The E-Mail Lead To Greater Things


This story is dedicated to a sexy lady member of Literotica, she knows who she is, and I hope she enjoys it as I hope you do to.

Having contacted numerous ladies over the internet only to have my hopes crushed time and time again I was beginning to loose hope of ever finding that honest woman who actually wanted to meet up in person rather than just fantasize as to the possibilities of meeting a man for a one on one semi anonymous sex.

I sent her an E-mail on the of chance, not really expecting a reply so it was rather refreshing when out of the blue I received her first E-mail response. She told me she was also based in London, 40 years old and that she was divorced and bi. She was not after a relationship but was after some adult fun and would I like to see some photographs. It all sounded a bit too good to be true.

I could tell from her E-mail that she was educated and although not gagging was in some need of sexual relief. I of course wrote back straight away saying I would love to see her photographs and was nicely surprised when I received them the very next day. From the various poses in the photographs it was easy to see that she was facially attractive, with reddish hair, a nice pair of tits, 34DD, capped with nice long nipples that were erect at the time the photograph was taken. Her cunt, while laying back holding her legs wide apart as she posed for the photograph, was fully shaved and looked deliciously wet and a healthy pink. In another she posed holding her buttocks wide apart as she bent over which showed off her tight light brown arse hole a treat, the sight of which made my cock erect almost instantaneously as my imagination went into warp speed overdrive and I imagined my thick cock violating her tight arse my hands wrapped around her big tits. Judging from the photographs she was a size 14 or 16 and very well proportioned.

I wrote back commenting on the various photographs and thanking her for sending them. The next day I received a request for some photographs of me, her honest approach to the whole thing swayed me into sending her a few photographs including one of my erect cock, all of which she seemed to like as she E-mailed back with her mobile number.

Eventually plucking up the courage I called her; we spoke and seemed to click. She told me what she expected in delightfully graphic detail, her soft secretive voice creating an intimate atmosphere around the conversation, it also had the effect of making my cock throb and we left it that she would call me back at a more appropriate time and my hopes suddenly diminished thinking it was a polite way of saying no. It was about two days later when she made the call.

“Hi Peter I’m lying here in my bed; with nothing on and a very wet pussy, tell me what you would do to me if you were here?” She asked and I detected an almost girly giggle at the end of the sentence.

I tried to imagine the scene and a image came into my mind of this good looking woman spread out naked on the bed her breasts heaving, her legs slightly apart allowing me to see her glistening cunt as beads of her juices seemingly appearing from nowhere speckled her fat labia like tear drop diamonds as she beckoned me to her. Imagination is a astonishing thing. My cock was soon hard as my blood was pumped to where it was needed filling its veins, making it throb with the desire to fuck this sexual woman.

I told her to imagine that I was there lying down next to her and kissing her on the lips passionately with urgency, sucking on her tongue while my hands caress her big tits and roll her hard nipples, plucking them and pulling them.

“Oh god, yes I love that, I can feel your mouth on mine and my nipples are getting hard.”

Now I’m moving my mouth down to your tits sucking on the flesh holding them tightly in my grip as my mouth takes in one of the sensitive firm nipples and I suck on it hard vacuuming the hard flesh into my mouth as I hear her let out small whimpers. My hand is busy with her other breast firmly moulding and squeezing the flesh as if it is pottery clay, as her moans grow louder. I alternate my attentions on the two mounts of womanly flesh and can tell from her breathing that my attentions on this part of her body are welcome.

“God I love my tits being played with like that, it’s enough to make me cum.” Her soft voice makes my cock twitch, the strain on my trousers becomes intolerable, I have moved into an empty room of the office by now, and I unzip my trousers my cock is stuck in my boxers and I manage to untangle it quickly releasing it and look down at the pre-cum covered scarlet head and I begin to pump the rock hard protrusion up and down as I continue speaking to her softly now lost in a world of fantasy.

I tell her my hand has now moved to her cunt and I can feel the heat emanating from inside as I cap her whole mount in my palm and move it up and down and can feel her warm sticky juices saturate my skin. My mouth is now moving down her body momentarily stopping at her belly button as my tongue probes the tiny hole, my lips close İstanbul Escort around her soft flesh and I gently suck on first one area, then another, then another and so on always moving further south.

