The Felt Resort and Spa Pt. 02 Ch. 07


The mini vacation soon passed and Pete and Valerie had to return to the Felt. The time was short, but Valerie was elated, and fully satisfied. She had a friend and a lover wrapped in a perfect bow, someone she could lean on.

She had already made it back to her room and donned on her uniform, she had the morning shift today. When she came down she noticed that the world did indeed keep going, she took her position at the front desk as guests paraded throughout the lobby. She switched shifts with Zack and attended to papers that Anna hadn’t gotten too yet, answering phone calls from her desk and correlating time sheets.

Valerie went through the day smiling, when she went to the front desk to deal with unruly guests, berating the life guards for lounging, checking on the activities directors, even when using the bathroom. The day after was a bit different.

It was a still day. A day where the guests from the resort took a bus one town over where a special cookout would be hosted on the private beach that the owner had. The staff would go on about their work, less work, but still work.

The maids fluffed and stuffed, folded and stretched. The spa specialists would wash and scrub the floors and walls, display new products on a shelf, and then make sure appointments were right on time. Everyone had to do something, even if it was minor. Only when the staffer had done their duties to completion could they consider this a free day or a half day.

Valerie of course was always prepared, she’d already looked over and filed all that she could including some things that Anna was to review. So she went downstairs into the dining room which was almost vacant except for a few straggling staff members who needed a little boost before they got to work.

Pete was at a table with Zack, both waved her over and she happily joined them. Pete was eating pancakes with strawberries sliding on top and off onto the plate with a few pieces of bacon. Zack was eating a grapefruit…

“Zack, what is that?” Valerie asked.

Zack narrowed his eyes “Seriously? Have you two never heard of a grapefruit?”

“Yes, but why are you eating one?” Pete laughed “You’re not big on fruits, or one fruit in particular.”

“Are you dieting?” Valerie whispered, Zack coughed. It was incredulous to him on how Valerie would jump to the farthest conclusion.

“Of course not. I just think-

Valerie held her hand out to stop him “Did Hailey get you on this? Because she does these little kicks that last almost five days before she drops it altogether.”

“No, besides.” Zack sniffed “You know your sister prefers tangerines, what’s with the trick question?”

Valerie smirked “Just curious.”

“Someone got sick last week and now someone else is out. It could be the flu-

“It could be a million things.” Pete told him “Such as a cold, take some cough syrup and rest up.”

“Vitamin C is key. It’s a precaution.”

“It’s nonsense.” Valerie shook her head, when something caught her eye. Anna, in a bright red one piece swim suit. Her cleavage seemed exaggerated and her legs smooth and oiled. Valerie pretended that the small moisture she was feeling wasn’t there as she waved. Anna smiled gently as she passed the table and out of the dining room.

“She’s perky.” Zack commented “She’s not using enhancements up top right?”

“Anna wouldn’t need enhancements.”

“What do you think, Val?” Zack asked.

“Zack, she’s natural. And besides, it’s a good thing. She is newly single.” Valerie smiled through a small pang that she felt. Even though the feelings had faded away and she was really starting to care for Pete, she still had a thin piece of thread connecting her to Anna. It was the arousal, the sensations that they had in the past that were getting to her. And there she was, her ex, her boss, flaunting herself around happy to be free.

“So are we on for tonight?” Pete looked at Valerie who nodded quietly.

There was no sex, because after all Valerie did want to genuinely get to know Pete on more levels than just intimacy. But now Anna was pulling at her attention, no bras, tighter outfits that revealed and concealed her assets quiet nicely. Three days went on and Valerie was content, but she wanted something softer this time. Warm like her. When Anna came to her room that evening she was surprised to see Valerie waiting for her.

Eyes wild with a need for something, Anna couldn’t grasp at what it could be. Valerie chose Pete, because he was real, he was more than what she could give Valerie. Anna didn’t say anything, but opened the door and invited her in. Valerie closed the door behind her and the two sat down. Anna was on her bed and Valerie was in a chair opposite of her looking at her.

“What’s wrong?” Anna couldn’t guess what was inside Valerie’s head, because Valerie couldn’t process what was going on in her head. Valerie stood up and started to pull off Anna’s jacket “What about Pete?”

“We can have this one secret.” Valerie smiled, Anna didn’t Bostancı Escort like playing games, especially in someone else’s relationship. Valerie wasn’t the type and she was wanting something that Pete wasn’t offering at the time. Anna unbuttoned her shirt as Valerie tugged at her skirt. Their eyes were interlocked, a small pause in wondering was this really okay?

