College: Junior Year


“What was that?” Paul woke with a start.

The dim light from the window illuminated the dorm room with gray and blue shadows. He turned in his bed to look across the small room to his roommate, Nick’s bed. Nick’s back was turned towards the wall and Paul couldn’t make out if he was sleeping or had he heard the noise too.

“Did you hear that?” Paul whispered loudly.

Nick lay frozen in his bed, pretending to sleep. He turned slowly and muttered “Hear what?”

“I don’t know, it sounded like a…” Paul tried to come up with something to describe the sound that roused him from his deep sleep.

“I’m sure it was nothing, go back to sleep.” Nick said.

“I don’t know, man. I thought I heard moaning or something. Maybe Larry next door is finally getting laid!” Paul smirked.

“Yeah, maybe.” Nick replied noncommittally.

Paul relaxed and turned away slightly toward the wall on his side of the tiny dorm room. This was a typical room for on-campus housing, not the palatial rooms that are frequently portrayed on TV and in the movies. This was a real dorm room, about ten by fifteen with a dresser, bed, desk and bookshelf on each side separated by five or so feet. Nick and Paul were upperclassmen but neither could really afford an off-campus apartment so the next best thing was a two-person room on-campus. Not the four-person rooms of the underclassmen dorms or worse, the youth hostel-like cattle pens of the freshmen dorms. Quiet, well-kept rooms, six rooms to a common bathroom without the insanity of the other campus living arrangements.

These close quarters kept things quiet but also afforded very little privacy. Nick waited quietly in the dark until he thought Paul was back to sleep. He silently rolled on to his back and resumed his slow, rhythmic stroking of his aching hard-on. Nick’s nightly activity had been unexpectedly interrupted by Paul’s outburst. Paul was pretty reliable in that he could sleep through almost anything. He even slept through the marching band pounding through the hall during the annual homecoming festivities.

Nick stroked his cock from the base to the bulging, purple head and spread the seeping precum around the tip, reveling in the sensation. He repeated this move several more times to build up a thick coating of sticky fluid on his shaft then began stroking faster and faster. Much to his surprise another moan, louder than he’d expected, rumbled from his throat.

“Dude, are you jacking off?” Paul had rolled back over to face his roommate.

“Wha…?” was all that Nick could manage to stammer out, once again frozen, but this time lying on his back with his knees up so his sheets tented up, obscuring the view.

“Are you jacking off? I heard a moan again. It was you, wasn’t it?” Paul didn’t sound upset, just wondering.

After a long pause Nick mustered a quiet “Yes.”

“Didn’t you just hook up with that girl from your biology class?” Paul asked.

Both Paul and Nick had no shortage of pussy. Many evenings, one or the other would put the baseball cap on the door handle indicating that the room was ‘occupied’. In fact, that afternoon, Paul returned to find the cap on the handle and spent an hour or so in the lounge when the pretty redhead from Nick’s biology class had walked out, hair disheveled and t-shirt on backwards. When he went back to the room, Nick was just coming out of the showers.

“So what?” Nick sounded a little annoyed, less at the question of his most recent conquest but more at the second interruption of his almost nightly jack-off session. He continued to move his hand up and down his rigid pole, thinking of this afternoon’s activities.

“Nothing. I just guessed you’d be… I don’t know… satisfied.” Paul offered.

“I suppose.” Nick offered back.

“I suppose not if you’re pounding another one out right now. Were you reliving your afternoon fuck with, what’s her name, Janie?” Paul thought about the smoking hot redhead. He’d seen her around the campus and definitely wouldn’t mind taking a crack at her. Big tits, nice ass and long, curly red hair, what’s not to want to fuck? She was in Nick’s bio class so Nick had more immediate access to her but given the opportunity, Paul would fuck her in a minute. When he saw that it was her coming down the hall from their room, he secretly wished he gone ahead and walked in on them, at least for the chance to see her nude. Paul absentmindedly moved his hand down to his boxers and began rubbing his cock through the material.

“Yeah, Janie.” Nick sounded far away.

“You’re still at it aren’t you?” Paul laughed.

Nick looked over and saw slight movements under Paul’s sheets. The light coming in from the window on Paul’s side of the room allowed for a little bit better vision for him as opposed to Paul looking into the shadows.

“Looks like you are too.” Nick responded.

Paul looked down to see the shadow being cast by his semi-erect cock poking up from his sheets.

