The Daughter Ch. 06


The door bell rung and Jessie said oh that must be my sister to pick me up. She had dropped Jessie off earlier and was back to pick her up. Damn, she said, she wanted to make love to Jen some more and wasn’t ready to go. I told her that I would go down and keep her occupied for about 30 minutes while they played. I asked her what her name was and Jessie said that it was Jasmine. I asked Jessie what she looked like and she said you will know it’s her if she has big tits. She said, you will like them and maybe you can get her to let you see them. I said, we will see and I kissed them both quickly and told them to go ahead and keep playing but to go to Jen’s bedroom.

I run down the stairs and answered the door. There stood this compact girl with a red tube top on and a white mini-skirt. She had on white heels and big loop earrings. She was a real knock out. She said she was here to pickup her little sister and I invited her in. I told her the girls were upstairs trying on some of Jen’s old clothes that Jessie might be able to wear. I told her to sit on the couch and asked if she would like a beer while we waited for them to come down. She said she would love one and I went and got us both a beer. I sat on the chair next to the couch and started asking her about her school and other small talk. I figured she was about 19 and I kept staring at her tits that were bulging beneath the tube top. I said if you don’t mind me saying so, you sure look good. She said, thanks, and you are very handsome.

She said she needed to go up and see what was keeping Jessie and I didn’t know how to stall her any longer except for jumping on her and yanking her tits out and kissing them. I said, ok, let’s sneak up and see what they were doing. This was risky as I didn’t know if she would freak out if she caught them playing naked. I led the way and we snook up to Jen’s room. The door was closed except for about a one inch gap and I saw them on the bed. I looked back and whispered, damn, you are not going to believe this. I whispered for her to be quiet and get in front of me and look. She stuck her face to the crack and turned back to me and said, holy shit! I said, let’s just watch them for a minute and she nodded her head and looked back in.

I could see the action over her head and the girls were eating each other’s pussy and fingering each other. Jasmine reached down and pulled up her skirt and started rubbing herself through her panties. I kissed her on the neck and reached around her and got her tits in my hands and started squeezing them. She started gyrating her ass and I pulled my shorts down and rubbed my dick up against her. She turned back and kissed me and said let’s keep watching, this makes me hot. I reached up under her top and started playing with those big tits.

These were real nice and a lot more than a mouthful. I pulled her top down and stuck my head around and sucked her nipples. She whispered, that’s good, don’t stop. I lifted up her skit from the back and pulled my dick out and started rubbing it all over her ass. She reached back and grabbed me and started playing with it.

Jen laid Jessie back on the bed and grabbed her hairbrush and pushed the handle inside her black pussy and went back to eating her clit. I pulled Jasmine’s panties down and she stepped out of them and stuck her nice ass out and whispered to give her some dick. I reached under her and felt her pussy and it was dripping wet. I put my fingers in my mouth and tasted it and then went back and got some more and held it up for her to suck and taste her juices.

She tasted real sweet and I wanted to eat it but she was guiding my dick into her fuck hole and reached back with her hands and pulled my naked butt closer to her. Jen pulled the brush out and stuck it in Jessie’s ass hole and worked her hand up inside her pussy and went back to licking. Jasmine was getting so fucking horny and she was really pushing her ass out wanting more of my dick. She was really humping my ass and whispered real loud, damn fuck my pussy!

The girls heard that and Jen looked up to Ataşehir Escort see us through the crack. She said, what do y’all think you are doing? I pushed the door on open and pulled Jasmine onto the bed next to the girls and spread her legs out and crawled between her legs and stuck my dick in her. She was so damn horny that she would fuck in the middle of a football game right now. She said, oh Jessie, don’t worry that we caught y’all, it made her excited and she thought it was beautiful watching her little ass get fucked by Jen. I was giving her all the dick I could give her and she was begging for more.

The girls came over and they each got a hand full of tit and started sucking them. Jasmine reached out with her arms beneath them and put her hands in their pussies and started rubbing them. Jessie came up and started kissing her sister on the mouth and giving her some tongue and Jasmine was sucking on it like it was a dick. Jen reached up and started kissing me and said she wanted to see me fuck Jasmine good. She got behind me and put her arms around me and pulled on my tits and kissed me on the neck. She whispered, I love you and I told her I loved her too.