Valerie gave in first and kissed Anna sweetly on the mouth, she tasted of cherries and vanilla. Anna slowly fell back on the bed and let Valerie lean over her, her warm breasts pressing against hers, her tongue twisting and turning insider her mouth as Valerie pulled down her underwear.

Anna rolled over on top of Valerie, something that both women loved, taking charge. Valerie felt Anna’s hands traveling along her body, around her breasts, across her nipples, down to her round ass. When she squeezed Valerie moaned against her mouth. She felt as Anna guided her hand under her skirt, under her thong to touch her most sensitive region.

Anna rubbed her index finger across Valerie’s wet slit, she inserted two of her fingers at once, feeling the supple skin attach to her fingers, feeling the moisture run down onto her hand. Anna moved her head down towards her top, biting off the buttons one at a time. Using her teeth to maneuver her bra upward so she could expose her breasts.

She began lapping her tongue from the right to the left, using her other hand to squeeze against her right breast she took the left in her mouth as she continued to slide her fingers in and out of Valerie’s slick cove. Every part of her was so smooth and delectable, Anna didn’t know where she should search next. She started to kiss her neck as she toyed with her nipple, pulling, and twisting, hearing Valerie’s breath become heavy.

Valerie of course wanted to be on top too, so she twisted her body onto Anna to pin her against the bed. She moved her hands under her shirt, squeezing her breasts as she kissed her stomach, then her thighs, then her inner thighs. She moved Anna’s legs aside to see where she was headed. A small pink pleasure dome awaited her, but first she decided to toy with Anna.

She licked against her clit. “Mmmm.” Anna always moaned when someone touched her slit, it was a fact. Valerie sucked on it and watched as her juices squirted from her vagina. So Valerie moved downward licking against the entrance and pulling at Anna’s slit. “Put it in.” Anna groaned, she loved to be demanding. But this Valerie didn’t mind, she placed her face into the Anna’s hot core, licking her walls up and down, sucking her juices and savoring the taste.

Swirling her tongue, darting inward and outward for several minutes of pleasure, Anna felt herself cum. Valerie didn’t stay to be enveloped this time, but moved as a sea of cum fell onto the bed. Valerie smiled and kissed Anna again, the next turn would be for Valerie to cum. Blurs of hands behind her back, to hard ass slaps, kissing luscious lips, and sinking into complete bliss washed over Valerie the next morning.

The morning after felt awkward. Getting off was always a great feeling, but when waking up to see your ex, your boss, while thinking of the guy you want to commit with, was an awful feeling. Valerie felt sore, she had tangled into impossible positions before, but Anna basically wrangled herself into pretzel forms that were hard to have sex in. But they got around it, and they both came at least six times together. That was a nice feeling.

The bad feeling came a few hours later after Valerie was fully dressed, Anna was in her office and she was checking up on Zack at the front desk. Zack looked down when he saw Valerie. Hailey was there too, when her eyes met her sister’s, she too looked away.


“Morning.” They both said.

“I’m sorry did someone die?” Valerie joked, not understanding. Zack and Hailey exchanged a look “I saw that, what the hell has you two on edge? It’s a great morning-

“To die.” Hailey coughed.

“Excuse me?”

“Maybe we should just tell her.” Zack murmured.

“What is it, now?”

Zack boldly stared Valerie in the eyes “Did you fuck Anna last night?”

Valerie paused “Why-

“Val.” Hailey frowned “Mrs. Sanders saw you, she saw you go into the room with Anna. She was getting off the elevator just as you two were going in. Please tell me it was all just talk.”

Mindy could gossip, yes. So could the maids. But this was her first time being told on by a guest. And it didn’t make her feel any better knowing that it circulated so fast throughout the resort.

“Val, did you?” Zack repeated, hanging onto a shred of hope. She was this sex idol who made rarely made mistakes or took missteps in her personal life.

“I had a weak moment-

“Bullshit, you said your goodbyes.”

“Well maybe she needed a goodbye fuck.” Hailey whispered “I feel that that is real closure, ex sex. It kind of closes a chapter where you get off and he or she get off on the same page and everything.”

Zack Kadıköy Escort sighed.

