The Club Ch. 04


Ch. 04 – Interlude – Samael’s Revenge

Lighting flashed, transforming the world into blinding whiteness for an instant. The rain fell in sheets, so loud as to wash out any other sound. Samael stomped purposefully up the walkway, impervious to the weather. He pounded his fist against the apartment door and the answering thunder crashed overhead, shaking the pillars of reality.

The door opened, revealing Sylla, illuminated by candlelight and clothed in skimpy white lingerie. She stared at Samael, shocked by his unexpected appearance. Steam surrounded him like a halo as the water coursed down the length of his body. He stepped forward into the apartment, his smoldering eyes locked onto Sylla. She backed away, lost for words. Samael kicked the door shut behind him and he grinned at Sylla. You don’t look so smug now.

He took a step towards her and Sylla quickly sidestepped into the living room. She turned her back to him and busied herself with lighting another candle. “The storm knocked out the power. It’s really coming down, isn’t it?” she observed lamely. Samael stood watching her, silent.

Taking a deep breath and composing herself, Sylla turned slowly to face him. She had regained some of the control that made her formidable. A teasing smile curled her lips. “I was hoping you would come back,” she said. “Need a reminder of who’s the best?”

“You’re lying.” Samael spoke so quietly that Sylla unconsciously took a step closer to him. “You were hoping to never see me again. You know you got lucky against me and that if we ever met again, the ending would be quite different.” Sylla’s smile evaporated at his words.

“And yet you want me,” he continued. “Your body betrays your desire. Your nipples are growing hard in anticipation of my touch. Your thighs quiver at the thought of having me inside of you again.” Sylla crossed her arms over her chest and frowned, averting her eyes from his face. “Deep down you’ve always wanted to be defeated, Sylla. You’re getting wet just thinking about it. Aren’t you?”

Sylla didn’t answer but her blush told Samael that he was correct. He unbuttoned his shirt slowly, revealing a slice of his muscled chest and flat stomach. Sylla watched, unable to tear her eyes away. He pulled the shirt off and let it drop to the floor. Rainwater continued to drip from his hair, running in thin rivulets over his broad pectoral muscles and down his perfect abs. Sylla took another involuntary step towards him.

“This time you’re going to beg me for mercy, Sylla.” He was nearly whispering now, but his voice carried a sharp edge, turning the threat into a promise. “But I’m not going to stop. I’m going to break your will entirely. I’m going to fuck you until you go mad.” Sylla dropped to her knees before him and fumbled with his belt, her hands shaking imperceptibly.

“I only showed you a fraction of what I’m capable of,” Samael went on, slapping her hands away and pulling his belt off himself. He held it in his hands for a moment, contemplating using it on her, before dropping it onto the floor next to his shirt. “You have no comprehension of what is waiting for you.” He unbuttoned his pants and stared down at Sylla. “Go ahead,” he challenged. “Don’t you want to see?”

Trembling visibly, Sylla pulled down on his pants until they fell around his ankles. She gasped and immediately shuffled away from him. His massive cock, only semi-erect, hung between them. It was at least 9 inches long and nearly as thick around as her wrist, he observed with pleasure. He could see the uncertainty in her eyes. Perhaps a twinge of fear. “Something wrong, Sylla?” he asked.

Sylla shook her head, unable to take her eyes off his cock. “It’s…it’s bigger than I remember it,” she stammered. She took a deep breath. “It’s so beautiful.”

Samael moved towards her, stepping out of his pants. He let his cock hang an inch from her nose, mocking her. “I’m not even hard yet, Sylla,” he teased. “It’s going to be much larger by the time I take you.” He reached down and curled his fingers behind her head. “Time to begin.”

She looked up at him then, and he could see the anger, determination, and willpower she had shown against him last time welling to the surface. Good, he thought. You’re going to need it. But it won’t be enough. Not by a long shot.

Sylla took his cock in both of her hands. She couldn’t close her fingers fully around the shaft. Staring up at him, she slowly bent forward and touched the tip of his cock with the end of her tongue. His cock reacted instantly, swelling and growing ever so slightly harder. As he watched, she ran her tongue in circles over and around the massive head. Soon, her eyes slipped closed, and she began to sway her body back and forth as she ravaged the swollen head of his cock with her mouth and tongue.

