The Experience At The Movies


Instead of dealing in real life let’s go with the hypothetical, imagination, fantasy, this has always been a better route.


Let’s start by saying it was a Friday night I had come to the movies because my ex had just taken the children for the weekend and I was bored with not having anything to do. I had decided to get dressed up for some stupid reason with a skirt and heels, but wanting to try something different I didn’t wear any under things. Instead of going to my normal dollar movie I decided to splurge on myself and go to a nice theater. Maybe if I wasn’t on a date I could pretend I was, so I decided on the plush AMC20 theaters. I pay my eight dollars and get my ticket for a movie I really wanted to see.

I walked into the theater of my movie. At AMC20 they have large armchair style seating with enough room to stretch you legs all the way out. In the very front next to the screen there are these large loveseat style seating, but these are for the lovebirds.

I choose the far row of seats by the wall having two large seats side by side. I choose the seats far to the back and the seat next to the wall, leaving the one by the aisle open. I arrange my belongings, my purse and my pop purchased at the concession stand. When I place my pop in the hole in the armrest I discovered they were all moveable, testing this on both chairs. Finally all situated I some what anxiously wait for the movie to start hoping that no one will notice I came to the movies alone.

Now You

You had a very bad day that Friday, work was hectic it just seemed there wasn’t enough time in the day to get all your work done. Then the boss for something that wasn’t your fault griped you out but of course you had to take the blame for the mistake. Then to top the day off the female co-worker that you had your eyes on and had seemed to be making a connection with, had walked into work spouting on and on about her new boyfriend that she had just recently met.

Your day sucked big time, you didn’t want to go home just to hear your own echo bounce off your empty place, so you decide on a little pick me up. It was too early to join your friends at your usual bar, so you decide to go see a movie. You pull into AMC20 where you take all your dates.

You check out all the listings and spot an action movie that you’ve wanted to see for a while. You pay the money for your ticket and walk inside; the usher gives you directions to get to your theater. You decide to buy some popcorn at the concession stand. You follow the usher’s instructions to reach the theater. You enter the theater, the lights are out, and it’s pitch black except for the previews playing on the screen. In the dim light you walk down the aisle attempting to find a seat, you trip over some lady’s purse, which she stupidly left in the aisle. The lady begins to cuss at you, you would cuss back but you do not want to cause any more disturbances to the other patrons, so you turn around to search for an empty seat in the back.

You and me

You see an empty chair, not realizing there is someone in the seat closest to the wall. You sit down and the woman next to you makes a noise.

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t think there was anyone sitting here! Do you want me to move? Are you waiting on someone to come and join you?” you whisper to me.

I think about telling you that there is someone coming, but change my mind thinking that at least it can look like I am on a date.

“No it’s okay. You can sit here there is no one else coming. Besides it would be too hard for you to find another, unless you are waiting on someone else.” I say with a slight southern drawl.

“No there is no one else coming for me as well.” You say.

“Well if we are both here alone then I think it is best if we sit together, maybe we can pretend like we are on a date,” I say to you.

You look at me next to you. You are attracted to me, I am wearing glasses and have shoulder length curly hair you can’t quite discern the color in the dim light. You see I am wearing a low cut sweater type shirt with no sleeves and a knee length skirt, hanging from beneath the skirt is enough leg to stare at, you wish to touch those long legs, and to follow them all the way up to see where they lead.

“I would love to be on a date with you,” You say.

I look at you and smile brightly.

“The same for me with you.” I say.

We both look at the screen and watch the movie as it starts. You suddenly realize you walked into the wrong theater and are watching not your action movie, but a ‘chick flick’. You think about leaving to go find your action movie, but this woman intrigues you at your side. You decide to tough out the ‘chick flick’, so that maybe when the lights come up you can ask me for my phone number or out on a real date.

