The Housewarming


It wasn’t long after I had been with Holly that I got some extremely good news. I had written up a storm and self-published four full length novels along with several short story compilations. The publishing company I had used called me and said they were sending me a check for my latest round of royalties. The rep that I had dealt with since the beginning told me to not to be shocked and that the sales were amazing! I was excited and luck was on my side as the mail carrier stopped by while I was on the phone. I signed for the letter and quickly opened it. The check inside was for more money than I could have even imagined. I screamed and thanked my rep. I was so excited I could not wait for my next check.

After putting the check into the bank and waiting for it to fully clear, I decided I was going to use a large portion for something I always wanted, my own house. I did some shopping and found one that was absolutely perfect. It was a one story home with three bedrooms, two dens, two bathrooms, and a pool in the back yard with a large privacy fence. Most importantly it sat on a property that encompassed two other lots so I had a huge yard. I ended up getting it for a great deal because it was a foreclosure and had been sitting for a while. It was in need of some repairs but nothing that couldn’t be handled.

Once the deal was closed, I scheduled a company to come move my stuff. The crew arrived and I was surprised at what the company sent. They movers consisted of two guys and a box truck. I was a little sad thinking that it was going to take forever to get moved. One of the guys was a fairly young guy. Easily only eighteen years old if that. The other guy was more mature. Easily in his late thirties.

He was super attractive. I could see his body was definitely in shape. To my surprise, they got to work pretty quickly. I heard the younger guy say several times that he had to be finished by five. The other guy, who had introduced himself as John, kept telling him that they would be done when they are done.

They started with all the furniture. I had spent the previous couple of days getting as much boxed up as possible. I had already taken everything I needed to move over to the new place. Once that was loaded, they took all the boxes I had already packed as I finished the last ones. The young guy, Steve, took out the boxes while John helped me finish packing.

With the truck loaded, I took one last look at my old apartment. I flashed back to the first day I moved in and played with my toys. Then to the night Eric had spent with me. It was time for a new chapter in my life. With that I closed the door and locked up the apartment. The movers followed me to the new house. I opened the garage door and pulled my car into it. The moving truck pulled into the driveway behind me.

They started to unload the boxes first but instead of taking them inside, they stacked them in the drive way. I was concerned at first but, John told me they wanted to get the furniture in the house first. This way the boxes wouldn’t be in the way. It made sense to me. They began pulling the furniture from the truck. Steve was complaining the entire time. No sooner did they get the last piece in, an alarm went off on Steve’s phone. He began to walk outside when John tried to stop him.

There was a little bit of an argument when Steve’s phone rang. He answered it and the argument got even more heated. Steve handed John the phone and I could tell it was not going John’s way. John went to the truck and pulled his jacket and a couple other things from it. Steve got in the truck and pulled out of the driveway. John walked back to the house visibly angry.

I asked him what was wrong. He Pendik Escort told me that Steve was the son of the guy that owned the moving company. He tried to get Steve to stay and help but, Steve called his father and the conversation ended with John losing his job. I was saddened by this. John told me not to worry about it and he would help me finish moving in if I wanted him to. I nodded.

John went through the house and started by setting up all the furniture. He put the bed together, moved the couch to just the right spot set up the dining room table and chairs. He even set up the TV and entertainment center. Once all that was done, we moved the boxes in to the appropriate rooms. I had already moved most of my clothes and they had simply wrapped up my dresser so I didn’t have to unload it.

John and I talked as we worked. I learned he was divorced with two kids. He and his ex-wife had a good relationship and simply drifted apart. He had been laid off work when his job in manufacturing had ended because of the plant moving to China. He had taken the moving job because the owner had been an old friend. Sadly it appeared that friendship was over.

I thanked him for all his help as we unpacked. I decided to make us both some dinner. He tried to decline but I insisted. I was not about to let this sexy man who had been down on his luck go home unrewarded for his hard work. He reluctantly agreed.