Samael watched with amusement as Sylla began to moan deep in her throat. She was driving herself into a frenzy. With perfect control of his body and mind, Samael allowed his Maltepe Escort cock to grow harder and larger as she worshipped it. She began to pump the shaft with both hands. “Take it into your mouth, Sylla,” he commanded.

Sylla obeyed, her lips stretching to fit around the enormous head of his cock. She was only able to take a few inches into her mouth before she pulled away, coughing and blinking. Samael laughed down at her. “Look at what you’ve done, Sylla,” he smirked. “You’ve brought about your own destruction.” He threw his head back and cackled as thunder shook the walls.

She stared at his cock, her mouth hanging open in shock. It was impossibly huge. 14 inches long, at the least. As thick around as her forearm. The head was colossal, gleaming with her saliva. It throbbed slowly with his every heartbeat. She tore her fearful eyes from his cock to look into his face. Samael grinned down at her.

Sylla fled.

* * *

Samael followed Sylla into her bedroom and stood in the doorway, blocking her escape. She stood next to the bed, her arms crossed defensively over her chest and staring with trepidation at his naked body. Lust and fear battled for control in her eyes. “Is something the matter, Sylla?”

Sylla shivered as though a cold wind blew through the room. “I think you should go. I think you should leave,” she said uncertainly.

Samael laughed. “Is that what you want, Sylla? Are you sure?” He walked slowly towards her. “Do you want me to leave? Are you sure you don’t want me to cum?”

Sylla looked down at his cock for a long moment and when she looked back into his eyes, nothing remained but her lust. She nodded obediently. “I want to make you cum,” she whispered, her words dripping with desire. “I want you to fuck me, Samael. I want your incredible cock inside of me.”

Samael reached out and caressed her face gently. She nuzzled against his hand, kissing his thumb as it passed over her lips. With his other hand he cupped one of her firm breasts, the nipple hard against his palm through the silk of her lingerie. Sylla let out a soft, contented moan.

His hand tightened on her breast until she shifted her body uncomfortably, leaving Samael with a fistful of silken negligee. He tore downwards, ripping the gown from her body in one swift motion. Sylla cried out in surprise and some of the fear crept back onto her face. She looked down at his enormous, erect cock and backed away until her legs bumped into the bed behind her. She was trapped.

He slapped her hard across the face and she tumbled backwards onto the bed, arms and legs splayed. Her nipples were hard as diamonds. Her inner thighs glistened with the juices of her arousal. Her clit was red and swollen with desire. “That was for striking me,” Samael announced, taking hold of his cock and guiding it towards her wet pussy.

“And this is for thinking you could defeat me,” he said as he forced his massive cock inside of her. Sylla screamed in pain and ecstasy as she was penetrated by the enormous head of his cock. She was cumming uncontrollably by the time he was halfway inside of her, but he didn’t stop. He slid inch after endless inch into her pussy as she cried out his name. Her eyes bulged with panic as she felt the enormity of his sex inside of her.

He leaned forward and began to ravish her breasts, ignoring her cries. He took each nipple into his mouth in turn, biting down until he was satisfied with her screams. Her arms and legs thrashed uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm tore through her body.

Samael stood before her and began to pump his cock in and out of her. He looked down at Sylla with satisfaction. Her body was drenched in sweat. She shook her head convulsively from side to side, trying desperately to regain control of her senses, but she stood no chance against Samael’s relentless sexual power.

He reached down and wrapped his strong hands around her sides. Her glistening abdominal muscles were tight against his thumbs and his fingertips met at her spine. He easily lifted her off the bed and began to fuck her standing, slamming his full length into her with every thrust. Sylla attempted to raise herself up and wrap her arms around his neck for support, but she was overwhelmed by the sheer force of his thrusts and she fell limp, moaning every time his cock pounded into her pussy.

Samael fucked her like a toy doll until her cries grew hoarse. He dropped her unceremoniously onto the bed, his cock sliding out of her with a loud, wet smack. He stared down at her until the shivering subsided and she began to raise herself to her elbows. “You done cumming?” he mocked.

“My god, Samael,” she panted. “I didn’t know it was possible to cum so hard and so long. And you’re so huge…” Her eyes dropped back to his cock, pointing straight at her. It was massive, majestic, and wet with her cum. She shuddered uncontrollably at the mere sight of it. “I’m going to need a week’s rest.”

Samael laughed cruelly. “You’ve Ümraniye Escort had all the rest you’re getting,” he informed her. “Time to make me cum.”