“Oh that feels good, finger fuck me, please start finger fucking me.”

Although she implored me to tell her that I had bean using my fingers I decided to make her wait and continued with what I was saying almost as if I was actually there doing all this to her body . Finally I told her my mouth had reached her shaved cunt and the smell of her sex perforated my nostrils as my cock seemed to now be awash with my pre-cum. I begun eating her sex as though it was a cordon bleu meal prepared by a master chef the best I had ever tasted, she was by now moaning loudly tiny whimpers emanating from her lips as I lifted her legs high in the air holding them wide apart giving my mouth full access to the delicious flesh coated with her sweet sex juices. I told her how her hands had now taken over from my own as she pulled her legs back towards her body. My hands now free found their way to her sex box and prised it open allowing my mouth and tongue deeper penetration. Soon I begun finger fucking her with three fingers while my mouth still sucked on her sweet flesh.

The images whizzing around in my head and constant pumping of my cock meant that by now I was near cumming having to stop my masturbation and squeeze my cock hard to stop myself as her moaning and groaning had escalated so that it was almost as if she was in the same room as me.

“Yes, yes I can feel your fingers inside me, suck my clit, suck my clit now.” She begged.

She had told me in our exchanges how much she liked dirty talk and submission as well as spanking and fisting. So I told her what a dirty slut she was and a cock sucking bitch and that I was going to fuck her mouth like a cunt and push my cock down her throat, she seemed to like this and asked me to tell her more. I told her how I had now begun spanking her, gently at first but harder and harder as she asked me to, I could almost picture my hand prints all over her buttocks while my mouth was full of her juices. My hand moved further down and I could feel the mixture of her sap and my saliva on her tiny brown arse hole as I rubbed it into her rubbery hole like an ointment, I moved my mouth to this tiny pucker and begun licking it as the cavity filled with juices and saliva like a tiny volcano, while I continued fucking her cunt with my hand, there were now four fingers deep inside her as she bucked against them. I moved my mouth back to her smooth hairless cunt and sucked on the tiny knob that was her clit now hard and protruding, the hood long since having become redundant as the clit out grew it the tiny area of protective flesh.

“Oh…. God, yes. Aaaahhh…I’m so near… now, can you.. hear, ooohhh… I’ve got…. Threeeee…. Fingers…deeeepp.. inside…aaahh… my pussy…. listen.”

She must have held the phone near to her cunt and I could make out the squelching sounds of her fingering her cunt hard and fast, making my cock lurch forward.

I told her how I was now playing with her arse hole and how it slowly gave way, puckering as if beckoning me to enter the long dark corridor, I gratefully took up the invitation violating her tight anal passage with my long thick middle finger sending it all the way inside and making her scream shrilly with delight. Her cunt seemed to now have expanded as I pulled my hand out and making it into a fist slowly pushed it back inside until my arm entered her up to the wrist and I was now fisting her while sticking another finger inside her arse my mouth clamped on her clit.

“Yes that’s it baby my fist is all the way inside fucking your wet cunt while Ive got two fingers buried inside your tight arse hole, you love it you dirty slut. You’re pushing your fuck holes against my hands trying to get more inside you.” I told her and continued telling her until she screamed out down the telephone.



As she screamed I almost felt the contraction of her cunt muscles around my wrist as she squirted cum inside my mouth which was still glued to her clit like a limpet. All these imaging were flashing inside my head as my cock shot its load over the desk, like thick but still runny white ice cream dollop after dollop hit the dark mahogany desk, I kept pumping my cock until there was nothing left and I was exhausted.

She thanked me for helping her reach her goal and said she would like to actually meet up and would call me to arrange a date and time as she was a mother and needed to sort something out for the children on the day we’d meet. I told her that I couldn’t wait to see her and the line closed. Looking down on the dark desk now covered with creamy pools of my cum I thanked god for tissues as I pulled a hand full out of my pocket mopping Bayan Escort up the evidence quickly before doing my trousers up recomposing myself and moving back to the main office.

