The Candy Store


James was walking through the mall. Life had been really hard lately and he couldn’t imagine anything making it better. He was bored of everything, thing excited him. He had seen the girl in the candy store before but he couldn’t place where. He looked at his watch, the store was closing in 15minutes, and just maybe he could at least try and get a phone number in that time, he thought to himself as he headed towards the candy store.

Kat sat playfully on the counter of the candy store she worked in. She was bored, it was a Thursday evening and the mall was pretty quiet. It was almost closing and she hadn’t been able to make any plans for tonight. She looked into the mirror behind the jelly belly display and racks of different candy and smiled at what she saw. Her green cat like eyes played up with the black eye liner and silver glitter brushed across the lids; her purple lips twisted into a bigger smile as she tossed her pig tails. The white baby doll she wore had a picture of a skull with red-jeweled eyes that matched the red streaks in her naturally brown hair. She had on a short pleated black skirt with her thigh high black stockings with bows and knee- high boots. The outfit complimented her slight curves nicely. İstanbul Escort She hadn’t had any since her and her guy of 2 years broke up 6 months ago and decided it was time to move on.

She knew the mall was going to be closing soon and didn’t want to go back to the apartment alone. Kat spotted the boy walking towards the store, and he looked about her age. She got horny just looking at him. She waited a few seconds before hopping down off the counter, which exposed the smooth nothingness underneath her skirt. “Hi. I’m Kat can I help you?” She asked flirtatiously.

“James,” he said, slightly taken aback but still smiling. “I’m just looking,” James said as he started to walk around the small store.

“At the store or me?” she asked slightly under her breath.

“What was that?” James asked, not sure if he heard her correctly.

“Take a look around. Anything in the store you can have.” She added seductively.

She leaned on the counter and looked around at the rest of the stores closing but decided to study James instead of the usual closing ritual. She was bored and hadn’t had any fun in way to long. He looked like her type; he had shaggy dark hair and chocolate brown eyes and wasn’t Anadolu Yakası Escort much taller than herself. He was dressed in a black trench and black pants but it seemed he had a Zelda shirt underneath. But what completed the outfit were the black frame glasses. Kat thought he was the perfect mix, sexy and geek, her favorite. She blew a pink bubble and looked at the time, 9:15, everything around them was already dark.

James was at the Jelly Belly display with his back to her but she caught his eyes looking at her in the mirror. She removed the gum from her mouth and placed it in the trash next to her as she started walking through the isle, not breaking the eye contact with him until she was right behind him.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” she whispered to him seductively.

He reached behind her and grabbed her around the waist kissing her hungrily, pushing her into a rack of assorted candies. Not wanting to lose control of the situation Kat pushed James back, knocking him off balance. He fell against the mirror a little harder than expected. Kat took no time as she kissed her way down his body over his shirt. She licked his navel and worked her way down as she skillfully undid the simple Üsküdar Escort button of his pants with her teeth and gently pulled out his already hard cock. The tip was already slightly glistening. James couldn’t get his mind around what was happening, was he dreaming? Kat gave it a few strokes with her hand as she stared up into his eyes. It couldn’t be a dream his dreams were never this good. He looked at her in surprise.

Without warning she wrapped her lips around the hard shaft and slowly started sucking it as she pumped it down her throat. The feeling made her slightly nauseas. It excited her more making herself force it deeper into her throat, until all eighth inches were in and was slightly getting slapped in the chin. She pulled it out slightly and pushed it back playing with the reflex.

James had her pigtails in his hands, gently guiding her head back and forth. The motion was starting to He felt the suction of her throat star pulling at his core. It had been six months since someone had made him cum and now it was happening way to quickly. He tried pushing the thought out of his head but one look at her and he couldn’t help himself. She was starting to get dizzy as she felt him shudder. James moaned as his cum started flowing down her throat like a waterfall. Kat lost her balance as James finished causing a little of the juices to trickle out her mouth. She looked up at James and giggled,

“Do you want to come to my place tonight?”

(To Be Continued)

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