Fantasy Hotel Ch. 02


Helen Norsworth stood angrily in the corner of the room and watched as the concierge entered. The woman was wearing her signature look of heels, a slim dress hugging the curves of her toned body, and a masquerade mask. Only her blue eyes and blond hair countered the all-black outfit. Helen sniffed in disdain. She was more than just a client here and she expected better than this.

“What seems to be the problem Ms. -“

Helen cut her off before she could finish her question.”What do you think is the problem?” she asked aggressively.

The concierge took another step into the room, now able to see the member booked for the scene. He stood at the corner of the bar, already down to his underwear, his dark six pack glistening under the dimmed lights. He offered nothing but a confused shrug to the concierge. She went to check her smartwatch for details of the evening’s plans but before she could, Helen snapped her fingers to get the attention of the room back on her.

“Don’t do that. Don’t check your stupid notes,” she insisted.

The concierge took a moment to respond, seemingly choosing her words carefully. “I apologize, Ms. Norsworth, I am not sure what the issue is; however, we here at the Fantasy Hotel will do whatever is needed to improve your experience.”

Ms. Norsworth sighed. “Why am I here?” She had given strict instructions for this evening and yet somehow it was not close to completing her fantasy.

The concierge confidently responded as if she was reading off her intake notes. “You booked the master suite; it is your favorite room at the hotel and best suited for your fantasy. You said you were worried that as you age, you are less desirable and thus you have the fantasy to be the ‘MILF next door’. You want to take the virginity of a man in his early to mid twenties, which leaves him the right age range to be friends with your son. The taboo nature of seducing your son’s friend adds to the feeling of being desired that you came to us to fill.”

Helen nodded, but the concierge was missing the point. “That’s right, but what the hell is this?” She motioned to the shirtless man who was now pouring himself a scotch at the bar.

“That is Dylan. He is an experienced player here; one of our best at getting into character, and he happily picked up your contract for today. He has incredibly positive reviews and matched well with you in our profile database.”

Helen raised her voice. “Look at him,” she demanded, pointing to Dylan once more. “Does he look like a virgin that wants to be seduced by this?” she motioned to herself this time, her self-consciousness making her even more irate. Now nearing her 50th trip around the sun, her large breasts were not as perky as they used to be, she had some extra weight that she couldn’t get rid of no matter what she tried, and stretch marks taunted her when she looked in the mirror. All these things and more left her yearning for her younger years when anyone at a bar would be grateful to go home with her. Now, she was left using the Fantasy Hotel to feel desired.

“I… I suppose not,” the concierge responded in an uncertain tone. “We can reschedule your booking on the house and I will personally ensure we find you a partner that meets your desired appearance, although I do warn that the acting level may need to be sacrificed,” she added.

“I do not want someone acting,” Helen declared icily. What was this incompetent concierge not understanding here?.

“You… you want a real virgin?” the concierge asked with an awkward half grin as if someone was playing an uncomfortable joke on her.

“Yes,” she replied, her vehemence making the ‘s’ on yes sound snakelike.

“That’s preposterous,” the concierge scoffed. “The logistics of getting a virgin to join the hotel with informed consent is just -“.

This had gone far enough. “Anna,” she barked, using the concierge’s first name since nothing else was getting through her thick head. If the resulting flinch was anything to go by, it worked. “If memory serves correctly, we elected you because you follow our rules and get the job done. Is that no longer the case?”

The concierge gulped. “Of course, that is what I am here for,” she explained, taking a step back. “If you can reschedule for a future date, I will do everything I can to make sure you enjoy your stay,” she added.

“Take all the time you need, darling,” Helen said with a venomous smile. “But if you mess this up again, I will move for you to lose your job.”

“Of course, madam,” the concierge replied in a voice pleading for mercy. “I will make sure your next visit has the best candidate for your fantasy,” she resolved.

“Candidates,” Helen clarified with force.

“I’m sorry?” the concierge asked, worried.

“I want multiple candidates. Set them up all in a row for short meetings; I will select the best one to continue with. You’ve clearly lost your touch.”

“Very well, madam,” the concierge agreed before leaving the room, immediately to begin the search.

Only a few days later, while Helen was enjoying a Ataşehir Escort drink alone at home, she got the phone call she was eagerly waiting for. It was from the concierge alerting her that the meetings had been set up. They confirmed the time for the following Friday.

