The Four-Poster Bed


[There are parts of this story that actually happened. I was there. The names of people in the story are not their actual names. The truck was a U-Haul. The bikes, all Harleys. I encourage votes and comments.]


Fifteen of us rode out of Seattle headed south. We were exactly what some folk have in their nightmares. Ten big Harleys, loud pipes, black leather, some long hair, leather vests with motorcycle club logo on the back did not identify us as the traveling Chamber of Commerce.

I had been in the group for five years. I own a motorcycle repair ship near Seattle. Best way to have that business is to look like and be friends with the guys who ride. For this trip I was on my 2003 Fatboy.

We pulled into a campground near I-5 somewhere in Oregon at about three in the afternoon. We set up camp and sat down to enjoy some conversation and a few brews. It was summer. We expected it to stay light until after eight. Three of the women with us were starting to make a big dinner. John, Mike and Spike were playing cards with me. Things were comfortable and calm.

At about five we were starting to eat. Marie and Cat had thrown together a great stew. Pat had made some corn bread. Pat drives a van on most all our trips, hauling camp chairs, tents, the kitchen and ice chests full of the necessities of life, beer and food. Her old man was a biker and when he died four years ago she used the money she got for his bike to get the van. Right by the driver’s door handle she had me paint his name on the door. We all miss him, Pat most of all.

As I sat down with my stew and beer I watched a U-Haul truck pulling into the campground. It was a small bobtail with their logo and advertising all over it. The driver was pretty good with it and when I finally got a look, I was surprised a little to see long blond hair.

She got the truck parked near us and got out. She was petite, maybe five-three and maybe a hundred and ten pounds if she was carrying a brick in her purse. She carried herself like she was tired. I guessed that herding the truck all day was tough work for her.

She opened the back of the truck and got a blanket and a pillow out. She closed it back up and threw the blanket and pillow in the cab. I set my stew down, went back to the kitchen and got a fresh bowl, some cornbread and a beer. I walked over to the blond and said, “Excuse me. You almost were late for dinner. Come on, your chair is over here.”

She looked at me like I was an alien from another planet. She didn’t actually back away but I could tell she thought about it.

“I’m Nick. Those three guys are Mike, John and Spike. We’d be honored if you’d have dinner with us. Those three ladies over there made it. I’ll introduce you to them, but first, you need to eat.” I handed her the stew and used one hand to guide her to my chair. Spike got another chair for me. As she ate we asked questions and she answered. Her answers we short, between bite, answers. The beer didn’t last as long as the stew. John got her more of everything.

She was named Doris. She had been living in Los Angeles but it wasn’t where she wanted to be. She got a job in a small town in southern Washington and was moving up there. She had been on the road for three days. To save money she had been eating sandwiches and sleeping in the cab of the truck.

“Do you have a bed in the back of your truck?” I asked.

“In pieces. It was the last thing we loaded.”

“We? Where is your help?”

“He’s my brother. He’s a fireman and couldn’t get off until day after tomorrow. He’s flying up to Portland and renting a car. He’ll be there to help me unload.” From that short speech it was obvious she admired her brother. I was glad she wasn’t faced with driving eleven hundred miles and then unloading on her own.

When she stopped eating she asked where the restrooms could be found. We pointed in the proper direction and she headed for relief. As soon as she was thirty feet away I said to the guys, “Come on. This will be fun.”

They set their empty plates down and followed. Doris hadn’t locked the back of her truck. I opened it and said, “No wonder she’s so tired. She’s been sleeping on the seat of the truck. If we put her bed together she can get a good night’s sleep.”

They smiled and started gathering the pieces of her bed. Pat came over to see what we were up to, and immediately went to delay Doris’ return. In short order we had the bed put together and made. We positioned it so when she woke up she could look out over the valley and see millions of trees and the Interstate.

Pat walked Doris back to us, taking a path that kept her from seeing the bed until she was close to it.

“My bed!”

“We thought you deserved a good night’s sleep and where better to get it than in your own bed.”

“Oh, you’re so right! Thank you.”

John said, “In the morning we’ll take it all apart Anadolu Yakası Escort and stow it back in your truck.”

