The Handyman


I had known Henry for quite some time before I realised I wanted him to fuck me. He had always been hired by my parents whenever they needed any bespoke carpentry work so over the years I was used to seeing him around the house, fitting new wardrobes or cupboards or just carrying out minor maintenance.

He was an attractive looking guy, in his late 50’s, tall and slim with greying hair and bright blue eyes set in a deeply tanned, rugged face. I’d always said a polite hello to him and then breezed on by thinking no more about him. Until the day he came to make a few alterations to our kitchen.

I had just completed my first year at university and was spending the summer at my parents’ house. They were due back from holiday and Henry was supposed to have the job done by the time they got back. They’d asked me to go and check on the progress he’d made.

I had been sunbathing in the garden when I remembered their instruction so when I heard his truck pull up, I hopped off the sun lounger and went to speak to him. I sauntered into the kitchen and almost collided with him as he was coming out of it. The first thing I noticed was how good he smelt. An intriguing mix of tobacco and citrus.

The second thing I noticed was the feel of his hands as they rested on my bare shoulders to steady me. He held me firmly and his hands felt slightly rough against my bare skin. I felt a flash of heat between my thighs and was strangely disappointed when he let go of me.

We both apologised for walking into each other but I wanted to feel those hands on me again. I watched him as he got to work in the kitchen and wondered how the hell I’d never noticed how attractive he was. I knew how old he was but suddenly all I could think about was him pushing a couple of those long fingers inside me and I was getting wetter just thinking about it.

He knelt down and began sorting through his toolbox and glanced up at me as I stood there in my white bikini “You won’t catch much sun in here” he said, smiling.

I seized my chance and said casually “Well, I need some sun lotion on my back, do you think you could do it for me?” I know, it’s the corniest excuse in the book but I was just desperate to feel him up close Maltepe Escort to me again.

Before he could reply, I ran and fetched the sun lotion from the garden. I walked slowly across the kitchen floor hoping that he liked what he was seeing. By now my nipples were poking through my bikini top and I saw his eyes go to them. I handed him the sun lotion and looked at him expectantly. His blue eyes narrowed and I could feel my nipples tightening under his gaze.

“Turn around” he instructed in a gruff voice.

I turned my back to him and lifted my long hair and held it up off my neck. He squirted some of the lotion on my back and began to rub it into my skin in long strokes. He was massaging my shoulders and suddenly I heard him say “I don’t think we need this” as he untied the strings of my bikini top and it fluttered to the floor.

My pussy was now incredibly wet and I inched closer to him. I could feel his cock as it twitched behind me and as I pushed my round ass a little closer I could feel him growing harder. His hands were now massaging the lotion into my upper chest and I was silently begging him to go further when he cupped my breasts and started brushing his thumbs over my erect nipples causing them to become even more rigid.

I could feel the bulge of his cock pushing up against me and I rotated my hips against him. He slipped one of his calloused hands down my bikini bottom and let out a low growl when he felt how slick and hot I was. Soon the bottom was on the floor and I stood completely naked before him.

I turned round to face him and he moved me backwards until I felt the kitchen table behind me.

“You’re one horny little bitch” he laughed, lifting me up easily onto the table surface. He grasped a handful of my hair and roughly pulled my head back further forcing a surprised gasp from me. His mouth covered mine; I wasn’t expecting his kisses to be so arousing but his tongue was insistent and I imagined what it could do to my aching pussy. Then his lips moved to my tits and he began to lick my nipples, circling them with his tongue and sucking on them gently and then with increasing pressure.

When he pulled away from me he started unzipping İstanbul Escort his jeans. “I want to see that little pussy, so sit back and open your legs for me” he said.

My eyes were on his hands as he pulled his cock out but I did as he said and opened my legs as wide as I could. When I saw his huge dick emerge fully, I simply bent my legs at the knees and let my thighs fall open. I could feel my juices dripping down onto the table and I squirmed with anticipation as I watched him move his hand up and down his shaft.

His cock looked incredible;long and thick with a beautifully bulbous head. The tip was glistening with pre cum and I licked my lips and said “Let me suck you off.” He moved closer and gently flicked my clit. Then with the lightest pressure, he gently drew his thumb down the length of my pussy lips.

I moaned and he said “I want to fuck your pretty little teenage cunt until you’re screaming for mercy, but I need you to do some things for me first.”

He pushed me back against the wall and said

“Stroke your pussy for me. I want to watch you fingering yourself until you’re just about to come.”

More easily said than done! I lowered my hand and began stroking myself, avoiding my clit which was now quivering with the need for his cock. I inserted two fingers into my pussy and writhed around trying not to give in to the urge to stroke my clit and come all over my own hand. The fact that he maintained eye contact with me as I finger fucked my pussy for him made me feel dirty and debased but even more desperate to feel him smash his cock into me.

It seemed unreal to be in this situation at all with a guy old enough to be my father, (or granddad!) but I suppose I just wanted to experience an older guy. On one level it felt wrong, but Jesus, he was making me feel so wet and horny I was beyond caring. The thought of being his little fuck-toy was making me dizzy with lust.

He watched me for a little longer, all the time stroking his dick until finally he told me to get down off the table and bend over it. He grabbed my hips, running his hands over me and squeezing my ass cheeks while pulling them apart. Then I felt his cock head sliding against my Anadolu Yakası Escort juicy slit before pushing into me. I sighed with relief as he slowly stretched my tight pussy to take all of his length and thickness in, right up to the hilt. I was sopping wet and thrust myself back onto him as he reached round and found my clit. He began ramming himself into me relentlessly until he made me come to a screaming climax.

He then flipped me over and lifted me back onto the table. I could tell he hadn’t come yet and while I admired his self control I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until he did. He began to lick my cunt juices from my inner thighs and worked his way up to my pussy lips.

His hands gripped my hips tightly and he tongued my slit thoroughly until I was wetter than I’d ever been. His lips closed around my clit and he began sucking gently before inserting his tongue into my cunt and licking me out until I was bucking my hips, my thighs were around his neck, and his face was covered in my cum.

He then sat on a kitchen chair and told me to kneel in front of him.

“Suck me,baby.”

I took a firm grip of his cock with both hands and was thrilled to feel how hard he was.

I used my warm, wet tongue to lick his shaft while using my hands to quickly pump him up and down at the same time. I could taste my own pussy on him as I fastened my lips over his head and swirled my tongue along his ridge, licking and searching for that extra sensitive spot. I then began to suck him off taking as much as I could of him deep into my mouth. I cupped and caressed his balls and he was breathing pretty hard when he suddenly said


I looked up at him, surprised, and he took his cock and placed it in the space between my tits. Then he told me to push my tits together because he wanted me to titty fuck him. I’m quite large-breasted so this wasn’t a difficult manoeuvre and I loved feeling the hardness of his cock pulsing against my chest. I slid a hand between my legs and used some of my pussy juice to help lubricate his shaft, so that he slipped easily between my boobs.

I pushed my tits together firmly, enveloping his cock, and rapidly moved up and down until he finally gave a hoarse gasp and spurted his creamy cum all over my face and breasts. Now I was happy!

He lifted me up and sat me on his lap as I massaged his cum into my tits. I asked him if he’d enjoyed having some teenage pussy and he laughed and said “it sure beats fixing kitchen cupboards.”

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