Time moved slowly for Helen as she waited for the big day. When it finally arrived, she made sure to get to the hotel room early. This time, she wore a sundress, black with some floral patterns, and a white button up shirt over top. She swapped heels for a more casual flat. On the way into the hotel, the concierge greeted her with a smile, but she reciprocated with only a glare. She sat at the bar in her room, nervously swinging her leg back and forth with anticipation until finally, the first candidate arrived.

A man entered the room, visibly uneasy. He was a bit on the short side and had made some interesting wardrobe choices for the evening. He was wearing sneakers, cargo shorts, an unfamiliar brand t-shirt, and a flat-brim, snapback hat. He was a bit out of shape, and even with the hat on, she could tell his hair was an absolute mess. As he turned towards the bar, he caught sight of her and he froze like a deer in headlights.

Helen couldn’t help but grin as she saw the timid man before her. She stood from her bar stool and approached him. “What is your name, darling?”

The man remained frozen for a moment before shyly responding, “My… my name is Jimmy, ma’am.” His voice cracked with nervousness.

“I like that,” she responded with a smile. “You must be my white whale?”

“I, um, I’m not sure what you mean,” Jimmy responded, his fiddling with his fingers betraying his nerves.

“I mean you must be a virgin… one who is interested in an older woman?”

“Ye… yes ma’am,” he responded, his face now beet red with embarrassment.

“Honey,” she said kindly, “please don’t call me ‘ma’am’; it makes me feel old. Now come sit at the bar.” She motioned to the chair beside her.

Jimmy nodded and nervously made his way towards the bar. He sat one chair over so an empty seat remained between them. “What can I call you then?” he asked shyly.

For a split second, she felt badly about how uncomfortable Jimmy clearly was. However, these feelings quickly turned empowering as she sensed her control of the situation. With a swipe of her arm, she knocked the chair between them over. Jimmy’s eyes lit up with fear as the chair clanked against the hardwood floor. She smiled. “My name is Ms. Norsworth, but you can call me Helen.” She crossed one leg over the other making sure to gently rub her foot against Jimmy’s leg as she turned to fully face him.

Jimmy nodded, clearly unable to speak.

“Can I get you a drink?” She motioned to the wide selection of expensive booze available behind the bar.

Jimmy shook his head no. “I uh I don’t drink. Alcohol that is ma’am I… I mean Helen,” he added a moment later.

“What about water, darling?” she asked.


“Uh sure,” he responded, face beet red as he cursed himself internally for his awkwardness.

Helen swung herself around on the bar chair, getting up and walking towards the open end of the bar. She peeked over her shoulder as she walked and saw Jimmy blatantly checking her out from behind. She grinned as his eyes caught hers before he quickly looked down at his feet, trying to play it off. Helen filled two glasses of water and returned to her seat at the bar.

Immediately, Jimmy took a big gulp of water, attempting to manage his nerves.

Helen smiled again. She took a small sip of water and asked, “So what brings you here, Jimmy?”

Jimmy shrugged, unable to formulate an answer.

Helen did not fixate on the question and instead asked another. “What do you do for fun?”

Jimmy was quiet again, but finally he worked up to courage to speak about himself. He began telling Helen about his hobbies, specifically the role-playing computer game he spent countless hours on. After a moment, he paused as embarrassment rushed over him when it clicked in his mind he was babbling about a video game in front of a beautiful woman.

Helen seemingly recognized his discomfort and interjected. “I love hearing about things that make people passionate.”

Jimmy continued telling her about his game, filled with comfort from her kindness.

After a few more moments of chatting back and forth, Helen proposed a question. “Would you be interested in extending our visit?”

Jimmy had no hesitation and responded with a resounding “yes!”

A smile washed over Helen’s face. “Wonderful darling,” she declared. A split second later she bit her lip seductively and added, “Maybe we can fulfill the purpose of this meetup?”

Jimmy blushed, the vague sexual nature of the question washing away the comfort he had built up. “I… um… that would be good,” he managed to stutter out.

Helen giggled playfully. “It will be a good time,” she promised. Helen peered at the time before adding, “I need to clear my schedule, can you wait here for me?”

Jimmy Anadolu Yakası Escort looked around, a bit puzzled. “Sure I’ll, uh, be here,” he offered with a shrug.

Helen stood before Jimmy. “I’ll even give you something to keep your mind busy,” she said with a smile. Jimmy tried to protest, insisting it was not necessary but he was quickly silenced by Helen’s actions.

