The Scholarship Pt. 03

Big Tits

Vanessa slept fitfully that night. She wasn’t sure whether it was the noise of her roommates or the noise from the campus outside; but it was probably just the excitement and anxiety awaiting a response from Cassandra. She’s not sure when she actually fell asleep, but she awoke with a start with her phone vibrating frantically.

“You need to shut that thing up” she heard from one of her roommates. Debating whether or not to throw the phone at her roommate’s head, she decided it would be better to ignore them and just see what was causing the alerts.

A string of texts came through from Cassandra

You don’t take much time!
That is WONDERFUL news, love.
I’m so excited for you!
You’re going to absolutely LOVE it.
Wallet… well, he’ll just have to accept it; he doesn’t get a choice.
I reached out to the lawyer. She’ll come over on Sunday.
See you then!

Vanessa was immediately back to the state of arousal she was at last night. She got up and made her way to the showers. She couldn’t let this pressure mount too much more. Taking a long, hot, meditative shower, she imagined her new life – her own bedroom, the quiet, the privacy, and the delicious naked servant catering all of her other needs. It didn’t take long for Vanessa to cum several times in the shower that morning. This was going to be a good weekend!

* * * * * * *

Sunday morning arrived and Vanessa made her way over to what would become her new home. She and Cassandra had agreed to do a little tour of the house before the lawyer arrived. Vanessa really didn’t think there was ANY way she wasn’t going to sign whatever was required so thought it prudent to bring along a few of her belongings from the dorm. This time she dressed considerably more casually; having had to lug her things to the car, she opted for a pair of jeans, a light white tank top and a red flannel.

She drove up the private road toward her new home, she marveled at the property now that she could see it in the day light. Trees abounded, the air was fresh, and there was even a little stream. She could feel the calm setting in already.

She pulled up to the house and popped out of her car with renewed excitement. She pulled one of the boxes out of the back of her car and made her way to the front door. Drawing in a deep breath, she rang the bell and waited for Cassandra to greet her.

The door swung open. But instead of Cassandra, she was greeted by Wallet. She knew she would eventually get used to the sight, but this surprised her. She took in the sight before here, slowly looking him up and down. Scanning every inch of his naked body. The shock collar was still Anadolu Yakası Escort there. But… he wasn’t quite as naked like last time. Nor was he sporting the erection she last saw him with. Instead, that thick cock of his was locked into a cage that definitely much too small for what she saw just a few days ago.

“Good to see you” she said with a wink walking in carrying her box with her.

Only a few steps into the house, she was scared frozen when she heard Cassandra’s voice screaming “Um… what the hell are you doing?!”

“…. Walking?” Vanessa nervously responded not really sure what was going on.

“Why are you carrying that?! Wallet! Are you SERIOUS?!” Cassandra howled descending the stairs. Vanessa could see the collar’s control device in Cassandra’s hand and noticed Wallet has dropped to his knees. Realizing she still had a lot more to learn, Vanessa placed the box down on the floor and backed away.

Cassandra was also dressed more casually today. She stood over Wallet’s prone form wearing a pair of navy-blue yoga pants and a black pullover hoodie. “Do women work in this house, Wallet?” she demanded of him while she pressed her white converse sneakers down on Wallet’s hand. “Do. Women. Work. In. This. House?”

“No, Miss” whimpered Wallet.

“No… they don’t” Cassandra said turning her attention to Vanessa, her voice sweetening “Is the any more out there?”

“Just a few more boxes” Vanessa confessed sheepishly.

Her attention back on Wallet now “Bring all of Vanessa’s things up to her room and meet us in the living room” Cassandra commanded, removing her foot from Wallet’s hand. With that, he scurried out of the house to get to work, the lock on his caged cock click-clacking along the way.

“Sorry for that, hun. You didn’t know better yet. Wallet SHOULD have known better, though. Tsk tsk tsk. I’ll show you around while he brings your stuff in” Cassandra said as she started leading Vanessa up the stairs she had just descended.

“You do realize he went out there naked, right?” Vanessa asked, a little concerned “What about the neighbors?”

Doubling over from laughing, Cassandra had to stop at the top of the stairs “Did you drive here with your eyes closed? This property is HUGE. There is no one that could possibly see.” Composing herself, Casandra continued walking us down the hall “Besides… you remember – no clothes, no privacy. He’s actually out there quite often in the warmer weather. Sometimes, I actually lock him out there just to be a little extra mean since this used to be his house.”

Like the downstairs, the upstairs was equally opulent. The wide wainscoted halls, Avrupa Yakası Escort the hardwood floors, the luxurious runners… Vanessa couldn’t imagine living in a place like this. These were the places she would have looked at on real-estate sites and dreamed of. Lucky for her, she wouldn’t have to imagine any more.

