Catching a Train


This is the story of my first train and how it came about. This happened way back, in the days before we’d even heard about AIDS or HIV or anything like it.

I was twenty-two at the time and had been going to this one particular adult theater in town for several months. I liked this place because they had two screens, one playing straight films and the other gay. After paying an admission you went to either the left or right depending on which kind of film you were there to see.

Each theater was pretty large having an appropriately sized screen and seating for about a hundred and fifty patrons, although I never saw the place more then half full, if that.

You entered the darkened theaters at the front, just to the side of the screen and there were three aisles that ran front to back, one on either side and one down the middle of each theater.

At the rear was an aisle about ten feet wide that ran the width of the building. Inside each theater the aisle was separated from the seating area by a half wall, just tall enough when standing behind it watching the screen you could rest your elbows on top of it. Through heavy curtained doorways this aisle connected the two theaters and you were free to move back and forth between them as you wished.

On the rear aisle between the two theaters was a large restroom with a couple urinals and three stalls. There were glory holes between the three stalls and a peep-hole in the wall of the stall nearest the urinals, allowing for cock watching when someone came in to piss.

Let’s get this straight; I went to this place not to see the movies, although I did watch them, my goal was to suck and be sucked. Visits to this theater were hours long and I’d usually start off in the restroom, trying to get the stall nearest the urinals so I could have the opportunity to suck cock through the glory hole and see cock at the urinal.

I’d neither masturbate (much) nor allow myself to be sucked at this time so I could enjoy my visit for the longest time possible. Sitting in the restroom a short time I’d generally get to suck three or four cocks and see twice that many at the urinals.

Once I’d get bored with this action I’d float from theater to theater, usually hanging out behind the half wall looking for new cock to suck or play with.

Typically when I was though for the day I’d have sucked at least seven or eight cocks and been sucked off as well. Occasionally, but much less frequently I’d get with a guy or two and go someplace with them for more fun.

One time started out as a typical visit but ended up as something different and eventually led to another even more completely different event, at least for me.

Following my usual routine I started off in the restroom and had seen through the peep-hole a half dozen soft and semi-soft cocks peeing and had already sucked three guys off, one of them being someone who’d be the catalyst of one the most exciting and tiring sexual events of my life.

Some time later I went out to cruise the theaters and after playing around awhile was standing in the rear on the side showing gay films when a tall man came and stood next to me. I recognized from his shirt that he was one of the men I’d sucked off earlier through the restroom’s glory hole and knew there was no way this wasn’t that guy because who else could have been wearing the same loud, gaudy Polynesian shirt. He was about 6′ 3″, looked about thirty-five, had dark hair and eyes, but had an open and friendly face and I remembered his cock was very close to seven inches, cut and very thick with a wide helmet shaped head with a pronounced ridge at the base of the head.

As I watched the movie he came over and stood next to me and a moment later, as I had my forearms resting on top of the wall, he reached between my legs and cupped my balls.

He was standing facing my left side as he felt me through my jeans and I looked up at his smiling face. Glancing down I saw his hard cock and balls were sticking out through his open fly and placed my hand on his thick shaft and as I stroked him he began to pull my zipper down.

After getting my pants open and my cock out we stood there and stroked each other for several minutes when he suggested we go over to the far end of the rear aisle. This was the darker end and while there was an opening in the half wall to the last aisle running to the front of the theater there was very little foot traffic through this area, as most people used both the center aisle and the one nearer the access doors to this theater.

When we got to this area he got behind me and pressed himself against me hugging tightly, holding me to him. He pushed my jeans and underwear down over my hips and ground his hard cock that was sticking out through his fly into my bare rear and I was a bit nervous about this as we were in the public area of the theater, but he was persistent.

After grinding against me for a minute or so the man behind me pulled my hips back and pressed down between my shoulders signaling he wanted me to bend over. When Sakarya Escort I had bent over for him he pushed my jeans further down and rubbed the head of his cock up and down the crack of my ass. He pulled back from me just a bit and thinking he was stopping began to rise but he placed his hand onto my back again and held me down.