Helen twirled in a circle in front of Jimmy. She then slowly slid her hands up her thighs and under her dress. With a little wiggle, she shimmied to a low crouch before stepping out to the side a bit. When she stood up straight again she offered her hand out to Jimmy. He instinctively put his hand out. Gently, Helen placed her freshly removed panties in his hand. Jimmy stood in awe, staring down at the black, lace panties. He tried to speak but couldn’t. The thrill of holding the panties of this beautiful woman before him rushed throughout his body; he could still feel the warmth of her body on the fabric as he ran it through his fingers.

“Enjoy,” Helen declared as she gently brushed her hand against Jimmy’s forearm while she stepped past him, briefly peeking down to see Jimmy’s cock starting to push against his pants. “I’ll be back as soon as I can,” she added with a smile before exiting into the hallway.

Jimmy watched the large door close behind Helen. His mind was rushing a million miles an hour; he couldn’t fully comprehend what was happening. On one hand, it seemed inevitable that he was about to lose his virginity, something he had given up on years ago, believing it was never possible. Even with that, this was not some quick lay just to try and get rid of his v-card, a ridiculous societal expectation. It was instead, a beautiful, kind, woman who seemed truly attracted to him. On the other hand, he was holding panties he’d watched this beautiful woman remove and he knew with certainty that they had moments ago been rubbing against her pussy… the slim piece of fabric on the back had been undoubtedly wedged between her butt cheeks. His body yearned for release; he could feel his dick pushing hard against his zipper with a pleasurable ache. Without the ability to stop himself, he shoved the panties against his face, burying his nose deep in them inhaling with a deep sniff. He could smell Helen’s sexual essence fresh on the fabric.


Helen was greeted by the concierge as she approached the desk.

“Is everything okay, Ms. Norsworth?” she asked with an anxious tone.

Helen waited a moment to respond, feeling empowered knowing that the concierge was worried that the meeting had gone poorly. She glared at the concierge a moment before deciding to let her off the hook. “Everything is splendid. I will be extending my visit with this first candidate. Cancel the rest of the meetings that were set up.”

The concierge took a deep breath and her eyes softened in relief. “Very well, Ms. Norsworth,” she responded with a smile. “Enjoy your time with us.”

Helen could not help but tap her foot as she waited impatiently for the large, creaky door to her room to open, her virgin prize waiting for her. She did not know what Jimmy would have done alone in the room with her panties but her pussy ached thinking of the possibilities. Excitedly, she entered the room but her imagination could not prepare her for what she would see.

She walked in the room, her heart racing with excitement. To her surprise Jimmy was still sitting on the bar stool. He clearly had gotten up and sat back down as the panties she left with him were now neatly folded by where she was sitting. Helen tried her best to hide her disappointment. She sat down at the bar and asked, “Is everything okay?”

Jimmy smiled. “Of course. Are you okay?”

“I’m wonderful, darling,” Helen responded with a smile. “I am just a bit surprised,” she added, motioning to the neatly folded panties.

“Oh, yeah, uh, I wasn’t sure what you wanted me to do with those,” Jimmy explained.

“I wanted you to do whatever your desires told you to, dear,” Helen explained suggestively.

“Well I -” Jimmy went to explain what he did with them, cutting himself off, clearly embarrassed by his actions.

Helen bit her lip as she knew she had Jimmy right where she wanted him. “I already know you enjoyed them,” Helen declared, using her eyes to guide Jimmy’s to see what she was seeing. He looked down to his crotch at the wet spot that had formed through his shorts from his leaky cock. “So why don’t you tell me how?” she added.

Jimmy gulped. “Well I… I smelt them and kinda rubbed them on my face,” he explained.

Helen’s hips thrust ever so slightly as her body ached with eroticism. She unbuttoned the top two buttons off her shirt, exposing mostly skin and the smallest sliver of cleavage. “And then what did you do?” Helen asked inquisitively, desperate for details.


Jimmy was unable to hold himself back, blatantly staring at her exposed skin. Even without much breast really showing, his eyes could not look away. He did not answer Kartal Escort Helen, or even acknowledge the question. It was as if the words never made it to his brain.

Gently, with one finger under his chin, Helen lifted Jimmy’s head so his eyes were forced to meet hers. “What did you do next?” she asked more assertively this time.

