The Horseman Fucks His Fillies


Jeremy Morgan was the owner of several busy carriage parks and liveries in the Chicago area. In this year of 1893, he had organized and was operating a carriage park for the Chicago Worlds Fair. He was a rugged, strong man with a neatly trimmed beard, mustache, and a reputation for an excellent work ethic. He had a dozen employees at the fair taking in carriages and wagons for exhibitors and visitors, unhitching the horses and stabling them. Jeremy was very hands on, managing everything from the accounts to orders to jumping in and unhitching horses in order to keep the busy park moving. Wagons and carriages would be stored in a giant covered building while the horses were kept next door. He oversaw the delivery of food and supplies for the horses and even had a mechanic on hand to do on site repairs if a wagon needed a new handbrake or a wheel repair.

With rolled up sleeves and suspenders over his strong shoulders, Jeremy put in a full days work six days a week. He loved his work and was always amused with the non-stop parade of people stepping off their carriages, some fancier than others-both the carriage and their owners. Dusty, excited families would arrive in the most basic of wagons, fresh from a couple days ride from the countryside. Then the businessmen with their wives would arrive, and quite a few with their beautifully adorned mistresses. Jeremy shrewdly assessed each possible scenario, often helping ladies in fancy lace dresses and parasols down from their seats. The women rather enjoyed the extra attention from Jeremy, offering their silk-gloved hands to him as he gently helped them down, enjoying the views of their snugly corseted waists and cleavage peeking from underneath fine ruffled lace. The women knew he was looking, and would give him coy little smiles despite their husbands or lovers being nearby.

Ah, such little flirts, he would think. In his mind, he laughed to himself over the balding older men with their much younger, ample bosomed escorts. Would these ladies be as congenial with these men, just as affectionate, if they had only a fraction of the money? He wouldn’t have to pay these women for their company, Jeremy thought to himself. He could see it in their eyes as they took his hand and allowed him to guide them out of their gilded carriages. They were sizing up his sturdy muscled arms and firm thighs, strong from physical labor. Coy little smiles would play at their brightly colored lips, seeing that look of male desire in his eyes, even for a brief moment. A fire would light inside of them, even when they were attended to by their rich and well dressed men.

It was true that Jeremy possessed a strong sex drive, and the tension he felt building thru the day welcoming the many charming, flirtatious ladies would need to be extinguished. But alas, on these long and busy days, he was without female company in the evenings. He had determined that he had to sacrifice something in life in order to be successful as he was, and that sacrifice, at least for now, was love.

Still, Jeremy was a healthy red-blooded man and he was attracted to women. All day he caught sight of big, bustled rear ends, the small waists and big breasts, wrapped up like pretty gifts in blue and pink frilly dresses. Shapely legs were adorned in silk stockings, high heels clicked across the hardwood floors. He would feel that stirring in his loins watching those luscious rounded rear ends swishing along, causing a needy ache as his balls filled with cream until they were heavy and nagging, inspired by the exciting displays of flesh and color. Later in the evenings, when he had to work late and was unable to join friends or colleagues for dinner, he would retire to his hotel room and unbutton his trousers, pulling out his big, thick erection and heavy balls. He enjoyed the sensation of keeping his trousers on and milking his cock thru his opened fly.

The sight of his big exposed erection thru his trousers excited him. He imagined being at work and milking for one of those ladies, showing her his big hard cock and firm balls sticking up and out, loaded with cum. He closed his eyes, standing upright with his legs apart, and fantasized about stroking for one of those frisky ladies while her man’s back was turned. Mesmerized, she would watch with fascination his bobbing erection and swiftly bouncing balls rooted in his nest of dark pubic hair. The harder and firmer he got the longer he could get away with it, relishing that look of lust in her eyes as she watched his naughty, exciting display of thick man meat being pumped just for her. He would grunt at the thought, of just the two of them, sharing this dirty little moment, and the pleasure would start to course from his cock and spread thru out his balls and torso, making him moan with excitement.

Ah yes! Something to stroke to, those delicious, tempting titties, those pink nipples so perky and erect. Mmmmmmm! Such inspiration! He would close his eyes, bend his knees and thrust out his hips, inching forward to show the Ümraniye Escort lady his drooling, stiff cock, keeping a firm milking grip on it. Now he was panting and bucking his hips, stroking with one hand and with the other, reaching under his loaded balls and lifting them up for her, showing her how much she had filled them, what was waiting for her at any moment.

