The Erikson Twins Big Summer Pt. 01


Note: This is a long story and I’ve broken it up into four parts: Part 1 is Chapters One and Two; Part 2 is Chapters Four through Seven; Part 3 is Chapters Eight through Eleven; and Part 4 is Chapters Twelve through Fifteen. After I submit Part 1, I shall submit each following Part as the previous one gets accepted and published. This story contains depictions of anal sex, ass-to-mouth, and vaginal as well as anal creampie eating. If that sort of thing disgusts you then please go no further. Also, since I do my own editing—which is hard for a writer to do—I cannot catch all my errors. I ask for your tolerance and forgiveness in advance. Thank you.


Part 1

Chapter One

Jackie Corbin took another long pull on her scotch and soda. She was sitting in a well-padded wicker chair on her large, raised front porch as she watched the Erikson twins finish the yard work. She probably shouldn’t be calling them boys anymore, she reminded herself. They had just turned eighteen and had just graduated from high school with honors and, after this summer, they would be heading off to an out of state university.

Donald and Daniel Erikson were identical twins, handsome six-footers with lean muscular bodies and six-pack abs. They were blue-eyed and blonde-haired with melt your pussy dimpled smiles. Well, for Jackie, their dimpled smiles always made her pussy wet.

She’d been lusting over them for some time. Now that they were eighteen Jackie thought she ought to do something about it. Besides, after this summer she would probably never see them again. She was forty-two and obviously old enough to be their mother and she wanted to give them something to remember her by, as well as getting a whole lot of pleasure out of it for herself. Yes, it was time to try and seduce those two young hunks, not that Jackie thought she would have to try very hard.

Jackie stood 5’8″ barefoot and weighed a slim 130 pounds, most of which was muscle. She did pull-ups, push-ups, hand-stand push-ups, and dips among other resistance exercises. And twice a week, in good weather, she was down at the high school track, early in the morning to do high-intensity interval training: ten, 100 yard sprints with walking recovery between sprints. She also had a following of sorts, mostly high school boys, but some of the men in town that liked to keep fit and would be on the track when she was. Of course, when she had first started doing the sprint intervals she’d been the only person on the track, until the word got out about what Mayor Corbin’s hot new trophy wife was doing on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Jackie had long, wavy, black hair, startling blue eyes, the best fake 36C tits for miles around, a ready smile with nearly blindingly white teeth, and a tan to die for. She also had a sincere and warm personality. She wasn’t a fake, except for her tits, of course, or a phony, which was odd because her husband, Chris Corbin, Mayor of Cougarville, tended to be both of those things in spades. And that was the problem. Should she stay or should she go?

Jackie was bored. Chris wasn’t much of a lover. Besides being twelve years older than her, he wasn’t particularly handsome and he was definitely overweight, not grossly obese but he could afford to lose forty pounds at a minimum. Jackie offered to help him with diet and exercise, but he really didn’t care. He had her and he knew that she only married him because when he proposed to her she made him prove that he was as well-off as he bragged he was. Besides being mayor of Cougarville, Chris Corbin owned Corbin’s Farm Implement’s store, selling anything from farm tractors to lawn tractors and everything else in between. He had the biggest and, some said, the best farm implement store in Southern Missouri.

Jackie had been a poor girl from a tiny hamlet in the middle of the Arkansas Ozarks. She had left home as soon as she could and went to California to become a movie star, only to become a porn actress who, after a few years, had burned out. She moved to St. Louis, to become a stripper, quite a good one, too. She had always been athletic and, while in L.A., she’d used her “acting” money to hire a personal trainer and a martial arts teacher and, within a couple of years, she had become one of the strongest and most fit porn actresses ever. She was also dangerously competent, as her boss, Vinnie, at Trailer Tramp Videos found out. She told him she was leaving and he said she had a contract and couldn’t leave and grabbed her arm. She broke his. Then one of his bully boys rushed her and she broke his nose and damn near killed him with a throat chop. Neither of the men chose to pursue assault charges for three reasons. They didn’t want to admit that a “girl” had done this to them, trailer Trash Videos was under investigation by the feds for physical abuse of women acting for them, and, last but not least, Vinnie had assaulted Jackie first, as did his bully boy. There was no way they could win in court and so Jackie Escort İstanbul moved back east and began a career as a stripper and developed quite a following.