Pat looked it over and said, “In the back of the van is another dining fly. Set it up over her bed or she’ll wake up with dew all over her and the bed.” She and Doris sat and the boys and I set up the fly over her bed. She met everyone. She stayed up until almost ten and then said she was going to bed. She got a bag from the cab, walked to the restroom and came back in a long flannel nightgown. I walked her to and from the restroom. I liked her. She was salt of the earth and tired as she was she was enjoying life and all of us.

She sat on the side of her bed and looked up at me.

“Nick, I’m a little afraid. I like all of you but I don’t know you, any of you. Now I’m going to bed and I’m outside!”

“If it would make to feel any safer I’ll pull up a chair and sit guard all night.”

“I can’t ask for that. You need sleep too.” She paused. “Thanks for the offer though. That makes me feel safer.”

“I’ll be right there all night. If you get scared and want me just call out. I’ll come running.” I pointed to the small tent where my sleeping bag was waiting for me.

“Thank you. You have been so sweet.” I’ve been called a lot of things over the years, sweet wasn’t usually on the list.

She slipped into the bed. I tucked her in like I used to tuck in my daughters when they were little. Without thinking I bent to her face and kissed her cheek. “Good night, sweetheart. Sleep well.” Then it hit me what I had just done and I turned and walked away. She didn’t say anything.

Most of us stayed up until nearly midnight. We kept the noise level low. When Pat locked up the van we knew the beer was gone for the night and we gave up and went to bed. Sometimes I snore so I pitch my tent a ways from the others. I was closer to Doris than anyone else. I sat in a chair and pulled off my boot.

“Nick.” It was Doris’ voice. I shoved my foot back into the boot and rushed to her bed.

“What’s the problem, Doris?”

“Can I be honest?”

“Your name isn’t Doris?”

“No, I mean it is Doris. Nick, I don’t want to sleep alone.”

“Who would you like to join you? I’m sure any of the guys who aren’t linked would be happy to.”

“I want you.”

“Best offer I’ve had in a hundred years.” I sat on her bed and pulled off my boots, socks and shirt. When I started working at my belt she said, “Take it all off, Ok?”

It was Ok. The nearest light was far enough away I didn’t think anyone could see me. I tucked my boots and clothes under the bed and started to slide in.

“One more thing. Would you hang this on the bed post?” She handed me the flannel nightgown. “I think I’ll be warm enough without it.”

I hung it on the bedpost and slid in next to her. She molded her body against me and in seconds she was asleep. I could feel the slightness of her body against me and it felt incredible. I was in shock. I had thought she was inviting me in for some screwing and what she wanted was to feel safe and warm. She wanted me to help her feel safe and warm.

“Nick.” Her voice brought me to the surface. It was still dark all around us. “Nick. I need to go to the restroom. Would you walk me?” Her voice sounded like a scared young girl. I knew she had to have more guts than how she sounded. She had already driven a truck almost a thousand miles alone. I got the nightgown for her and pulled on my boots and jeans. She took three steps and her tender feet stepped on something they didn’t like. She turned back to find her shoes but I just picked her up in my arms and carried her.

She tucked her head against my chest and put her arms around my shoulders. At the restroom I carried her inside and put her down next to the commode. She didn’t hesitate, she sat down and the stream left her. I felt the urge so I went to the commode next to her and did my best to fill it. When we were both done I picked her up and walked back to the bed.

I sat as I pushed down my jeans. Doris stood right in front of me and lifted the nightgown over her head. Even in the dim light I was instantly aware of my cock starting to stand up. Her body was small, thin and perfect. Her breasts were the right size for her. The nipples looked swollen and I wanted to suck on them. A glance told me she had no hair at the treasure site. She hung the nightgown on the bedpost and said, softly, “Would you be interested in holding me?”

“Doris, I would be interested in that, and a lot more.” She pushed me into the bed and followed me in. I was on my back and she straddled my waist and pressed her tits against my chest. She could sleep there all night and her weight wouldn’t bother me at all.

“Doris, is sleep what you want?”

“No. I want you to love me. Waking up next to you felt so safe, so warm. I like how you sound when Pendik Escort you sleep next to me. I like how you feel next to me. I want to feel how it feels to have you inside me.”

“How long has it been?”

“Three years, two months and eight days. But who’s counting.”

