The Doctor


— This story was inspired by personal experience. One of those early discoveries of an interest in submission, perhaps. Don’t forget to rate if you enjoy it, and thanks for reading! —

* * * * *

It was the first time he had done anything like this on his own. There was something in that fact that was both exciting and anxious for him. He might have hated the talks his parents kept giving him about “becoming a man,” but the truth was that he felt it, too. He was being treated more like an adult and less like a kid. He was expected to step out into the world and do things without Mom and Dad. Then there was that other thing.

His body was changing. Gross. It was such an annoyingly common phrase. Why did they always have to put it so delicately? It somehow made things worse.

Eighteen was not the beginning of puberty, either, for Christ’s sake. He had long ago noticed things were different. It wasn’t as if these were secrets to teenage males. At his age, he could drive. He was legally considered a consenting adult where he lived. In a year’s time, he would be able to own a gun, and could even be drafted.

These were the things he told himself, anyway, as he nervously checked in and sat down in the waiting room. Another, less reassuring part of his mind would not be quieted. What are they going to do? What are you going to say? What if something happens? What are you going to do then? Will you ask the right questions? Ask anything?

It’s just a check-up, he told himself. That’s all. Quit worrying.

Moments later, the door opened and a young nurse called for him by name.

“Eric,” she announced.

He stood up and started moving toward her. His teenage brain immediately and involuntarily pictured her naked. Truth be told, it often went to these places even with women that were well above his age, sometimes with those he didn’t feel an attraction to at all.

In any case, it was frequently frustrating no matter how he felt about someone else. The nurse was not unattractive, but there was something different about her. She had very short brown hair, big friendly eyes, a free spirited personality, and a sleeve of tattoos down one arm. Sticking out among those tattoos was an equal symbol in rainbow colors. It felt like the meaning should have been familiar, but his mind was otherwise occupied.

“This way please,” she said with a smile, leading him down the hallway.

Talking to girls his age was still something of a mystery to him. What hope did he have for talking to adult women then? All he had to do was act normal, he reminded himself. But what does normal mean when you’re stepping out into largely new terrain? His parents had done the talking before. Now he had to somehow get over the nervousness enough to avoid looking stupid.

They entered a small examination room and the nurse introduced herself as Trish. She asked him a variety of questions about his health, making note of his answers on a clipboard. There was a lot of “I don’t know” in his responses. You don’t know, his brain teased him. You should probably know.

Trish was more understanding than his brain. She was confident, kind, and calm. She told him it was okay he didn’t know everything she was asking. He wondered about her. Her reactions to him seemed like how someone reacts to a puppy. She was there to make sure the puppy stayed okay, that the puppy was comfortable.

“So,” the nurse went on, moving to grab something from one of the cabinets in the room, “unfortunately our bathroom is undergoing maintenance today. I’m going to have to ask you to fill this cup here, so we can run your tests. Just please be careful not to spill.”

Eric froze as she handed the cup to him. She nodded and stepped forward more, until he reached out and took it from her. Trish stood back and waited. After a little while, when it was obvious he was hesitating, she spoke up again.

“Don’t worry, I’ll guard the door. Just go ahead when you’re ready.”

He was almost certain this was unusual. What did they normally do when someone had to take a urine test and the bathrooms were closed? Was there only one bathroom in the building?

Soon, he realized time was wasting and Trish was not going anywhere. She’s a medical professional, he told himself. Don’t be weird. He took a deep breath, nervously messed with the zipper on his pants, and finally pulled himself out.

As he tried to concentrate on the cup in front of him, he heard a noise and looked up to watch the nurse from the corner of his eye as she picked up a pencil from the counter, then wrote something on the paper on her clipboard. Suddenly, he felt a tickle and the cup started to fill in his hand. His face began turning red and he fought to keep his composure. But after a brief few seconds, he had filled it to the line and was done. The lid was placed back on, and he handed the cup to the nurse.

“Okay,” she said contentedly, turning to leave. “If you’ll please undress and put on the gown there Kartal escort behind you. The doctor will be in shortly.”