On stage at the Angel Baby club in St. Louis, Jackie was known for her athletic dancing, springing to a handstand and doing two or three handstand pushups then dropping into full splits, and she was absolute magic on the pole. That’s where Chris Corbin first saw Jackie and, for him, it was lust at first sight. He’d been at a mayor’s convention one weekend and stopped off at the Angel Baby club with a half-dozen other mayors to enjoy the sights. He tipped Jackie big and kept coming back whenever he could, at least once a month, twice a month usually. He kept after her to marry him and when she asked him for proof of his bragged about wealth and how he could keep her in good style, he provided the proof.

Jackie had been thirty-two and knew she would need a new and better gig eventually so, finally, she said yes. There was a pre-nuptial agreement she had to sign, of course, but she got to live in a large, beautiful, renovated and updated Victorian home, she got a new car every three years, and a monthly allowance that was quite healthy, a good portion of which she stashed in her personal bank account. All she had to do was put up with Mayor Corbin and fuck him a couple of times a week, which became once a week, and now was down to once or twice a month, which was just fine with Jackie. But, after ten years of marriage she was bored, horny, and needed new meat.

Jackie took another swallow of her scotch and soda. The new meat, she decided, was right there in her front yard: the Erikson twins. She didn’t know what their level of sexual experience was, but she was sure they had some. And then, of course, all teens had access to internet porn today so they should have a pretty good idea of what to do and, having been a porn actress, and having done it all, Jackie was quite ready to do it all with Dan and Don.

As Dan stowed the trimmer and leaf blower into the back of their ten-year-old pickup truck, Don dumped the collection bag of the mower onto a tarp. He rolled up the tarp and stowed it into the back of the pick-up truck, too, before easily lifting the mower into truck, also. Don and Dan closed the tailgate together then turned to looked up at the porch where Jackie Corbin had been sitting the whole time they had been doing her yard and smiled at her.

“All done for this week, Ms. Corbin,” Don called out.

“Come on up and rest a bit. I’ll get you some lemonade I made fresh this morning,” Jackie called down to the boys as she stood up. She was wearing very short black shorts and a black sports bra and nothing else. She gave Don and Dan a big smile before padding off barefoot through the front door.

“Damn, she’s hot,” Don told his brother.

“You don’t have to tell me that, my dick is half hard already. The way she sits out on the porch watching us and smiling at us, I wonder what she’s thinking,” Dan said.

“I know what I’m thinking,” Don said as he reached into the cab of the truck to get his t-shirt and put it on.

“She’s gotta be old enough to be our mother, “Dad said as he reached in to get his t-shirt.

“And your point is?” Don asked.

“What if our mother was as hot as Jackie Corbin is?” Dan asked.

“Well, she’s not, so we don’t have to worry about that. Jackie isn’t our mother and she’s a hot sexy woman and she knows it. And I know that she flirts with us. So, twin brother, what would you do if she came on to you? Don asked.

“Whatever she wanted me to do, twin brother. Oh hell yes, I would just love to fuck a beautiful older woman like that,” Dan said.

“And there’s the difference between us, Dan, I would make love to her, not just fuck her,” Don said.

Both boys laughed. They knew they would both fuck Jackie Corbin, or make love to her, whatever you wanted to call it, if only they could. She was a major player in their active imaginations and mutual masturbation sessions. Of course, of all their customers, there were five women, all of them married, all of them old enough to be their mothers and who were all attractive, although not nearly to the extent that Jackie Corbin was. Those five women all played major roles in their masturbation fantasies. And, strangely enough, the other four were all friends of Jackie’s.

When Jackie came out through the screen door, carrying a tray with two tumblers full of ice, a pitcher of lemonade, and a refill of her scotch and soda, the Erikson twins were leaning against the railing in front of where her chair, its twin, and a small wicker table were. She was disappointed that they had put their t-shirts on over their lovely young hard bodies.

Jackie turned away from the boys and bent over, setting the tray down on the table, keeping her feet and legs slightly apart. She knew Don and Dan would be checking out her toned legs, firm ass, and the “camel-toe” she was sure İstanbul Escort Bayan to be showing in her tight shorts. She poured the two tumblers full with lemonade then turned to give one to each of the twins. She turned back to pick up her glass and, apropos of nothing, she held up her glass and said, “Cheers,” then took a sip.

