The Hike


Walking 4 steps behind her as they made their way down the small dirt path that twisted and turned between the trees up in the Northern Provincial park he couldn’t help but to stare at her backside. She had warn that black denim skirt that hugged her butt so perfectly and had on a very fitted bright green halter top that complimented her long flowing auburn hair.

As she started to climb a little hill her foot slipped on a few stones and she slid a bit, thankfully he was right behind her as he grabbed her hips to stop her from falling down. With his body up against her back, hands on hips, neither one of them wanted to move. The feelings between them have been growing stronger for a few days now, but neither one wanted to admit to it.

They had been friends for several years now. Watching each other fall in and out of relationships, always wishing they would have a relationship themselves but timing was never right until a few weeks ago. They were both finally single. He wanted her so bad, but didn’t want to push things. Her desire was strong, but wasn’t sure how he felt. So the tension between them both grew, neither one saying anything.

She loved the feeling of him up against her back, felt so comfortable, so safe. After she was sure that she had her footing again she managed to mumble the words “thank you”. He reluctantly removed his hands from her hips and she climbed up the little hill on her own.

The day had started out to be a wonderful Autumn day, but as he looked up to the tall trees he noticed it was starting to become overcast. Nothing to be concerned about, yet. The hike was going to lead them through some thick woods deep into the forest, there would be a nice opening at the end where they planned to have a little rest on the blanket he carried in his back pack. He had packed some crackers, cheese, and some vegetables to snack on. She had insisted on bringing something so he suggested she bring some champagne to drink.

Continuing their hike the unspoken desire for her grew. She would glance back every once in a while to see if he was still behind her, smiling at him as she caught him checking out her a few times. Seeing him look at her this way gave her that wonderful butterfly feeling in her stomach, she was glad he showed interest in her. As the sky became more overcast the temperature started to drop quite quickly, that’s when she looked up and saw the dark clouds moving in. He sensed her concern, and assured her that they would be well done their hike before the rain came, hoping he was right.

As they both continued Ataşehir Escort to walk she noticed the rain begin to fall, she felt a drop on her shoulder, than her cheek, and head. It was just a very light rain and the trees were offering some shelter. He asked if she wanted to turn around and go back. As tempting as that was, she really didn’t want to end the hiking trip just yet and it was barely raining, so they kept going. Not more than 5 min after the light rain had started it began to come down harder, and harder. As the rain began to come down he grabbed her by the hand and they both ran to the shelter of a big tree. Laughing at their misfortune, they huddled together underneath the tree.

She glanced up at him and it was at that moment, wrapped up in his arms, under the shelter of the tree, when she realized he cared for her as much as she did for him, if not more. Smiling down at her he tilted his head lower, as the rain continued to pelt down on the tree he kissed her ever so softly on her forehead. She couldn’t resist anymore, she reached up and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. They stood there kissing each other for quite some time, it felt wonderful for both of them to finally be able to express their feelings for one another.

As they continued to kiss her hands moved down his neck, over his shoulders and down to his lower back. She noticed how wet his shirt was from the rain. His one hand remained along the side of her jaw, fingers wrapping around to the back of her head, while the other hand rested in the small area of her lower back. Leaning back against his hand she looked up at him and smiled, then he pulled her in for a hug, a very strong yet gentile hug. Desiring more she slid her hands underneath his wet t-shirt and began to take it off by slowly inching her hands up his back. As she took off his shirt he began to feel all the curves of her beautiful body. His hands slid up her back, over her slender shoulders and down the sides of her body, his hands just barely brushing along the sides of her tender firm breasts. He wanted to rip off all her clothes and make love to her right there, but at the same time he didn’t want to push her to the point where she didn’t feel comfortable.