She wiggled and positioned her vagina over my cock. Slowly she worked herself over and down my shaft until I was completely inside her. She held still and then began to slowly use her entire body to fuck me. I got the feeling she wanted every nerve ending in her pussy and on her skin to be touched and stroked and stimulated. My hands held her ass cheeks and helped her slide on my cock.

I left her ass cheeks and caressed her back. My hands could easily reach and caress her from her knees to her head. I ran my fingers through her hair, breathing in the fragrance of her hair and then nuzzling her neck. She moaned. We could hear the squishing noises made as we joined.

He pace quickened. She whispered, “I’m oh so close. Is that Ok?”

I lifted my hips, thrusting deeper inside her. I felt her pussy contract and she suddenly sat up, lifting her legs a bit so that all of her was positioned on my cock. She shuddered and moaned deep inside. My hands held her tits and rubbed my palms over her nipples.

“Yes! Nick! Oh, thank you.”

She sat there savoring the feelings and then she slowly lowered herself back down to my chest. I had not cum. I turned her easily until her pussy was at my face. She grasped my cock in her hands and swallowed all of it. I touched her lips with my tongue and we tasted each other, savored each other, and I enjoyed the most delicious sixty-nine of my life.

She came often and when she got me off she swallowed everything I gave and she got more from me. I kept eating.

“Nick, please stop! Too much. I’ll die if you don’t stop.”

I stopped and turned her to face me again. I pulled the covers back over us and kissed her.

“Thank you, Doris.” We kissed a few more times and fell asleep.

When I opened my eyes Pat was smiling at me. She, and at least a dozen of our group were standing beside the bed.

“Smells like sex. Did you sleep well, Nick?”

“Yes! Best night’s sleep I’ve had in years. I had the best dream, too.”

Doris had opened her eyes when Pat spoke. She hadn’t moved. Pat touched Doris’ shoulder and said, “Breakfast will be ready in about fifteen minutes. By the time you two are up and dressed you will already be famous all over the world.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Seems that someone saw the bed from the Interstate and called a news channel. They were here at dawn and shot a couple minutes of video of you two sleeping. The guy from CNN said it would be broadcast before eight this morning and he was pretty sure it would get world wide play.”

Doris sat up, uncovering her beautiful tits. “Oh my God! My brother will see it! He watches CNN all the time.”

“Wow! He’ll get to see his now famous sister on television.”

I laughed and said, “You don’t need to call him to tell him you’re ok. He can see that for himself.”

Doris laughed too. Pat sat next to us on the bed and said, “Honey, either cover those delicious tits or I’m joining you in bed.”

Doris covered and then said, “Joining us?”

“Yes. I love men and I love women. The instant you uncovered I was wet. I want to snuggle with both of you right here in front of God and the world!”

“I’ve never been with a woman.”

“I promise it won’t hurt. Ask Nick. He was with a woman last night and I’ll bet it didn’t hurt at all.”

I smiled. Everyone else walked away. They may have wanted to watch but they decided standing right next to the bed was just too close. Doris looked at me and said, “I don’t know what to do.”

“It would be nice if you invited Pat into your bed.”

She looked at Pat and said, “Please join us. Breakfast can wait.” Then she pulled the covers down and exposed both of us. Pat pulled her t-shirt up and off, baring two of the best tits ever seen on the planet. Pat’s breasts had fed three children years before and had been tasted my many men as well. They were good sized, with nipples that still pointed out in front of her and when aroused were the size of blueberries. She had no tan lines, and lots of tan. Doris had no tan lines either and no tan. Pat pulled her jeans down and the red thong with them.

She popped over me and took the place between Doris and me.

“Who do I kiss first?” She asked.

“Doris.” I answered. Pat turned to her and they soon were tongue to tongue, nipples to nipples and hips to hips. I had seen two women make it together before but never in a four poster bed in broad daylight. The bright sunlight on the contrasting skin tones was a treat for my eyes.

Doris opened her legs as she held Pat’s breasts. I reached in and stroked her Kurtköy Escort slit, pushing in with each stroke. Her eyes opened and she blew me a kiss. Pat opened her legs and I stroked both pussies as they explored their mouths.