After dinner, we sat on the couch and continued our conversation. I asked him how he was going to get home. He sighed and said he would just walk. We talked more and more about his life when he suddenly turned the questions to me. I told him what I did for a living and he blushed a little. He asked more about my hobbies and interests and I happily told him all about them.

During our talk on the couch, I started to notice how attractive he was. It was not long before I realized I was starting to get turned on. Our conversation hit a lull and a silence drifted in to place. I was pretty aroused and decided to make the first move. With his guard down, I leaned in and kissed him.

He was soon kissing back with a little passion that seemed to grow slowly. He tried to break away with some concern. I looked in to his eyes and said, “What are they going to do, fire you?”

He laughed a little and I moved myself to straddle his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me once again. Our tongues encircled each other as we darted them out of each other’s mouths. I was getting really worked up. Suddenly I felt something poking me from underneath. I knew exactly what it was and smiled with excitement.

I slowly moved my hips rubbing his hardening cock between my ass cheeks with our clothes between us. I could tell by his kisses that this was having an effect. He planted his lips on my neck and began to suck and lick on it. I threw my arms around his head and pulled him into me. I loved it.

After a several minutes of this, he stopped. He tried to protest that he was dirty and sweaty. I tried to get him past that by commenting that it was okay and that I was just as dirty and sweaty. It was soon looking like a futile effort.

I jumped off of him and looked at him. He had the expression of a guy who realized he just blew the only chance he had to get laid. I grabbed his arm and started to pull him off the couch. Puzzled, he asked what I was doing. “If you think you are too dirty,” I replied, “Then I know how to get clean!”

I pulled him into the bathroom and closed the door behind us. I reached over and turned on the shower. Again he tried to object and I shot him a look that I meant business. I walked over and started to unbutton his work shirt. Kurtköy Escort We kissed again as I removed it. I was impressed by his phasic. I have seen pictures of guys with the “six pack abs” but, never in person. Until now that was. I tossed his shirt to the floor and went back to kiss him. He reached out and pulled my tank top over my head. Now I was getting somewhere.

We continued to strip each other and make out a little while the shower ran behind us. The last thing removed was his underwear. As I pulled them down, his cock sprang out. It, like the rest of him, was a thing of beauty. He had to be nearly seven inches long and was still getting hard. I could feel my own juices flowing down my leg, I was so turned on. I was about to drop to my knees when he took my hand and stepped in the shower, pulling me with him.

We wrapped our arms around each other as the water washed over us. Our lips met in yet another passionate kiss as our hands roamed and explored each other’s bodies. Several minutes later I felt his hand reach out and massage my breasts. God he had a wonderful touch. Not to rough but still firm. His other hand slowly made its way down to my wanting pussy. I threw my head back as his fingers touched my clit for the first time. I was so aroused that my sensitivity was through the roof.

Again his touch was firm yet gentle. I was soon bucking uncontrollably against his hand and moaning loudly. “Oh God, that feels so good!” I cried out. He lowered his head and took my right nipple into his mouth and sucked it while his hands continued their work on my right breast and vagina. I was dripping buckets as I felt my first orgasm approaching.

I screamed out as I climaxed. I bucked against his hand and pulled his head as close to me as I could while I came. As my orgasm subsided, I released my grip. John’s lips met mine as we kissed yet again. I pulled back and dropped to my knees as the water ran over us. I reached out and rubbed his cock with my hand. He was hard as steel and a little bigger than most of the guys I had ever been with. I was not deterred though. I opened my mouth and licked the head of his dick. His cock jumped at the stimulation it was getting. I then ran my tongue up and down his entire length. His cock was beautiful.

I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his rock hard dick. It was a stretch to get him in my mouth. I slowly bobbed up and down on him taking as much of him in my mouth as I could. I could hear him starting to breathe heavily and moan. His hands ran through my wet hair as to beg me for more. I had never deep throated a cock before but had practiced on a few of my toys. I relaxed my throat and very slowly began to slide more of him into my mouth.