Looking back at him I saw him take a tube of lube from his pocket and spread it on his cock. Knowing now what he wanted to do left me both tremendously excited and nervous. I wanted his cock in my ass…but here?

Placing one hand on my back and holding his cock with the other he aimed it at my asshole, pressing it in a little harder after meeting some resistance but with me pushing back helping him he got it inside me. Once he was firmly inside me I stood and placed my arms back on the half wall and kept my back arched as he set up a steady rhythm.

I loved the way his cock felt in my ass, the way he’d pull it almost all the way out then push it back in until his hips met mine. At one point as he fucked his cock in and out of me I moved down a bit more resting my forehead on my forearm that I held running along the edge of the top of the wall, so he could push into me a bit deeper.

As he fucked me several men passed nearby and noticed what we were doing. Most watched a moment or two while squeezing their own crotches, a couple stayed a little longer then the others and one came over to us to get an up close look.

As I stood there being fucked the new guy took his cock out of his pants and stroked it as he watched us. When the man fucking me came in my ass a few minutes later and pulled out the new guy quickly took his place and entered me right away before I had a chance to stand up. I liked what was happening so just stayed as I was, bent over while this stranger gave it to me in my ass.

He was about the same length as the first guy but not as thick and fucked me very rapidly moving his cock in and out as fast as I think he possibly could have. Not more then a minute later he shot his load into me adding his cum to the other mans already in my ass.

As soon as he pulled out the first guy turned me to face him, squatted and took my soft, but wet with my precum cock into his mouth. Instantly I was hard and in less than three minutes shot my load into his mouth, the man swallowing it all eagerly. Standing he placed his hand on my shoulder leaned in close and said “thank you.”

I nodded as I pulled my jeans and underwear up and then headed for the restroom and sat on the toilet to expel the two men’s cum from my ass.

While cleaning myself as well as I could I sat there a minute thinking about what I’d done. Was I embarrassed? Yes, somewhat. Was I excited by it? Absolutely! Given the opportunity would I do it again? I wasn’t sure, maybe.

The man in the loud shirt had followed me in and after cleaning himself at the sink, knocked on the stall door and asked “are you alright in there?”

After responding I was fine he asked “would you open the door for a minute?”

Hesitating a few seconds I reached over, flipped the latch and he pushed the door open but didn’t come into the stall. Leaning against the door jamb he said “hi, my names Daryl.”


“You’ve never done anything like that in public before have you?”


“Did you like it?”

I thought a few seconds, nodded and said “yeah, I did.”

A big smile broke out on his face and he said “Good because I really enjoyed what we did out there too and if you’d care to I’d really love getting together with you again, anytime.”

I would have liked to see this man again but wasn’t sure what he thought of me and as if reading my mind he said “look I really get off on public sex and was introduced to it much the same way you were…unexpectedly. But don’t worry about it, I think it’s hot and apparently so did you.”

I only nodded and sat there with my jeans and underwear around my ankles, my legs cocked open, my soft cock on display and his cum still leaking from my asshole.

“Tell you what if you want to see me again, well that’s totally your decision, but I really hope you’ll want to.” He stepped out of the stall doorway, walked over and pulled a paper towel out of the dispenser, came back and tearing off a corner wrote his phone number on it and gave it to me then said “I really hope you’ll call, I’d like that very much” and then he left.

A few minutes later I pulled myself together and also left.

Daryl was in my thoughts often for the next couple of weeks before I broke down and finally called him. He was really happy to hear from me and said he’d been thinking often of me too. We talked on the phone for quite a while and then just before we ended the call I agreed to meet him at his place that next Saturday morning.

Over the next two, three months or so we got together at his place on five or six different occasions and even though it wasn’t public sex we always had a good time. We’d suck each other, stopping often to prolong Adapazarı Escort our play and he fucked my ass every time, sometimes twice, which I loved, and I’d also fucked him on two or three different visits too. But not fucking him every time was ok with me because with men, especially older men I’ve always been a bottom, although I can top if the situation calls for it. Besides Daryl didn’t always want to be fucked so it worked out for both of us.

