The Chair


Amelia put the last of her delivery round in the back of her van and closed the doors carefully. She looked up at the blue sky, not a cloud in sight, it may only be June but it was already hot and held the promise of a hot summer to come. She gathered her hair up and screwed it into a knot at the back of her head. Turning around she walked back into the shop.

Rosie, her boss and owner of Rosie’s Posies gave Amelia her delivery round and told her she would see her later. Amelia grabber her bottle of water and her sunglasses and walked out to the van. As she opened the door the scent of warm flowers wafted around her and she smiled. It was days like this that reminded her how much she loved her job.

She got into the van and organised herself, holding her cold water bottle between her knees. She was grateful that she had decided to wear her shorts, even though Rosie tutted each time she did, she had to admit they were short shorts and if she wasn’t careful when she bent over, they showed rather more of the cheeks of her pert backside than was proper. She leant over to the glove box and opened it, taking out a tube of sunscreen and applying it liberally to her bare arms, stopping to flick a couple of stray bugs from her sunshine yellow halter top. She always had the same problem with it but it was one of her favourites and a few bugs were a small price to pay. She rubbed the sunscreen into her legs and thighs, checked her route and started the van. Paulo Nutini blared out of the CD player and she turned out of the yard.

As she drove through the streets to her first drop off, she sang along with the songs, windows open, she grinned as heads turned to look at her, the bright green delivery van covered in large yellow and white daisies always attracted attention wherever she went and she always felt as though it was spreading a little sunshine as she drove down the road no matter the weather. Stopping at traffic lights, she continued singing as she looked across to her right. A business man in a suit and tie driving a large BMW watched her and she laughed and blew him a kiss as the lights changed for her filter lane. Today was a good day and she was feeling flirty. Must be the weather, she thought.

Gradually her van emptied, roses, carnations, freesias and lilies all leaving their fragrance wherever she left them. Amelia always said she didn’t need perfume, that the flowers left their perfume daily. As it was approaching lunchtime she decided to eat her apple and picked it up. Sinking her white teeth into the crisp green flesh, juice pearling on the skin as she took a bite, sucking it on her tongue, taking in the sharpness with a small ripple of her body as the tartness ran through her.

Amelia briefly double checked her delivery board. A dental surgery was the last morning delivery and she laughed out loud as she read the name of the person who was the recipient of the very large bouquet in the back of her van.

Miss Daisy Roots, the delivery document read and Amelia laughed again and shook her head. Some ones parents had a sense of humour she thought. She noted the address and frowned, she wasn’t aware of a dental surgery in that particular parade of shops but it had been a while since she had been there and you never knew what shops were going to spring up there next.

She weaved her way across town, not bothering with short cuts, simply enjoying the heat, the blue skies, the music and the day. Pulling her van up in the car park at the rear of the parade she got out and walked to the back of the van, throwing open the doors and leaning almost full length into the back to get the very large arrangement.

She pulled it forward and breathed in the scents rising from the pink and white abundance. Roses, freesias, sweet peas and carnations mixed in with poppies and a miriad of other flowers. Amelia lifted it up, struggling to get her arms around it. Blimey, she thought, someone has gone to town. She closed the doors of the van by pushing them with her feet and then turned, peering around the side of the flowers to see where she had to go. Watching her footing, she headed for the door, hopeful there were no handles to turn otherwise she would have problems getting in.

She turned her back to the door and pushed with her backside. It swung in smoothly and Amelia turned to find the waiting room empty. She stood and waited for a moment. Looking around she decided she wasn’t going to find anyone while she was stood still.

“Hello?” she called and waited for a reply.

No voice came back to her. Amelia turned once more and spotted a coffee table. Placing the flowers carefully on it, she slid her hands into the back pockets of her shorts and decided to venture forth and find someone. Calling as she went, Amelia wandered through to the back of the surgery. As she walked through she checked all the rooms, calling as she put her head around each door. It seemed deserted but she continued her search until she came to an outside door.

The door was ajar and Amelia peered around it out into a courtyard. She couldn’t see or hear anything Şerifali Escort from where she was so she opened the door and stepped outside. The courtyard was bright and sunny. Amelia shaded her eyes with one hand and looked around.

“Hello?” she called as she walked around the corner. She stopped dead in her tracks and drank in the sight lounging in front of her.

