The Countess Ch. 25


I was sitting at a table with a large video monitor that was divided into four boxes. Three of the boxes had images of the three cameras that we were shooting with. I had just yelled “Cut” and we were resetting the scene. I was giving further instructions to the actors on how I wanted them to say their lines. In the background Sheela Wilson, my Asst Director was tapping her watch indicating that we were about to enter overtime. I wanted one more take before we wrapped for the day.

“I yelled “Action” and the scene played out in front of me. With the headphones I was wearing, I could hear the dialog. When the scene finished, I yelled “Cut” and thanked everyone since it was the martini shot. There was movement as the crew started to secure the set and shut down lights and cameras.

“Boss, you can’t be running us into overtime. You’re getting a Kubrick reputation,” said Sheela.

What she meant was that I was shooting take after take like Stanley Kubrick. I really didn’t care if it got me the performance I wanted. Of course, I needed to be mindful of the budget. She sat down and went over the schedule for the next day which was our last shooting day. Friday I would be working with the editor selecting the shots to use in the final sequence. Monday was reserved for pickups if needed. The cast and crew would be on standby, but I would let them know over the weekend which scenes we needed to reshoot. The show’s producer walked by and said everything looked good. I stood and grabbed my jacket and my equipment and walked outside.

Pulling up to the door was my red Escalade, I handed my case to the driver and waited for her to put the gear in the back and for her to open the door. Yes, I was becoming Sara. But that was OK as soon as I got home my bubble would burst. I hoped that Paula was cooking tonight as I didn’t want to go out. My driver got us into traffic and soon we were in my development and driving down Red Rock Road. She pulled into the driveway and waited while I got out of the car. I opened the back and pulled my case out and then pushed the button to close the back. I walked into the house to the welcoming smells of Paula’s cooking.

An arm snaked around my waist and moved me into a kiss. I checked to see if it was Sara and was rewarded by seeing her stand next to me.

“Paul we were beginning to think you weren’t coming home.”

“I was only a little late, I had one shot that I wanted to get right. Sheela was on my back about going into overtime. But the producer like it,” I said.

“Kiss me darling, we made another five million today. Jack Cavite caved and paid up. Two point five million per accuser and our cut, we are making these women rich. I love it,” said Sara.

There were several men who were tired of being bashed in the press that when Sara and the firm she works for call they cave and pay. I just hoped that the Bar doesn’t look too closely at the tactics. The firm was doing good work getting justice for the women, but the price could be high.

“Are the settlements sealed?” I asked.

“No darling, we do not play that game we want let it all hang out, it keeps the bastards in line,” replied Sara as she handed me a martini.

Sara then reminded me that her dinner party for the young teenagers was this Saturday at 4:00. I reminded her no booze, which brought a nasty face from her. “Yes, Paul I know, don’t be silly.” I reminded her that Jeff Wilson my friend that has a staging company was coming over Saturday morning to discuss the bridge for her and Bret’s gala.

Paula walked up and told us that dinner was ready, and we all went to the kitchen. With just Sara and me we did not want to use the dining room. Paula brought a red wine and allowed us to sample and then filled the glasses. The meal was one of the best that we have had from her. Broiled Pork cooked to perfection.

“Paula when you do this again make an extra for me it was that good,” I said.

“Paula you will not do that he doesn’t need a load of rich food,” said Sara, as she grabbed my hand and kissed it.

Paula filled our wine glasses and took the empty to the recycling bin. I did not get a chance to look at the label and asked her what the wine was.

“2012 Burgundy, according to my books it was a good year for that wine. We still have a half a case left,” said Paula.

“I am really going to be sad when you become the wine director for a small restaurant,” I said to Paula.

“Not a chance sir I like it here, I did hospitality work and hated it,” said Paula.

Sara put her foot in my crotch and asked me if I could make her a martini. Let’s see I wondered how many cocktails she had before I got home and two large glasses of wine, and now another cocktail.

“You’ll be happy to know I’ve only had one before you got home darling, and with my recent successes I deserve one of my husband’s best martinis.”