Don and Dan grinned at each other, said cheers, and took in several thirsty swallows of the sweet lemon drink.

Jackie gave each of the boys a wicked little smile and a direct stare with her startling blue eyes. “Well boys, I know you prefer to be paid in cash, but, silly me, I’m all out of cash and, I seemed to have used my last check and haven’t received the new shipment yet. But, I’m going downtown later today and I’ll stop by the bank and withdraw some money.

“I’m going to be busy most of the afternoon and evening, but if it isn’t too much inconvenience, maybe you could stop by tonight and I’ll pay you.” Jackie went on quickly before either Dan or Don could answer. “You don’t need to knock on the front door. I’ll be in the back of the house. You could just come in the alley and park next to the garage. The gate will be unlocked. Come on up to the back porch and knock on the kitchen door, say, around nine o’clock?” She paused, gave them another wicked little smile. “Would that be okay?”

Neither Dan nor Don were stupid, nor were they slow. They knew what was going on instantly or, rather, they assumed and hope they knew what was going on. They also knew that tonight, Friday night, Jackie’s husband, Mayor Corbin, would be meeting with his friends and cronies for the weekly poker game, which usually went on into the wee hours of the morning. Their hearts started to beat a little harder and their cocks began getting that good feeling that indicates sexual arousal prior to filling with blood.

“Uh, yeah, that would be fine,” Don was the first to speak, “wouldn’t it, Dan?”

Dan gave Jackie Corbin a big dimpled smile that told her that he and, of course, his brother, knew what was up. His smile also made her pussy wet. “You bet. That will be fine, Ms. Corbin.”

“Oh, boys, you don’t have to be so formal with me. Just call me Jackie, okay?”

Don gave Jackie a big dimpled smile of his own and made her pussy even wetter. “Okay, uh, Jackie,” he said. And we’ll be here, knocking on your kitchen door at nine o’clock tonight.”

“There’s just one thing,” Jackie said, “after all this time, I still can’t tell one of you from the other. I would hate to call you Dan,” she said, looking at Don, “only to find out that you’re actually Don.”

“And I am,” Don said with a little smile.

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry,” Jackie said and actually blushed.

Don and Dan gave each other a look. They knew what each other was thinking. Jackie Corbin looked even more beautiful when she blushed.

“So then, how do I tell you guys apart?”

“Well, Jackie,” Dan said, holding out his right wrist, “I have this bracelet that says “Daniel.” The bracelet he was showing Jackie was made of stainless steel links with a flat stainless steel piece with his name engraved on it.

“And I have one that says “Donald,” Don said, holding out his left wrist. I wear mine on the left and Dan wears his on the right so… .”

“It’s simple,” Don continued. “You don’t even have to read the bracelet, just look to see what wrist they’re on, left or right.”

Jackie laughed and then took a swallow of her drink. She pursed her full lips, painted a shimmering pale pink today, tilted her head to one side, and then smiled. “And you’ve never traded bracelets, eh?” she asked.

Don and Dan glanced at each other and smiled.

“We may have,” Dan said.

“With your girlfriends?” Jackie asked.

“We may have,” Don said, grinning.

Jackie laughed again. She had a strong urge to embrace each boy in turn and give him a big, wet tongue kiss. But, of course, she couldn’t. Not right here, in broad daylight, on her front porch with God knows who could see them. That would have to wait until tonight.

“I like you guys,” Jackie said. “I like you a lot. Until tonight then?”

Don and Dan smiled and nodded. “Until tonight then,” Dan said. They finished their lemonade in two big gulps each.

“Thank you for the lemonade, Mrs., uh, Jackie,” Don said.

“Yes, thanks, Jackie” Dan said.

Dan and Don set their glasses down on the tray and, with one last look at Jackie Corbin and another big smile for her, they headed down the porch steps. Both boys wanted to whoop and holler but kept their peace until they were three blocks away.

“Damn! Can you believe that?” Don asked.

“Where getting laid tonight brother of mine,” Dan said.

“And by the hottest cougar in Cougarville,” Don said.