“Oh, shit.” Paul pulled his legs up to tent his growing boner. “I was thinking about what it’d be like to nail Sakarya Escort Janie.” He paused, and then asked, “How was it?” Paul moved his hand inside the waistband of his boxers and grabbed his growing cock.

“Oh, man, she’s unbelievable. I guess all those sayings about redheads are true.” Nick began. This was not the first conversation they had had about their encounters. Early on, Nick actually walked in on Paul and the girl who lives on the floor above them. That led to the agreement about the baseball cap. About a month later, Nick hooked up with the same girl, which led to a detailed conversation comparing the experience.

This conversation, however, had a decidedly different tone as both of them were actively stroking their cocks. Nick detailed the afternoon delight beginning with the aggressive make-out and grope session in the stairwell to the moment where she came so forcefully from his oral ministrations she nearly squeezed his head off with her thighs all the way to the bucking cowgirl riding Nick like a bronco forcing him to cling to his headboard to keep on the bed and to Nick finally dumping his load in her dripping pussy while pummeling her from behind.

As Nick’s story progressed both he and Paul continued to stroke their dicks, picturing the details. When Nick finished the story, he heard Paul’s ragged breathing. Knowing that Paul was near to his own climax, Nick stroked his raging cock until they both, in a series of sharp intakes of breath, sent ropes of creamy cum spurting from their cocks.

After a few minutes, their breathing slowed and returned to normal. Neither spoke for sometime until Paul said “Fuck, that was hot.” Nick wondered if he was referring to the story or the fact that they just had what amounted to a mutual masturbation session. Maybe both.

Over the next couple of days, neither Nick nor Paul spoke of the late-night jerk session. Thursday afternoon, Nick walked back to his room from the library only to find the telltale ball cap on the doorknob.

“Shit.” Nick thought. “I wonder who he’s with now.” Nick ran down the short list of girls Paul was pursuing at the time. After eliminating the two girls on the swim team he saw at the library, that left the grad student in the physics department, a couple of girls in the dorm and the exchange student from Brazil. Nick hunkered down in the lounge reading a little of his economics text when he heard the sound of heels clicking down the hallway. Nick looked up and was shocked. As the mystery woman passed, Nick’s jaw dropped. For some time, he simply sat and wondered how Paul managed to accomplish this particular feat. Just then, Paul wandered into the lounge.

“Let’s get some dinner.” Paul’s grin stretched from ear to ear.

“Was that….” Nick started.

“Later.” Paul put a finger to his lips and Nick followed him out to the dining hall.

All evening, Paul deflected Nick’s attempts to bring up the surprising events of this afternoon. Even to the point of a two-hour study session in the library and a couple of rounds at the bar, Paul ignored, redirected or outright shot down all of Nick’s inquiries. Finally, Nick gave up and they both went to bed.

Around midnight, Nick woke to hear a stirring in the bed across the room. He heard Paul whisper “You ready?”

Nick lifted his head. “Are you talking to me?”

“After your Janie story, I figured I owe you one.” Paul drew his legs up into the same position as their mutual jack-off session the other night.

“So that was Professor Hinton, the new one from the history department. How in the hell did you land that?” Nick turned slightly facing Paul’s bed and saw that Paul was already working his dick by the slight rise and fall of the sheets.

“I was in the history library looking for a book for my research paper when she came in. We struck up a conversation. Guess what her dissertation was on.” Paul glanced in Nick’s direction and saw Nick looking back, lying on his side, one leg up to allow his thickening cock free range.

“I have no idea” Nick replied, already stiffening in anticipation.

“Sexual practices of the Roman Empire” Paul continued, “She studied the practices of the ancient Romans, especially the use of brothels, orgies and sex as entertainment, like theatre and stuff.”

“No shit.” was all that Nick could muster. Part of him was interested in hearing more about this afternoon but another part was really excited at the prospect of another jack-off session.

“Oh god, does she know her subject matter.” Paul kept his eyes on the dark shadows that was Nick. He could tell that Nick was really working his cock by the rhythm of his breathing and the rise and fall of his sheets.

“Well, how was it fucking her. I want details.” Nick was almost panting.

“That’s just it, we didn’t fuck” Paul reached down and slipped his boxers down around his ankles in one quick movement to give him full access to his throbbing hard-on and aching balls.

“What? Are you kidding?” Nick noticed Paul’s move and decided to get himself Adapazarı Escort as comfortable as possible, also slipping out of his underwear.

“Let me ask you: Have you ever had a girl deepthroat you?” Paul asked.