She told me that if I came in Jasmine’s pussy she wanted to lick my cum out of it. I asked her if she wanted me to give it to her and she said yes go ahead and get your cookies baby because I love to eat your cum. Jasmine broke off her kiss with her little sister and said, oh yes, give me your cum in this damn pussy. Jessie climbed up and sat on her face and Jasmine started licking her good. Jessie started kissing me and said to go ahead baby, I want you to cum in my sister and make her feel good. All this was so damn exciting that I couldn’t hold it any longer and I let it go with an explosion.

I don’t know where it came from but it seemed like I emptied a fruit jar full of hot cum into her pussy. I kept it in until it started shrinking and slid out. I lay back on the bed and Jen got down and started eating her. She placed her pussy on top of Jasmine’s face and kept on eating her and sucking my cum out of her. Jasmine started licking her pussy and then put her tongue in her little ass hole. Jessie came over and started licking the cum off my dick and licking her lips. She said, damn Jen, you have got me to loving the taste of his cum also.

She sucked me until she got me hard and crawled on top of me and slid it into her pussy and started fucking. She was so excited watching her sister get her pussy eat and sucked me so hard. She cupped my balls with her hands and squeezed them making me harder. She told me the hair brush felt good up her ass and asked me if I would fuck her there. I told her to get on her hands and knees and I got behind her. She was so tight that I couldn’t get in. She stuck her fingers in her pussy and got some juice and rubbed her ass hole with it and told me to try again. I got in and started putting a little more in with each stroke. The other girls were humping and squirming and both of them had a climax at the same time.

They kissed each other and then Jasmine came over and lay under Jessie and started sucking her titties. Jen got behind me and stuck a finger up my ass and held my balls with her other hand. She said, fuck her good baby, she wanted to eat some more cum out of her pretty little ass. Jessie said, oh yes, fill up my ass with your cum. I fucked her until her ass hole became real lubricated and opened up. I put it all the way in and then pulled it nearly all the way out and then crammed it in as far as it would go and I shot it up her ass. Jen leaped over and started sucking her hole and got some more cum.

I lay next to Jasmine and kissed her and held her in my arms. The other girls did the same and we lay there entwined as new lovers. We all went downstairs and got a beer out of the refrigerator and took my cigarettes out to the back deck and sat on the steps. We were naked and again the cool night air felt good on our bodies that were sweaty from fucking so hard. We drank and smoked and talked about how good Kadıköy Escort that our sex had been. Jasmine told her sister that she could eat her pussy any time she wanted it and they would help each other climax.

Jessie asked Jen if she could come back and spend the night with her sometime and sleep with her. Jen said that would be great and she didn’t mind if I fucked Jasmine again if she wanted to. She said she sure did want my white dick in her black pussy again. She said she would like one more cigarette before they had to go and I lit her up another one. She took several drags and then kissed me again putting her tongue down my throat as deep as she could get it. I put my fingers in her pussy and rubbed her softly and she played with my dick a little. She finished her cigarette and they went inside to put their clothes on. We went out on the front porch and kissed them bye again. Jen and I were still naked. We were getting used to going without clothes and it just seemed natural for us to be out there naked. They left in the car and honked as they left. I told Jen that I bet Jessie would be eating her pussy before they got home and she laughed.

Jen’s mother would be home the next night which was Friday, and Saturday they would be leaving with the other girls to go to Florida for a week. I was thinking that my dick may finally get a rest except for June. I knew that June would be wanting me to spend the night with her as soon as Joan was gone. Jen and I got another beer and went back to the deck to talk about our experiences. She asked me if I had enjoyed her surprise for me. I told her it was great and she was a great little girl for helping me fuck her friends. She asked me if felt different fucking black girls and I told her it did but I didn’t know how to describe it. It was just different and it excited me. I asked her if she liked getting her pussy played with by Jesse and she said, yes it was real good.

Jen sat in my lap with her little pussy resting on my dick. She asked if I thought I would have enough cum left to make love to her mother the next night and I told her I would probably have to take a whole bottle of vitamins because she had been taking care of my dick for a whole week. I told her that I sure was going to miss her next week and I would fantasize about her the whole time. I told her I was going to fantasize about her and all the girls she was going to be with, crawling in the bed together, and having a big free for all. She asked if I thought she was a lesbian and I said no, it’s just plain old experimental sex and it didn’t mean anything except that she was a sexual person. She said, well you made me that way and I hugged her and kissed her little titties.