I stood and walked out to the bar in the great room and mixed Sara her martini. She came up beside me and used her hand on my crotch to judge Kartal Escort my interest.

“If I get fat and ugly will you still make love to me?”

“Yes, what brought this on, Sara, should I be giving you a cocktail?”

“No darling I am not pregnant. I was just speculating. By the way the fashions that Bret and I are featuring are maternity fashions. Oh, I have made an appointment for you with a doctor. I want to see if you are firing blanks.”

“When are you going to remove the daddy preventor, Sara?”

“That is me to know and you to be surprised,” said Sara as she took a sip of her cocktail.

I just shook my head and poured myself a cocktail. I directed Sara to the couch and brought our lips together.

We made love that evening with Sara letting me play with her breasts. She had me iron hard and I was able to spear her several times before we turned in. My hand moved to her breasts and I was able to stimulate them. They became aroused and stood even more proud of her body. Sara kept her hands busy stimulating my cock. We came together for a last time and I felt her orgasm, before I popped off. Sara rolled to place her back toward me and I spooned my wife.

“Since you will not be here in the morning, I will be expecting some extra attention this weekend, sir,” she said before she turned.

When I have an early call my body usually wakes me up. I reluctantly got out of bed and moved to my dressing/bathroom area and cleaned up and dressed. Sometimes I was able to leave before Sara woke up but today was not one of them. She interrogated me about what time I would be home, and the schedule for the rest of the week. I asked if she was going into the office and was told that she was working from home. I leaned down and kissed her and then kissed her naked breasts. She pushed me away and I left taking the bridge over to the tower wing and pulled my gear from my office.

Sara Lloyd was waiting beside the car as I walked out. She opened the door and held it until I was settled. Her driving was just as good as Philip and like him she did not try to engage in conversation. She pulled up to the sound stage entrance and I waited for her to open the door. With my gear I walked in and set my equipment in my director’s position and went to the “Craft Services” table to see what they were serving for breakfast. I loaded a plate and sat at a table. While I enjoyed directing this show I was glad that I was wrapping today. The show has been in production for many years and I had a little difficulty in fitting in. There were several times that the actor that played the lead and I had spirited discussions.

Sheela walked by and said that almost everyone was ready. I guessed who wasn’t and sent her to let him know that he was holding up the production. I thought I could be making love to my wife now. Sheela called the cast together and they went through their lines with me listening. The group went through the scene three times before I started rolling cameras. At the end of the scene we reset and did it three more times. When I was happy, we moved on to the next scene. The actors scattered to their dressing rooms while the crew reset the cameras and lights. There are a group of people called stand-ins that have the same build and coloring as the main players. It is their job to stand in the set so the camera angles and lights can be adjusted without using the main talent. I was about to call the cast back on the set when Sheela called lunch.

I was a little frustrated, but rules are rules. Lunch was provided by the production company so no one would wander off. Sheela gave me the OK sign and I called the actors to the set. Fine adjustments were made, and we shot the scene. We moved to the last scene of the day and I checked my book to make sure that I had not forgotten anything.

I told Sheela that she could call action and cut. She was fabulous as an AD and I thought that she could direct and told her so. She sat in my position and called action. There were several mis-reads and we had to reset. She handled it well and got a great take. I told her to reset and have the actors do it again. They gave us a great take and Sheela yelled cut and the production crew began to secure the set.

“Thanks boss I have been wanting to do that,” said Sheela.

I packed my stuff and walked out. My car was by the stage entrance and Sara Lloyd was holding the door for me. I dropped my bags on the ground and climbed in and waited for Ms. Lloyd to load them in the back.

Paula told me that Sara was in her office when I got home. I took the elevator to the second floor and found her office door open. She was on a speaker phone and brought her finger to her mouth indicating I needed to be quiet. Sara pointed to a chair and I sat down.

“Gerry, I am sorry that it would be a hardship for your client to be deposed tomorrow, but this was scheduled weeks ago. You took delight in dragging my client over the coals the other day, and now your guy can’t come. Pendik Escort Can’t follow a court order?”

“Sara how long do you think that the deposition will take; Clive needs to be in New York as soon as possible?”