“Undress?” he repeated, hoping she wouldn’t hear the slight worry in his voice.

“Oh,” the nurse remarked with a grin, “you can leave your underwear on.”

Right, he said to himself, your underwear stays on. That hadn’t helped the situation, had it? You probably made her uncomfortable having to talk about your underwear. She just had to see your penis. It sure made you uncomfortable. Did you see how she grinned at you? She probably thought that was cute… innocent… probably knows you’re nervous. So much for making a good impression.

As he took his pants and shirt off, he imagined the nurse suddenly barging back in without warning. He knew there was no reason she would, and he knew it would be extremely unprofessional. The door was unlocked, however, and he couldn’t think of much else. Maybe she had forgotten something in the room and came back in a hurry, not thinking to knock.

Then she would apologize profusely, like in all those movie scenes, while still taking care to look you over. Would she like what she saw? Would you look like a kid to her? What would you do if she laughed?

He knew what the last question meant. He was a skinny guy. He didn’t feel like his body was impressive yet. Maybe it would get there someday, but it wasn’t there now. And then there was his underwear. In some ways, it was worse that she had asked him to leave them on.

Eric had been wearing briefs since he was little. The kind of undies that were not so affectionately referred to as “tighty whities.” They were just what was comfortable. He had no reason to feel embarrassed by them until he started getting older. Even then, he didn’t bother asking his mom to start buying him boxers. He hadn’t gone out and made the switch himself, either. Maybe he still liked the comfort. Maybe he had limited money and didn’t want to spend it on underwear. Or maybe he just hadn’t thought about it much until now.

He was glad to put on the gown and cover himself up. It felt too open and exposed, though. He sat down in a chair and tried to get comfortable.

You’ve been in for a check-up before, he reminded himself. This isn’t anything new. People have seen you naked before, too.

Yes, that was true, but this time was different. He didn’t feel like a kid anymore. He was alone now. It would just be him and some other person, going over his body. Like the nurse having him pee in a cup. He hoped that the doctor would be a woman, too, though he wasn’t sure they would be. He hadn’t been to the doctor’s office in a while, and they had had staff changes since. The family doctor they used to see was no longer there.

Surely, this was a large part of the nervousness he felt. He had just wanted to get this over with, so he hadn’t asked any questions, and honestly hadn’t listened that closely when scheduling the appointment or talking with the nurse. So to a large degree, Eric had no idea what he was getting.

There was a knock on the door and after a brief pause it opened.

Well, shit, he thought. He got his wish. She was a woman. She was beautiful, too, so much so that he felt himself get tongue tied even without uttering a sound. Her black hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Her facial features reminded him somewhat of Gillian Anderson. She could not have been more than a few inches shorter than he was. And naturally, she carried herself with a sense of authority that filled the room, even as she extended her hand to shake his.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Richards,” she introduced herself.

“Hi,” was all he could say in response.

Doctor Richards looked over the sheet on the clipboard in her hand and began making conversation about the notes the nurse had left. As she was doing this, Eric’s eyes drifted up her body beginning at her feet. In a split second glance, she caught him in the act, then returned her attention to the clipboard while he was still blissfully unaware.

“How are you feeling?” she asked politely.


“Just here for a routine exam?”

“Yes… Ma’am.”

He wasn’t sure why he added that last part, but the slight smirk that appeared on her face when she heard it told him he had either done something embarrassing or done something right.

“Let’s have you step on over here to the scale,” she continued. “Normally, we have the nurses do this, but we’re a little understaffed today.”

That was the truth. It wasn’t the full truth, though. What she kept to herself was that she wanted to get a good look at him. Words like sweet, innocent, shy, and nervous were running through her head, and she had a sneaking suspicion he probably hadn’t tied the back of his gown well.

She stood back as he came and stepped up onto the scale. It amused her to see that she had been right. He had tied a single knot in the gown and it was already loosening thanks to his movements. But what stood Kurtköy Escort out most to her was his underwear. Tighty whities. This kid wore tighty whities to my office, she thought.

