Chubby Gordon Needs a Friend


Gordon Dewey was celebrating his 19th birthday alone, like he often did, but this was different. He was new in the city, having just moved to Troy to attend college, and had found out that he was no better at making friend here than he had been back home.

At close to six foot tall, Gordon was only slightly plump that fall of 1972, having shed about 40 pounds over the last year or so, but he was still incredibly self-conscious about his body which was a bit pear-shaped and was still a bit doughy.

His acne had cleared up considerably, and he had lost much of his stuttering habit which stemmed from nerves, so while he was clearly no Rock Hudson he was a far cry from where was a few years earlier. Nobody realized that more than his mother who reluctantly sent him off to school a couple of months earlier.

“You’re looking so handsome,” Mom had gushed. “Just you wait Gordon. The girls in Troy are going to notice you!”

They didn’t, of course, but Gordon wasn’t interested in them either, at least not the way Mom was thinking. Mom wouldn’t understand if he told her, so he kept his desires to himself, and since he had very few experiences with his own gender either it wasn’t tough to stay in the closet.

So Gordon was spending his 19th birthday sitting in an old man’s bar in South Troy, The South End Tavern, which was so ancient that outside they had a sign over one door indicating a “Ladies Entrance”. Gordon went there because the beer was cheap and was on the bus line so he could get back to campus easily.

There had been a different bartender on that night, which meant that Gordon had to show his proof since he had a bit of a baby face despite being of legal age. The bartender noticed that it was his birthday and gave him a Schaefer draft on the house, which saved him a quarter.

Then a man sitting kitty-corner to him at the bar overheard the conversation and bought him another one and even played “Happy Birthday” on the old jukebox in his honor.

“Name’s Henry Wallace,” the man said as he extended his hand, and although the man looked vaguely familiar to Gordon in reality most of the guys who went there were like this man was, around 50 or so and dressed like they worked all day and this Mr. Wallace was no exception.

Unlike other times and other men, this man struck up a conversation with Gordon, and while the student usually avoided such things he found himself chatting with the man. Gordon learned that Henry was divorced and worked for the city in the public works department, an most of all didn’t like being called Mr. Wallace.

“Henry,” Mr. Wallace corrected Gordon once again. “The mister makes me feel even older and I’m old enough as it is.”

Henry also liked the Mets, although he said he longed for the days of the Albany Senators, a minor league team that played in the nearby city and had folded many years ago, and although Gordon had never heard of them he enjoyed listening to the man rattling off the team’s players and statistics like it was yesterday.

“Sounds like it was fun back then,” Gordon said, and as he looked at the slight man with the horn-rimmed glasses he mused that the man was probably about his father’s age.

Gordon didn’t know that for sure, since the old man had taken off when he was young, leaving his mother and him alone to fend for themselves, and Gordon lamented that this stranger wasn’t his father. Being taken to ball games and doing guy stuff with his father would have been fun.

“Gotta go,” Gordon said, needing to get rid of the four short drafts he had consumed, but also because he was getting a bit choked up thinking about what could have been.

The men’s room was a nasty place, the absence of decor and pungent scent seeming to be designed for not hanging around, but Gordon enjoyed reading the graffiti over the long urinal along the wall as he went.

Gordon made sure his fat stub was clear of his pants, not wanting to wet himself like he sometimes did, and after beginning the flow the lad looked up to see if anything was added since the last time he was here.

NEED JERK-OFF BUDDY CALL TOM was the most prominently written note on the faded paint, and Gordon had seen that particular one so often he almost had the phone number memorized, wondering whether this Tom was a real guy or just somebody whose name and number ended up on the wall courtesy of a co-worker or something. Gordon had been tempted to call more than once.

Gordon was so lost in his reading that he hadn’t noticed somebody had joined him in the men’s room, and while in many ways the student liked the company because it gave him a chance to see a cock other than his own, this time he hadn’t managed to shield the view of his own equipment first.

“Boy, if they painted this wall we wouldn’t have anything to read,” the short man beside Gordon said, and it was only the voice that made Gordon’s eyes go up from the long brown penis that hung unsupported in front of its owner.

“Uh – yeah,” Gordon said, hoping that Mr. Wallace hadn’t seen him Sakarya Escort staring like that, and after quickly finishing peeing the student went to the sink and splashed water on his hands, drying them quickly before leaving the smelly room.