“That’s it,” Jimmy explained, causing Helen’s eyebrows to lift with surprise. “Then I folded them and left them on the bar for you,” he added as even with his lack of social skills he could tell she wanted more information.

“Didn’t you want to do more?” Helen asked sternly. “Didn’t you want to touch your cock?” she added, still staring deep into Jimmy’s eyes.

Jimmy could not help but squirm in his chair as the beautiful woman explicitly questioned his private business. “I… I did want to, but well, it’d feel wrong or disrespectful, maybe?”

“What would feel wrong about it?” Helen asked earnestly.

“You weren’t in the room,” Jimmy explained, still squirming under pressure.

She lowered her hand off Jimmy’s chin, his head naturally bobbing down to her chest again before once more locking in with her eyes.

“That is unbelievably sweet of you,” Helen said with a warm smile. Her smile quickly turned wicked as she posed a new question. “What would you have done if I was in the room?”

Jimmy’s face turned a bright red, his eyes darting back and forth from Helen’s chest to her eyes, and finally to the panties that still sat folded on the bar.

Before Jimmy could find any words Helen interjected again. “Would you have rubbed my panties against your hard cock?”

“Ahh,” Jimmy stuttered trying to find words. “Yeah?” he added, unsure as the situation still felt unreal to him.

“Why don’t you do that now?” Helen suggested pushing the panties across the bar top to Jimmy.

He stared at the panties, heart racing, and a nervous sweat building up on his forehead. “Okay, if that is what you want,” he offered.

Helen watched him for a moment as Jimmy stared intensely at the panties. She took his hand gently, the human touch enough to break his focus. “We only need to do this if you feel ready and want to. We can go as slow as you need or not at all if you don’t want to,” she explained kindly.

Jimmy’s eyes focused with fear as he felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity was slipping away. “I’m ready,” he declared assertively. “I’m just nervous and… well I don’t want to disappoint you,” he added shyly.

Helen licked her lips, “I am certain you won’t disappoint me,” she replied. “If you’re really ready then why don’t we get naked?”

Jimmy nodded, heart thudding with excitement and nerves. He stood up but his nerves locked him up again from proceeding.

“I’ll go first.” Helen smiled, undoing the buttons of her shirt before tossing it across the room.

Jimmy watched the shirt fall to the ground before returning his eyes to Helen. She was even more beautiful than he could’ve imagined as she now stood before him in a sundress. He was unable to speak but gave an ear to ear smile reassuring Helen it was okay to proceed.

Next, she slid the sundress straps off her shoulders. She smiled passionately at Jimmy before letting the dress drop, catching it near her waist. With her breasts now only slightly hidden by her bra, Jimmy’s mouth dropped open. Whereas Helen may have seen her breasts as used and not as perky as they once were, Jimmy saw a beautiful woman presenting herself to him, the sexy aura undeniable. To him, she was not an aging woman past her prime; she was a drop-dead gorgeous dream come true, and there was nothing Jimmy would change about her.

Helen lustfully watched Jimmy stare her up and down, turning around so her back was now facing Jimmy. His breathing became audibly rapid as she slid the dress down further, slowly revealing her ass to Jimmy. He couldn’t hold back a lustful moan as her butt wiggled in front of him.

She looked over her shoulder and giggled. “So far so good?”

Jimmy took a moment to field the question. “Fff… fucking amazing,” he managed to stammer out, clearly struggling to find the brain power to speak with all his focus rushing to a different location.

“Good,” Helen declared as she used one hand to unhook her bra, the other holding up the dress still covering her front, lower half. With a swift movement, Helen dropped her bra and spun around, presenting her breasts to Jimmy.

The rush of lust that raced through Jimmy’s body stunned him. He both instinctively stepped back, taking it all in, while also reaching forward with his hands. Having finally seen breasts before him, it was only instinct that the next step was to touch them. He caught himself and retracted his hand. “I’m sorry,” he muttered, surprised by his own actions.

“It’s okay dear, you can touch them,” Helen assured him. She took a step towards Jimmy so her tits were well within reach. Jimmy squirmed with excitement as he reached forward with both hands. Placing one on each breast, a warmth came over him. It was as if a long lost dream had finally been completed. The warmth, the softness, the little resistance to his squeeze. It all stunned Jimmy, and despite him imagining this moment countless times in fantasies, nothing could prepare him for how it felt to touch Helen’s breasts.

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