The Institute of Technology and Science Pt. 10



Chapter 10



“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

My life changed after I had an unusual occurrence. (That’s my trademark understatement!)

Anyway, I was having some drinks after work with some colleagues. We were all Associate Professors at The Institute of Technology and Science. We had been talking about the unusual events that had been happening on campus. Most of the rumors were just that: rumors. No one in our group had had any of the rumored experiences.

There were reports of power outages in the Library. Flickering lights, ghost sightings and such.

People were talking about Assistant Librarians suddenly becoming bimbos with huge hooters and taking on all the men in the study carrels. But like I said, none of us had been part of any orgies!

What we did all agree on was that the girl watching was getting better and better! Part of it probably was the fact that it was spring. And winter had been brutal! But still! Skirts were getting shorter, tops and jeans were becoming tighter and tighter. More braless boobs than ever before were bouncing and shaking all over campus. Nipples were popping out aggressively from under skin-tight blouses.

And we were all enjoying it. One of the guys said that he had heard that one of the dusty old professors had somehow raised an ‘elemental’ that was somehow causing all this. We laughed him down and ordered another round!

I went to the mens room since I have a small bladder. And on the way back to the table I was waylaid by the sexiest woman I had ever seen! Gorgeous, stacked beyond my imagination and best of all, hot for me!

I have to admit I didn’t argue. If a hot, foxy, sex goddess offers to take you home and fuck your brains out, how many objections would you raise? So when Tina said she wanted to rock my world I was just drunk enough to go along with it!

Any way, I had a night such as I would never have thought possible! We fucked for hours! She knew more ways to do the nasty than I had ever thought of! And she was able to keep me going long past my usual limits! She kept calling me ‘Stud’ and praising my stamina, ability and my equipment. I’d never been called a ‘horse’ before. But…

While she was fucking my brains out, my body was changing! I was developing muscles where I had not had them before. The muscles that I had were becoming ripped and well defined!

I was starting to look lithe and athletic which I had never been! And most of all I was getting larger and larger in the dick department!

“Oh, what a pretty cock,” Tina said when she first pulled it out of my pants. It stood proudly. all of almost six inches long.

“I just love a big dick!” Tina exclaimed an hour later while she was kneeling in front of me and taking eight inch strokes from my visibly thicker hard on.

We were into the third hour of our love making and Tina was riding my eleven inch monster cock while making little sounds of happiness and cumming time and again! Talk about multi-orgasmic? Tina could cum and cum and cum! There seemed to be no limits to how many times she could have an orgasm! And she always wanted more and more! Plus there seemed to be no limits to how much of my dick she could take!

By the end of the evening she was using both hands, giving my gigantic, almost fifteen inch long dick a hand job while she was cooing and smiling at me. “Biggest one ever,” she said time after time. “Never had a dick so big! What a thrill! SO Fucking BIG! I can’t believe how thick and long you are! Biggest I’ve ever seen!”

By this time I was only partly conscious. Her sex drive was unconquerable! I’d cum more times than I could count. Tina was a cum covered mess. From her hair to her knees she was covered by streaks and pools of my cum! And she loved it. But I was worn out! It seemed like a dream!

When I woke up the next morning in my own bed I found that it had not been a dream! My formerly pudgy body had become ripped and muscular! To top it all off (so to speak) I had a piece of man-meat hanging between my legs that would have put most equines to shame!

I found out in the shower that my appendage would spring to life any time I thought of a sexy woman. And that I could cum often and easily! After jacking off three times in the shower I took the time to measure my newly arrived package.

I wasn’t sure if I was doing it correctly but I got a length of just under fifteen inches long and darn near eight inches around! I was a STUD! I was, as Tina had called me, a horse cocked stud!

It was as I started to get dressed that the negatives of my sudden metamorphic changes began to make themselves known. For one thing, none of my clothes fit properly any more! My pants were loose. My belt was too long. My shirts strained to fit over my suddenly muscular torso.

Even in its flaccid state my massive cock made a noticeable bulge in my pants! Luckily it was the weekend so I was able to get some new clothes that fit İstanbul Escort better before I had to show up at work again. I noticed that many of the girls I encountered were more flirtatious than would have been the case earlier. Could they tell that I had undergone some changes?

