The Great Outdoors


This story is a submission for the “Summer Lovin Story Contest” so if you like it, please vote. It’s a mostly true story about 3 couples who share more than friendship on a summer river rafting trip. The young women progress through flirting, exhibition, touching, teasing and eventually much more. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed participating in it.


The three 30-something couples got an early start Saturday morning and were packing their raft with gear beside the cool river water’s edge by 11:30. All were excited for the 3-day float and time away from the impressionable eyes and ears of their young children. Their days would be spent partying on or along the river with quieter nights camping along its banks. Brian and Becky had made parts of this river trip in the past and planned most of their trip convincing two other couples: Justin and Jenna as well as Nick and Natalie to join the adventure.

They launched into the cool, clear water amongst a smear of colored tubes manned by other young adults on one last summer escape. Their larger raft provided extra room and gear storage, but it moved at about ½ the speed of the smaller tubes and was more difficult to maneuver. Everyone shared the general idea of heavy drinking and cool water play.

With temperatures already in the 90s, there was a lot of getting in and out of the raft to cool down. Deeper waters provided a challenge for the women who could not get back into the raft without assistance. Nick made it a point to be the first into the raft, anxious to help pull the girls in. The job provided him an excellent view of the girls’ cleavage and bikini covered breasts. Throughout the day, Nick perfected his technique and used the side of the raft to peel the bikinis down exposing large parts of the gals tits and nipples as he slowly pulled each girl into the raft. Since he pulled them in by their hands, he was rewarded with an unobstructed view of the exposed breasts and over time managed to work in some “incidental” groping. The girls protested at first, but as increasing amounts of alcohol was consumed, it became less of an issue and was quickly accepted as just payment for his assistance.

By mid afternoon, most everyone was feeling a pretty good buzz and spent more time in the water than on their floats. There were several places where groups had pulled off onto a sandy beach or sandbar for swimming, sunbathing and other party activities. Much to the appreciation of the 3 guys, the college aged girls seemed to have fewer inhibitions than their wives and were flashing them as they floated by.

A steady supply of alcohol and prodding from the guys for Jenna, Becky and Natalie to join the exhibition finally paid off when Jenna flashed her goodies to a group of college guys swimming along the shore. It was only for a moment, but her bravery was rewarded with hoots, hollers and high fives from the young studs. That flash, and more drinking, broke the barrier and soon all three women were flashing guys in and along the river. None of the husbands ever got a clear full frontal view of their friends wives’ tits, but they did get several side shots.

The women were a stunning and complementary contrast to each other. The guys who saw the triple set of flashing boobs were in for quite the treat.

Becky was an extremely petite exotic beauty with dark skin and long black hair. She had small but perky breasts tipped with dark nipples and small, dark areolas. Her nipples were almost always hard and could often be seen straining against the fabric of her blouse, even when she wore a padded bra.

Jenna too was small, with sharp tan lines and shoulder length hair, bleached blond by the summer sun. She boasted the largest boobs — too much for the b-cup she usually wore. Her nipples were more pink than brown, ringed by large silver dollar sized areolas.

Natalie was the tallest of the three, almost a full head taller than Jenna and Becky. She was a natural red-head and it showed in her firey personality. She had an athletic build and sported a bobbed hairstyle. Her boobs were just smaller than Jenna’s, tipped with small pink areolas barely bigger than her nipples, contrasting nicely against her creamy pale skin.

With each passing hour, the exposure of flesh lingered longer and one triple flash from the women inspired a group of college guys to dive into the river and chase after the raft. This attention provided enough positive reinforcement that the 3 girls shed their tops completely and bounced their boobs, further encouraging their swimming suitors. When the young guys reached the raft they were rewarded with a few handfuls of boobs and one was able to briefly engulf one of Jenna’s nipples into his mouth before the girls pushed them away and waved goodbye. Jenna hadn’t expected the oral attention, but it had immediately sent sparks of excitement between her legs. Becky and Natalie too were excited by younger men so engrossed with their bodies.

Becky’s husband Brian was the only one who noticed Jenna’s nipple disappear into a strange guys mouth, not only because of his vantage point, but also because he Kartal Escort hadn’t taken his eyes off her bountiful tits. He’d often fantasized about her and wished it had been his mouth wrapped around her nipple.

