalie’s butt is slamming against his hips with every stroke as they move faster and faster. Groaning loudly he puts both of his hands on her waist, pulling her even closer against him and enabling him to slide as deep into her as he can. Both of their moans filled the tent, and crying out loud John unloads his sperm inside her. As he is spewing his climax into her, her vagina muscles start to contract, milking him of every drop and Nathalie’s own orgasm combines with his.

Out of breath and exhausted, they both collapse on the sleeping bag. Pulling her into his arms, he places a soft kiss on her forehead.

“If I would have known this would happen, I wouldn’t have left you out of sight after I saw you at the beer vendor.”

Laughing against his neck she agrees, sliding her soft hand across his chest and playing with his nipples.

Smiling down at her he replies, “You better stop that, this might get you into trouble again.”

“Maybe I like that kind of trouble?” she answers back and moves her hand down to his groin, surprised at finding him still erect and hard.

Grinning widely, she gets up and straddles his hips, leaning forward to kiss him deeply, while brushing her sex against his. Her clit is stroking against his shaft, both still slick with juices from their lovemaking. Her still hard nipples touch his chest as they continue to kiss. Reaching her left hand around, she slowly guides his erection to the entrance of her pussy. Lifting her hips first, then slowly settling down to take him inside her. Not moving at first, she just moves her muscles, massaging him, which evokes a slow moan from John. Sitting up, she starts to move her hips in a circular motion, not really moving up and down, but just enough so both can feel the friction between them. Reaching his hands up, he cups her breasts with each hand, teasing her nipples with his fingertips.

Leaning forward a bit, and putting her hands on either side of his head, Nathalie starts to slowly move up and down, bending her head down every so often to kiss him and to offer her nipples to his mouth, which he greedily licks every time. Their noises of passion soon get louder again, as their tempo gets faster and faster. Placing both hands on her hips, he helps her move up and down his shaft, rubbing her clit across it with every stroke.

Throwing her head back and letting her long hair flow across her shoulders, she arches her back as the first waves of her orgasm hit her. Feeling her pussy twitch and spasm around his dick, John can’t hold back his own climax. With several deep and hard pushes he empties himself inside her again. Collapsing on top of him, she breaths heavily against his chest, as their combined juices run down in between their legs onto the sleeping bag.

Rolling off John, Nathalie lays next to him, snuggling up to his side as he brings his arms around her shoulders pulling her closer against him.

“I think coming to the Cabbage Patch this year was the best decision I made in a long time.” he says.

Nodding her head against him Nathalie replies, “Yes I think so too, and I think for next year we will have to buy a bigger tent, because our feet are sticking out of this one.”

“I like the way you think. Especially that “we” part.”

Smiling to himself, for being such a lucky guy to find the girl of his dreams at this bike festival, he pulls the sleeping bag over them, kissing her deeply one last time, before they both fall asleep.

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