I had to Find Out


This weekend would be the perfect time to find out too. It was my last three days in Vegas. The convention that I was in town for had been educational but rather dry and I was ready to go back home to Mississippi. It wasn’t like I was cheating on anybody anyway. I hadn’t been in a serious relationship in over a year. That isn’t to say that I hadn’t had sex. Luckily, I had a small group of friends that I partied with and they satisfied all of the sexual desires that every person has. But, recently, I’d been wanting something different. A new experience that I wanted to try. Vegas would provide the opportunity to indulge this new desire. I was going to finally get fucked by a man.

It was actually Alicia that convinced me to try it. There was no one else in my clinic when she came in for her “check up”. She got undressed, laid down on the table and put her feet into the stirrups. I spread her legs wide and began my examination of her most intimate area. The first thing that was obvious is that she’d just been fucked by her husband, probably in the back of his van in the parking lot from the looks of it. Seminal fluid was still leaking out of her, matting the hair covering her pussy. I leaned in, inhaling the scent of hers and his fluids mixed as I gripped her thighs and began to eat her out. Alicia started telling me in great detail how he’d pounded her pussy right before she walked in, how his thick cock caused her to orgasm as he sprayed his fluid deep inside. I sucked out all of the spunk and then licked her to another orgasm. She gripped my head as her body jerked and twitched, coating my face with her cum. The saltiness of his sperm mixed with her sweet juices intrigued me. I’d never had a desire for men before but hearing her words left me a little breathless. That night, as I slammed my dildo into my pussy, I was imagining a man fucking me into oblivion.

It was Friday night in Vegas. I was staying at the Grand and decided that I didn’t even need to leave the hotel to achieve my goal. I went with the classic black dress that barely went mid thigh and three inch stilettos. Makeup was done in a “tasteful but still slightly slutty” way and my shoulder length black hair framed my face nicely. I rode the elevator down to the ground floor and made my way to the bar. I smiled inwardly as I noticed more than one set of eyes following me. Sitting down at the bar, I ordered a Manhattan and looked around the room. The place was packed and it was hard to discern any one guy that I could focus on. I didn’t really even know what I was looking for. There were many handsome men in the club to choose from but I knew that I could afford to be a bit discriminating as this was for my pleasure, not his. I finished my drink and turned around to order another one but the bartender had already placed it in front of me. He smiled sexily and pointed to his right. Turning to look where he was indicating, my eyes settled on a rather distinguished older gentleman, sitting by himself in the corner. The gentleman smiled and raised his glass in a salute. I returned the gesture, picked up the drink and made my way over. He rose at my approach and pulled a seat out. Nice touch, I thought to myself.

He was handsome enough, probably about 5’10” or so and looked to be in his fifties. The first thing that caught my eye though was the gold band on his finger. He introduced himself as John and quickly explained that he was a widower, his wife passing away last year. I decided to believe him. Some small talk later and we were making our way back to my room. I know it was quick but I wasn’t looking for anything meaningful. I’d been horny all day thinking about what I was going to do this night and it’s not like I had a reputation to protect here anyway. I walked over to the bed and stood by the edge, facing away from him. John approached me, grasping my shoulders and kissing my neck. I shuddered at the touch of his lips. The scent of his cologne filled my nostrils as he moved his hands slowly down the contours of my body until he reached the hem of my dress. I raised my arms as he pulled the dress up and off my body, exposing my black lace bra and panties. A quick flip of his wrist and I shrugged my bra off, letting it join my dress on the floor.

Turning around, I wrapped my arms around John’s neck, pulling him into a kiss. Our tongues wrestled and I could feel his hands roam my bare back before settling on my ass. Pulling back, I looked him in the eyes as I kicked off my heels. Then I knelt down in front of him. Reaching out, I felt his cock through his pants. I could feel my pussy start to moisten as I lowered his fly and reached inside. Pulling down his underwear, I grasped his penis and pulled it out. It was semi hard, circumcised and looked to be about six inches. I studied it for a few moments, watching as it hardened in my hand. A small drop of precum emerged from the tip and I leaned forward, licking the drop of cum from the head of his dick. It twitched when I did that and John let out a throaty Bostancı Escort moan. Looking back up to meet his eyes, I opened my mouth and swallowed his penis down. I felt his hand on the back of my head as I began to bob up and down on his dick. Never having given a blow job before, I just decided to suck on the way down and lick on the way up. I took my time too, not wanting to rush it so that he’d blow his load in my mouth. I wanted to get fucked, damn it.