I didn’t try to pursue any of the possibilities. I was still too shy to just approach some one I didn’t know and ask if they wanted to fuck.

Monday morning is always the faculty staff meeting from eight to ten. Our Department Supervisor is a hard edged woman, Ms. Simington-Smythe Ms. Simington-Smythe always has a look of derision on her face. She acts like she is better than everyone else.

She is a bulky woman. She always wears a skirt that falls to mid calf, a white blouse under a loose fitting blazer. She is obviously trying to play down her feminine side and doing a pretty good job of it!

The rumor is that she’s engaged to some big, rich muckety-muck in the corporate world but no one at school has ever seen them together. She is young for her position but projects a cold, stern visage and is a stickler for detail and a general pain in the ass!

Any way, she’s a nasty piece of work. No one wants to get on her bad side! And she doesn’t seem to have a good side, either. She is always reporting people to HR or to the administration when she feels that they are inadequate in some way.

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!

Today was no exception. As usual I sat just to her left at the conference table. She sneered at several other people while berating them but ignored me. For once. But today I couldn’t get comfortable. My dick was half hard and I couldn’t find a position that didn’t irritate my newly enlarged member. I tried pushing it into different positions but nothing felt right.

At the end of the meeting Ms. Simington-Smythe finally turned her attention to me and demanded that I stay behind.

As the door closed behind the last of the others she turned to me with a furious look.

“What did you think you were doing, young man?!” She was maybe three years older than I was but the ‘young man’ crap was one of her ways of emphasizing her position of authority.

“Ma’am?” I responded.

“Playing with your.. um.. member! In a business meeting? How disgusting! Do you have anything to say before I report you to Human Resources?” She was reaching for the phone as she glared at me.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. It gets uncomfortable in these pants. I didn’t mean any disrespect!” I cupped my hand over my half hard dick in my pants.

“That’s… that’s… Um,” she was stumbling badly as she took in how long and thick I was. Even under my pants it was obvious that I had a huge dick!

“That’s not possible,” she continued as she put the phone back into it’s cradle. “No man can be that large! It’s just not possible.” Her tongue was wetting her lips as she kept on staring.

“Well it is true,” I told her. “I’m sorry but I have a really big dick now and I find it’s hard to get comfortable some times. There isn’t anything I can do about it!”

“Nothing you can do…?” she was still looking at the bulge my hard on was making. “No! I don’t believer it. It just cannot be..” She began to reach out with one hand. She stopped as I started to unzip my pants. I figured I was in plenty of trouble. I could at least prove that I wasn’t a liar! And underneath that bitchy facade Ms. Simington-Smythe wasn’t a bad looking woman. Some makeup and maybe some clothes?

Without any fuss I pulled my cock out of my underwear and let it protrude into the open. There was about eight inches of semi-hard dick exposed.

“That’s impossible,” Ms. Simington-Smythe repeated but with out any force to it. She just didn’t want to believe what she was seeing.

Without seeming to realize what she was doing, she reached out tentatively and brushed the back of her fingers against my manhood. It quivered and grew stiffer. Staring raptly at my groin she turned her hand and took a light hold of my cock.

“It’s not even hard,” she murmured. She squeezed it tentitively. “Not even hard and yet…” she pulled and pushed my dick to the left and right, examining it from all angles. “It’s so long and …” Her voice faded away again while she kept looking at what she was holding.

Slowly, she ran her hand up and down my cock. Just once. Under her touch I could feel the stiffness growing. Then she did it again! Then once more. I grew larger and longer as she kept stroking me.

“This is not possible,” she told me while looking me in the eyes. “No man can be this huge!”

“But I am,” I assured her. “And I’m going to ge bigger and harder if you keep on playing with my dick!”

“I’m not..” she hesitated. While she paused I pressed myself forward so that the tip of my dick touched her lips. Without thinking about it she ran her tongue out and swiped it across my cock. “Umm, ah, Oh God!” she moaned.

Her grip tightened and she sped up her movements. Ms. Simington-Smythe Anadolu Yakası Escort was giving me a hand-job in the Department Conference Room. What if someone came in?