I was really looking forward to our first meet and when she called to set out the ground rules I was pleased. It made sense for us to both feel comfortable about the whole thing and not take any unnecessary risks. She had my mobile number and wanted to meet somewhere where there would be other people and wanted to know what arrangements I had made, if we did hit it off and wanted to fuck the brains out of each other. The ground rules were simple, not too rough, just some light spanking and possibly bondage, a condom during intercourse and lots of dirty talking and instructions to feed her submissive side. It was everything I myself had in mind and I was therefore sure we would hit it off. The only other request she made was that she needed to keep this side of her life completely separate from the rest and this was completely in line with my own desires so not a problem.

We tried to fix a date but it proved difficult, I had a business trip to the Far East lined up and her children were home for the summer. Eventually we decided on a day in early September in a pub near my work, I had also arranged for the use of a flat not too far away, which, as an added bonus was on the same train line she needed to use to get back home.

I was waiting for her outside the pub, rather excited at the prospect of meeting this sexy sounding lady, but as you’d expect placing yourself in a similar situation, at the same time the excitement was tinged with a degree of trepidation. The good thing was that if I or indeed she didn’t feel comfortable it needn’t go any further, all it meant was meeting with a new person of the opposite sex for a couple of drinks and the worst that could happen was the waste of a couple of hours and a few pounds, on the other hand it could lead into an amazing mind blowing sexual encounter that I hadn’t experienced for a long time.

She was walking towards me and I recognized her straight away from the photographs she had sent me and the description of what she would be wearing, which she’d E-mailed me that morning. The sun was out and made her long way reddish hair glint, she was taller than I had expected, about 5’7″, but that may have been more to do with the high heel stilettos she wore. Her face was a rounded shape, with a small sculptured nose, a large mouth with luscious lips and hazel eyes. I could make out her long dark lashes and well defined eye brows. She had rounded cheeks and a big friendly smile; the photographs had not done her justice. The floral design skirt she wore was fairly translucent and with the sun behind her I could make out the silhouette of her lower body. I could see she had nice legs as the skirt was about 6″ above the knee. She wore a black leather jacket which her large breasts kept wide apart, revealing a light green low cut blouse that showed off her ample cleavage. All in all she looked rather nice and I was physically attracted to her.

I walked towards her, “Hello Lucy glad you could make it, hope you had a good journey and that it will have been worth making.”

“Hi Peter, thanks I wasn’t sure you would turn up to be honest so I’m really pleased you’re here and hope you didn’t have to wait.”

She had a soft sexy voice and a sexual chemistry about her which I found appealing.

“Shall we go in for at least one drink now you’re here or shall we just get it on here and now?” I asked laughing.

“Yes please and I mean to the drink, I think I really need one, this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this although the other seems almost as appealing but not just yet.” She said with a big grin.

We entered the pub and I ordered the drinks, a double gin and tonic for her and a large vodka soda with lime for myself. It was nearing lunch time and the pub was gradually filling up with office workers. We spotted a table towards one end of the bar and moved to it. It was a small alcove with a wooden table with pew like sitting all in one, probably Oak and very old. She sat first and I opted to sit next to her rather than opposite, hopping this would make it a bit more intimate. Once next to her I could smell her heady perfume and now looking at her closely I could see that she had some make up on but that she had taken time over the application and it seemed just the right amount was used.

We made small talk for a while, what we did for a living, which part of London we lived in, the things we liked doing, programs we watched, music, films, all the normal stuff. Then somewhere in the conversation it switched to sex and I told her straight away how I loved eating pussy and presumed she liked having her pussy eaten, being bi. She blushed and nodded her head as I moved my head towards her, one hand on her exposed upper leg, gently turning her head with the other I kissed her lips, she didn’t pull away and her lips seemed to slightly part letting me know she was receptive Eskort to more. By the third drink we were both fairly relaxed, I had a hand on her leg gently stroking it while my other hand played with her long soft hair. Finally I moved my head towards hers looking her straight in the eyes as our lips met, my mouth opened and she allowed my tongue access, once my tongue was in she begun sucking on it while her own tongue rubbed against underside.

