The Cabin


It started out as a weekend trip up into the mountains of Tennessee. It was late in the fall and the leaves had turned to the brilliant colors of a rainbow. The cabin overlooked a small mountain stream that flowed slowly as it made it way down to the lake a mile below us. The cabin had a large living room with a kitchen off to the side and a bath in the back of the cabin. The living room had a couch and two chairs facing the rock fireplace, which had a cook pot that would swing out from the fire. There was a desk along the back wall and there were bear skin rugs on the floor in front of the fireplace. There was a large mantle with oil lamps on each end that gave off a cozy light. The spiral stairs leading to the second floor was located in the corner opposite the fireplace. The upstairs had a large king size poster bed and across from it a fire place on the same wall as the living room. There was a large bay window along the front wall overlooking the stream. In front of the window there was a raised platform with a sunken garden tub. The floor was made of hardwood with sheepskin rugs in front of the tub and fireplace. It had oil lamps along the walls that gave off a soothing light as you soaked in the tub. You could relax in the tub and look out over the mountains as the eagles flew overhead searching for food. Sometime they would get in fights high above the trees over their catch that had been made.

Our plans were to stay the weekend since we both had to be back at work on Monday. There had been a forecast of some light snow for this area but chance of it was small. We arrived late Friday evening and got a fire started to help with the heating. We checked the cupboards and stocked them with our supplies we brought with us. We ate a small meal in front of the fire and popped some popcorn in the pot over the fire. We sat for a long time snuggled up together on the couch just watching the fire. Around ten o’clock we went up stairs to take a bath. I had a fire already going upstairs so it was nice and warm there. We run some water in the tub and eased into the hot water, amazed at the sight of the full moon on the mountaintops. With the light of it reflecting off the different colored leaves that Mother Nature had produced. We sat there relaxing in the tub together as the room was flooded with moonlight and the owls gave there approval in the night, there calls echoing in the distance.

The light shining on your face gave you the look of a goddess of love with your eyes sparkling in the light. I could feel your toes as you gently brushed my manhood bringing it to life. With the longing for you growing deep inside as I thought about you being in my arms once again. I found myself caressing your legs moving farther up them with each stroke. Soon I turned you around so that you leaned against my chest as we sat there looking out into the night. Our bodies responding to each touch and kiss we give. With my arms around you holding you close I gently held your breast in each hand as my lips left kisses along your neck to your ears. As we sat together I rolled your nipples slowly between my fingers and my lips found the back of your neck sending goose bumps over your body. Your nipples growing larger as your breathing becomes heavier and soon my hand finds its way down to your love nest. Finding your clit I start massaging it as it grows to the touch of my finger.

Getting out of the tub I guide you to the sheepskin rugs in front of the fire place and lay you down, finding your love nest inviting me I find myself kissing and licking your clit as your moans become more intense from the pleasure I am giving Bostancı Escort you. You roll me over and take me in your mouth bringing me to my fullness as you kiss the head and lick my shaft. Then you are on top of me, easing yourself down onto my shaft letting just the head penetrate inside of you. Your movement up and down my shaft get longer and longer till all of it is inside of you. I hold your breast in my hands as the moonlight reflects off our wet bodies. You are my love goddess and I am your slave, to do as you would have me to. Pulling you to me I kiss and suck on each nipple making them stand out as if begging for more. Rolling you over, I start my thrust slow and shallow. Feeling your lips tighten around my shaft, faster and deeper I go filling you with my manhood. Our passion rising to new heights as the fire inside us begs to be released. Our moans become louder as my thrust become deeper and your movements to meet my thrust become harder, taking all of me inside. Our bodies react to the fire in us as your orgasm rises to engulf you in a wave of pleasure; with each contraction a flood of love juices erupts forth from you. Your contractions around my shaft bring me to a climax as my body shudders and my hot cum shoots deep inside of you. Our bodies drained of strength we lay there on the rugs as the fire light dances off the walls.

Chapter Two

The next day we awake to a bright and refreshing day, the sun shining bright and the eagles crying out over the mountaintops. After a breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and coffee we set out for a hike down to the lake. We hope to get a canoe and paddle across the lake to a meadow on the other side where many have seen deer feeding during the day. We follow the trail down to the lake past some water falls about ten feet high with a pool at the base fifteen feet across. It would be a good place to catch a few fish if I have the time before nightfall. Soon we reach the lake with the sun shining brightly above, small ripples are formed on the surface by the wind coming down the valley. We find the canoe and set out across the lake to the meadow on the other side, enjoying the peacefulness of the morning. Reaching the other side we make our way up to the top of the ridge overlooking the meadow.

We find ourselves looking at a meadow about a half-mile wide and one mile long with the grass is beginning to turn but there is plenty of green left to attract deer to it still. We sat watching it for about twenty minutes or so and then we spot a doe coming out from the far side. Carefully she makes her way out into the field sniffing the air to find out if danger is near. A few minutes later buck steps out following the doe, looking around for signs of danger. They are a beautiful sight to see, the buck standing there with his powerful muscles built for fast running and long endurance, with his large rack of twelve points, spread wide claiming that he is ruler of this meadow. She had a slimmer build, but with the speed to match his. The beauty that Mother Nature made for us to see is spectacular if we would only take the time to look.

We watch them for an hour or so as they play and feed in the meadow, always cautious of danger and keeping a lookout for it. We see a few rabbits to darting from place to place keeping out of sight of the eagles that circle overhead waiting for the chance to make them their meal. We see the different birds singing in the trees around us but they are not worried about the two people that have come into their forest. The beauty that surrounds us makes us want to stay here and never go back to the hustle and bustle of Kadıköy Escort everyday life. We get back to the canoe and make our way back across the lake making sure we secure the canoe high upon the bank so that high water want wash it away. We start back up the valley towards the cabin a different way, climbing the ridge behind the cabin so that we will come out above and behind it.