That didn’t seem to occur to her. She was staring at the rapidly growing cock that she was now pumping with both hands! She didn’t slow down, not even when she heard me start to gasp and moan in excitement.

She just kept pumping and pumping, watching her hands as they flew up and down my dick!

“I’m going to cum,” I announced, “You’re going to make me cum!”

She didn’t even slow down. I wasn’t sure if she had heard me. Her entire focus was on the dick that she was rubbing and stroking!

She stared as my dick head pulsed, flared larger and then spat out a long rope of cum. It struck her face and smeared across her glasses. She was huffing and puffing as she kept working. She didn’t even flinch as I launched shot after shot of sperm that landed all over her.

I saw her tongue swipe across her lips, licking up cum that had splashed onto her. Still all of her attention was on watching me blow a huge load! She never even glanced at my face! She just milked me for all the juice she could get!

When it was clear that she had extracted all the cum that I had to offer her hands slowed and she let my now softening dick droop in front of her. She still didn’t look at me. She seemed to be in some sort of mental fog.

She was looking at her hands as if she didn’t believe that they were hers.

“Put that away and get out.” she said. still with out looking at me she. “This never happened!”

I tucked my still stiff cock back into my pants and went to the door.

As I left she was still sitting in her chair, unmoving. I wondered if she was having some sort of a seizure. But not enough for me to go back and try to talk to her!

The next day Ms. Simington-Smythe had me summoned to her office. She never called directly, she always had one of her underlings call or email or sometimes they would visit us on campus. I always figured they saw it as an excuse to get away from her.

I had spent the previous night having carnal relations with a young co-ed. She had enjoyed riding my cock until she had collapsed in ecstasy! After sucking a third load from me she had given me an enthusiastic tit-fuck with her proud 34-DD tits. It had been fun and I was looking forward to getting home for a good nights sleep before I was summoned.

So I showed up at her office at the time she had specified. Not early, not late. Right on time.

Of course she made me wait. Bitch.

After a while I was ushered into her office.

“You may leave, Esmerelda,” she instructed the secretary. As it was now well past five o’clock and the rest of the office was empty her instruction seemed unneeded. I caught the secretary rolling her eyes as she fled the office.

Turning to me Ms. Simington-Smythe glared at me. She was on the verge of sneering as she launched into a speech about decorum, propriety and proper office behavior. The gist of it was that whatever had happened between us the previous day had been my fault and she was not going to put up with it any longer and blah, blah, blah.

As she was ranting I got more and more pissed. This woman had grabbed my dick and had given me a first class hand job! She had taken the initiative and given me what was one of the best hand jobs I have ever had. (Is there such a thing as a bad hand job?) Anyway, she had forced me to empty my balls! And somehow, in her mind, she had managed to make it my fault! She was going to report me! And blah, blah, blah!

So I stood up, walked around her desk and stood next to her. I stood very close to her. She pushed her chair as far away from me as she could but I just stepped up to her again.

She stopped talking, thank God, and just shrank back in her chair.

Her eyes flitted from my face to my groin and back. She could easily see the bulge forming as my cock grew.

“No,” she was trying to be stern but it wasn’t working.

“Your problem, Ms. Simington-Smythe,” I told her, “is that you have no idea how to treat a man. You are bitchy and cold because that is the only way you know how to behave. I think it’s because you are afraid of your own feelings, your own needs and cravings. You could be a hot, foxy, sex machine if you only had the courage. Let me show you!” I pulled her hand to my crotch and placed it over my rapidly expanding dick.

“No! That’s not…” she gasped. “Don’t you dare.” Her voice died away. And she didn’t take her hand off my hard-on.

“Take it out, bitch!” There was real iron in my voice.

“No, you can’t make me!”

“DO IT! Do it NOW! We both know that you want to see my huge cock!”

She didn’t look me in the eyes, but slowly she began to unfasten my belt.

“I can’t believe I’m letting you make me do this,” she complained. She didn’t stop working however. In a moment she had pulled my pants down to my Kartal Escort knees. She was staring at the bulge that my cock was making in my underwear. And she was running her hand up and down that bulging length!