It wasn’t my fault. That was what Gordon was thinking as he went back to his stool at the far end of the bar. Guys stand there and let it hang out – you can’t help but look.

The looking had become a habit however, a kind of habit that was harmless, except for that one time back home when a man who apparently didn’t like getting looked at took exception and almost put him through the wall of that men’s room in the park.

Henry Wallace came out of the bathroom a minute later, and as he walked though the bar Gordon avoided eye contact although he glanced at the crotch of the old guy’s green work pants before concentrating on his Schaefer.

Henry started chatting about something that was on the TV news like nothing had happened, and Gordon was relieved although when he looked over at the man he realized that he would never be able to look at the guy again without thinking about his cock, if past history was any judge.

Must be nice walking around with that swinging between your legs, Gordon mused as he pondered how much different his life would be if he hadn’t been so shortchanged in that area. He would stand there and let people look at his cock all they wanted – hell – he might not even wear pants!

“Think I’ve had enough,” Gordon said, because while he wasn’t drunk he was getting a little goofy, and as he started to get up his new acquaintance asked him whether he was off to another bar or maybe to a friend’s house to continue the party.

“No,” Gordon said as he sprinkled some change for a tip on the bar. “Not much for that sort of thing.”

“It was nice meeting you, and glad I could celebrate your birthday with you,” Henry said, extending his hand and as Gordon shook it he wondered if the guy would be so friendly if he knew that he would probably go home and jerk off to the memory of seeing his cock back in the bathroom.

“Thank you for the beer Mister – I mean Henry,” Gordon said, and the boy thanked the bartender too but he was at the far end of the bar waiting on somebody else so he left the place and walked down to the bus stop, hoping that he hadn’t just missed one because it was a brisk fall night and they ran infrequently after dark.

The breeze that was kicking up didn’t help any, so Gordon stepped behind the building at the bus stop to provide some shelter, and as he did he saw someone approaching him from behind. Probably a panhandler, Gordon figured, because despite his pudginess being a big guy he rarely got bothered by troublemakers.

“There you are Gordon,” his friend from the bar said as he came up to him. “I was hoping that I could catch you.”

“Oh, Hi Mr. Wallace,” Gordon said, wining when he remembered he preferred Henry. “You take the bus too?”

“I do sometimes but I live just down around the corner,” the slight man said as he ducked behind the shelter of the wall with Gordon. “I was afraid you were going to drive.”

“No, and besides the bus works for me after a few, Henry.”

“I was just wondering,” the older man said, nervously pawing the ground while looking down the road for the bus or for other pedestrians and finding none. “Seeing how it’s your birthday and all, I was just wondering whether you would like some company before you go home.”

“I – I’ve got classes tomorrow,” Gordon said. “Not until late but I don’t think I should drink anymore tonight.”

“No, I wasn’t thinking about that,” Henry replied. “Maybe we could just talk. It seemed that – maybe we have something in common. More than just baseball. I know I’m an old fart and all but…”

“No, you’re a nice man,” Gordon said as he looked over Mr. Wallace’s shoulder down the dark street. “It’s just that I’m not that social I guess.”

“I’m a loner too,” Henry said. “I just thought that – maybe I got the wrong impression and if I did I’m sorry – but I just thought that when we were in the men’s room you looked at me you maybe were…”

“No – I – well yes I did. It was an accident.”

“Oh,” Henry said. “I was hoping it wasn’t because I looked at you too and I was hoping that you liked what you saw as much as I did.”

Gordon had his back against the brick wall, and as his eyes went from his new friend to the bus that wasn’t showing signs of coming, he felt himself getting flustered.

“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to,” Henry said, and after looking around to make sure no one was around he leaned upwards and kissed Gordon lightly on the lips.

“I – I don’t know how to do anything,” Gordon mumbled as the lights of the bus came into view down the road.

“Is that because you don’t want to know or because nobody ever asked?”

“Nobody – nobody wants me,” Gordon said as the bus got nearer, and then Henry turned around and watched the bus slow.

“Well Adapazarı Escort that’s just not true. It probably wasn’t in the past and it certainly isn’t true now,” Henry said. “That’s your bus now though.”

The bus stopped and after the brakes wheezed a solitary figure climbed down the steps. Gordon looked at the bus driver who was looking at the two of them standing there and with a wave sent the bus on its way.