I cross my legs, pointing the crossed leg toward you, our knees are touching and you can view that leg close up, from the knee to my high heels. You push you leg closer to mine to see if I move my leg, I don’t. İstanbul Escort You offer me some of you popcorn, I say thank you. You try to balance the popcorn on the armrest; I move the armrest up. Now there is nothing between us, except the popcorn. You reach into the popcorn and our hands meet, we both give off a nervous laughter. You squeeze my hand, to tell me it’s all right; you notice my long fingers, with long manicured nails. You whisper something to me about the movie; I didn’t hear you so I move in closer our shoulders touch. You retell what you said, as you do your lips brush my ear, this excites me, and you catch the faintest scent of vanilla perfume from my neck. Whatever you said I found very funny, and silently laugh, you watch as my chest rises up and down, I squeeze you knee, and suddenly plant a kiss on your check. You turn toward me and our lips meet for the briefest second.

Then you accidentally spill your popcorn all over me you rush to brush it off. In your rush to clear me of the popcorn you accidentally but also on purpose brush my breast, it is obvious to you that there is nothing containing my breasts except the snug sweater, my nipple stands erect as a result of your accidental touch, you can see the nipple stand up from the sweater. I move my sweater out to release some of the trapped popcorn that has fallen in there, in my movements you catch a glimpse of full tit with an enlarged nipple standing erect as if just for you. Suddenly your pants become too tight, there is something growing in them.

I pat you high on the thigh, to tell you that everything is fine the popcorn did no damage. The pat came a little too high on your thigh, for I accidentally touched the tip of you cock through your pants. You have a plan. You go down on the floor to pick up the popcorn and you find your self right between my legs, I have pulled up my skirt so that when you sit up you do not wind up trapped in my skirt. When you look up you can see I am not wearing any underwear, and you see my pussy spread before you, abruptly you want my pussy, you want to dive your tongue into my pussy and taste the juices as I cum all in your mouth and all over your face. You look up at me, a unvoiced thought passes between us, and I nod to you, for I want this as bad as you want to give it to me. Your hands go to my thighs you push the skirt the rest of the way up, I spread my legs further for you

You see a gloriously shaved pussy with just a little tuft of hair left at the top, you see my pussy lips a rosy color for all the blood that has rushed to them. My clit is enlarged calling you suck me please. You dive your tongue into my pussy, never have you licked a pussy so soaked in wetness, the taste drives you wild, it is the sweetest taste you have ever had, you want to lick all the juices up so no one else can relish in this flavor. You dive your tongue into my pussy hole, feeling the tightness inside me, feeling how hot I am for you, and how wet I am with my heavenly juices. You begin to lick the length of my sex up and down, feeling my legs begin to tremble around you. You spread out my legs wider, spreading my pussy lips wider for you also

Your tongue licks up and down, and each time your tongue comes in contact with my clit, I tremble. You decided you want that little bud of a clit in your mouth, you suck my clit into your mouth holding it there in between your lips, and you flick it with your tongue. You look up at me and notice I am clutching the arms of my chair tightly and biting my lip. You intensify your meal on my clit, releasing it from your lips and using the flat of your tongue to lick it up and down. You hear a small moan escape me, barely audible to any one else but you. You know that soon I will climax.

With one of your hands you reach up and lift my pussy lips upwards, also lifting the hood off my clit and exposing it to you completely you resume your performance on my clit, licking it as clean as you can. My hips thrust forward pushing you deeper into my pussy, soon you feel my body buck and quiver all over; it is hard to keep licking cause you want to watch my expressions as you drive me further into orgasmic passions. Then suddenly as you are continuously licking you feel my muscles down low tighten, and then they release amazingly you are squirted with my cum as it shoots out of my hole. You find this wonderful and want to watch and taste for yourself, you begin rubbing my clit with your finger to see if I will cum again. You watch me and watch my pussy as you vigorously rub my clit up and down, and then you see me tense up again and you think that soon I shall break the arms off my chair, but you keep going. You see my body begin to shake once more, then you actually watch as my pussy muscles tighten and then release, this time you are ready, as the fluid shoots out of my pussy you bring your mouth down low and catch all of those sweet flavored juices on your tongue. As my juices sit on your tongue and slide down your throat you attempt Escort Bayan to discern the actual flavor, but are unable, it is a mix of all the sweet things you have ever tasted in your life.