“I’m not making you do anything,” I pointed out. as she began to extract my hard-on from my underwear. “You’re the one that is running both hands up and down my gigantic prong. And you love it, don’t you, you bitch!”

“No,” Her tongue came out to wet her lips. “I don’t like holding your massive, rock hard penis in my hands! It’s disgusting!” Her words were contradicted by the way she kept on stroking me and licking her lips. She never looked me in the face. All of her attention was on the big dick she was fondling thru my underwear.

“Go ahead,” I encouraged her. “Remember how it felt yesterday? How hard, how hot it got in your hands while you stroked me? So go ahead, take it out and see what it feels like in your hands. See if it feels the same way today.”

As I watched she pulled my dick down and then took her hands away, letting my dick spring out to bounce in front of her.

I could hear her panting as she stared in amazement.

“So big,” she gasped. “So big, so long and thick.” She seemed unaware that she was leaning closer and closer to my hard-on. Her tongue came out and she licked my dick from the balls to the dick head that was pulsing to my heart beat.

I put my hand on the top of her head gently. At the same time I pressed my dick head to her lips. I didn’t force her. I just touched her lips with the tip of my lance.

She didn’t react. She sat there for a moment. Then her lips parted and her tongue came out to lick across and around my dick head. While I watched she swabbed my cock head with her tongue and lips. I could hear soft sounds coming from her. She was sucking on the tip of my cock, lapping up the precum that was flowing from my huge dick.

She pulled back, gasping. She had both hands wrapped around me, one on top of the other. And there were still inches and inches of steel hard dick projecting from between her fists!

I pulled it from her grasp and started to lightly slap her face with my dick. She flinched a little but she didn’t draw back. She just sat there and let me spank her cheeks with my hard-on.

I slapped her forehead with my dick head and then I fed my shaft back into her mouth.

“Mummph, mummph, mummph,” she was making noises as she sucked on my dick head. Her head was rocking back and forth as she took my dick head into her mouth. I could feel her tongue wiggling against the bottom of my dick. She opened her mouth wider and pushed her tongue out to lick the bottom of my shaft.

She was still rocking her head forward and back and now she was taking more and more of my dick into her mouth. She was getting about four inches of me into her mouth and she was still making those soft little sounds of enjoyment while she worked.

She was holding the bottom half of my shaft in both hands. Squeezing and sliding her hands up and down she was milking my dick of the precum that was welling up from my balls. Occasionally she would move one hand down to caress my gonads which encouraged more precum to seep out of my dick and into her mouth.

She seemed to enjoy the taste. From time to time she would pull back to admire my stiff dick and to swallow the juices she had been holding in her mouth.

“I taste good, don’t I, Ms. Simington-Smythe?”

She ignored my question. She just kept working away, sucking and licking my cock. She would run her lips and tongue up and down the shaft. She sucked and licked up all the juices she could find. And every once in a while she would push my dick against my abdomen. Then she would cup my balls in her hand while she licked them. She would pull one ball into her mouth and suck on it noisily before letting it drop. Then she would attack the other ball. She couldn’t get both into her mouth at the same time, but she tried! Oh, yes. she tried!

It all felt amazing!

“I’m about to blow!” I announced. That seemed to catch her attention.

She pulled back a little to let my dick bounce in front of her. “Are you going to ejaculate? Are you ready to ejaculate a big load for me? Are you ejaculating?” She asked while still stroking me rapidly.

“Oh, yes. here I cum!” A massive blast of cum rocketed out from my dick. It arced across the desk and knocked over a picture frame sitting on the desk. Most of the rest ended up in her mouth while she jacked me off. She was swallowing quickly but there was still some that dribbled down her chin and onto her blouse.

When I was finally done she let me go and licked off her hands.

“I never heard of any man who could ejaculate in such proportions,” she said. Even when talking about sex she was very formal and rigid in her choice of words. She was looking me in the eyes while cleaning herself up. She actually smiled at me as she licked and sucked up my cum from her fingers!

“Oh, dear, look at what you’ve done to Peter,” she exclaimed. She picked up the picture frame which had been spattered with my first load. She laughed a little. “He would be so mortified!” She glanced at me, at my face, at my dick. “He isn’t half the man you are! Not even close.”

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