Sylla’s eyes grew wide with terror, but she relaxed slightly as he climbed onto the bed and straddled her chest, laying his cock between her firm tits. She cupped her breasts in her hands, pressing them against the sides of his member. “Will you let me taste it?” she pleaded, looking up at him in worship. His cock, soaked with her juices, slid smoothly between her breasts as he gently rocked his hips. The enormous head forced itself into her mouth with every slow, rhythmic thrust, and Sylla sucked it greedily every time it came within reach.

It was an unbearably erotic scene, watching his cock slide along her body and into her mouth, as sweat beaded on the swell of her breasts. Samael finally allowed his arousal to build towards a climax. Sylla’s eyes were squeezed shut as she clutched her breasts together and made love to his cock with her mouth at the apex of every thrust. He reached behind himself, running a hand down her slick, flat stomach until he reached her dripping, abused pussy.

Sylla emitted a muffled scream of pleasure as his fingers found her clit and began to tease it mercilessly. It was only moments before she was in the throes of another orgasm and Samael used it to propel himself closer to his own climax, fingering her clit with increasing vigor and shoving his cock deeper into her mouth with every thrust until she once again lost all control of body and mind, her limbs thrashing wildly as she moaned frantically.

“You want a taste, Sylla?” he asked venomously, gripping her head by a fistful of hair and forcing her to look into his eyes. His cock was now so large that Sylla could no longer fit even the head fully into her mouth. “You want my cum, bitch?” he demanded.

Sylla’s eyes were wide with panic when he erupted into her throat. He shot load after load of hot cum into her mouth all the while shouting taunts down at her. Every burst of semen was accompanied by a “Whore!”, “Slut!”, or “Cunt!”

When he was finished, Samael climbed off of her chest and stood beside the bed, watching as she rolled onto her stomach and coughed feebly. His cock had grown to unthinkable proportions with the force of his orgasm, and remained as rock hard as when he first took her.

“What’s this?” he asked with mock surprise. “You want me to fuck you from behind?” He slapped her bare ass, leaving a stinging red imprint of his hand across both cheeks.

Sylla looked over her shoulder, still coughing, and shook her head in alarm. “No! Please!” she managed. “I can’t take anymore. You win.”

Samael chuckled and forced the head of his cock into her aching pussy. Sylla cried out, though he was not sure if it was from pain or pleasure this time. Nor did he care. He mercilessly slid several inches of his cock into her. When her screams subsided, she looked back at him pleadingly. “Please, no more, Samael,” she begged. “I’ll tell everyone at the Club that you beat me. I’ll tell them I don’t deserve to be a Member. I’ll be your slave. I’ll do anything you want. But, please, no more!”

“Oh, it’s far too late for that,” Samael promised. “Now I’ll show you what true sexual power is.”

And Samael began to fuck Sylla.

* * *

Sylla’s body was entirely limp, but Samael continued to fuck her without mercy. She stared into nothingness, her mouth hanging open, emitting pathetic high-pitched moans each time Samael tore another orgasm from her unwilling body. The tears had dried on her face, leaving streaks of makeup along her cheeks. Her hair was tangled and knotted from being cruelly gripped by Samael’s strong fingers as he held her bent over the side of bed, slamming his enormous cock into her over and over and over.

“That’s enough, Samael,” the dark, sultry voice spoke from just behind him. “Let her be.”

Samael smiled and replied without turning. “I expected you sooner, Donna. If you had gotten here an hour or two ago, you might have saved her before I literally fucked her brains out.” He thrust harder into Sylla and she rewarded him with another feeble moan. “I don’t think she’ll ever recover at this point.”

A hand gripped his shoulder and pulled. “I said, ‘that’s enough,’ Samael.” Donna insisted. “Why don’t you try me, instead?”

Samael shoved Sylla with both hands and she tumbled to the far corner of the bed where she curled into a fetal position and wept quietly. “Why, Donna,” he replied, turning slowly to face her. “I thought you would never ask.” Her eyes snapped down to his erect cock, 15 inches long, as thick around as her fist, and lined with throbbing blue veins. He grinned at her. “Think that will be enough for you?”

Donna looked into his eyes, uncertainty flashing across her face. Samael grabbed her and threw her onto the bed next to Sylla’s quivering body. Donna writhed erotically, pulling open her robe and motioning Samael towards İstanbul Escort her. Her body was absolute perfection. Her skin flawless and shining with exotic oils. Her breasts were smooth mounds, perfectly sized for his large hands, with thick, hard nipples, darkly colored and ripe for sucking. Her sex was pure heaven between long, smooth, muscular legs.