The doctor moved closer and began jotting down what the scale showed. Eric knew the back of his gown was hanging open. He wanted to reach back and yank the corners together again. Or maybe not. With her standing next to him, all he could picture was her hands untying the pathetic knot he’d attempted. Then…

He snapped himself out of it just as she asked him to go have a seat on the exam table.

Exam table was maybe a nice word for it. This one was attached to the wall in the corner by the counter, and it was utilitarian in the extreme. No headrest, no cushioning for your back, and by all accounts it looked like the sort of table you’d dissect an animal on. Just as he stopped in front of it, a voice spoke up from behind him.

“Oh, and go ahead and untie the back of your gown, please.”

In a flurry of emotions, he made himself follow her directions and slowly reached back and undid the strings holding the gown together. For a second, he wondered if she was watching. No, he said to himself, don’t be silly. That’s just your dirty imagination.

She was watching, though, and watching intently. Once he was up on the table, Doctor Richards came over and placed the end of her stethoscope against his chest.

Aren’t you a cutie, she thought to herself. Your heart is racing.

“Deep breath,” she instructed him.

Eric took a deep breath and his pulse relaxed a little.

“Another one.”

Now it was calming down more. She moved the diaphragm around on his chest, listening to his breathing. It was more than a little clear that he was still anxious. Her chest was right at his eye level, too, so she knew exactly where he would be looking, whether he meant to or not.

Generally, it wasn’t good practice to make too much eye contact with a patient in the middle of an exam. She had to focus on her duties as a doctor, but you also didn’t want to make what could be a vulnerable and intimidating experience into an even worse one for the patient by confirming that, yes, you were observing their reactions very closely.

He was an exception, though. She made eye contact and broke it slowly enough to be sure he knew it was not accidental. When he noticed her looking at him, his expression changed dramatically. It was as if everything in the room fell away and he was caught in the gaze of Medusa herself. A sense of frightening calm came over him, which she picked up on instantly.

“Very good,” she commended him, letting the stethoscope fall back around her neck. “Put your arm out a little for me.”

The blood pressure cuff used to annoy him so much. It constricted his arm and he hated the way that felt. This one was different, however. She pulled the velcro straps apart and put it around his wrist. Then she closed it around him and gently pushed his arm back against his chest, while her other hand rested against his shoulder to steady him.

“Just hold it there until it beeps,” she said.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She picked up her clipboard again and made more notes. Inside, she was thinking how respectful he was being. You caught a live one, Janet, she laughed to herself.

When the pressure cuff beeped, she took him by the arm and checked it over. Then she jotted down something else, before undoing the straps and freeing him. If she hadn’t known any better, she might have thought he seemed a little despondent about that.

Doctor Richards asked him to lie down next, which he did. The table was cold to his back. He felt like an object to her like this, like she would start poking and prodding him at her whim now. The image excited him and embarrassed him at the same time.

She stood over him and waited for him to relax and be still. Then, without warning, she took the hem of the gown and pulled it up all the way to his neck. Eric let out a startled shudder and jumped a little.

It might not have been very professional, but she softly put a hand on his head and shushed him. “You’re alright. You’re being very good, too.”

Her hands pressed against the sides of his stomach. They touched his chest. They felt down his hips and thighs. Her fingers were soft but not exactly gentle. There was no doubt they were inspecting him. He started to suspect that this wasn’t all part of evaluating his health. Or was that just another one of his silly fantasies?

She’s probably just checking your appendix, he told himself. Checking for lumps. Making sure you don’t have pain in places where it shouldn’t be.

Then, as if it was no thing, she carefully put her thumb and index finger on the top of his underwear and pulled up. Enough to get a good look at what was in there. Seconds rolled on before she was satisfied and lowered her hand again to let go. Eric’s mind had gone blank until he slowly regained awareness.

Wait… Pendik Escort is that normal? he wondered. Of course. Don’t be weird. She was making sure you… don’t have an infection? Erectile dysfunction? A vagina where your penis should be?