Slowly each girl turned back toward the center of their raft, topless. Becky and Natalie used their hands to cover their exposed breasts, but Jenna was past the point of modesty and the attention she garnered excited her. Becky and Natalie envied the attention Jenna was getting from their husbands and soon followed suit, baring their breasts for appreciation. After a few minutes, Becky noticed the excitement growing in the trunks of the guys and suggested they cool off in the river while the girls get some sun on their bared busts.

Reluctantly, the husbands peeled into the river while the girls lay on the floor of the raft soaking in the sun. From the water, the guys lost the view of their wives, but the flesh show continued by other floaters and girls near the shore. A few times, young men perched in trees or on cliffs along the river gave their vocal appreciation for the wives sunning topless in bottom of the raft.

There was one last beach before the take out point for most of the day tubers and, after the girls replaced their tops, the group decided to pull in and join the party. The beach was at the junction of a small warm water creek that fed into the cooler river water and hosted a plethora of sporting and drinking games.

As expected, the girls received a disproportional amount of attention from the younger college guys. Natalie and Becky approached a game of sand volleyball being played by some college guys and asked to join in. The guys responded that tops aren’t allowed, and after a short devious glance, both girls shed their bikinis tops to cheering, each taking one side of the net. Early in the games, many guys brushed up against the bared breasts and as the play went on, their touches became much more deliberate.

Nearby, Jenna’s cleavage was a favorite prop for drinking games. Jenna lost track of the number of guys who drank from her cleavage, but she was aware that several times her nipple had been “grazed” by a strange and adventurous tongue.

The beach began to thin out as day tubers launched to finish their trip. The group considered setting camp here, but decided they wanted a more private setting so they can catch up on sleep and launched into the river. Once they passed the public take out site, it was quiet and shadows were getting longer plunging more of the river into shade than sun. An hour or so before sundown they found a large beach and decided to set camp.

Each of the guys started setting up their tent independently. Since all were hoping for action from their wives the tents had plenty of space between them.

Brian was the first to finish and headed into the nearby brush to start collecting wood for a fire. He was following a sandy trail that weaved around short shrubby bushes and after one sharp bend happened across Jenna. She was stark naked, hanging her bikini in a small tree, facing away from him. Instinctively he ducked into the bushes out of sight and watched her.

Jenna had heard Brian coming and caught a glimpse of him through the brush. She was surprised when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw him jump into the bushes. The thought of being watched and teasing her friend’s husband turned her on. She turned slowly in his direction and reached down into her beach bag, but rather than slip into her sun dress she pulled out a bottle of moisturizer. She rubbed down her bronzed body and fading tan lines, starting with her arms, legs and stomach before slowly running her hands across her breasts. Her nipples hardened immediately beneath her touch and Jenna spent a lot of time massaging her tingling tits. When she closed her eyes her mind was flooded with memories of the day’s flirtations, the guy who had engulfed her nipple and those whose tongues had also found their way beneath her bikini top. Now she was being watched, lusted after by a friend.

Brian could barely believe his eyes. His friends’ wife was not 15 yards away caressing her breasts, eyes closed, seemingly deep in some erotic thought. Brian’s own hand was inside his trunks, rubbing his throbbing cock. He watched in amazement as one of Jenna’s hands was sliding down her stomach toward her hairless pussy which, at this close distance, he could see glistened with excitement in the waning sunlight. Just as one of her fingers was disappearing inside her wetness, he heard Natalie behind him call his name. Not wanting to be caught peeping, Brian started back toward her voice, shocked at how close she had been. He was sure she knew he had been spying on Jenna.

Natalie playfully questioned Brian as to what he was doing. He responded “getting wood.” A smile crept across Natalie’s face. Reaching between his legs, she grabbed the hardened pole so obviously straining in his shorts, and replied “that’s obvious.” After a quick squeeze she continued on down the trail toward Jenna, leaving him hard with no relief.

When Brian returned to the beach other Pendik Escort guys had already started a camp fire. The day had started early and by the time the group finished supper, it was dark. Around the fire they recalled the erotic events of the day, further contributing to the already thick sexual tension. In the shadows of the firelight, Brian had managed to slip his finger into his wife’s wet and wanting pussy unnoticed. Slowly he worked it in and out of her. When she couldn’t take anymore she announced it had been a long day and she was headed for bed. Brian followed closely behind.