“I’m so full of cum for you darling…” he whispered, imaging her licking her lips, watching, entranced…yes…yes…lean in closer…your fool husband won’t know…just a little flick of your tongue on my cock head…yes…! Tease me you little slut! Let me feel your lips wrap around my cock…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Yes! Oh God, yes! Mmmmmmmm! Suck me darling, suck me all in, take this big cock…oooohhhhhh!!

With trembling legs, Jeremy could take no more, feeling himself balls deep in the little vixen’s tight mouth, her breasts swinging about with each deep thrust of his hips. Standing at the foot of his bed, he threw his head back and cried out loudly in orgasm, thick spurts of cum shooting out of his cock in a glorious release. Down her throat it all went, swallow after swallow…good girl! Yes, such a good, dirty little girl…swallow it all down while your dear husband has his back turned…take it all, oh yes, another swallow…another…

He shuddered and shook, spasms wracking his body, his hand beginning to slow it’s pace. Squeezing his cock with slow strokes, he emptied out every drop, making sure she would walk out of that carriage park with a belly full of cum.

His heavy breathing and sighs of pleasure filled the room, and a tremendous sense of relief and peace settled over him. At last, the tension eased. His fantasy began to fade, as his naughty lady licked her lips, got up and quickly turned to join her husband. He imagined himself watching her link arms with him as she stepped outside towards the fair. As they turned the corner she would quickly glance back at him, his erection still at attention for her, the scent of his cock under her nose and his load of cum all swallowed down like a good girl.

Enjoy the fair, sweet thing! Think of me when you fuck that rich old man of yours…

Regrettably, Jeremy’s fantasies were not sustainable by the reality of his long and grueling work schedule, but there was one respite that he planned on taking advantage of that next Saturday evening. There were a number of brothels in the area he had been visiting, with many ladies available to serve the men who were working or visiting the fair. He wasn’t above paying for some real relief, and to feel the soft flesh of a warm and receptive woman, fancy or not. He threw himself into his busy days, concentrating on orders of hay, axle repairs and bank deposits for the remainder of the week.

Finally it was close to the end of a long, Saturday. It had been hot, muggy and busy with customers. After settling a bill for an axle repair, Jeremy grabbed a towel in the office and started to wipe the sweat off his face when Patrick, the burly Irish mechanic, stepped in.

“We’re all going down to The Gold Frog after we close, Jeremy…you’re the man of honor tonight.”

Jeremy finished wiping his face, then looked at Patrick curiously.

“I am? I’m always the last one to know.”

Patrick laughed.

“Long day, eh? I supposed you just forgot today was your birthday. We’re taking you out for a beer.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes. Another birthday rears it’s head! Which one was this…the 37th? 38th? The last few years had been so all consuming with work they seemed to have all blurred together.

Jeremy smiled and laughed.

“I won’t argue with that! And The Gold Frog? I hear they have some fine ladies there.”

The Gold Frog was a more refined establishment, in the evenings filled with fair goers looking for something a bit more adult beyond popcorn and root beer floats. On tap was the best beer in town as well as a full range of mixed drinks. In the back of the establishment there was a brothel that he had always wanted to pay a visit to at some point, and tonight, he may just be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Later that evening Jeremy was seated at a table at The Gold Frog with several of his employees. Patrick the mechanic, Jonathan and Ian who tended to the horses and Henry, one of the drivers. Conversation wandered between what was going on at the fair to issues at work and eventually, to women. Jeremy took a sip from his second beer as Henry mentioned the many finely dressed ladies coming in with their benefactors, and how flirty they often got with Jeremy.

“The ladies are probably all worked up after bouncing on those bustles for hundreds of miles. The way they make eyes at you when they get off their coaches makes me think you don’t have to be as rich as those old coots they come with.”

Jeremy and the other men laughed.

“He’s rich alright…he may not get the high rent women but he gets to work with us!” Ian joked.

“We’ve İstanbul Escort been really busy this year,” said Jonathan. “And I’ve never worked for a more generous man. Bonuses at the end of every event on top of a decent wage…to the great Horseman!”