One day we were lying in bed after he’d fucked me a second time and then sucked me off when he asked “would you be interested in going someplace with me?”


“Someplace where we can have sex with each other and also a bunch of other people can either watch or join in, but only if we want them too. It wouldn’t be like the last time at the movie theater, at this place most everyone would be having sex too, although there are some people who just like to watch, but everyone is naked.”

I didn’t say anything for a bit then said “let me think about it a while.”

He smiled and said “take as long as you need we can go anytime.”

I thought about it for several days and the idea did appeal to me, intriguing me very much in fact, so eventually I called him and said “let’s do it.”

I could almost hear the pleasure in his voice when he asked “Can you get free next weekend?”

“I can try, do my best. I’ll get back to you by Friday, ok?”

“Sure that’s fine, just let me know.”

On Friday I called and let him know I’d be able to make it on Saturday.

“Great, I’m so glad. Why don’t you come by here around seven Saturday evening and we’ll go together from here?”

“Sounds like a plan, see you then.”

I arrived at his house on time and when I went in he had me strip and get in the tub as he gave me an enema. This was another first for me, the first non-medical enema I’d ever received.

After expelling mine I gave him one at his suggestion and after we were done we showered together, washing each other, fooling around but had to stop or we’d never get out of the house.

We headed downtown to a place I’d never noticed before. The sign said it was a “Spa” and it was in an old building in the warehouse district and was several stories tall. We paid a fee to enter, went inside and this was the first time I’d ever been inside a gay bathhouse.

To be honest at this point in my life I’d never even heard of a place like this. I thought all gay/ bi guys looking for action hung out in bars, movie houses, adult book stores and the like. But this was great! And Daryl was my guide on my virgin foray into this world and I was determined to make the most of it.

Going down a long dimly lit hallway into the back of the first floor to where the locker room was Daryl and I stripped and placed our clothes in two lockers, put the locks they’d given us when we’d paid our entry fee on them then picked up the towels they’d also provided and went to shower.

As we strolled naked back down the hallway on the way to the shower I could see men of all ages and sizes walking around. There were guys around my age, some around Daryl’s and other older men, a few looking as if they were well into their fifties and sixties. All were naked, although some had a towel wrapped around their waist, but I was in cock heaven. The cocks of most of the men, at least those who were uncovered and you could see were soft or semi hard, although there were a couple of hard ones pointing upwards or straight out, bouncing as they walked.

He explained as we hung our towels on some hooks before stepping into the shower “even though we just showered at the house we need to bathe again here to make sure we’re as clean as possible. We expect it of the others so shouldn’t we do it too?”

After washing my chest and cock Daryl had me take a “frisk” position against the wall. Standing with my palms on the wall and my feet spread he washed my back and ass. He ran his fingers between my cheeks and toyed with my asshole slipping one finger in and stimulated me. Slowly he added several more, and I fucked back against his probing fingers until I was open and relaxed and after fingering my asshole for about three or four minutes he removed them and rinsed me.

Handing me the soap I washed his body and after rinsing him squatted and pressed my face between his cheeks and licked his asshole for about twenty or thirty seconds then announced “you’re as clean as a whistle.” Then with my hands on his hips I turned him around and took his semi hard cock into my mouth and began to go down on him and he came up to his nearly seven inches pretty quickly.

As I squatted sucking him in the shower someone behind me said “hey Daryl, can’t you guys wait until you’re out of the shower?” and laughed.

Letting go of his cock I stood and Daryl introduced me to his friends who’d come in, Mark and Brad. Mark was a very BIG man standing at least 6’6″, weighed about 270 or so and had what looked like on his frame a tiny cock but was in reality about six inches when Serdivan Escort hard, which he was. Brad was about my height and weight, 6’and 190, but he had a huge cock standing up between his legs. Brad’s hard-on was nearly nine inches and pretty thick too, about as thick as Daryl’s, and both men were cut.