The soft erotic whimpers from the tent carried to the fire. Jenna craved the same release she could hear Becky enjoying. Without saying a word, she stood and walked toward her tent, Justin 2 steps behind. When they reached the tent Justin turned back to the fire and saw Natalie’s stark naked body and watched as her head disappeared in Nick’s lap.

Natalie loved to suck cock, and she was good at it. Before Justin and Jenna had even reached their tent she had freed Nick’s cock and undressed by the light of the fire. Slowly she inhaled Nick’s cock, sliding ever further down its shaft. Her warm mouth slid up and down, tongue swirling the head with each stroke. Every so often she would swallow its entirety, no easy task, even for her accomplished mouth. Nick watched his wife devour his cock and exploded into her listening to the muffled moans of the other two women who were graciously visiting his fantasies.

The sun rose early, and the heat forced the campers out of their tents. Becky was the first to emerge and quietly went to wake Jenna for some company. Slowly she unzipped Jenna’s tent and peering inside she saw Justin, asleep, laying on his back, nude sporting a bad case of morning wood. She stared at his swollen member for a few moments before realizing Jenna was watching her. Jenna saw excitement in Becky’s eyes and liked it. When Jenna climbed out of her tent, Natalie was outside too and the 3 girls headed through the brush to bathe in the river.

They were quite the sight each wearing a worn t-shirt not long enough to cover the panties that, along with the bottom of their asses, peeked out from beneath it with each step.

The river was quiet and the women stripped and waded into the cool waters to wash away the night’s activities. Even before they reached the river’s edge they had started comparing sexual stories from the night before. Becky shared with Natalie that she had gotten a good look at Justin’s hardened cock and went on to describe it in great detail. In response, Natalie shared that she had caught Brian spying on Jenna. Collectively they recognized that the flirting and nudity had aroused not only their husbands, but they too had been turned on by the sexual attention they received from guys who were not their spouse. It was Natalie who proposed a plan for them to spend the day largely ignoring their own spouse while flirting and teasing each other’s husbands. Although they never talked about where teasing ended and unacceptable began, they all knew there were boundaries…. somewhere.

Deep in conversation sharing ideas on how to tease the guys, the girls almost didn’t notice the raft of college guys coming around the bend. At first, the women modestly lowered themselves into the water, but when they saw that the river’s current would keep them at a safe distance they decided to start the day’s teasing and stood to wash each other’s bodies. The water line danced around the opening to their pussies and Becky and Natalie started to soap down Jenna’s large breasts, lifting them and then letting their weight slowly slide them out of their hands. Jenna repaid each of them with the same tender washing she was receiving. The washing continued even after the lustful stares of the guys had been carried around another turn in the river, the women lost in the erotic moment.

Jenna had often fantasized about other women, but none of the girls had ever been with another woman. Jenna was overwhelmed by how erotic it was — her good friends gently washing her breasts, lightly pinching her excited nipples while she did the same to them. It was so different being touched so tenderly and without the pressure to move on to other things. She was surprised when Becky leaned in to kiss her and stiffened at it, but soon relaxed and found herself kissing back. Like the washing the kiss was tender and, accompanied by the light pinching on her nipples, she felt an ache between her legs. Uncontrolled an excited moan escaped her lips. Natalie joined in the kissing and the three were locked in an erotic entanglement. Soapy breasts rubbed against each other and hands moved gently over their bodies. Jenna didn’t know who was touching her and didn’t care. Finally, the moment simply and quietly passed. Surprisingly, there was no awkward silence, just a treasured experience between close friends.

All three girls had forgotten the swimwear they were going to wear during the day so threw on their t-shirts and headed back to camp.

Justin was the first to notice them, coming up the beach, giggling, Göztepe Escort gently touching each other’s arms. He thought they looked closer somehow, confident and like they shared an inside joke. He was pondering that as they approached, wearing only t-shirts, which barely covered their nether regions, now wet and clinging to their bodies. As they came closer he could make out their nipples, only barely obscured by a wet thin material, noticeably hardened and could see the dark, thin, auburn line of Becky’s landing strip. His attentive stare was rewarded when Natalie stepped over some driftwood and he caught a glimpse of her exposed her pussy.