My cock begun to grow now as my hand slipped further up her skirt, which by now had ridden fairly high, she didn’t protest but instead allowed her legs to move apart inviting me to go further. My back was acting as a shield to the rest of the room so no one could actually see exactly what was going on. I moved my hand further until to my delight I felt the heat from her pantiless cunt, the thought that she had been sitting next to me all this time without her knickers made my cock lurch forward, something which she may have felt, and the next thing I knew was that her hand was on my cock rubbing then squeezing it. My finger entered her hot cunt, she was tight but very wet and receptive and her cock rubbing seemed to become more intense.

“Do you like my hairless pussy?” She whispered in my ear, her warm breath on my ear was followed by her hot wet tongue as it entered the cavity licking it gently.

I took my finger out of her pussy and slowly, deliberately placed it in my mouth savouring her sexual juices, the texture seemed to remind me of honey, she tasted sweet and I wanted more a lot more.

“I love your bald cunt and it tastes good, I’d love to eat it with my mouth instead of just dipping. Would you like that? Me eating you while I’m pumping my fat cock in your mouth or were you just pretending to be a very horney little slut over the phone?” I asked.

“There’s no pretence about me and yes, yes please my pussy hasn’t been eaten for a while and I’d love you to eat me while you fuck my mouth with your hard cock.”

“Well we can’t do it here, let’s go to the flat but we need to go now before my cock bursts.” I told her, withdrawing my finger from her cunt and offering it to her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked her cunt cream from it her big hazel eyes staring straight into mine waiting to see my reaction. I love a woman that enjoys her own pussy juice and watching her while feeling her mouth encircling my finger made my cock throb in her hand making her in turn break out in a big grin of satisfaction.

We got up and we were out of the pub in record time. I hailed a black cab and gave the driver the address before seating back and pulling her to me. We began kissing passionately my hands on her arse pulling her to me. Thankfully the journey was short, I say that since at some stage she had manage to sit astride my lap and begun rubbing her cunt against my cock until I thought it was going to explode with the intensity of it all.

“We’re here guv that will be £17.50 please.” The cabbie said as the cab drew up outside the block.

I fumbled in my pockets to get the money out and gave him a twenty.

“Wha’bout your change guv.”

“Keep it.” I said jumping out the cab and pulling her out behind me.

I didn’t even think about any change I just wanted to get this hot slut into the flat and eat her honey pot.

“Cheers guv, hope you have a good time.” The cabbie winked at me as he drove off.

I managed to locate the keys and opened the door of the lobby area, dragging her behind me and quickly locating the small lift, I selected the floor number and proceeded to pin her against the now closed doors of the lift and begun undoing her blouse while my mouth greedily sought hers, our tongues begun duelling as her blouse lay wide open. I was all fingers and thumbs with excitement and was grateful when she helped me unhook her bra and her big tits tumbled out, their huge ripe nipples already hard. I lowered my head and took one in my mouth sucking on the hard teat like a starving child. My hands were both full of her flesh as I squeezed and massage her beautiful orbs while she moaned with pleasure,

The lift came to an abrupt halt and we only took the fact in when the lift doors begun to open and we almost fell out. We tumbled out into the hall way, her clothing in complete disarray her tits hanging out, her jacket and blouse wide open while her bra hang around her waist. The two of us were breathless as we stood at the door of the flat and I frantically searched for the keys, finally locating them and opening the door. We were now inside standing in the hall way as the door closed and she moved to me pulling at my trousers she begun undoing the belt.

“Not here, let’s find a bedroom I need to be eating you.” I told her and pulled her down the hall to one of the bedrooms.

The flat seemed big as there were several doors and although spotless had obviously not been used for sometime judging by the amount of mail on the floor. The close friend who had arranged the flat was in the estate agency business and had told me the flat belonged to a millionaire client who had used it for only 4 weeks in the last 10 years although he had a cleaner go in twice a week and he had checked the days she came round and today was definitely not one so he knew we wouldn’t be interrupted.

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