Chapter Two

Jackie was looking out her bedroom window which overlooked back yard. It was five minutes before nine and dark outside. There were streetlights on the intersections of the Anadolu Yakası Escort nearest streets. But since her house was in the middle of the block, the alley behind her house was quite dark. She had a low-watt light on in the kitchen over the stove, a night light was plugged into an outlet in the hallway, but she had all lights off in her bedroom, as well as the rest of the house.

After her husband had given her a peck on the cheek and headed off to his Friday night poker game, Jackie had given herself a couple of small enemas just in case. Having been in the porn industry she had done a few double penetration scenes and even enjoyed a couple of them. The thought of being the meat in an Erikson twin’s sandwich excited her. She took a thorough shower but didn’t shave anything. She had been using the latest model of a battery-operated hair removal device, as advertised on TV, on her legs, underarms, pubic area, and around her anus for several months now. Everything was smooth and hairless.

After blow-drying and styling her hair, Jackie applied her best nighttime makeup then spritzed herself with her favorite perfume. She removed her hooped earrings, the style she wore most often, hoping that one of the boys, if not both of them, might want to nibble on her ears, something she really liked if done right. Leaving the bathroom and crossing the bedroom, she got a pair of black hold-up stocking out of her dresser and pulled them on. She knew men were suckers for stockings and she rather liked the sexy look herself. Next, she stepped into a pair of shiny, black, four-inch Louboutin stiletto high heels. The heels would be coming off when she got the boys to her bed—if she got the boys to her bed.

Jackie thought the porn industry idea of having women keep their high heels on in a bed was just plain silly. Sure, in the kitchen being bent over the table or counter, or in the living room bent over the couch, or on your knees on the floor, or even up against the wall in the hallway being taken from behind, high heels could be a great scene enhancer, but not once you got on the bed.

Jackie shivered at the thought of the Erikson twins and her fucking all over her house, even down in the basement where she had her workout equipment—her free weights and benches and her stationary bicycle and rowing machine to do her interval training during rainy or snowy weather.

“Ooo, Jackie,” she said softly as she checked herself out in the full-length mirror, liking what she was seeing, “let’s just see what happens tonight before we go getting all excited about fucking those gorgeous boys all over the house.” She reached down to run an index finger through her sexual crevice. She felt the wetness there already and felt her labia beginning to open up. She was getting turned on. After licking off her finger, Jackie went into her closet and came out with a short, white silk robe, trimmed in black, which she put on and tied in place with the black sash. There, she was all ready to greet Don and Dan. She turned off the light on the night stand and went to stand in front of her bedroom window.

She didn’t have to wait long before she saw headlights swing into the alley from the west. Almost immediately, the headlights went out. Jackie smile. Oh yes, she thought, the boys know what’s going on. That thought made her even more excited.

The fact that she was cheating on her husband didn’t bother Jackie in the least. She and Chris knew this wasn’t a marriage of love and devotion. She was also sure that when he went out of town for meetings or conventions he used escort services. Besides, their sex life was becoming nearly non-existent, which was just fine with Jackie, considering that she was finding it harder and harder to stay married to Chris, with his weight problem, balding head, florid face, and snarky attitude. He thought he was king shit here in Cougarville just because his great-great grandfather had founded the town after shooting a cougar down by the river where he eventually set up a grist mill.

Jackie could see the top of the twins’ pickup truck, a darker shadow against the darkness of the alley, as it pulled in beside the garage just like she’d told them to do. She now turned and strode out of the bedroom and down the hall, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor as she headed for the kitchen.

Even though she been in porn and fucked a lot of men, both in the business and out of it, she was nervous and her stomach was doing flip-flops. This was different. She hadn’t fucked anyone but Chris for ten years and then there was the age difference. Jackie knew she was a good looking woman for her age. But that was the problem. She would be dealing with eighteen-year-old boys. Would they see her, a woman old enough to be their mother, as a desirable woman or just a quick fun fuck, something to brag about to their friends? She would have to warn them about her position in town and the need for them to be discreet.

There was a light tapping at the kitchen door and Jackie took a deep breath then let it out slowly. She calmly walked over to the door. She could barely make out the faces of Dan and Don through the window before opening the door.

“Come in, come in,” Jackie said as she stepped to one side.

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