Finally you look up at me, and see that I am totally relaxed you start to dive in for another round, but I push your head back and shake my own, I cannot take any more. You get up off the floor and wipe the pieces of popcorn left hanging on your pants, and you sit in your chair next to me.

I reach over to you and grab your head and pull your face to mine, I lock my lips around you. My tongue thrusts into your mouth so deep you feel as if you may gag on it, you think that I am searching for the taste of my own juices left in your mouth. I release my lips from yours, and look toward the movie screen, you are in fear the once you have satisfied me, that I will leave you alone with no way to release the built up pressure of your pulsating cock. Suddenly you feel my hand next to you; I work my way over to the bulge in your pants. My hand grabs on to your bulge and I began to massage you through your pants. You want hand to cock contact, so you quickly attack the fly of your pants to release your trapped hard on, for me to caress.

Once your solid member is up and out of your pants my hand grasps around it, and I begin to give you a hand job. My soft hand slides up and down your throbbing sword. You enjoy the motions of my hand on your cock, but you so wish it were my lips stroking you. Abruptly as if I had read your mind, my head goes down to your cock with my mouth open wide. My lips wrap around your shaft and you cannot wait for me to begin my lip action, so you hold my head, as you begin fucking my mouth. I shake your grasp on my head, and look up at you with a mad look in my eyes. You think I am pissed and will not continue.

Amazingly my hand grabs the base of your cock tightly pulling all the skin on your cock taut, my lips wrap around your cock once again. I suck you into my mouth, I suck you with all the power I have. My head goes up and down vigorously on your cock, my lips tightly pressed into your cock. You have never felt suction like this before, you feel as if you will explode soon. You try to hold on, enjoying the feeling of my lips wrapped around you, but in the end you cannot the feeling is too great to ignore. Your cock makes a great spasm and hot cum shoots into my mouth. Your cum is like warmed honey to me, I swallow your load, and suck harder to see if I can find more, I suck you so hard you fear I will ingest your cock.

Finally I release you from my mouth I look at you to see if you are fully satisfied. You notice a drop of cum has escaped my lips and is resting in the corner of my mouth. You point to the spot of cum, and my finger comes up and wipes it away and then I place my finger in my mouth and suck at it, as if I was licking my fingers after eating fried chicken. You tuck your now spent cock back into your pants, and we both turn to the movie screen to see if we can’t finish the movie we both paid to see. You try hard to watch the movie, but I distract you, you keep turning to me, to see if I am looking at you, but I am watching the movie still. You watch the rise and fall of my chest as I breath in and out, you watch my breasts still snuggly trapped within my sweater. You realize that during everything we just had you never got to touch my tits. You wonder how they would feel in your hand, and how it would be to suck my nipple in your mouth.

Suddenly something calls you, you want my tits in your hand, in your mouth, some way, some how. You try an old trick you did on your dates back in high school you bring your arm around my shoulders and you hand goes for my breast. Unlike the girls back in high school I do not fight you or push your hand away. I turn to you and you think now she’s going to get pissed, but instead I raise my sweater up to you revealing two gloriously rounded masses of tissue with an enlarged nipple in the center of each. You are in heaven you can’t believe it, you think for one night a higher power has sent down a woman perfect for you willing to do what you want with her, and to her. Your arm comes from around my shoulder, no longer needing your old date trick. You attack my breasts with two cupped hands.

You cup, massage, fondle, caress my ample breast tissue in your hands, enjoying the feeling of my warm soft skin. You notice my hips thrusting back and forth in the seat; you almost think that I am fucking the chair. You pleasure me more with your hands, feeling my tissue, kneading it like dough. Abruptly my arm comes up, and you think oh no this is where the slap comes in, but instead my hand goes to my skirt already pulled up from when you were lapping at my pussy. My hand pulls the skirt higher up so that you can now see my deliciously shaved pussy from the top. Then you see my hand go into my pussy, you cannot be sure but from my movements you realize I have begun masturbating.