“Gerry, I planned on questioning him for five hours. I have that much ground to cover. Plus, there are the documents and emails that I am looking for in discovery, which will take another day so tell Clive that he is not getting to New York anytime soon.”

I sat back and marveled at the way Sara was toying with the other attorney. My wife was a master of that kind of negotiations. She mouthed the words “I love you,” and poked a finger through a circle made up of her thumb and forefinger. Indicating that she was fucking the attorney on the other side of the conversation, or she wanted to fuck me as soon as possible or both. I recognized the voice of Geraldine Taber on the phone, who saddled herself with the worst specimens of Hollywood moguls as clients.

“Sara is there no flexibility on the schedule?”

“No Gerry. This is the second time that “Something” has come up. If this goes on any longer, my client will be filing for Social Security before she has her day in court. Please have your client at our offices tomorrow at 8:30 and tell him to bring a seat pad as he will be with me for a while.”

“You’re playing hard ball Sara and I hope that you can back up your claims. This thing could blow up in you face,” said Ms. Tabor.

“Gerry the only thing that will blow up is the mess your client has caused. He called my client and asked her to visit him at the Beverly Hills so she could read for a supposed roll in a movie. When she arrived, she found Clive in a bathrobe with his cock engorged demanding that she perform oral sex on him. No blowjob no roll. The smart thing she did was record the encounter.”

Sara again brought her finger to her mouth indicating that I needed to continue being quiet. That was easy, I was enjoying the ring side seat I had of this encounter. She followed that with another “fuck You” symbol.

“OK Sara my client is prepared to make this go away, what is your offer?”

“After consulting my partners and my client we feel that five million is adequate compensation for the loss of possible income. By the way we want the entire amount not some annuity. And before you object think about what a jury might award. So, either have the check or your client at our office tomorrow morning. By the way we do not play the non-discloser game. We will not disclose the settlement amount, but we will talk about what Clive did to our client.

Ms. Taber said some un-lady-like things to Sara and hung up the call. I stood and walked over to where Sara was sitting and kissed her. Then I kissed her again.

“That woman will never be invited to our house, she’s a bitch,” said Sara as I kissed her again.

Sara pushed me away after getting perturbed at my actions.

“Is Paula cooking, darling?”

“No, she is taking in another wine event, so you will be taking me to dinner tonight and then we will fuck each other’s brains out,” she said.

“Is William available as I plan on getting…”

“Yes, he is available, and I don’t want you to overindulge, keep it to two cocktails and two glasses of wine if you can. I need your best fuck darling I am feeling very powerful,” said Sara.

“I saw it on display, you were great.”

“And I want to feel your powerful cock in my cunt tonight, I think that I was short changed last night sir.”

“Well if you two will quit yelling at each other I brought you your evening cocktails,” said Mrs. Kelly as she walked into Sara’s office.

“One of these days I am going to insist that you bring one for yourself, Mrs. Kelly,” I said as I sipped my drink.

“Darling I need your review, is it as good as yours?” asked Sara.

“Yes, Mrs. Kelly can build a good martini.”

Sara leaned over and air kissed Paula who said that she was on her way out. I settled down on the chair that I occupied while Sara was talking to Ms. Taber. The phone rang again, and Sara pushed the answer button. Mrs. Kelly exited, and I sat back to see what act two would bring.

“Sara I still think that you’re a bitch,” said Tabor

“Ok one bitch to another what do you want to talk about?”

“Clive thinks that you are being unreasonable, and he is willing to pay one million.”

“Bring him to the office tomorrow and tell him that he is going to be here all day. A million is a joke, and I am not known for being reasonable. The amount is five,” said Sara.

“Clive is willing to meet you at the Beverly Hills so you two can discuss this,” said


“Gerry are you being serious, I would not touch that with a flagpole, No the amount is now six million for that stupid suggestion. My husband is waiting downstairs and we have reservations at the Cove I really need to be going,”

“Sara the five million check will be there tomorrow. Have fun at the Cove, but you Göztepe Escort are still a bitch.”