I continued until I felt John’s dick begin to twitch like he was about to cum. Pulling off him, I stood back up and loosened his tie, removing it from around his neck and then began to unbutton his shirt. I could feel his dick rubbing against my body as I continued to remove his clothes. When he was completely nude, he took me by the shoulders, guiding me down onto the bed. I laid there, watching him as he just looked at my body, admiring me. Reaching out, John gently grabbed my small breasts in his hands, molding them, grazing the nipples with his palms. I shut my eyes, enjoying the sensations as he wrapped his lips around my right nipple and started to suckle. I could feel the stubble of his five o’clock shadow as his face rubbed against my skin. As he was moving from one tit to the other, he grasped my panties and basically yanked them off my body. John rubbed my thigh, his hand traveling up and down my leg, with every pass, getting closer to my pussy. Finally, he touched me in my most sensitive area. Trailing his fingers through the fur of my crotch, I gasped and arched my back when he rubbed my clit.

John stopped sucking on my tits and climbed on top of me. Our eyes met as I felt the tip of his dick rub against the folds of my pussy. I could feel the head pressing against my entrance. This was it. I bit my lip and closed my eyes as I felt him start to push into me. I wrapped my legs around his thighs as our hips crotches finally touched. His penis was pulsing inside me in time to his heart beat as we just stayed like that for the span of a few breaths. Then, John began to thrust his hips.

I’ve been fucked before. One of my girlfriends has a strap on and one of the things she loves doing is to fuck me with it while calling me all sorts of degrading names. However, I found out to my surprise that the real thing feels, well, more real. Shocking, I know but I didn’t realize how different it would be. With every thrust of his pelvis, I could feel it swelling, the blood pumping into his cock, the mastery of use one has when using something that you are born with instead of a piece of plastic that you attach to your waist. But then I found the downside to the real thing. Plastic doesn’t cum.

I was feeling the stirrings of a wonderful orgasm when, all of the sudden, John pulls out and shoots his load all over my tits and stomach. When he was finished, he collapsed beside me, breathing heavily. That pretty much killed my passion. Soon John got up off of bed, dressed, thanked me for the great time and left. I was still lying there, droplets of sperm quickly drying on my body, pissed with myself. “That was horrible!” I said out loud to no one. Ugh. I could still smell the scent of his cologne lingering in the air. My general level of horniness rose again since I’d never gotten off. I was thinking about punishing myself for being stupid and just going to bed after taking a shower to wash the spunk off of me.

But, as I was rinsing off the lavender scented body wash that the hotel provided, the warm waters of the shower help clear my mind. I started thinking clinically again. Scientists didn’t give up on an experiment just after one test. They did multiple tests with many different subjects. Now, I wasn’t planning on fucking every guy in Vegas just to prove something to myself. But it was only 11:30 on a Friday night. Hell, half the city was just going out. After cleaning myself thoroughly, both inside and out, I touched up my makeup, redid my hair, dressed in the same outfit and went back out. I decided to forgo the hotel bar and went to one down the street.

As I was walking past one of the many hotels lining the strip, I couldn’t help notice a huge crowd of onlookers and paparazzi at the entrance of the Bellagio. Figuring if to be someone famous that I could care less about, I was surprised to see a couple of African Americans exit the limo parked in front of hotel exit. These two men had to be well over six and a half feet tall as they towered over the crowed. They were both very handsome and rather well dressed in Dior Homme suits. One was all smiles, waving and signing some autographs. The other just looked bored and slightly annoyed as he scanned around. For a second, it seemed that he was looking directly at me as he smirked and nudged his friend to hurry up. I waited for the crowd to thin out as the two men entered the building. I shook my head and smiled ruefully at the thought that all of those screaming women would practically throw themselves at the two men’s feet just because Anadolu Yakası Escort of a silly game.

