The Mistress


All characters in sexual situations are 18 years of age and older.

Chapter 1

My name is Max and I am just an average kid in high school. I spent as much time with dad because my mother was a piece of work. One day she started to beat me so bad because I made to much noise. I ran to my room, shut the door and locked it from the inside. She would start banging on the door to break it down. I called my father at work and he drove home to confront her. He told her she is not to beat me.

She replied, “Fuck You, I can do what I want”

My dad then took me to my grandmother’s place. She would ask the same question I did to him many times.

“Why do you stay with her?, just leave and stay with me.”

“I still love her.”

” You have to think of Max, she’s abusive and beats him all the time”

What about me, I loved my father but I saw him as a weak man afraid to make the big choices. One day I came home expecting to see my dad but there were police parked in front of the house. When I came in, my mother told me that dad was driving your grandmother to the doctors and got into an accident, they both were killed. The police then just left and I went to my room. When dad and my grandmother were here I felt safe but now I was so afraid and alone.

I came down for dinner and I started crying but she slapped me across the face and told me to get over it.

Later that year I started grade 12. I came home one day with Cindy I knew from school. She was beautiful, long blond hair and nice breasts. She was also an athlete and I loved watching her play basket ball. When we arrived at my place, we both saw a motorcycle in the front of the house. We both knew what that meant, it would be one of her boyfriends. I confided in Cindy many time what was going on. She told me to come over to her house and do homework there.

One day I came home late to many times and she was waiting for me.

She said, “Where were you.”

I tried to tell her but she did not believe me.

She said, “You have been talking about me behind my back, haven’t you.”

I told her no but she started beating me. This time I would not take it and I punched her in the face, she went backward then fell on the floor. She told me about honoring thy mother and father.

I said, “Fuck you,” and I spat on her.

The boyfriend came around the corner and saw her on the floor and Bostancı Escort he punched me in the face and threw me out of the door.

She yelled out, “If you come back I will have his motorcycle gang kill you.

Chapter 2

I walked down the street and I thought about going to Cindy’s place but her parents were never happy I was there. They did not want to get involved. I walked around the city crying, hungry and dirty for days. I ended up in a rich area and sat near a upscale gym, begging for food or money but no one was listening.

I wanted to cry and wanted my father or grandmother to hold me and protect me. Before I knew it these group of men and woman came out with baseball bats in there hands. My heart was pumping so hard and loud and I was frozen with fear. They kept beating me as I cried out for help but people just kept walking away. They hit my head so many time and I just passed out from the pain.

I woke up in the hospital and something was different with me. They told me I suffered brain damage in the beating. I stayed in a hospital for many, many days. They showed me the calendar but then I would forget what day it was and I could not find it again on the calendar. After a time, they moved me to a old hotel. It was dirty and smelly. They did help me to shop for food and cook for my self. Finally that lady did not come back anymore and I was alone and afraid again. I heard people screaming outside the door. In the morning I noticed some people had pissed on the wall..

One day my cheque came in and I went to the bank to deposit the money. Then went shopping for food just like they showed me. About half way through the month; some people in the building broke into my place and pushed and kicked me to the floor. They yelled at me calling me names like retarded. They took all my food and things. I cried in the corner of the room. I heard them say to shut up or they will come back to shut me up. I ran out of there as fast as I could and again I was walking on the street alone. I knew no one would listen so I stayed quiet. I ended up at a groceries store. I sat outside waiting to die.

I saw a lady that came up to me. She was beautiful like Cindy I thought. She said, “are you okay,” I did not want to answer. She went into the store and came out with food and she gave some to me, I thanked her. I begin to eat the food as fast as Ümraniye Escort possible. Some days later in the evening some cars came in and stopped in front of me. They came out with heavy things in there hands.

“We are going to teach you a lesson so you move on.” I was great full they were going to kill me. I was not afraid and welcomed it.

All of a sudden that lady came out and she fought them in a way I have never seen before. She broke one guy’s arm and left him screaming. She then stomped on a leg and something came out. They ran away and she picked me up and took me to her home.

Chapter 3

I was so afraid sitting on her couch wondering what was going to happen. She asked so I told her everything that had happened to me. She took my clothes off as well as hers and we took a shower together and she made sure I was clean. She gave me some old army clothes. She asked me to call her mistress. The next couple of days she showed me how to take care of myself, make meals and do laundry. We slept together and I felt safe for the first time since my father died. She told me there would be days that she will be gone but she will be back. She told me to just do the jobs she showed me.

She even trusted me to cut the grass and clean the house. At night she put her arms around me and said “I will protect you no matter what.” She drank Jack Danial out of the bottle and was drunk often. At first I was afraid because my mother drank and usually bad things would happen. She looked at me and told me I was safe. When she was drunk she told me stories when she was in the special forces. The army blamed her for the deaths of her team in a mission. She was the only survivor. She would cry a lot about her team. Her rich military family disowned her after that. She had a lot of her own money and army pension.

I did not know where she would disappear to. She just said I would be back in a few days. At night we did have sex and she showed how to treat her. I would lick her tits then pinch them. Then played with her pussy while she was deepthroat me. It felt good like we were the only one in this world.

Chapter 4

One day when she was drunk; she told me where she was going, when she disappeared.

She said, “I am not like other girls and I would go to places to get gangbanged.”

I did not know what that meant. She explained it to me, I was Kartal Escort not sure what to think.

I replied, “Can I be part of it.”

“Only if you choose to and the other guy’s will not do anything to you, I promise.”

She gave me the choice to be apart of it or not and I was happy with that.

One day the gangbang party was at the house. Several guys cam over and there was loud music. She called me down with towels. Everyone was naked and she was on the couch. I wiped her face and body. She instructed me to sit down and watch. She went on her knees and sucked several cocks and she even winked at me. I smiled at her, this is the first time I seen her happy. She put her head over the side of the couch while one of the guys stuck there cock in her mouth all the way down. Another guy gust fucked hard and then cumed all over her body. She then looked at me, “Do you want a try.” Sure, my cock was so hard and I put in her pussy. She really liked what I was doing.

After that there were three guys putting there cock in all holes in her body. There were guys cock almost the size of there arm. She was so loud when they tried. She would ask me to wipe her down again of all the sweat and cum on her body. The other guys left and mistress and I were so tired, we fell asleep together on the couch.

Chapter 5

We did this a lot and I was fine with it but she drank so much. she drank Jack Danial out of the bottle. When she was drunk, she told me more war stories. She said her call sign was mistress. One morning I tried to wake up mistress but she would not. Her body seemed hard and could not move her arms or legs. I knew she was dead and I cried so hard. I heard a voice and it was mistress, but it did not come from her body. The voice said, ” do what I told you to do if this happened.

I called the man she said was lawyer. I told him everything. He came over with the ambulance. He told me that everything was mine now. He said the house and her money. He helped me with her funeral but no one came. On her stone said: Here lies a hero. It was not her fault what happen but they forced her to take the blame. I asked the lawyer why was she helping me so much:

“She has seen a lot suffering in combat. She was an honourable soldier but when they blamed her for what happened to her men she was lost and broken. She want to do something good in this world, so she took care of you. She also punished herself with all this drinking and that killed her.”

I visited her grave everyday because no one else did. I always brought her fresh flowers. So many days went by and mistress came to me and thanked me. We then both went to heaven.

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