The line went dead and I looked up at Sara. Well at least I knew where we were going. So, I got up and started to walk over to our bedroom so I could change. If we were going to the “Cove” I needed to change into something other than the dusty clothes I had on. I found one of the bespoke suits that Sara’s father bought for me in New York and changed. I change out of the canvas shoes that I work in and put on the pair of shoes purchased when I selected the suits. I walked downstairs and into the arms of my wife who handed me another martini.

She stepped back and inspected me and then brought our lips together for a long-wet kiss.

“Paul you clean up nicely,” said Sara.

She left me to change and I built another martini for me. I looked around the great room and was happy with the changes we made. My eyes lingered on the large painting it set the mood in the room. I was waiting for the oil portrait of Sara, Rene´ said that it was coming soon. I wondered what new projects Sara had in mind since the redecoration/renovation of the tower wing was finished. I mixed another drink and it was finished just as Sara walked down the stairs.

“Darling you are a mind reader, thank you. Paula’s are good but knowing that you mixed it makes it better.”

I looked at Sara and she was wearing the dress and the pearl choker, pearl necklace, the diamond bracelet, and the diamond earrings. The large magnificent watch was on her left wrist. “Yes, I think that we will make a statement,” I said.

William was waiting for us as we left the house and he held the door while we got in. He took off without any instructions from Sara. The Cove was down near the beach in a small spit of land that had a view of a tidal pool and the Pacific. The building was designed so that almost everyone in the room had a view of either the pool or the ocean.

“I need my wine consultant, darling there are too many to choose from,” said Sara.

“I ordered a bottle of Savion Blanc from Mr. Solsbery’s winery and waited for it to arrive. The waiter placed two large glasses on the table and quickly had the cork out of the bottle. His assistant brought an ice bucket and placed it next to the table. After pouring samples, which we both approved the glasses were filed and the bottle was placed in the bucket.

I looked around and noticed that William was occupying a table on the other side of the room. It was nice to know that Sara had security. She was toying with some large egos and there could be repercussions. Having the tall well-built man around was a good insurance policy. I hopped that he was with her when she was out during lunch, I could just see a drunk Hollywood producer cause an incident. A waiter came up and took our orders, in addition to the entre´ we ordered the crab soup. We were both becoming used to Mrs. Kelly’s multi-course meals and it was reflected when we went out to eat.

“Paul, what a pleasant surprise, it is good to see you,” said the tall blond woman who approached our table.

“Sara, this is Cathy Herring, she is one of the actors that I have been working with, Cathy this is Lady Sara Solsbery my wife,” I said using the Lady handle, for no reason.

“Lady Sara did you train him to be such a nice person?”

“No, I am afraid he came that way, I had to polish some of the rough edges, though.”

Cathy said that she had a group of friends in town and was walking through the dining room and spotted me. She walked off toward her friends.

“You were being very formal darling, what brought that on?” asked Sara.

“I don’t know it just popped into my head, I guess it was the way you look in your dress and baubles. You are the very image of “Lady Sara” so I guess that’s what brought that on. Plus, Cathy is dating a minor royal, from what I hear.”

Our soup arrived and we started eating. Sara finds some of the best restaurants and this was no exception. A second bottle of wine was produced, and the soup plates were removed the waiters left us two plates with orange slices and a half of an apple. The entre´ was served next. The three bay scallops were seared perfectly and were a complement to the small Salmond steak. Below the steak was two spears of asparagus. I practiced eating slowly and was able to finish at about the same time as Sara. I sat and sipped the wine until the bottle was finished. The waiter brought the desert tray but none of the offerings interested us.

“Shall we gather our friend and think about going home?” I asked.

“He left after he saw us decline desert,” said Sara as she dug her credit card out of her bag.

Sara paid the bill and I brought her to her feet, and we walked through the dining room to the exit. I could feel the eyes of other patrons on us. I was sure that they were not looking at me. Sara asked me to wait at the host stand and she went to use the lady’s room. Soon I felt an arm circle my waist and Sara waited for me to kiss her, before she moved.

“Must keep up appearances, darling.”

The parking lot valets were holding the rear passenger door of my Escalade and helped Sara and me into the car. The city lights passed by the windows of my car, but my eyes were on Sara.

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