A man lay in the full sun, naked, his body glowing as his skin drank in the heat. Amelia estimated that he was around 45 years old, with long legs and rather large feet. She smirked at the thought of the old adage of feet and penis comparison, then found herself automatically looking up in between his legs to make the comparison for herself, her eyebrows rising appreciably. Following up towards his face she took in his chest, pale hairs curling on it and then up to his face. Smooth skin and a chiselled jaw, his hair in short soft curls, sticking up slightly and looking a bit awry. He had full lips which looked soft and kissable and Amelia found herself betting that his eyes were blue but it seemed a shame to disturb him to find out. The only indication that he wasn’t actually asleep was that his foot was moving in time with the silent music being piped into his ears through headphones attached to the iPod in his hand.

Amelia smiled and stood in his sun, purposely blocking its path. The man frowned but did not open his eyes, assuming it was a cloud passing over. A minute later, he tutted.

“Daisy, get out of the bloody sun you little bitch.” He growled.

Amelia stood her ground watching him. Mischief had taken over and she was now curious to see his reaction and the outcome.

“Daisy, I wont fuckin tell you again. MOVE!” he said sharply as he opened his eyes and looked up.

“Oh fuck,” he said with feeling and immediately put his hand over his groin. “I told that dozy mare to lock the damn door.”

“Wellllllll, she didn’t,” Amelia said and laughed, looking at his hand, “It’s a bit late for that too.”

The man looked at Amelia and grinned.

“Well, yes, I suppose it is.” Then he frowned. “Anyway, can I help you? You really shouldn’t be around here.”

Amelia smiled again.

“Actually, I’m delivering flowers for the ‘dozy mare’,” she said. “My name is Amelia and I need a signature.”

“Oh!” the man said. “Well, I’m Simon and I don’t have a pen, as you can see.”

Amelia giggled and turned around towards the door, turning her head to look over her shoulder just in time to see Simon getting up. She stopped in her tracks and turned fully to watch him. He stood to his full height and stretched languidly. His long, straight body glowed in the sun, his legs apart, fair curly hair, burnished, on his thighs and around his genetallia, his flaccid penis bobbing about as his body rippled. His arms dropped heavily and he reached for his long shorts and shirt from a chair at the side of the lounger. Amelia drank him in, his ease, his form. He looked up to see her watching and grinned. Amelia blushed and thought to herself, his eyes are green, oh wow and she looked away hurriedly, turning once more to the door.

Simon stepped into his shorts and put his arms into his shirt. Not bothering to button it he followed Amelia back into the surgery. He smiled as he watched her backside swaying from side to side in the tight denim shorts, her tanned back showing no lines in the gap of her halter neck.

Amelia walked through and picked up her clip board. She decided not to move the flowers again, it was safe enough where it was. Turning to Simon, she presented him with the board. He grabbed a pen and signed it with a flourish.

“I bought them for my receptionist.” Simon explained.

“Very nice.” Amelia answered.

Simon laughed.

“We have been open a year and I couldn’t have done it without her. She does all the paperwork which I am useless at, so I thought it would be nice to thank her.”

“I can understand that.” Amelia answered as she turned around and looked about, patting her pockets at the same time.

“Lost something?” Simon asked.

“Erm, everything it appears. My sunglasses, keys and water bottle.” She answered with an embarrassed smile.

“Oh, well I know where your glasses are. They are on top of your head.” Simon answered laughing.

Amelia reached up and felt the top of her head.

“Christ you must think I am blonde.” She said.

“Actually no, I do it too. Now. Car keys.” He said looking around.

They both searched around for the keys and whilst they, each appraised the other. Long legs, bare backs and torsos on show, eyes travelling as they moved about the waiting room looking. Amelia humpfed in frustration.

“I swear, I need these keys on a bit of string around my neck, I am always loosing them.” She said.

“Well it is a very pretty neck.” Simon answered in reply.

Amelia smiled and shoved her hands in her pockets shrugging. Her breasts came together and moved in unison with her shoulders, bobbing slightly with the lack of underwear.

“Ok, where else did you go?” Simon asked.

“Every İstanbul Escort bloody where.” Amelia muttered.

“Well, lets go and look everywhere then.” Simon answered with a grin.

Amelia stuck her tongue out at him and walked through the door. Slowly, retracing her steps with Simon walking in her wake.