She said that she wished she could be in the bed with me and her mother the next night and fuck both of us. I told her that I really wanted that and I would work on it. I said, let’s do something crazy to prove we love each other. She said, damn, I let you pee in my mouth, what else could prove it more? I said lets walk down the driveway naked and stand in the middle of the street and kiss. If a car should come we could run back and hide in the bushes. She said to let her finish that beer and then she might do it. Just the thoughts of doing it was exciting and we kissed passionately. She finished her beer and I said, ok, grab my dick and lead the way with it like a dog on a leash. She was pulling me along the driveway holding onto my dick and I put my arm around her waist.

We looked both ways and there were no cars in sight so we run on out into the street and stood in the middle and kissed. That excited me so much and my dick got hard as a rock. I led her over to the front yard and laid her down in the green grass and crawled on top of her and she grabbed my dick and led it into her pussy. We fucked feverishly for a few minutes and then we ran back to the deck and laughed all the way. She said, you and that dick and your crazy mind are driving me wild. We started itching from the grass and we went in and took a shower together. She Bostancı Escort said she was tired and wanted to go to bed and just hold me all night but she wanted one last fuck before she left me in the morning. I told her that would be great and we went to bed naked and she wrapped her legs and arms around me and fell asleep.

I woke up at daylight the next morning and just lay there looking at her cute little body and she had her perfect little ass facing me. I turned around and put my face in the crack of her ass and stated kissing her little hole. I rolled her on over on her face and spread her legs apart so I could reach her hole and I started sticking my tongue in it. Her hole tasted as sweet as sugar. She was sound asleep but her ass cheeks started squirming and squeezing together. I told myself I was just going to eat her ass until she woke up but after a few minutes I took my finger and inserted it into her little hole. I finger fucked her ass for five minutes and kept putting more and more fingers in it. It got looser and juicer and I got between her legs and started rubbing my dick around her hole. I got excited doing it to her while she was asleep and I pushed it in and out until I was all the way up her ass.

It was so tight and her natural contractions kept coming and she was fucking me back. I squeezed her ass cheeks with my hands and rubbed them up her back and down around her sides until I could feel the sides of her tits. I squeezed my hands beneath her and found her nipples and started playing with them. I kept my dick in her and lay on her back and started nibbling on her ears and whispered her name, Jen, Jen. She slowly awakened and sleepily said, good morning baby, I think I need to go shit. I said that is not what’s filling your little butt honey, it’s my dick all the way up your sweet ass. She said, oh good, fuck my ass baby. I pumped her some more and she was squeezing me until I thought she was going to push me out.

She raised up on all fours and started moving back and forth trying to get more dick in her. I said, do you want some hot cum in your ass baby? She said yes I do but I want it in my pussy more. She took her hand and pulled me out and pointed it down an inch and found her other hole. I fucked her pussy and fingered her ass at the same time and she was really moving around wanting more. My fingers could feel my dick through the thin membrane that separated her twat and ass hole. She was hollering not to cum yet, to just fuck her as long as I could.

I started giving her little spanks with my hand on her cute ass and she said, oh that’s good and she fucked me harder. I spanked her a little harder and her cheeks were getting red. She said, oh shit, that’s making me cum baby, I’m gonna get mine but hold yours off OK? She screamed out with her orgasm and fell on the bed pulling off my dick. She threw me down and stuck my dick in her mouth and said, now I am going to get my breakfast. She sucked me and jacked me up and down with her hand and I could feel my cum coming to the surface.

My cum shot in her throat and she swallowed every drop and licked me all over to make sure she didn’t miss any. She said, that’s what I wanted. She said, that’s the first time she had ever swallowed all of my cum. I said, I am told that it makes your hair thicker and she laughed and crawled back on me and kissed me all over. She bit both my nipples and said, damn baby I love you. I told her that I loved her also and that I wanted to fuck her forever, even after she was married and had kids. She said, it’s a deal, you promise you will fuck me whenever I want it? I said it was a promise.

We got up and she said she was going to shower while I made real breakfast. She said she had a lot of shopping to do today with Joan for the trip and would not be back until lunch and then we could go lay out by her pool. I was sitting at the table drinking coffee when she came down to eat. She had on a cute little white skirt and a teal colored blouse that was tight and showed the outline of her tits. I told her she was beautiful and she kissed me and sat down to eat. After she ate, she grabbed her keys and said, later baby, got to go do my thing at the mall.

I cleaned up the table and went up and took a shower and shaved. I got dressed and lay on the couch to watch the news and fell asleep.

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