I had talked to other girls and learned a few breathing techniques so I didn’t choke. I nearly had all of him down my throat. The sensation was amazing and I could tell he was enjoying it. I backed him out of my throat and went back to bobbing and sucking his wonderful organ.

After several minutes of this I popped him out of my mouth and stood back up to face him. We did a real quick “wash” in between making out and petting each other. I wanted so bad to fuck him right there. I was about to make the move when he turned off the water and grabbed a towel. He wrapped me loosely in the towel before sweeping my off my feet and carrying me to the bed.

He laid me down on my back and spread my legs. I was ready for his cock when I felt him start kissing his way down my body. I almost came when his tongue touched my clit. He lapped and sucked on it with passion. He slowly put his fingers inside my folds looking for my g spot. Electric shocks filled Maltepe Escort my brain as he found it and massaged it. I was panting and crying in pleasure from his attention. I was soon aware I was about to cum.

I bucked wildly as I climaxed a second time. I could only scream and thrash from his actions. It was pure bliss. I gasped for air as he finally stopped and let my orgasm subside. I however was not done. He moved on to the bed and I pushed him on to his back. He smiled at my sudden aggressiveness. As wonderful as all the foreplay was, I was not waiting anymore.

I moved over his body and positioned his cock at the entrance to my aching sex. I slid down on his member slowly until he was all the way inside. He filled me to the brim. I had never had a partner that stretched me as much as John. I started to move up and down on his dick. Moaning and crying, I tried to keep a calm pace but soon realized I was bouncing on him like a wild animal in heat. Over and over I cried out how good it felt. I could hear our bodies slapping together. This cock was worth the wait!

I could hear him moaning as our sounds echoed in my new bedroom. I bounced up and down as fast and hard as I could but, I needed more. I cried out, “Oh fuck! Harder!” John tried to add some speed and ferocity but I had him pinned to the bed. He grabbed my hips and pulled me off of him. I whined in disappointment. He put me back on the bed and guided me to my hands and knees. My disappointment turned into excitement as I knew what he had in mind.

As he climbed behind me I wiggled my ass at him. I looked back to see him smiling with his hard cock in his hand. He positioned himself behind me and I could feel his cock pressing against my pussy. It didn’t take much force to put it in and he was soon all the way inside. I could feel his body pressed against me feeling his penis buried deep inside my sex. I almost came just from that sensation.

He began to move in and out, slowly at first. I started to whimper and he quickly began to increase his pace. Soon he was slamming in and out of me like a savage. All I could do was moan and cry out over and over. It was amazing. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I screamed over and over.

Soon I was cumming like a freight train. Orgasm after orgasm hit me as I begged for more and more. John was happy to give me all I wanted. He too had become more vocal as we continued to fuck like rabbits for what seemed like forever. I slammed my body uncontrollably against him as he thrusted his penis into me with all he could muster without hurting me.

As my fifth orgasm hit me, John started grunting. I knew he was close. His thrusts became shorter and more forceful. “Oh God!” he exclaimed as buried his cock as deep as it could go. I felt him unload inside me. It felt as if he a poured gallons of cum into me though I know that was not the case. His body became still and rigid as he came. After nearly a minute he pulled out and sighed.

I collapsed on the bed with my belly full of his cum. I rolled over and looked at him. His face suddenly had a look of shock as he realized what just happened. He tried to apologize but I put his mind at ease telling him I was on birth control. He relaxed and then collapsed on the bed next to me.

I snuggled up to him and he wrapped his arm around me. After laying there for a few minutes, he tried to get up and leave. I protested telling him he had no clothes to wear and it was too late for him to be walking home. He tried to object and then I grabbed his arm and smiled. “Besides,” I said, “We are not done yet.”

He smiled back and snuggled up to me this time. I held his head against my chest and pulled a blanket over us. We drifted off to sleep until the sun started to come up. When he woke, he looked at me and smiled. A flirtatious smile came across my face. “I hope you are rested.” I said. He simply nodded. “Good. I am ready for more.” I naughtily informed him ready for the next round.

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