It takes us an hour to top the ridge for the way is rough and steep. We top the ridge to a view that over looks several mountains with it brightly colored trees. We can see miles and miles of forest before us, and behind us toward the lake we can see the meadow and lake. Off to our left we see the top of the cabin with a faint trail of smoke coming from the fireplace. We head out towards the cabin along the ridge seeing a few deer and other small animals along the way. We come to several places that have a small clearing so you can see in every direction the beauty of the mountains. As we near the area behind the cabin we come to a large rock face on the backside of the ridge. We see an eagle fly past us to the rock face where it has built a nest secure from the reach of predators. May be this spring we will come back to see if there will be a few baby eagles for us to see.

We make it back to the cabin a couple of hours after leaving the lake. Exhausted and sore form the walking we fix a quick meal and run us some bath water. Relaxing in the tub of hot water we watch the sun set over the mountains. With the moon peaking out over the ridge we sat there holding each other in the soft glow of its light. We finish with our bath and head down stairs to watch the fire as it consumes the logs I have put on it. We pope some more corn and turn on some soft music as we lay on the rug eating. We talk about our adventure today and the things we seen, the pleasure of being together for a little while in our getaway in the mountains. We finish the popcorn and head upstairs, seeking the comfort of a good bed. We snuggle under the covers with just our heads showing watching the moon shining over the mountains. With your head on my shoulder and my arms around you we lay there, tired from the long day we fall asleep in each other’s arms. The owls sing out in the night, warning of the clouds rolling in and the snow coming with it.

The next morning we awoke to a snow covered mountain, the brightness of the sun reflecting off it sending a light throughout the room. Mother Nature had covered her mountains with a blanket of snow. We didn’t know how deep it was or how long it would be there. We got dressed quickly and went out side to see how much had fallen. It was around twelve inches of snow on the ground where we were at and it was cold enough to stay there for a while. I stood there looking out over the valley wondering if we could get out when a snowball hit me in the back of the head, sending snow down my back and chills over my body. Turning around to see where Kathy was at another hit me in the chest. Soon the battle was on and we were throwing snowball as fast as we could make them. It had been a few years since we had been in snow this deep and the fun we were having outweigh the chill of the air.

After a while we stooped our battle and called for a truce. We built a snowman as a symbol of it with its eyes and mouth made from rocks with sticks for arms. Getting back inside and upstairs to get out of our wet clothes I helped you undress. As she stood in front of the fireplace with no clothes on I couldn’t resist taking her in my arms and kissing her deeply. My hands finding her breast as my lips embraced hers. She undressed Göztepe Escort me and we both stood there by the fire exploring each other with our hands. We were soon back in the bed as I held her close to me, our bodies warming to each other. Together we lay there touching and kissing each other letting hearts take control. We embraced each other as we become one, feeling you wrap yourself around me, your legs locked around me pulling me deep inside you.

We made love to each other under the covers, our hands touching the right places, our movements in unison, our love for one another wanting only to fill the desires we have for each other. The feeling of you wrapped around me and my being deep inside of you brings us both to an orgasm together. Our bodies trembling together under the covers. Tired but happy we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Chapter Three

We woke in the afternoon to a bright sunny day. The sun was shining bright and the snow was melting on the road. There was a chill in the air so I added more wood to the fire and so on it was bringing warmth to the room again. We took a quick bath and dressed, then went down stairs to fix a bite to eat. We sat at the table and eat our meal as the sun faded over the ridge. I added wood to the fire downstairs and soon had it going again. We sat by the fireplace and drank our coffee as soft music played on the radio. We could see the moon coming up over the trees, big and bright, sending a soft glow over the valley. It was a beautiful sight to see with the trees covered in snow standing tall with their branches decorated by nature. It had been several years since we had the chance to relax this way.

We played a few games of scrabble with you always beating me. But I didn’t mind because we were together again. We watched as several deer come out of the woods and drank from the stream. They were always watchful of danger coming their way, ready to run at the slightest trouble. It was good to get away from the hustle and bustle of work. Just to be able to relax up in the mountains away from everyone. No schedule to keep or work that needed to get out in a hurry. We could take our time, get up when we wanted or just stay in bed and watch the fire dancing off the logs. Time didn’t mean anything to us now. It was ours to do with as we wanted.

We cuddled up on the couch and watched the fire, remembering the times we had before. These are times that we share together and would remember for the rest of our lives. These were moments in time that will always bring a smile to our face during sad times. Many times in our walk through life we face trying times, times of hardships, pain and death. We can look into our mind and remember times of laughter, joy and contentment. We all need those kinds of memories in our life to help us get through the hard times. Without memories to think back upon many things in this life would be unbearable. Around ten o’clock we went to bed, snuggled under the warm quilts that were hand made. One with a double wedding ring design and the other with little bears stitched into it. We were soon fast asleep with the moon shining brightly overhead and the whippoorwill calling softly in the distant.

We started out the next day with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, toast and orange juice with a hot cup of coffee to go along. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining bright and the snow melting fast. By noon most of the snow would be gone and we would be packing to get ready to leave. Our weekend would soon be over and then we would be back to the same routine as when we left to come up here. Work all day and get home to dishes, laundry and all the rest of the housework that went with our every day lives. The though of it made us want to stay here forever, but we knew that was not possible. We were thankful for the times we had to get away on our own.

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