Neither spoke as they looked around each room carefully. Amelia had no clue where she had left her key, she genuinely was a complete scatterbrain at times and often mislaid them. They generally turned up but as she walked around the surgery she wracked her brains as to where she could have left them.

Together they looked in each room, ruling each one out as they went around. Amelia walked into the small x-ray room and gave a cursory glance, saw nothing and turned around to walk out. She turned straight into Simon.

“Urk!” she said with a sudden exclamation. She had stopped so suddenly that her nose had hit Simon in the chest and she now looked up at him with a grin.

“Sorry.” She giggled.

“That’s ok.” He answered, but made no move to get out of her way.

Amelia found herself colouring again under Simons intense gaze, a gaze she couldn’t break.

Simon looked into Amelia’s grey eyes and smiled as she bit her bottom lip. Just within his eye shot he could see her breathing becoming more rapid and made an instant decision, hoping that he was not about to make a massive mistake.

Bending his head he kissed her lips gently. Amelia drew in a ragged breath, her eyes closing. In her mind she was doing battle between being outraged and need. Her need and in return responding was winning hands down.

Simon pulled back and waited for a reaction. Amelia slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. Her grey eyes now taking on a blue hue as they always did when she was aroused. She put her hand on Simons chest and looked up at him.

“We really should….ummm look.” She said quietly, looking up at him.

I was right, she thought, they are kissable. As she thought it, he bent and kissed her again. This time Amelia responded fully and pressed herself against him. Simons arms came around her and pulled her in closer, his tongue snaking into her mouth to toy with hers. Amelia moaned slightly as they played with each other, both pairs of full lips teasing each other, sucking, gently tugging on each other, lips captured by teeth, lips sucking tongues into mouths to play once more.

Simons hands travelled over Amelia’s back, his fingers gently trailing over bare skin, while Amelia’s hands moved over him, one on his chest, one moving to the back of his neck to gently play with the short hairs there. Some minutes later they broke the kiss. Amelia looked breathless as she looked up at him.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” she stammered. “What must you think of me?” She finished, taking a step back and moving to the side of him to get out of the small room.

“Amelia, I’m sorry.” Simon said.

“Its ok, I just should find my bloody keys and go.” She replied.

“Ok, come on.” He said and held out his hand to her.

He couldn’t help feeling disappointed as she took his hand and he led her out of the room. A small sense of shame washed over him.

They walked into Simons surgery and started looking around. Amelia let out a small yelp of glee as Simon crossed the room and picked up the van keys from the large dental chair in the middle of the room, swinging them on one finger. Amelia crossed over to him and took them from him, a small puzzled look on her face. Her fingers covered her mouth as she realised how they got there.

“I bent down to do up my sandal and I put the keys on the chair.” She said.

“Silly bugger.” He laughed.

Amelia stretched up and kissed him.

“Thank you.” She said.

“You….are welcome.” Simon answered.

“I suppose I should go.” Amelia said with a small hint of regret in her voice.

“I suppose so.” Simon answered.

Amelia looked up at him again. His eyes are very green, she thought and those lips are very kissable. Before she had the chance to turn and go, Simon bent and kissed her once again. The kiss was tender and tentative, uncertain. Amelia threw caution to the wind and wrapped her arms around Simons neck. Emboldened, Simon pulled Amelia in.

The kiss felt as though it lasted forever. Amelia had always loved kissing, rating it at the top of her list. Slow and sensual, tongues dancing, snaking around each other as they were now, tracing outlines of lips, teeth coming into play as they pulled on lips both top and bottom before the whole sequence began again, variations on a theme

Amelia broke the kiss as Simon’s hands moved up her back and under her top, around to her small breasts, her already erect nipples brushing against his hand. She could feel his arousal against the small of her stomach and although a small part of her mind told her she shouldn’t be doing this, a larger part of it was telling the small part to shut the hell up and leave.

“Shouldn’t you lock the door this time?” Amelia asked. “And what about your assistant?”

Simon Ümraniye Escort looked down at her.

“I’ll text Daisy and tell her to take an extended break, I have no patients until later this afternoon anyway.” He said over his shoulder as he walked through the door towards the front door of the surgery. He flicked the latch and for good measure, shot the bolts at the top and bottom of the door. Turning, he looked at Amelia who was standing in the corridor.