It wasn’t long before Pat was sucking Doris’ tits and her fingers met mine at and inside Doris’ pussy. I moved to the other side of Doris and when she came I kissed her mouth. Her hands held my head as she shuddered and we kissed.

Pat turned and spooned next to Doris. “That was wonderful. Only one thing could make it better, if it’s Ok with you.”


“If Nick would fuck us both.”

“I would love that.” She turned her head to me and her hand grabbed my very hard shaft. “Would you?”

“I’d love to.” Since Doris’ pussy was closest I slid into her first.

“God, you feel so good. Last night you were so gentle and loving. What I need right now is hard and fast.”

I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and pistoned into her as fast as my hips would go.

“Yes! Just like that!”

Doris’ hands went to Pat and helped her to straddle Doris’ face. She had never tasted a woman before but had seen it in a movie once. She must have a natural talent because it wasn’t long before Pat came all over Doris’ face.

As she came I lifted her off Doris and moved to spear her myself. She opened to welcome me and I accepted the welcome. Doris watched for a few moments than straddled Pat’s face while facing me. We kissed. I tasted Doris, Pat and me in the kiss.

I knew I wouldn’t last long with both women. Pat felt me getting close and ate Doris with even more enthusiasm. We didn’t all cum at the same moment, but it was close. We collapsed on the bed and rested.

While we were resting John walked over and said, “Breakfast is almost all gone. If you ever decide to get up you’ll need to go into town to eat.”

Doris looked up at him and said, “We already ate. Didn’t you notice?”

“Everybody for two counties noticed. Good thing there aren’t any kids in the campground.” He laughed and walked away.

Pat said, “I am hungry.”

“I need the restroom,” Doris said.

I got out of the bed, gathered my clothes and said, “Let’s go. You wash me, I’ll wash both of you.” I stepped to my tent and got a towel and dop kit. Pat and Doris followed, in the nude. Pat stopped at the van and got girl supplies and two towels. We used the ladies side. We got very clean and enjoyed lots of good hot water. I shaved myself and Doris asked if I had ever shaved a pussy. I had and showed her that I could do a good job. I did Pat as well.

We were dry by the time we got back to the campsite and discovered the bed had been dismantled and put back in the truck. Doris got clean clothes and put them on, I dressed in fresh clothes and Pat went back to the van to do the same.

We went to breakfast down the road a couple miles and on the way back Pat asked Doris, “Do you ever want to see us again?”

“Which us do you mean?”

“Start with Nick and me.”

“Yes and yes!”

“The rest of our biker family?”


“Where will you be living?”

“Trout Lake.”

“We’ll come visit.”

“I’m putting the bed inside the house, but you’re both welcome in it any time.”

The bikes were all packed up and ready to continue their trip. The van was loaded too. Someone had even rolled and packed my stuff. We gathered near the U-Haul and everyone said good-bye to Doris. She looked well fucked, well rested and happy as she started the truck and pulled back toward I-5. All of us got on our bikes and Pat followed us to the Interstate.

Doris took the I-5 North on ramp and the bikes turned South. I turned and followed Doris. Pat honked and waved at me. I waved back.

It was twelve miles later when Doris pulled to the shoulder and stopped. I pulled over and stopped. I hadn’t shut down the bike when Doris was in my arms.

“I didn’t look in the mirrors for the longest time. I was afraid you wouldn’t be there.”

“You can look in the mirror any time. I’ll be right behind you. I need to stop for gas in about a hundred miles. You can keep going, I’ll catch up.”

“Are you following me home?”

“Will you keep me if I do?”


“Then, think about a new job in Seattle. My business is in Seattle and I think I need you near me.”

When we stopped for lunch she had thought it over and asked a hundred questions about working for me. When lunch ended we bought a map for her and planned a new route to Seattle. Doris called her brother and told him not to come, we were moving to Seattle. That night we stayed in a motel. The next night we were in my bed. Her brother showed up on Friday and stayed until Sunday. Next summer he’s buying a bike from me and going with our group on vacation.

We moved into a bigger place. Doris does the books and orders for the shop. On the wall of her office is a print of a still from a video that plays often on CNN. It’s the picture of us, asleep, at dawn the first morning we knew each other. People kiss that photograph, for luck in finding their own Doris… or maybe their own four-poster bed.

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