“Oh shit, no. God, I can’t imagine how that would feel.” Precum was dripping from Nick’s member and he swirled it around his sensitive cockhead.

Paul went on to relate entire afternoons activity including the two separate occasions where he shot two huge loads down Dr. Hinton’s talented throat. Both Nick and Paul then fell silent as they both continued to beat their meat. Neither one turned away but they kept watching each other in the dim light. Finally, Paul began breathing irregularly and Nick could tell by his body movements that he was unloading his cum. This sent Nick over the edge and he unleashed what felt like a gallon of cum onto his hand, leg and bed sheets. He quickly drew his hand up to his mouth and licked the cum from the back of his hand. Paul’s sharp intake indicated that he noticed Nick’s actions.

“Wow. Did you just eat your own cum?” Paul’s throat was dry.

Nick snapped from his reverie. “Oh… yeah. I do that sometimes.”

“What’s it like?” Paul asked.

“You’ve never done it?” Paul shook his head. “Well, it’s…different. I don’t know how to describe it. I don’t do it every time but I’ve kind of gotten used to it.” Nick explained.

“Wow, it was kind of cool. I really didn’t expect that. I’ll have to try it some time.” Paul pulled up his boxers over his sticky legs and hips, rolled towards the wall and thought about what he just saw.


This pattern continued for some weeks as either Paul or Nick would relate the story of their most recent conquest while each stroked their cocks to extremely satisfying orgasms. Any semblance of decorum was cast aside as it was clear both of them enjoyed the thought of the other jacking his cock while the other shared the graphic details of quickies in the library bathrooms or protracted fuck sessions in dorm rooms, sorority houses or any other convenient location. They still kept their covers tented over them by their raised knees but their boxers were usually quickly discarded in a heap in the middle of the floor. Paul would strain to see if Nick would bring his cum-covered hand up to his mouth to lick the sticky spunk off of his fingers. Nick obliged him about half of the time. Paul, though he wouldn’t admit it to himself, was extremely turned on by idea of Nick licking his cum and often held off his own orgasm until he could see Nick’s tongue snake out to slurp off the white seed off his hand. Paul would then groan and release spurt after spurt of hot cum over his belly, chest and hands.

The ritual took a somewhat unexpected turn when, one night while Nick was sharing the tale of his second tryst with Janie, the redhead.

“Fuck it’s hot in here.” Paul flung his covers back to reveal his completely nude body to the room. Nick looked over to see his roommate stroking his thick cock, Paul’s knees still drawn up as if the covers were hiding his activity. Nick couldn’t make out too many details as the room was darkened by the shadows of the night and Paul was mostly backlit by the light from the window. Nick continued his story but was getting distracted by watching Paul stroke his meat and squeeze the head to coax up more precum which he slathered around his cockhead with his thumb.

“Ah, the hell with it.” Nick responded and threw back his covers, laid his legs flat and began stroking his dick in earnest.

“Yeah, man. Jack that cock.” Paul’s words startled Nick has he locked eyes with his roommate. “Eat your cum, I want to watch.”

“You eat yours tonight, too.” Nick panted has his orgasm approached, his ball sack tightening.

“Yeah, man, you got it, just swallow your load.” Paul’s breathing was also becoming more ragged.

Nick couldn’t hold off any longer and arched his back slightly as his pulsing cock began to erupt. He turned slightly and pointed his cock to his cupped hand to gather the hot semen pouring out. As the pulsing began to ease, he brought his cum-filled hand up to his mouth, lapped out his tongue to taste his salty seed. With his tongue slightly cupped, he poured the cum out of his hand into his waiting mouth and licked the remainder off his palm. He held the warm liquid in his mouth, savoring the taste then swallowed his own load, still stroking his softening cock.

Paul groaned loudly at the sight of his roommate’s lurid act and began to gush a huge cum of his own. Taking a tip from Nick, he too, turned slightly and captured his hot jizz in his hand. Less confidently, he brought it to his mouth and tentatively touched his tongue to the mess in his hand. Then, without any additional hesitation, lapped the entire load into his mouth. He too spent time savoring the new and unusual flavor in his mouth before swallowing his cum.

“Fuck yea. That was incredible!” Paul panted. “Why haven’t I been doing that my whole life? I can’t get over the taste, it was….well, Serdivan Escort just like you said, indescribable. No wonder girls love it so much”

Nick smiled and laid back on his bed, completely spent. Paul kept rambling about his load and attempted to describe the taste in several different ways but continued to end with “fuck, man, I don’t know” and similar phrases.