“Well she can’t even get in now if she tries.” He said with a grin.

He picked up his phone and typed out a quick text, sending it. Putting the phone down he walked across to Amelia again, ignoring the answering beep from the phone.

Pulling Amelia back into the surgery, he left the door open letting in the small, slight breeze to clear the overly warm room. He spun her around and caught her in his arms, bending this head for another kiss. Amelia once again responded in kind.

Simon’s hands came up and first undid the tie at the back of Amelia’s neck, he then brought his hand up a little further and with a twist, unknotted her long dark hair which fell down over her bare shoulders. Amelia’s fingers found their way into Simon’s shirt and around his back, fingers travelling and exploring.

She reached up and slid Simon’s shirt over his shoulders and onto the floor, Simon’s fingers were, meanwhile, busy. One wound in her hair, pulling her where he wanted her, the other moving to the front of her shorts to pop the button and pull the zip. Amelia’s hands moved down and did the same to Simon’s long shorts, a sudden sense of need and desire totally overtaking her.

Simon pushed her shorts over her hips and they dropped to the floor, his hand came away from her hair and he hooked his thumbs into her top. Not wanting to break the kiss, he pushed it downwards. It stretched easily over her hips and she was soon left standing in a small pile of clothes, just a pair of wedge sandals, the ribbons of which were tied up her calves to bows behind her knees.

Simons shorts dropped easily to the floor and he stepped out of them and his beach shoes as he manoeuvred Amelia towards the large dental chair. Amelia backed up and felt the backs of her legs against it, she lowered herself onto it taking Simon with her.

Simon broke the kiss and bent down, lifting the arm on the chair. Scooping her legs up under her knees he swung Amelia onto the chair. She giggled as her bare backside squeaked on the vinyl material. Simon smiled, bent forward and placed a kiss on Amelia’s stomach. Amelia giggled again and placed her hand on Simon’s head lightly.

“Put your leg over the arm.” Simon said looking up.

Amelia did as she was bade and threw her leg over the arm, exposing herself, her closely trimmed pubic hair as dark as the hair on her head. Simon sighed in pleasure as he watched her, his fingers very quickly moving to explore the lips of her labia, testing, dipping in to gauge how wet Amelia was. As he toyed, Amelia moaned softly and bit her lip as she watched him, sitting back in the chair, looking down as Simon watched his fingers trial over her, his finger nail catching the top of her clit, sending shudders through her. Amelia let her other leg fall over the other side of the chair, exposing herself fully to Simon.

Simon moved his foot and let it rest on a button on the floor. Amelia rose into the air gracefully until she was approximately 3 feet up. Simon moved to the end of the chair and laid the length of it, his head level with Amelia’s hips. Leaning down, he kissed her exposed inner thighs and bit them softly, she moaned gently once more and slid down a little.

Simon breathed in the smell of the woman above him. She smelt of sunshine, sun block, vanilla, apples and sex. He moved his face inwards and gently sucked on Amelia’s lips one by one, relishing the taste, he could taste almost all the smells and it was a heady mix. Amelia put her hand back on his head and sighed deeply, he felt so good. She ran her fingers through his hair and tilted her pelvis slightly in encouragement.

Simon did not need any encouragement but took advantage of it anyway, dipping his tongue in very slowly, making Amelia squirm even more. Gently he parted the cleft of her lips and nudged her clit with his nose. His tongue slid deeply into her and above him he heard Amelia draw in a sharp breath as he used the flat of his tongue to toy with her. He went across her clit in one long fluid movement, Amelia’s reaction was to slide down the chair towards him. Simon moved his feet and hit a second button which immediately flattened the chair out slowly, leaving Amelia in a prone position. He continued to broadly lick her clit, changing occasionally to nip and suck on it, grinding down as he did.

“Oh fucking hell.” Amelia breathed.

She lifted her legs and opened them wide, holding onto her ankles, her lemon yellow wedges waving around in the air as she wriggled under him. Her moans continued as Simon toyed with her clit and her folds, holding onto her hips, trying to keep her still as she brought her legs down over his shoulders, her calves and feet on his back, her thighs closing around his head. Her moans became a crescendo as Simon suddenly sucked Amelia’s clit into his mouth hard and flicked it with the tip of his tongue.

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