“Just down the street?”

“Yes Gordon, and I’ll make sure you get home okay,” Henry said, and with that he ushered his new friend down the road.


“It’s not much but…” Henry said after they went up to the second floor apartment that the older man called home.

“Better than my place,” Gordon said of the small apartment that was neat and modestly furnished, and after Henry locked the door behind them he took Gordon’s jacket off of him.

“Hard to believe you think nobody wants you,” Henry said as he put his hands on the bigger lad’s chest and squeezed the fleshy man boobs. “You’ve never been with a man before?”

“Few times – men would pick me up – offer me rides or stuff,” Gordon admitted. “They would let me do things to them.”

“Let you?” Henry asked as he gently tugged the young lad’s shirt out from under his pants, and as he put his hands up under the boy’s shirt and slid them up Gordon’s bare flesh he felt him shiver. “My hands cold?”

“No,” Gordon said although his teeth chattered as he spoke. “Just not used to this.”

“Do you like it?” Henry asked as he began very slowly inching them both out of the living room and around the corner, all the while his fingers rubbing the warm soft skin. “If you don’t, I’ll stop.”

“No,” Gordon said, his chest heaving as he was moved into the man’s bedroom. “I mean – don’t stop.”

“I was hoping that was what you meant,” Henry said as he bumped against the switch on the wall, causing a night light next to the bed to go on dimly.

“Can you turn off the light?” Gordon asked as Henry tweaked his plump nipples and made them swell under the shirt.

“Don’t you want us to be able to see each other?” Henry asked.

“No – I mean I was to see you but – I’m kind of embarrassed,” Gordon confessed.

“And that’s something we’re going to change – maybe not completely tonight but…” Henry said. “Let me get this off you.”

Gordon started to stop his shirt from going up but Henry kept lifting the garment up until he came up over his head, and after Henry cast it aside his hands went back to Gordon’s upper torso, the older man smiling as his fingers toyed with the little cluster of black hairs that had recently begun to grow in the center of the student’s chest.

“How I love big men,” Henry said as his hands grabbed Gordon’s chest and kneaded the soft flesh before leaning forward to nibble on the lad’s plump aureolas, going back and forth between the swelling nipples while his hands explored.

“You’re going to be a really hairy bear some day too,” Henry said as he kissed the little nest of chest hairs while his hands slid up Gordon’s sides and nudged their way under the lad’s arms, letting his fingers rub the bushy armpits that he had seen when taking the boy’s shirt off. “Am I tickling you?”

Gordon shook his head as sweat beaded up on his forehead, perspiration that was not the result of the apartment’s temperature, and when the older man lifted his arm Gordon let me, gasping when Henry kissed his way over into the thick tuft of hair and nuzzled into it.

“You really are untouched aren’t you?” Henry marveled as he enjoyed the boy’s shocked reaction to his affection.

“I guess so,” Gordon admitted, and then shrugged while confessing. “I do touch myself a lot though.”

“And you’re funny too,” Henry declared with a laugh. “I noticed that back in the bar with some of the things you said. Clever and subtle things. There’s a whole lot of you inside that’s just dying to come out. Just let it. Be yourself.”

“I…” Gordon started to say as he felt Henry undoing his belt, and although he brought his own hands down and grabbed the older man’s wrists he didn’t stop Henry from undoing his slacks and letting them fall to the floor.

Henry knelt down and helped Gordon step out of the trousers, and after pulling off the lad’s crew socks let his hands slide up the student’s legs as he himself rose, reveling in the feel of Gordon’s profusely hairy calves against his touch.

“It’s okay Gordon, just relax and let me enjoy you,” the older man was saying, his eyes never leaving the boy’s as he tugged the boxers down the fleshy belly until they dropped down the rest of the way by themselves.

Henry looked up at Gordon through his slightly fogged up glasses and kissed him again, only this time the kiss was longer and was returned, and as the older man squeezed Gordon’s fleshy butt he whispered, “You’re so beautiful.”

“To me you are,” Henry insisted after Gordon shook his head, and eventually as Henry’s hand came around to let Serdivan Escort his fingers rake through the dense jungle of pubic hair before going lower he whispered to the trembling lad, “Open your eyes Gordon. It’s really okay. Trust me.”

Henry heard Gordon gasp when his hand found his penis, and as Henry gently rubbed his finger on the tip of the student’s manhood he heard Gordon say, “I’m sorry. It gets bigger. I’m just scared.”