Paul sat up, still bare-assed naked, turned towards Nick and exclaimed “I want to do that again.” Nick looked over to see Paul’s thick cock still hard and glistening in the dim light of the dorm room. Paul reached down and began caressing his member. Nick felt his own cock twitch and mused that he hadn’t been able to reset that quick since he was in middle school. Nick also pulled himself up and turned toward the center of the room, legs dangling off the side of his bed, matching Paul’s pose. Paul worked his right hand up and down his hard shaft while fondling his heavy balls with the left. Nick began to match his movements has his dick quickly sprang back to life.

“I’ve never watched another guy get himself off before.” Paul confessed.

“Never,” Nick replied. “not even at summer camp or a sleepover?”

“Never, I’ve done it with chicks a lot. I can’t believe what a turn on it is.” Paul’s eyes were locked on Nick’s hard-on as they both began to jack themselves off.

Nick took the moment of silence to take in all of Paul’s private area. Even though they were roommates and had been undressed in front of each other, he’d never really paid attention to Paul’s body. He was fit, an intramural swimmer and bicycling enthusiast and had very little hair on his body. His cock was thick and long, maybe longer than Nicks, definitely thicker and he kept his balls shaved and his pubic hair neatly trimmed.

As if reading Nick’s mind, Paul was sizing up his roommate at the same time. Nick was buff, a handsome dusting of dark hair on his chest and legs, thickening somewhat at his crotch. He had a long dick, about as long has Paul’s, he couldn’t be sure, and thinner than his own.

Each one had his eye’s locked on the others hard cock as they continued to stroke in silence. Soon, both men’s breathing began to quicken and the pace of the stroking increased. Without a word passing between them they both began to buck and writhe as they unleashed their second steaming loads in an hour, both being careful to catch every drop of cum in their hands and both bringing the cum-filled hands to their mouths and both lapping up the hot liquid, each never taking his eyes off the other.

After a several long moments of silences, Paul smiled and said “Fuck yeah.” Turned over in his bed, pulled up his sheets and drifted off to sleep. Moments later, Nick did the same.

Several day’s passed and Nick and Paul didn’t discuss what transpired. They still talked socially and behaved pretty much as roommates behaved, those who haven’t watched each other jerk off and eat their own cum, that is.

Saturday rolled around and both Nick and Paul had arranged dates for the evening, agreeing that if the night went well, Paul would use the dorm room and Nick would have to find other accommodations. As luck would have it, Nick’s date got crazy drunk and passed out before he could get any pussy. Not even a blowjob. Calling it a night early, he trudged back to his dorm and not seeing the baseball cap signal on the door, pulled out his key and unlocked the door. He stepped into the room and found Paul at his desk, reading a textbook.

“What happened?” Nick asked, not expecting to see Paul studying on a Saturday night.

“Janie’s roommate called about 6:00, Janie was puking her guts out. Food poisoning or something.” Paul didn’t look up from his book.

Nick plopped down on his bed and Paul leaned back in his chair. “What about you?”

Nick snorted. “Dumb bitch got plastered on Jagermeister and passed out on the couch. She’s probably puking her guts out now too.”

“Damn, two strikeouts on the same night. We’re losing our touch” Paul grinned and turned back to his text. Nick browsed through the messages on his cell phone and tossed it on his desk.

“Fuck this, I’m still going to enjoy my evening. How about you?” Nick stood up and began to undress, stripping down to his boxers.

Paul closed his textbook and watched his roommate strip. “Why not. Seems like we haven’t done this in a while, unless you’ve been jerking it while I was sleeping.” Paul turned his desk chair to face Nick as Nick dropped his boxers and dropped back down to his bed, leaving one leg over the side and kicking his other out to prop it up on the bed.

“Damn, bro, lights on and everything. I thought you’d wait till later.” Paul watched Nick gently fondle his still flaccid cock.

“It’s nothing you haven’t seen before and secretly wanted to see again.” Nick teased. “Whip it out, big man, the more the merrier.”

Paul stood up and shucked off his t-shirt and dropped his basketball shorts in a pool around his ankles. He was not wearing any underwear in anticipation of his evening with the fiery redhead, Janie. Instead of moving over to his bed, he sat back down in his desk chair placing him a bit closer to Nick than he’d been when they first tried this activity. His cock was already beginning to lengthen and thicken as he anticipated the jack off session to come.

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