He climbed slowly onto the bed, kissing her toes. Her toenails were painted a dark red with esoteric symbols drawn in fine gold script upon each. He sucked each toe in turn, then ran his tongue along her instep. A soft sigh escaped her full, red lips, and she writhed, whispering encouragement. He kissed her ankles and then ran his tongue tantalizingly along the smooth muscle of her calves. Donna moaned with desire and whispered, “Take me, Samael.”

Samael raised himself up on his knees and laid his inhuman cock upon her stomach. It stretched nearly all the way from her cunt to her breasts. She folded her hands over the shaft and rocked her hips slightly, rubbing her wet pussy against the throbbing vein running along the underside of his cock. “Give it to me, Samael,” she begged. “I want it all.”

Samael glanced over at Sylla, shivering in the corner of the bed, and grinned down at Donna. “You can’t handle it all,” he told her. “No one can.”

He shifted his body and guided the head of his cock to Donna’s cunt. It was far to big to fit inside her. He would practically tear her in half. She asked for it, he reminded himself. She deserves to end up just like Sylla.

He pressed his weight forward and the head of his cock was slowly swallowed by Donna’s hungry pussy. “Oooooh, yes!” she moaned. Samael watched her in amazement as she began to writhe beneath him, slithering her body downward to take inch after inch of his cock inside of herself. He gripped her breasts in his hands, pinching the nipples hard between his thumb and forefingers, and forced himself farther into her. Donna writhed sensually, her warm hands running over his skin, pulling him towards her and into her.

“Impressive,” he allowed. He leaned over her and pinned her arms above her head, his lips brushing against hers. “But you can’t handle this!” he promised, and thrust his full length inside of her. Donna screamed and clawed at his back. “That’s right, Donna,” he grunted as he pulled back and slammed his cock inside of her again. “Your reign is finally at an end.”

Donna wrapped her arms and legs around him tightly and pulled Samael into a deep, passionate kiss. “I’m not finished yet,” she promised when their lips parted. Clutching him from below, Donna began to thrust her body against his. The muscles of her cunt gripped him tightly and he felt his perfect control begin to falter. “You’re good, Samael. The best I’ve ever seen. But you can’t defeat me.”

Samael closed his eyes and concentrated on regaining control. Donna was thrashing her body against his, licking his neck and biting at his ears. She’s fucking me, he realized. She’s taken control.

The orgasm was welling up inside of him and he was powerless to stop it. Donna was too good. Too perfect. Too sexually intoxicating. He braced himself and made one final effort to fight it down. Donna fought like a wildcat beneath him, scratching, biting, and wildly fucking his massive cock.

He reached out a hand and gripped her by the throat, pressing her down against the bed. His eyes narrowed with hatred and determination. Donna’s mouth opened but no sound came out. Fear shone in her eyes. “Nice try,” he growled down at her. “But you’ll have to do much better than that.” He stared into her eyes as he summoned every bit of his sexual power. Donna gasped as Samael’s cock grew inside of her.

He began to fuck her, slowly at first, but with gradually increasing speed and power. With each powerful thrust, his confidence grew until he had perfect control. And as Samael’s power grew, Donna’s faded. He could taste the victory.

Donna’s unimaginable limit for sex had finally been reached. She screamed wordlessly as he tore down the last of her sexual defenses. In mere minutes she was sobbing and begging for mercy, but Samael showed her none. He fucked her without inhibition. He fucked her like a god, taking a mortal for his amusement. She fought feebly against him, but he was far too powerful for her.

Grinning, Samael looked down at his unthinkably large cock, sliding endlessly in and out of Donna’s once-perfect body. His victory was complete. He basked in the knowledge that he had triumphed over the best. He was the ultimate object of sexual perfection and every woman in the world would fall over themselves to be with him.

Then he heard the laughter. He looked up, shocked, to find Sylla and Donna entwined at the far end of the bed, playfully teasing each other’s body as they stole glances at Samael and erupting into fits of soft giggling. Confused, Samael looked down, but instead of finding his massive cock penetrating Donna, he found Nikki looking up at him, amusement twinkling in her eyes. His entire cock was in her mouth, but as she drew back he discovered that he had only his normal sized penis again, not even erect. “Cute fantasy, Samael,” she laughed up at him, batting at his flaccid penis with a finger.

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