The Kellen Adventure: Chris Mountain Ch. 02


The Kellen Adventures are setup as a continuing tale of a woman and her various sexual adventures. Chris Mountain is the first installment of many to come. Each Adventure is split into small chapters with two sections, one Kellen’s and other the lead male. Each Kellen Adventure can be a stand-alone story, yet the chapters are designed to be read in order. This is Chapter 2. I hope you can get into the story and enjoy.

My work is completely fiction and designed for an adult audience.

(Edited by GentWithHandcuffs)

TKA: Chris Mountain – Chapter 2


As we pull up to this cabin he calls home, I feel butterflies again. The airport indulgence was amazing, but I’m not usually that girl. I don’t have sex in public, until now that is. Maybe this is the new me, the new Kellen Lately, who lives her life how she wants to.

“Well here we are. Let me get you inside before you freeze again.” Chris looks over at me smiling, moving his arm to the back of the bench seat, softly tugging some of my hair in his fingers. “I’m really glad you’re here Kellen. I’m not talking about earlier, though that was amazing, but I really want you to be here, be with me in my element.” His eyes are twinkling from the porch light; he looks like he really means it.

I smile and he scoots over towards the middle of the seat then leans in to kiss me again. I lean into him grabbing his neck, feeling his long hair curled around his beanie. The heat and passion I feel with him is overwhelming, all-consuming again. I can’t seem to get enough of his soft lips and wet tongue right now. I know every fantasy this man has ever had; I know exactly what he wants, how he likes it, what drives him wild. Yet I still want to explore and take my time, just not right now.

I slide my way over him to straddle his hips again, feeling good about myself for taking charge.

“Take your coat off, now.” He growls at me between kisses on my neck.

I oblige, unzipping it. He instantly pushes it off my shoulders, grabs both my running jacket and t-shirt and pulls them over my head. Leaning back he stares at my chest. “So fucking perfect,” is all he says as he unhooks my bra and starts to taste my left nipple. I lean back and enjoy his attention, bringing my firm breasts closer to his face.

With one hand he is cupping the bottom of my right breast and stroking my nipple with his thumb slowly, bringing it to a point. As he moves to take that nipple into his mouth, I moan, more to encourage, then the fact that it feels good, since my nipples have never been overly sensitive. I want to be one of those girls who feels the zing in your crotch that I have read about, but alas I am not.

I know they look good though; they have always been firm and large. My nipples are nice and perky, surrounded by a smaller areola. Chris’ soft touch on them does feel sensual though. Touch is something I love. I love to be explored and to do the exploring. I also know he loves breasts and him exploring me is enough to keep me turned on. He takes his time to make each rose-colored nipple hard before kissing along my chest towards my collarbone.

I reach down the front of his pants, and begin cupping his full balls, and stroking his rigid cock, pumping slowly a few times. He moans then bites my shoulder. Not enough to break skin, but enough for me to feel the pain of him doing it. I like it, it turns me on even more to know he wants me this bad. I need more room to play with him.

Taking my hand I unbutton and unzip his fly, and instantly I’m right back to stroking him. He is smooth and soft and hard all at once. I didn’t realize just how big he is in the airport, Escort İstanbul it all happened so fast for me. I could just sit here and watch myself play with him. I love how the tip is wider and catches the heel of my hand, then I’m stopped again when I reach his firm belly and sack. I can feel the silky skin moving beneath my hand.

I can imagine it entering me again, squeezing through my opening. The rush was incredible in the airport. Feeling my opening stretching as it squeezed onto him before he slid inside. When he did, every nerve ending on my inner walls fired, all tightening around him. With the pressure on my clit, it drove me insane instantly.

Chris reaches down and rubs my pussy with his fingers, paying special attention to my clit with his thumb once again. God it feels good. I find his mouth again as more intensity flows south. I guide his cock to my slick opening. I know what it is going to feel like, but here, we can let loose a little more. I am willing myself to be a little louder. To say exactly what I need and want him to do. I have never really done what I wanted; the airport was just the beginning.