When they arrived at the campsite, Jenna asked about the tents and swimwear, learning the gear had been stowed and their bikinis were hanging in a nearby tree. At the response, Jenna shrugged her shoulders, pulled off her wet shirt, threw it at Justin, turned and walked toward the tree. To the shock and pleasure of the guys, Becky and Natalie did the same and they were treated to a great show as their naked women walked away.

After a hearty brunch, it was time to load the raft and hit the water. The girls realized they hadn’t applied sunscreen and Natalie asked which guy wanted to play the cabana boy. Nick anxiously jumped up to volunteer, but Becky suggested that since Nick served as the lifeguard to pull the girls into the raft and had gotten several handfuls of their boobs already, Brian should get the duty. Brian grabbed the lotion and sent the other guys down to the water to finish packing the raft.

The girls laid out their beach towels and Becky suggested that Brian do rub down Natalie first since she had the palest skin. Natalie announced she was planning on another wild day, removed both her bikini top and bottom and lay face down on a towel at Brian’s feet. Brian started rubbing in the sunscreen on her back, arms, shoulders and legs — very aware of his wife’s watchful gaze. But to his surprise Becky told him that Natalie’s “girls” would be coming out today and it would be his fault if later tonight they were too tender for Nick to enjoy. At the suggestion Natalie pushed herself into a kneeling position giving Brian access to her free hanging boobs. Cautiously, he obliged, coating them with sunscreen. Natalie turned and laid on her back and Brian continued to rub in the lotion on her stomach, carefully avoiding the small area where her legs met which was highlighted by a small thin red patch of hair. To Natalie’s dismay, Brian finished coating her with sunscreen fairly quickly.

Becky instructed Brian to do Jenna next and suggested Natalie apply the sunscreen to her to save time. Jenna and Becky undressed and laid their towels on the ground toe to toe.

Brian’s already swollen cock strained hard beneath his trunks as his hands rubbed lotion onto the naked body of a woman who was no stranger to his fantasies. Behind him he could hear the other girls giggle and occasionally hear a sound escape his wife’s lips that was familiar to him, but normally occurred in the bedroom. This caused both his mind and hands to wander.

Unlike Jenna who had laid on her stomach, Becky had started on her back and Natalie, who was still undressed, had wasted no time straddling her. Immediately, Becky was aroused by the warmth of Natalie’s pussy resting on her own. Her nipples hardened at their first touch by Natalie. As the rub down continued Becky couldn’t help notice small almost unnoticeable movements of Natalie’s hips gently massaging their pussies together. Initially she had thought these movements were unintentional, but it wasn’t long before the application of sunscreen was no longer the primary intent and the grinding became more deliberate. The hands of both girls now reached out caressing each other’s breasts and sliding over their stiffened nipples. Slowly Becky and Natalie bucked their hips, erotically sliding grinding their moistened pussies together. Breathing became deeper, more deliberate. Becky could feel both her own wetness and that of Natalie and was starting to feel the slight tingle of an orgasm building between her legs.

Immediately behind Natalie, Brian straddled Jenna who could feel the strain in his shorts laying on the crack of her ass. Brian rushed through applying the sunscreen to her back side, anxious to rub her front. Jenna didn’t object and turned over as soon as she was given the chance. Jenna closed her eyes as Brian began to apply the sunscreen first to her arms, then stomach and finally her breasts. He noticed her nipples stiffen at his touch and saw her mouth part with anticipation. Mustering up a great deal of will power, he left her beautiful boobs and moved to her legs. When he started on her inner thighs, Jenna relaxed and opened her legs. Brian couldn’t help but notice that her pussy had also peeked open, wet with excitement. With each stroke he dared ever closer to her opening and soon found himself rubbing the sunscreen lotion onto her swollen labia. As he did, Jenna’s breathing intensified and she began to rock her hips into his strokes, her body silently begging him to penetrate her. Temptation finally overcame Brian and he slipped a thumb inside her warmth. Jenna was obviously aroused and his thumb slid inside with no resistance. He replaced his moistened thumb with a finger which he slowly slid in and out of her wetness while carefully massaging her clit with his thumb.

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