“I slipped, Zack. I did. But what do you want me to say-

“Say? Val you told me it wasn’t serious with Anna and that you and Pete were real. You can’t just dump real and go back to the fake, because you’re horny.”

Valerie rubbed her forehead “It wasn’t just that, we have history-

“One that you burned the day you two declared it was over. If it’s serious then don’t screw it up by screwing your ex who is over all of our asses.”

Valerie felt extremely bad, because Zack was exactly right. It was like eating an extra cookie, knowing that you’re already full, and throwing up. It was a shitty, draining feeling.

“I know, I’m fucked up Zack. We all are. That’s why we work here, like it’s a normal thing to screw everything and every person in sight.”

“I’m not trying to give you a heart attack. Breathe.” Zack informed, Valerie inhaled deeply and then exhaled. “I say this, because I care. We’re friends, we talk. But when you’re in that type of situation or headed there, you can lean on us.”

“Yeah, sis.” Hailey smiled patting her on the shoulder “It’s a learning experience.”

“Does Pete know?”

Zack shrugged “He might, I’m not going to tell him. Okay? I’ve had a relationship before, I know how this shit works. Which is why I never had many of them. It’s hard trying to contain past pleasures for present maybes. Because who the hell knows if it’s right or wrong until we hit the end of the road?”

Valerie placed a hand on her chest “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Zack smiled “Even you need a little mistake, look at how many we’ve made and had you clean up.” Valerie kissed his cheek “Can I have half a day-

“No.” Valerie smiled “I have paperwork and a phone to watch. I’ll deal with Pete on my own. Thanks Hailey.”

Hailey hugged her “No, problem.” Then she leaned in to whisper “And if he’s truly right for you, he’ll forgive you and you’ll pass this together.”

Valerie nodded, breathing in one more time she marched into the office where Anna was. No conversation was necessary, what was done was done. There were no excuses. Anna even told her, that all the words were already spoken. So they were polite, nice, friendly, as usual. They focused on their guests, the staff, maintaining the resort, giving tours and helping set up appointments for the clinic, spa, or to check in.

That night she met Pete at his room, Pete opened the door and looked down at her. His eyes were dark and unsure, but he let her in without a word. They both sat down on the bed.

“I slept with Anna. I can’t say sorry, because it was pure attraction. The memories came back, the connection came back and I gave in.” Valerie knew that honesty was only fifty fifty as the best policy. Pete looked down at his hands.

“Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“Because I didn’t want to upset you. Be a bitch and say how attracted I was to my ex after seeing her in that swimsuit when I’m dating you, I’m developing real feelings for you. That what we have feels different, better. And I fucked it up.”

“Yes, you did.” Pete sighed “It was a release.”


“How can I trust you not to do this again?”

Valerie closed her eyes “If I promised not to screw my ex again would that be cliché or stupid?”

“Cliché.” Pete sighed and looked at her “I love you, and as pissed off as I was when I heard this, I’m not now. I feel…unsure. There are no guarantees.”

“So give me a second chance. It’s stupid I know, but one more. If I screw it up Pete, it’s over. I just had a relapse, what I need is you.”

“Not sex?”

“I get horny, but no. You know I had a bdsm phase, sometimes I get that in my head when I’m with Anna and I lose myself in it. In her. I was being selfish, I’m sorry.”

“And I accept your sorry. I just want to know if you have something on your mind then please tell me.”

Valerie smiled and leaned in to kiss him.


“There’s breakup sex and makeup sex. And no it’s not always about sex, but I want you and I to share our own passions together.”

Pete blushed, he too was aroused by Valerie’s natural charms and kissed her back “Was there any chance that you were about to apologize with me inside you?”

Valerie smirked “I thought about it.” Pete laid her on the bed pulling down her underwear from underneath her skirt which he hiked. He exposed his cock from his pants leaning down to taste her sweet lips with his own. “And what can we get into tonight?”

“Anything, everything.” Valerie smiled “I just want to feel you, Pete. All of you, every part of you in every way.” Pete kissed her neck softly “Tell me then.” Valerie blushed unsure what to say, how descriptive did she have to be?

“Then I’ll tell you.” Pete whispered into her ears, Valerie’s face started to burn red “Is that okay?” Valerie only nodded. Pete turned her body around so that her stomach was on the surface of the bed sheet. Göztepe Escort He stared at her lovely round ass, cream colored and silky feeling, he ran his hands across them. Pete did admire a nice ass, but Valerie’s ass was perfect in his mind. He rubbed her cheeks in slow circles, squeezing hard to feel her soft skin.