I lower my hips and feel his smooth tip push through, then the rest of him slides in all the way. I forgot how large he felt inside, it gives the whole ‘feel it in your throat’ saying new meaning. My soft walls are shifting, fitting to his size. I can feel them conform to his shape, holding onto him snuggly. I am enjoying him just being on his hips with him deep inside and I haven’t started to move yet.

I get the courage to open my eyes and look at him. When we meet each other’s eyes we laugh; I actually blush and giggle, he laughs at me for doing that. There were so many messages from him to not be embarrassed. I was trying. We had talked the whole way from the airport, but this was more personal, intimate. Real.

He breaks the silence while he moves his hands up to my beanie, removing it and running his hands over my long dark-blonde hair. “I’ve thought about this for while Kellen, you being here. I am so glad you are.” His eyes and hands run over my shoulders just skimming along my skin. “I’ve wanted to explore you for so long. To have you experience some of those things you haven’t yet. How does that sound to you?” He looks back into my eyes, resting his hands on my upper arms.

Smiling, I weakly say, “I would like that. I’m glad I’m here too. It’s weird. I feel so comfortable, but still really nervous. This doesn’t feel like our second time together, but… I don’t know. Just forget it.” I shake my head looking over his shoulder. Feeling stupid for starting to share a more personal thought and being vulnerable. I still didn’t know really what to call this, us together, where we stood.

I began to rock slowly on top of him, rubbing my clit, trying to forget my embarrassment. I can feel him rubbing back and forth inside me, and my clit warm against his stomach. Each stroke bringing me more pleasure. Finally I build up enough courage to say something again on a safer subject. “What are we going to do this weekend?” Wait was I having a regular conversation during sex? Shouldn’t I be sexy or something?

“You’re looking at it beautiful. Tomorrow we ski. I will teach you anything you don’t know about it, which I know is just about everything but what snow looks like. When you’re done with skiing, we can come back and hang out in the hot tub for a while, then do whatever comes up. Sunday we have until 11am before I need to take you back to the airport. Are you sure you have to work Monday?” He asks and then nuzzles my neck adding a few small nips.

“Yes, but this will be fun.” İstanbul Escort Bayan I mostly was saying it to myself. Brilliantly, a new rush of pleasure was starting to reach my crotch and build, distracting me. I began to rock faster, moaning quietly. I hold the back of the bench seat grinding hard on his deep cock, as Chris presses my hips down with his strong hands on my ass, moving them with my pace.

I felt my pussy squeezing, the heat building, I start rubbing back and forth as fast as I could. Being on top is always my favorite; I can come multiple times hard just with the clit stimulation. Right now, I can feel it start in my pussy and build out, intensify right before I break and start to cum. The rush takes over me and I continue my pace until it subsides. I rock slower to the aftershocks until I am barely moving. The entire time I wasn’t sure if I took a breath but now I’m gasping and my heart is beating through my chest. I slowly open my eyes.

Chris was staring at me. “Kellen you are so fucking hot when you come, but I want you somewhere else. I can go for a while longer and want you to experience something new. I also need these pants off all the way. I don’t mind the feature we added though, it worked in a pinch,” raising his eyebrows a few times and kissing me on the forehead.



My hands are shaking slightly as I put the key in. Adrenaline rushes through my body as I open the door and set her bag down. She is really here. I could make her fantasies and desires come to life. Create new ones for her while dipping into my own. I feel so masculine, which is such a rush.

I look over as she is cautiously unzipping her coat. She never put back on her other clothes and is standing with her coat open, chest bare, ripped running tights showing her slit to where her trimmed hairs start, and tiny white socks in her neon yellow running shoes.

“I think I may need to just throw these things away. This isn’t a good look,” She says as she shyly looks up at me, teeth in her bottom lip.

I like how timid she can be. I sit on the steps and untie my boots to take them off, watching her take off her shoes easily by stepping on the heels. Pulling up each foot she takes off her socks and stands in her bare feet wiggling her toes. She seems to pause before she slowly gabs the waist of her tights and pulls them down her thighs to her ankles.

“You know I’ve already explored everything you’re showing off, right? You’re beautiful. Don’t be ashamed.” I stand up and strip off my shirt, dropping it on the floor by the stairs.

