The Layover


I was heading to LA for a business trip and bought a last minute cheap airfare ticket. Usually everything from my town makes a straight shot, but for the most random reason ever, there was a three hour layover in Denver. Not one to let an opportunity pass no matter how much trouble it might cause I touched base with you and we made plans to have lunch somewhere on the concourse to catch up on old times.

In my mind, it seemed like a safe idea that no one had to know anything about. I could meet up with my soul mate and greatest love to finally talk face to face and if nothing else, I could feel your body up close in a hug…something I’ve longed for over the past 10 years.

When I landed, I realized that you couldn’t get through the security gate to meet me. So I made accommodations with the airline for another boarding pass and came out to meet you. Upon seeing you, my mouth hit the floor and I felt all the old emotions welling up in me, as well as, an arousal I hadn’t felt in some time…

You were wearing a low cut blue top that barely did enough to keep your breasts covered and a lovely black skirt that almost reached your knee, but had a nice slit in the side to show some leg. I could also see your beautifully manicured toes in your heels.

I almost melted when you smiled at me and it seemed to take forever to take the 5 steps Anadolu Yakası Escort to walk over to you and embrace you with a hug. Seeing as we were in your city, I didn’t want to do anything too over the top in case a random friend of yours happened to be there.

We held each other for at least 5 minutes savoring each other’s smells and touch. When we broke, I lightly kissed you on your cheek and asked what we were going to do for lunch. You grinned at me mischievously and said, “Me”!” My heart was pounding in over drive and I knew we were about to make up for lost time.

We walked out of the airport and once free from the inside, you took my hand and playfully rubbed your fingers in my palm. I asked where your car was and we headed that way. As you led me through a maze of parking spots, I put my arm around your waist and let it drop to your ass. I began rubbing it and giving it soft little squeezes.

At one point, I pulled you behind a column, pressed myself against you and kissed you deeply. Nothing too soft and no build up. My tongue darted into your mouth searching for yours. As they danced against each other, I heard you moan softly…the moan got louder as I began kneading your ass with my hands. I pulled away and mentioned that I didn’t feel any lines under your skirt.

You smiled again and pulled the slit of Pendik Escort it open to show me your naked, shaved pussy. You leaned in to me and whispered in my ear…”We’ve been waiting for you.” You pulled my hand and pressed it against your mound to feel the heat and moisture from your center.

You rubbed my finger up and down your slit, letting your juices dribble on my fingers. As I tried to work them inside of you…you pulled away and said, “Not yet.”

You dropped your skirt back into place and put my fingers, first to my lips to taste you before pulling them towards your mouth to taste yourself. You gave my cock a squeeze through my jeans saying, “I’ve missed this. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years.”

We shared another deep soul kiss and wind our way to your car. I can’t believe it, but you seemed to have found the most secluded corner in the parking garage. As we get to it, I look around before pushing you in front of me to lean over the car.

We’re positioned, so we can see any oncoming traffic, and no one can drive up to surprise us from behind. With a little giggle, you feel my hand work up your leg up the back of your skirt. As I get closer to your pussy, you spread your legs to allow my fingers better access.

By now, I’ve got your skirt hiked up to your waist and your naked ass is out in the open for any Kurtköy Escort to view. I pull your hair to the side and kiss your neck as you feel my finger penetrate the folds of your pussy lips. I drop a hand to caress your breast through your top and bra while working another finger into your pussy. You moan your approval. By now, my cock is straining for release and you hear me start to fumble with my belt and jeans.

You try to push away and say, “Not here”, but I won’t be deterred. I nibble on your ear and whisper, “We’re not going to finish here, but I have to feel your sugar walls…just for a second. A couple of strokes…is that alright, baby?”

Before you can answer, I’ve already got the tip against your pussy and insert the head. As it pierces your wetness, you lean back and tell me to do whatever I want to you.

I push my cock fully into your pussy and hear you moan. I feel your pussy getting accustomed to my size. I feel your juices running down my balls. I stroke in and out of you a few times enjoying the feel of you…

Before we get too carried away, we hear a car coming close. As I pull out of you and look at the mixture of our fluids on my cock, I can’t help but think how happy I am this layover was available. You turn to face me as I adjust my hardness to put it back into my jeans and kiss me again.

I ask what we’re going to do. You reply…”Everything.”

“Where we were going?” I ask.

You smile…”Remember our first encounter at the Drury Inn?” I smile and hurry around to the passenger side in anticipation for our re-enactment of our first sexual encounter…

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