Jonathan lifted his beer mug and they all toasted Jeremy with a great shout.

Eventually with more conversation and laughter, another round of beer mugs was emptied. Looking at his pocket watch, Jeremy was anxious to get the rest of his evening going.

“Well boys, hate to love you and leave you,” he said to the group. “But I hear there’s a nice stable of fillies in the back of this fine establishment and if you don’t mind, after looking at all those pretty tits and asses today, I’ve worked up quite the appetite.”

Henry smiled and put his arm around Jeremy, pulling him in close.

“We were actually going to mention that. Here’s a tip. Go thru those double doors in the back. When you get inside, let the madam know you’re “The Horseman.”

The men chuckled at that, exchanging glances.

Jeremy raised his eyebrows, curious,. He stood up and put his hat on.

“What exactly do you men have up your filthy sleeves?” he asked with a questioning smile.

Patrick only replied with a couple of solid pats on Jeremy’s back. With that, the men bade farewell and exited.

It appeared Jeremy would have to find out for himself.

Jeremy quietly made his way to the back of the bustling, busy room. He spotted the double doors and a bouncer sitting on a stool with crossed arms. He approached and tipped his hat. The bouncer gave a silent nod, then opened a door and gestured for him to enter.

Jeremy stepped into a large, dimly lit room, bathed in warm amber light. Shutting the door behind him, his eyes adjusted so that he could see he how lushly decorated it was. Oriental carpets covered the floors, mirrors covered the walls and a large, ornate chandelier hovered above his head. A piano softly played in the corner, and about a dozen colorfully dressed prostitutes were mixing with various men. Most were well-attired men with their silk suits and hats, obviously businessmen from out of town and in search of some female company. Jeremy felt a bit out of place, walking around in his white work shirt and suspenders. He observed some of the men were sitting with women on couches and a loveseat quietly talking to one another while other men stood by a small bar, smiling as women approached for conversation. Each man was determining if this was the lady he wanted for the evening. Breasts were assessed, legs and rear ends watched as ladies paraded by. Equally, the women were watching the men’s eyes for a sign of interest. When a man was ready, he would quietly murmur into his favorite woman’s ear, wanting to know her price, asking if certain fetishes and desires could be entertained. When a match was made, the two would go arm and arm down a hall, and into a private room.

“May I help you, sir?” a woman’s voice asked from behind him.

He turned and was greeted by the madam. He removed his hat.

“Yes. I was interested in some company this evening.”

She smiled.

“I think we can help you with that. We’ve been very busy lately and have extra ladies here this evening. You are welcome to socialize and select whom you like.”

A few of the ladies already had their eyes on Jeremy since he had walked in. He was an interesting and refreshing change from the often portly, older men coming in looking for a brief but exciting escape from their mundane domestic lives. Jeremy was obviously not a stranger to physical labor, and his presence was commanding. His strong arms and broad back had aroused curiosity and a bit of competition among the women.

The first woman, with dark flowing hair and dressed in a pretty satin corset made her way over to him.

“Looking for a little company after a long day at the fair?” she asked with a smile. “I’m Katie.”

“Nice to meet you, Katie.” Jeremy gave her a polite nod.

Another woman came up, introduced herself, then another and another, until he had a very obvious little circle of admirers, much to the envy of the stuffy businessmen who could not help but notice.

While he made small talk, his eyes were scanning the room. These women were certainly pretty in their ruffled bloomers, shapely corsets and silk stockings. They were probably very accommodating. But Jeremy was looking for something more. He couldn’t exactly put his finger on what it was, but he would know it when he saw it.

And then he spotted her, over by the bar, talking to an older gentleman who sported a slightly too big jacket, small gray mustache and non-stop grin. She was a tall woman wearing a jeweled hat with a tall feather adorning the top. She was dressed in a snug corset with a striking red skirt and low cut front. Jeremy could see now the source of the man’s eternal smile. Her breasts were wonderfully generous, bound up tight to create lusciously alluring Anadolu Yakası Escort cleavage. They were showcased to entrance and tempt. And tempt they did. Looking at her pretty cherry colored mouth, strawberry blonde hair and ample hips, this was a woman that he knew had what he needed. A body that could take a good, hard, long pounding, and give him that sensuous female bounce and jiggle he lusted for.