She smelled of honey and lavender, always sweet. Pete held her cheeks apart, spreading her small orifice open. Valerie was blushing against the sheet, the cool air of the room brushed across her bare bottom causing her to twitch with anticipation of what was to come after.

Pete pushed the head of his cock into the small hole while holding her cheeks apart.

“Mmmm.” Valerie could feel how hard Pete had gotten, it was only a small poke, but her hole was spreading as he pushed himself deeper into her ass. Slowly, very slowly, which made Valerie water underneath. Once Pete hit the end of her rectum he removed his hands from both sides of her ass cheeks staying planted inside her.

“I need to see you.” Pete whispered against her neck, they slowly moved together as Valerie was now laying on her back. Valerie’s eyes were shimmering with a desire, something Pete wanted to give to her, so he leaned down to kiss her lips and began thrusting up her ass.

“Ohh- Each moan was silenced by his lips, his tongue exploring her mouth, his hands fondling her body through the clothing. Faster, then harder, Pete pushed and pulled himself through her tight hole as it constricted against him. The hard he pounded, the wetter Valerie got.

The tantalizing sensation of her walls being gently touched and then roughly smacked was throwing her through a loop. She felt as his dick pushed against her anal canal, leaving it raw and sensitive to the touch. But Valerie liked it, the hard grit of his movements and the soft strokes, Pete’s lips on hers, and his eyes looking at hers wanting to see every expression made.

He slid his hand down and began to prod her vagina with his fingers, feeling a warm watery substance drown his fingers as he pressed them against her walls. Pete enjoyed watching Valerie moan, one of her arms stretched to the side gripping the bedsheet with urgency, the sweat that came from their body heat, the sounds of them merging together and coming apart.

Once Pete could no longer hold himself back he unloaded himself into Valerie’s ass, which filled inside with a hot sticky goo that Valerie enjoyed. They laid onto the bed, side by side for a second staring up.

“You’re still hard.” Valerie pointed out.

“I’m not done.” Pete smirked “I just wanted to give you time to recoop.” Valerie took that as meaning letting most of the cum drain out before he used it again. Pete rubbed his hand down onto her still wet cove, the one that was not cum filled. Yet. He rubbed against her swollen clit causing Valerie to close her legs.

“You’re too much of a tease.”

“But you like it.” Pete rubbed against her thighs until she parted them once more and rubbed down over a smaller hole which caused Valerie’s legs to twitch, her urethra was still very sensitive, but she enjoyed it being noticed. Pete poked at the tiny hole only a little get a reaction, which as Valerie trying not the squirm.

Pete pulled down his pants all the way, then his shirt. Valerie was never shy, so she instantly took off her remaining clothing as well. Valerie turned to kissed his, a small peck against his lips that turned into a hunger from her taste. Pete returned her kiss, rolling on top of her again, he hoisted her legs up and entered her inviting hole. It was always wet even when there was nothing inside.

Slick and warm to feeling, tender skin inside trying to fight off the rough stone like cock that wants to sink in deeper. Valerie wrapped her legs around him wanting all of him inside of her she grinded against his body as they stayed intertwined in a lip lock.

Pete moved in a steady pace that turned into a faster one. The harder he pushed inside her watery muff, the more Valerie responded by groaning against his lips, her back arching the further he entered her.

“I hate that I love your cock.” Valerie murmured out of breath. Pete picked her up off the bed and leaned her back against the wall where Valerie placed her arms around his neck, he thrusted upward in swift beats that made her leak violently onto the floor like a waterfall.

“Ahh.” Valerie bit her lip wanting more, wanting it to never stop, his rough stroking, her body clinging to his. “Ohhhh.” Pete kept her pinned to the wall, impaling her with force that made her breasts shake.

Pete leaned in near her ear still filling her body with his. “I do favor anal sex, but I love your vagina.”

Valerie liked hearing the compliment from Pete, true he did sex, traditional, oral, but anal is what he loved. For him to say he loved her vagina, it may have seemed small, but Pete had never said that to anyone before. Never.

“What do you like about it?” She groaned.

“The intricate folds.” Pete started “The silky texture inside, the warm juices, how tight you become when I hit your walls, the consumption that it can take. And I like the smell, you always smell so sweet.”

“Cleanliness is something I hold dear.” She murmured.

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