I can see her eyes widen slightly before she catches herself. I stay fit by skiing and rock climbing year round and know I have a decent body. I never zipped my pants for the trip from my truck, so I only need to unbutton and slide them off my lean hips along with my boxers. Stepping out of both articles, I begin to stroke my half-hard cock walking the short distance towards her. Kellen licks her dark pink lips as she stares at me. I can picture myself inside those lips. Not yet though, this weekend is for her.

“Take your coat off,” I tell her calmly, and step closer, still stroking myself slowly.

My cock is fully hard. She is still watching me as she pushes her coat off her shoulders, then bends over to take one foot out of her tights. Once it is out, I can’t wait any longer.

I lean down and put my arms under her armpits. “Wrap your legs around me, and hold on cupcake.” Kellen stands up fully, then wraps her arms around my neck and squeezes her strong legs around my waist tightly.

I walk her over to the empty wall next to the Anadolu Yakası Escort door. Reaching down underneath her, I can feel that she is still sopping wet. I easily slide my cock into her, pinning her to the wall.

She gasps, tightening around my shoulders and waist more. “Don’t drop me,” she quietly says with her voice shaky.

“I won’t drop you, you aren’t heavy. You’re perfect and you have never had this before. I want you to know what it feels like to have someone make you come while you are suspended. Pinned in midair.” I kiss her lips softly once. “Relax cupcake, I will never drop you.”

I begin to kiss her deeply this time as I pull my cock out, before driving back into her hard; I could feel her body push back against the wall. I continued to take my cock out slowly, then push back in deeply. The entire time, I talk to her; tell her how amazing and beautiful she is. How her pussy is so tight and feels so amazing around me. How there is nowhere else I want to be. I feel the moment when she begins to trust me in this position. She lets her head move off her shoulders with eyes closed, moaning quietly.

Keeping her hips against the wall I quicken my pace, never fully leaving her. “Let go Kellen. Enjoy this,” I encourage.

She is still so quiet, I can only read her body language so much. I know she is enjoying this, but I’m not completely sure how good it truly feels to her. It is incredible for me, having this gorgeous, intelligent women wrapped around me with my cock buried deep inside her. I would have been happy with just looking at her as she stood in my home with only her ripped pants on. I still can’t believe I cut them in the middle of an airport. I hadn’t been that turned on in forever.

A quiet, “Eh, eh, eh,” comes out every time I pump inside of her. Sweat is dripping down my back, and I can feel it run down my ass. Her hands start to grip my upper back and I feel her fingernails dig into my flesh. “Faster Chris, faster,” she says in my ear.

I push into her harder, bouncing her against the wall; I know the skin on her back is going to be raw tomorrow. I feel her tighten. Fuck I’m about to explode. I squeeze and hold on, waiting for her to come again. She is about to draw blood from my back.

“Ah, ah, fuck! I’m coming, fuck, fuck, fuck! ” She trails off every time I pump back inside her.

I hear her heavy breathing start to slow. I pull her away from the wall, telling her to stand up. Kellen slowly puts one leg, then the other onto the ground. I know her legs are wobbly from being locked onto me so hard. It takes her a few seconds to steady herself, and once she does I tell her to turn around.

My cock is still glistening from her sweet juices; I can’t wait to take her from behind. I spread her legs and reach around to her swollen clit, she is so hot and wet. I walk her to the couch and bend her over the plush arm softly and guide my slick shaft back into her; I slide in without trouble. Once inside she engulfs me with her soft walls, holding onto me as I rock in and out of her.

Her ass and back look amazing from this view; I can see where her skin rubbed against the wall, red and raw, I will take care of that later. Right now, I hold her hips and continue to fuck her sweet pussy. My legs are hitting against the backs of her thighs, the clapping is the only thing you can hear in my house besides our heavy breathing. She squeezes the inside of her walls and moans, this time a little louder than before while she was against the wall. It puts me over the top. I feel myself ready to explode again.

“Oh fuck, baby! God you feel so good!” I tell her as I come. Her pussy keeps milking me, five times I flood into her. Filling her.

I pull out and see my come dripping off my cock. As I turn her around it’s running down her legs, glistening white. I pull her into my chest shaking my head.

“You are fucking amazing,” is all I could come up with.

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