The chatter and laughter of the other women dimmed into white noise as this enchanting lady at the bar noticed Jeremy looking at her, and flashed a coy little smile at him as her present suitor talked on and on, oblivious. She couldn’t take her eyes off Jeremy, wondering if he was going to make a move and extract her from the moneyed, but dull old man.

Determined to claim her, Jeremy excused himself from his little fan club and made his way over to the bar.

“Pardon me, ma’am,” he said, tipping his hat. “I understand there is a plumbing issue in the building and I am here to take a look at it. Could you please show me the way to the water closet?”

Seeing her look of amusement and surprise, Jeremy flashed her a look that said “Just play along!”

She quickly gathered her wits.

“Why yes…yes…it’s a good thing you arrived. It’s been a very difficult afternoon as you can imagine…”

Jeremy pardoned himself to the rather stunned man, whose smile had quickly changed to a look of confusion. The lady too, apologized to him and together, she and Jeremy quickly slipped away. The moved quickly down a hallway, then burst out laughing.

“My hero!” she said to him in mock reverence. “Thank you for saving me from another evening bouncing up and down on some rich old man!”

She then gave him a genuine smile.

“I’m Belle. Thank you again…who?” She cocked her head.


“Well thank you again Jeremy. Honestly, we do keep busy with the many visitors to the fair, but after a while all of those gray beards and wrinkled…” She covered her mouth and laughed, unable to stop herself.

He grinned, very pleased he had found himself a woman who shared his amused disdain for the parade of snobby, ridiculous patrons he had to deal with every day.

“Nothing turns me on more than a like mind,” he said. “Are you available for the evening?”

Belle smiled and they continued down the hallway, passing the madam.

“I’m off the floor for the night,” Belle said to her as they passed. That answered his question.

“Oh!” Jeremy said, stopping in his tracks, suddenly remembering he had something to tell the madam.

“I was told to let you know I am “The Horseman” for whatever that’s worth.”

He shrugged, having no clue what he was talking about.

The madam smiled and nodded.

“Oh yes…yes!” she said warmly.

She then leaned over and whispered into Belle’s ear. He could see that little smile playing at Belle’s lips again.

“What is this all about?” he asked, cocking his eyebrow curiously.

“Come with me to my room, and you’ll find out.”


They entered her warmly lit private quarters. In the middle was a soft, comfortable four poster canopy bed adorned with tassels, lace and other feminine touches. Her many toilet items were laid out on a nearby dresser…combs, brushes, a fancy mirror, perfume, lipsticks. Brassieres, panties and other undergarments lay in a nearby trunk, available for customers who might request that their lady change costume.

Jeremy shut the door behind him and took out his billfold.

“You didn’t have a chance to let me know your price before we ran off,” he said with a sly smile.

Once he set her payment on the dresser, he was more than ready to begin. Stepping closer to her, he reached to wrap his strong arms around her body and draw her in close. He needed this. He needed to feel and explore every inch of her, to fulfill the physical needs of a man. With a moan he began to kiss her, his hands roaming down her back, her hips, moving to grasp each fleshy buttock in his palms. Yes! This is what he needed. He squeezed and kneaded her nice rounded ass, then he moved his hands up to the front of her corset, and started to undo the laces holding in her bountiful breasts.

“Forgive me, m’lady, but I simply must insist I inspect what I just paid for.”

She giggled, and arched her back as he began to pull the laces of her corset out of their holes. He undid it just enough to keep her waist nicely cinched as more and more of her cleavage was revealed.

“Lift your arms up,” he said.

She raised her arms, and he began to run his hands around the soft curves of the tops of her breasts. His hands roamed over her back and around her waist, then returned to unlacing the corset so he could completely free her assets. He put his hand down the top of the corset and lifted out one of her breasts. It dropped out and hung appetizingly in front of him, making him draw in his breath. Oh my goodness! Then he reached for the other breast and drew it out. Now both of her big, soft breasts were there right in front of him, like tempting ripe fruit. Her nipples were already nice and hard. With her arms still raised in the air, her breasts were pointing right at him, ready to provide him with excitement and pleasure.

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