We spoke with them a few minutes more as we dried off and Mark and Brad began to shower, then Daryl and I moved on deeper into the club.

First we went to a room that had bleacher type seating set in a semi-circle around a large projection screen showing a gay movie. There were about fifteen or twenty other men sitting either in pairs or alone watching the movie, some sitting nude, others with their towels wrapped around themselves.

Daryl and I sat in a high mid level section which gave us a good view of both the screen and the other people in the room; no one was sitting higher then us.

Daryl spread his towel on the seat before sitting and I followed his lead doing the same. He leaned back with his elbows on the next row up as we watched both the movie and the others in the room and saw that most were masturbating either themselves or mutually, and those not doing either were watching the film intently.

With the action going on in the room and on the screen coupled with the excitement of this place being a totally new experience for me caused my cock to stay either semi or fully hard since the shower and at this moment was as hard as possible.

When we’d sat Daryl was soft but as he looked around his cock came up to half mast, the head rising like a cobra. He began to flex it making it bounce and when I reached over and took it into my hand he stretched his legs out down onto the seat below us.

As I stroked him he placed his hand on my shoulder and urged me down, and I took his now hard cock into my mouth. Sucking in long slow movements he began to moan as I took him deep into my mouth and after several minutes most of the people in the room were aware of what we were doing. I think that was the point of Daryl’s moaning, to get the attention of the others because in the past while he did occasionally moan, it wasn’t as prolonged or as loud as it was now.

Several singles and couples turned in their seats to watch us and three of the men, a couple who’d sat together further down from us and one who’d been sitting alone just below and to our right , moved over nearer to us. The couple stood one row down on either side of Daryl’s outstretched legs and the other man sat one row up above me with his knees next to Daryl’s head.

Releasing Daryl I looked at the man standing opposite me next to Daryl’s knees and leaned over and took his hard cock into my mouth. He was a cut six incher and sucked him to the base in one move and after sucking him about two minutes or so switched to his partner, who to allow me a better angle stood up on the seat below me. He was also a cut six incher but his cock had a sharp right hand bend right at the end, like it’d been broken and badly reset. After sucking him for several minutes I turned to the man sitting above us and knelt on my towel. His cock was uncut, about seven inches but very thin, not more then an inch wide.

As I sucked the third man Daryl sat up, draped one arm over my hips and with a hand on each cheek spread me wide then heard him tell someone, I assume the second guy I’d sucked “go ahead, fuck him.”

I heard someone spit and then felt someone smearing wet fingers onto my asshole, dipping a finger into me.

Daryl said “wet him some more” and felt more then saw the first guy I’d sucked lean over and spit onto my ass.

Next I felt the head of a cock being pressed against my anal opening, its narrow head piercing me and opening me up for the rest of his shaft to follow.

Looking back over my shoulder I saw that Daryl, while still holding my cheeks spread, and the first guy I’d sucked was watching as his partner fucked me.

Turning back to the cock in front of me I pulled his foreskin back and took just the head between my lips running my tongue over it as I savored the fucking my ass was getting then began to run my mouth up and down his length as he leaned back watching me suck his cock.

After about three minutes the man fucking me put his hands on my hips and as he slammed into me he began to squeeze and release his hands as he neared his nut and then suddenly he pushed his cock all the way into me and held it there as he grunted and shot his load into me in several spurts. Finished he pulled his softening cock from my ass.

His partner immediately crossed over and took his place entering me while my asshole was still open and inviting and since I was well lubed from his lovers cum he was able to sink to his balls in me at once.

After the man entered me Daryl released my cheeks and the man fucking me placed his hands on my hips. He set up a slow but steady rhythm as he sawed in and out of me.

As I was being fucked the guy I was sucking placed his hand on the back of my head and held it in place as he raised his hips and began to fuck my mouth shooting his load just seconds later. I could feel his cock pulse as each shot of cum spurted from its head. Releasing his cock I swallowed all the cum he’d given me and then from that position looked around the room as best I could.

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