You continue Eskort your efforts on my breasts wanting to pleasure me with your hands as much as I am pleasuring myself with my own hand. Your mouth goes to one of my nipples while your other hand continues to tease my other breast. You suck my enlarged nipple into your mouth, you lick it with your tongue you swirl your tongue around it and you devour my nipple. You pull yourself to my other nipple wanting to give both equal treatment, you suckle on me, making a delicate meal out of my erect nipple, relishing the feeling of it between your lips, the firmness of the nipple when it is hard. Suddenly you feel my body begin to shake you look down and see my hand rubbing vigorously at my pussy, you hear me let out a long low moan. You know I have climaxed once again, helped on by your treatments on my breasts. You notice that once again your cock is bulging in your pants, you want to tell me to help you with this, but do not know how to tell me of your problem.

You remove your hands reluctantly from my breasts; I pull my shirt back down. You grab the hand that was deep into my pussy you hold my hand to your mouth and lick each of my fingers, savoring once again my sweet flavor. Then you take my hand and place it on the bulge in your pants, hoping I would release the pressure as I did before. Instead I pull my hand from out of your crotch and make a motion that we should switch places, you don’t know what I am thinking but whatever it is you are willing. I rise up out of my chair and you slide between the chair and me now you are sitting closest to the wall. Then you see me trying to get over to your chair, my ass is hanging in your face and I am bent over the empty seats in front of us.

You hadn’t gotten to see me from behind as of yet, you see the wonderful shape of my upside down heart ass. Your hands go to my ass holding me there bent over the seats in front of us; you caress your hands over the fabric of my skirt. My skirt is clinging to my ass cause it is wet from all my juices spilt out on to it, this also allows you to see almost straight through my skirt. But this is not enough for you, you want to see it all, without some filmy skirt in the way. You lift up my skirt and are amazed at my peach checks in front of you. You run your hands over my ass, loving my soft smooth skin, you notice a birthmark right at the top, looks like a bunch of little islands. Then unexpectedly you separate my checks, my ass automatically tightens up. You give me a little rub to let me know you will not harm me I relax. You view my ass crack and my tight little sphincter in front of you. The hand, not holding my ass open, goes between my legs and on to my stomach; you push me into your face. My ass checks settle on the checks of your face, you begin licking up and down the length of my ass crack. I let out a small moan; you continue your licks, hoping to make me cum once more. You concentrate your tongue to my sphincter, swirling around the tight roundeye, and then you begin licking up and down and side to side, aggressively. Surprisingly my body starts to shake, you continue your ministrations. My orgasm was spasmodically explosive, you see me tremble all over, and my juices flood out of me in a waterfall, running down my legs in streams.

You release your grip on me, and I stay there over the seats catching my breath, you assault the fly of your jeans, for it feels as if the pressure of your massive hard on shall break the zipper of your pants. You liberate your cock from your pants and it is now standing straight up waiting for something to envelope it and discharge its pent up pressure. I am still standing there with my naked ass in your face; you watch my ass and suddenly realize you have begun stroking your own cock. You stop this for you have a woman ready, willing, and able in front of you. You softly touch my backside to get my attention, I turn my face toward you and you look at me and then look down at your hard cock. I know what you want, I back up toward you spreading my legs wide to make room for your legs, then I lower myself down as if I intend to sit on your lap. You hold your cock upright, and I slowly lower my self down on you, you find the entrance to my pussy hole, and you place your cock at that entrance, slowly I lower myself down more until my pussy hole is enveloping your throbbing cock.

You feel the wetness inside of me, the hotness I feel for you. You think I feel amazing inside; my pussy surrounds your cock like a glove, it is if we were made for each other. Using the arms of the chair I push myself off of you and then slide myself back down. You can’t believe how good this feels; you wish you could feel like this every minute of every day. The without warning I push myself off of you and the violently slam myself back down on you, I do this a few more times to you, you feel that you may cum very soon. But, I cum first, my body shakes and quivers, then you feel those wonderful pussy muscles constrict around your cock, and then there is an amazing release and a splash of fluids that drenches your lap, at this you grab me and slam me back down hard on your cock. You push yourself deep inside of me and then your cock pulsates releasing your hot semen deep inside me.

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