“This is your” said Cassandra as she opened a door. And in they walked into one of the most luxurious bedrooms Vanessa had ever seen. A king-sized, four-poster canopy bed was inviting Vanessa in. But the light pouring in from the huge windows and the double doors to the balcony overlooking the wooded property, the grand wooden desk, and the book cases lining the wall invited her to stay.

As she stood there, just beaming, Vanessa was called back to the reality by the click-clack of Wallet’s cock cage walking in to the room with the boxes from her car. Placing them down in the center of the room, Wallet started to leave, presumably to meet us in the living room.

“Just a moment, Wallet” Cassandra stopped him “open the closet”

Wallet made his way over to one of the doors at the far end of the room and opened it. Behind that door was a huge walk-in closet. Vanessa always wanted one of those. She could have a different outfit every day of the year

“Do you think those boxes will fill that closet, Wallet?” Cassandra asked with a seductive combination of bossiness and teasing. She put one arm around Wallet’s shoulders and started running her hand over his naked chest. “Hmmmmmm?”

Vanessa could see Wallet’s cock attempting to grow within it’s confines. She could also see Wallet becoming more and more physically uncomfortable.

“no, Miss” Wallet said looking at the floor.

“No. They won’t” Cassandra confirmed. “Now… I think we should fix that somehow… don’t you, Wallet?” she asked pressing her body up against his a little more. “And you DO owe her for making her work earlier.” Her hand made its way down to Wallet’s imprisoned cock, her fingers tracing the length of the jail.

His voice quavering “yes, Miss” Wallet responded, knees buckling. Giving in to the weakness, Wallet dropped to his knees “Miss, may i please… may i please be allowed buy… Her whatever She wishes to fill the closet?” he begged looking up at Cassandra.

Standing with her arms crossed, Cassandra reveled in the power she had. Running her fingers through his hair, she looked at Vanessa “Awww… how sweet… Wallet wants to buy you a housewarming gift to welcome you. So generous. What do you think, love?” she finished, tousling his hair but looking at Vanessa.

“That’s very sweet, Wallet. Thank you” offered Vanessa İstanbul Escort noticing the drips falling from the tip of the cage, which at this point was definitely at its limit.

“See! Already reaping the benefits!” Cassandra squealed as she walked away from Wallet no longer interested in him having extracted what she wanted.

“I thought you said nothing sexual, though” probed Vanessa, gesturing at Cassandra’s hand.

“Oh. That? Yeah. You never have to do anything you don’t want to do. But you might find you do enjoy it. He really can’t act on anything” she gestured at a small key dangling on a fine gold chain around her neck. “You’re in control the whole time. Besides, he isn’t allowed to touch me without my permission first. However, I can touch him anywhere… anytime… any way I want. And that… that’s for me; not him. He’s here for MY needs. If he reacts to my latent sexuality and my sensuality… well, that’s on him. I am not responsible for his reactions. Am I Wallet?” she shot down at the still kneeling boy.

“no, Miss. thank You for using Your wallet, Miss” Wallet responded, cock still dripping.

“My pleasure” Cassandra replied blowing a kiss at her wallet “and my money.”

Vanessa noticed how that last bit seemed to hit Wallet in the gut. She also noticed how his cock was now so hard in it’s cage some of it seemed to be poking out through the bars of the cage. This shouldn’t be making me as aroused as it is, she thought to herself. But this was hitting her in a way she didn’t expect.

Piercing the silence, and making all three of them jump, the doorbell rang throughout the house.

“She’s here, Wallet!” Cassandra squealed excitedly. Vanessa concluded she must’ve meant the lawyer. “Don’t keep her waiting” Cassandra teased.

Wallet jumped to his feet, ignoring the discomfort from the cage, and ran out of the bedroom.

* * * * * * *

Wallet ran to the door and opened it excitedly. As scared as he was, he always looked forward to visits from her.

Standing in the frame of the door was Leila. A woman in her mid to late 30s, her long black hair with red streaks throughout seemed to frame her sunglassed face in shadows. Her lips were black with a base of red underneath. She, too was dressed pretty casually. Despite her career success, she never let go of her punk and goth roots. She wore a black and grey striped drop shoulder knit sweater with strategic tears and stitching. Her skirt came down below the knees, but the slit on the right side went all the way up to her waist revealing her milk white thigh. And on her feet, she wore a pair of well-worn combat boots.

Wallet dropped to his knees “welcome home, Goddess” he muttered, leaning forward to kiss the tips of her boots.

“Hi toy! I see you’re still wearing the same old outfit” Leila teased as she walked in the house, leaving the naked man behind kissing the floor where she had been rather than the boots he had hoped to be kissing.

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