None of it made much sense. She had just pulled right up on his tighty whities to take a good look. What seemed like a long look. He had started to stiffen, too, and he knew she must have seen. She hadn’t reacted like it had bothered her at all, though.

A part of him was dying to ask, but he had no idea what to ask, and he was too mortified to dare. Yet it wasn’t the invasiveness of her examination of him that was mortifying. It was that he liked it. It left him with questions. It left him wanting more.

He turned his head just in time to see her finish writing something on the clipboard again. That damned clipboard. He wanted to know what she was writing on it. It was a stupid thought, he knew, but he couldn’t shake the idea that she was documenting him, noting every little detail she had seen.

Eric sat up and got down from the table.

“Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?” Doctor Richards suddenly said. “If you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t need to answer.”

There was a silence that hung in the air. Eric quickly realized he hadn’t imagined what she asked.

“O-o-okay,” he stumbled out.

“Why the tighty whities?”

Tighty whities, he thought. She called them that? Not even briefs? His breathing increased and he felt his mind race. What possible reason could be given that would sound mature? It seemed like there was none. Her face remained stoic, concentrating on his.

“I dunno,” he let out shyly. “I just like ’em.”

Immediately after this, he was kicking himself. You came here ready to venture out into the world, be a man, and all that jazz. You lucked out and got probably the hottest doctor you could have gotten in this place. And all you can say to a question like that is something a ten year old would say. Great job, idiot.

“Fair enough,” Doctor Richards said with a chuckle. “I expect to see you wearing them again next time, then.”

“What?” he stammered, the words leaving his lips practically before he had a say in the matter.

“I said,” she repeated, fixing her gaze on his, “I expect to see you wearing them the next time you come here.”

His legs started to shake. Her dark, amber eyes were not playing around now. It felt like an order. He somehow managed to stay composed enough to avoid tripping over his own feet, but her demeanor opened up such a terrifying and tantalizing new field of possibilities in his mind that he almost wanted to trip and fall at her feet. It would’ve made the whole situation feel less ridiculous in a way.

But all he could say was, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good,” she affirmed. “I want to see you again in two weeks. Make an appointment with the receptionist, okay?”


As she turned to the door, she stopped herself and paused. Then she spun around to face Eric again.

“Be sure you know why you’re coming back, too.”

His expression was puzzled. “Why am I coming back?”

“Think it over. You’ll know why. Just make sure you know.”

With that, she turned back, opened the door, and was gone. He sat there thinking for a minute. His pulse began beating faster. Walking over to the door, he locked it. Then he removed the gown, dressed, and left. He made sure to schedule an appointment with the receptionist before heading to the car.

The next two weeks had passed quickly. There were the usual stresses of school, home life, and other matters, but behind it all was the promise of seeing the doctor again. It was not lost on him that there was no indication that he was in anything other than perfect health. Nevertheless, she had wanted to see him for a second appointment, and so soon, too. He knew it must mean something.

She had told him to be sure, but he didn’t feel sure. He had masturbated several times after the last visit, creating a different fantasy in his mind for each occasion. All involved him being further subjected to her cold, calculating examination. As the day drew closer, he began to realize just how much anxious excitement he felt at the thought of seeing her. No, he wasn’t exactly sure; he was hopeful.

When he sat down in the waiting room, his pulse was strong enough that he could feel it in his chest. He marveled at the fact for a minute before taking a deep breath to calm himself. There were times he had gone to the dentist when he would’ve given anything to get out of having to be there. It was the uncertainty, the discomfort, and the pain that had bothered him. Now, he practically expected to encounter all three again, yet the thrill this gave him struck his mind in simple wonder.

“Eric,” Trish called as she opened the door. The look on her face was dispassionate and impatient, as if she almost anticipated there would be no answer. When Eric got up and moved towards her, her expression changed to one of mild surprise and amusement.

Well, you weren’t wrong, Eric told himself. It did mean something.

“This way, please,” Trish beckoned, turning down the long hallway. “How do you feel?”

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