As much as he wanted to take her right now, he cared for her too much. He’d wait until he knew for sure she was ready for him. He wouldn’t have to wait long as he felt her hands on his lower back again, then his hips and moving closer and closer to his cock, which by now was almost fully erect. Looking down at her Kadıköy Escort he noticed she was biting her lower lip and grinning as she began to notice how excited he was. Not wanting to take her eyes off the bulge in his pants she asked “Can I see it?” Before he could find the words to respond she ran her hand over his jeans to feel him then began to unbutton his pants. Opening up his pants she could see the outline of his big hard cock through his black boxer briefs. He leaned his back up against the tree, tipping his head up, as she took him in her hand, massaging slowly at first then increasingly more intense and faster. Pulling her closer to him, with his hands on her hips, feeling her wet top against his bare wet skin he asked “May I?” as he started to pull her top off. Letting go of him just long enough for him to remove her top was just the answer he wanted. Not wearing a bra brought a very big smile to his face as he saw her perky erect nipples. They were perfect, and he had seen many boobs, but none as good as hers. So firm, round and very nice light pink nipples. His attention was stolen away from her beauties when he felt her reach into his boxer briefs and started massaging his hard cock.

Once again leaning his head back against the tree, he couldn’t believe this was actually happening, he had never seen her this passionate before, and he loved it. She looked down at the pulsing cock she held in her hands, it looked so good and tasty. She wondered to herself what it would feel like inside her. He pulled her close again but this time she resisted, pushing back, with one hand wrapped around his hard cock she coated her fingers on the other hand with the pre-cum that had already begun to flow. Looking up at him as she brought her fingers up to her mouth for a taste that almost made him explode. He had to close his eyes to regain control. When he opened them, she was back to stroking him again. Still unsure of how far she wanted to go he slowly started to lift her skirt and looked at her. When she nodded and smiled he knew he had the go ahead.

Pulling her back in for a passionate kiss and another hug they both fell on their knees, onto the grass that surrounded the tree. Reaching over to his bag he pulled out the blanket, placed it on the ground and leaned his back up against the tree. She knelt between his legs and once again took his cock in her hands. After stroking him for a few minutes, she looked up at him and asked “you ready for this?” Smiling he nodded as he watched her pull her hair over to one side, and lowered her Bostancı Escort mouth to his now throbbing cock. Not prepared for how her mouth would feel he exploded another load of pre-cum as soon as her soft lips hit the tip of his head. Very slowly she started sucking and licking the tip. Driving him nuts, he fought the urge to grab her head and shove it all the way down onto his cock. He wanted to enjoy her, let her tease him, at least for a little while longer. She started to run her fingers on his balls and stroke the base of the hardened cock in motion with her mouth. Deeper and deeper his cock went into her mouth, he thought for sure she would start to gag soon, but she didn’t. Amazed at her skill he placed his hands on the back of her head and ran his fingers through her hair, gently applying pressure to the back of her head to let her know he was truly enjoying this and wanted her to keep going. Faster and faster she’d suck his cock, stroking the base, urging him to cum.

To her surprise he pulled her head off him. She looked up at him with a confused yet curious look in her face. He then moved his hands to her hips and pulled her up close to him, “Have a seat” he said. Quickly sliding off her panties she placed her knees on either side of his legs. Slowly lower herself onto his hard fully erect cock felt so good. She was warm, wet and tight, he fit perfectly in her. Rocking and grinding her pussy along him as she felt his hard cock in her made her scream out in delight. Caressing her breasts he wanted to fuck her hard. He used his hands on her hips to get her to lift up so he could turn her around on all fours. He then knelt behind her, before putting his cock into her sweet warm pussy he began to feel her with his 2 fingers. First on her swelling lips, then just inside her pussy. Little quick movements made her even wetter. Finally he couldn’t take it any more as he slid his hard cock into her wet and swollen pussy. Once again putting his hands on her hips he began to fuck her, nice and slow at first, then his movements became faster, harder and much deeper. She couldn’t keep her arms straight, they started to shake and quiver. She let them collapse as she put her head on the blanket. With her skirt pulled up on her hips he continued to thrust himself into her.

Faster. Harder. Deeper. Hearing her moans become more intense he knew she was close to cumming. Then he felt it, those kegal muscles clench around his cock and felt her push against him. Letting out another scream of delight he knew she had cum. After a few more quick deep thrusts he pulled out. Then she felt it, his cock on her back with his hot cum coating her back. They both collapsed beside each other. He took one of the corners and wiped his cum off her back and placed his arm on her as they laid on the blanket looking at one another and smiling.

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