“Nothing to be afraid of, and as for the other part, that’s my job. Just relax,” Henry said, and after apologizing for his unmade bed eased Gordon onto the bedding on his back.

Henry smiled as he pulled Gordon’s boxers off of his ankles before easing down on the bed himself. The older man’s eyes took in the fact that the young man had shaved some of the immense bush that surrounded his penis, perhaps in an attempt to make it the fat toadstool more visible.

Henry’s fingers grabbed what little of the shaft there was and bent over it, letting his tongue run around the over-sized glans of the circumcised organ before taking the knob in his mouth.

Content to suckle on the head of the lad’s dick while his fingers stroked the taut ball sac which like the cock above it seemed to be trying to contract into Gordon’s body. As the older man applied some pressure to the underside of the stump while sucking he sensed the lad starting to relax.

“Henry,” Gordon croaked. “Could you take your clothes off too? Feel funny like this.”

“Sure Gordon,” Henry said, reluctantly letting go of the squat fireplug long enough to quickly get up and pull off his shirt and drop his trousers and boxers shorts.

“Kind of excited,” Henry said as he saw the lad’s reaction when this underwear came down and he saw the aroused state he was in, ducking back down onto the bed and going back to work on Gordon’s cock.

To Henry’s delight Gordon started to respond to his affection and before long he was sucking on the student’s very erect cock.

“Told you,” Henry said as he looked up at the boy from behind his erection, and what Gordon’s penis lacked in length is more than made up for in girth, as the older man’s jaws could attest to after sucking on the 4″ or so of almost beer-can thick manhood.

There was no more talking, and the only sounds were from the sucking from the older man going up and down Gordon’s cock and the young man’s panting, until Gordon could hold back no longer.

“Mr. – I mean Henry,” Gordon gasped. “Think I’m going to cum.”

“I know,” Henry said before going back down on the lad, and although the blasts of semen that sailed down the older man’s throat nearly choked him at first he recovered and took every drop of his considerable load and savored the virgin nectar.

As the Henry looked up at Gordon it looked in the dim light that the lad’s eyes were welling up, and as Henry got up on his knees and looked down on the lad, his cock was waving in front of him.

“I want to make you happy,” Gordon said shyly, starting to reach for the long prong.

“Gordon, I want to…” Henry said, and after he said what was on his mind he asked, “Have you ever done that before?”

The answer was no just like Henry had expected it would be, but the lad’s next answer was only, “Please don’t hurt me.”

“I’ll be as gentle as I can be,” Henry said as he reached over and extracted a half spent tub of lube from the night table, and after grabbing one of his pillows and wedging it under the small of Gordon’s back added, “Let’s get us ready.”

Gordon’s shaking hand started rubbing gel as over Henry’s swollen manhood, while Henry’s greased finger slid between Gordon’s ass cheeks and found the fur-ringed orifice which was even tighter than he had thought it would be.

“Just relax,” Henry urged as he dipped his finger further into what felt like a vice and then told the lad to slow down on his greasing him.

“You’re so big,” Gordon mumbled as he stopped sliding his hand up and down the sizable organ so fast. “Doesn’t seem possible to be able to do this.”

“If you don’t want to I understand,” Henry said, but Gordon shook his head.

“I want to – want to make you happy,” Gordon said but the older man shook his head.

“Make us happy,” Henry corrected. “This is for both of us, right?”

“Us,” Gordon repeated, and even though the young man moaned as Henry slipped another digit into the tight orifice he didn’t say stop.

In and out went the older man fingers, and as Henry felt Gordon start to relax a bit he started moving the fingers deeper and harder into the lad, corkscrewing them deep into Gordon’s rectum until he sensed Gordon was ready.

“Just relax Gordon,” Henry said as he looked up at the chunky student from between his legs, and while sliding his slick tool between the chubby cheeks and towards the puckered ring he eased his legs further apart, adding, “You look so good right now.”

Gordon cried out a little when Henry first pushed the head of his cock into the student’s virgin ass, but didn’t put much more in at first, content to just ease the first 3″ or so in and out to let Gordon get accustomed to it.

As for Gordon, the lad’s face was red and his eyes were rolled back a bit in his head while he held the backs of his thighs open, gasping as he asked, “Is it all in yet?”

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