As I walked past the front entrance however, a young man, whom I guess was part of their group, ran up to me. He handed me a business card and gave me instructions that, if I wanted to party, in twenty minutes, I should ride the elevator to the penthouse and show this to the gentleman at the door. I murmured “Thank you.” and put the card in my purse. I entered the hotel and found an empty seat. I thought about it. Part of me wanted just to leave, thinking that they couldn’t get everything they wanted just because they were rich and famous. Then, my mind flashed back to the scene at the entrance. All those twenty something airheads screaming their lungs out and flaunting their bodies just to be noticed and I was the one chosen. I wanted to believe that I’d stood out to them by my looks alone but probably what caught their eye was the fact that I wasn’t screaming and acting hysterical. Whatever the reason, I had an opportunity to do something that a lot of women would have killed for. I didn’t know what I was getting into but I decided to risk it. “After all,” I mused, “this is Vegas.”

After waiting the requisite twenty minutes, I made my way to the elevator. It turns out that I had to get off one at a certain floor only to get on another that went all the way to the top. I’d taken the card out, holding it in my hand as I looked out over the breathtaking view of the hotel lobby. Finally, the elevator stopped and the door opened to a short hallway with a double set of doors at the end. There were actually two men standing at the doors. Both looked very imposing and I clutched my purse in one hand and the card in the other. I stopped and handed the card to the one on my right. He took it, nodded to the other guy and, after pressing the earpiece he was wearing, said “She’s here.” After a second, he opened the door for me and ushered me inside.

I was half expecting a loud and raucous gathering but in reality, there was only the three of us in the room. And what a room it was! If the effect that the designers were going for was overwhelming elegance, the desired result was achieved in spades. I took a minute to just admire the surroundings as the one who’d been the dour one rose up and introduced himself and his teammate. There was smooth jazz playing over invisible speakers and a basketball game on the flat screen. Ronnie, the one who rose up clicked off the TV and invited me to sit down between him and James, who handed me a glass of Cristal. I hesitated just for a second before taking the proffered drink and setting my purse on the marble coffee table.

I took a sip of wine as Ronnie put his hand on my left leg and started rubbing it. All three of us knew why I was here. There really was no preamble involved. I sighed at the feeling of the rough, muscular hand gently rubbing my thigh, inching my dress up with every pass. I took another sip and felt James’ hand on my right breast. Nimble fingers from both men started to feel me up. I finished the wine with a gulp and Ronnie took the empty glass from my hand and set it on the floor. I rested my hands on both their crotches and my eyes widened in shock. Good Lord! I was now having some reservations. Those things felt like they would rip me open! James laughed at my expression as he eased my dress off my shoulders. I slipped my arms through the opening and stood up. Letting my dress fall off my body, I stood before them clad in my lingerie and pumps. Ronnie let out an appreciative whistle.

“Damn baby!” he said as he stood up. He easily stood a foot taller than me. I felt a new sensation enter my body. I’ve always been the alpha, in control of any situation. But, as James rose off the couch to stand with his friend, I knew that these two men were the ones in control. Ronnie picked me up easily and carried me through the threshold of the bedroom. A king sized four post bed dominated the room and he laid me down gently. I just watched as both men began to undress. I may not usually find the male form sexually attractive but I can appreciate beauty in all its forms. Both men looked like they had been chiseled out of granite. I kicked off my shoes and knelt on the bed, facing them. Taking Ronnie’s member in my hands, I marveled at its sheer size.

Bringing it to my face, I inhaled his scent before kissing the tip. Mentally steeling myself, I opened my mouth and engulfed the head of his dick. I began to bob my head back and forth, using my hands to jack him off. I glanced up to see his expression. He had that half smirk on his face again as he put his hand on the back of my head. With each bob forward, I was forced to take a little more into my mouth. Honestly, I could only fit about half down my throat before my gag reflexes kicked in. Ronnie’s cock swelled up even more to a rigid hardness that must have been nine inches in length. I withdrew it from my mouth and ran my tongue from the Ataşehir Escort base all the way to the head before putting it back in and trying to deep throat it.

As I was servicing Ronnie, James had crawled into bed and unhooked my bra. He slipped it off my body, forcing me to momentarily remove my hands from Ronnie. Then I felt first my right silk stocking taken off followed by my left. Now nude except for my panties, James reached around and started tweaking my nipples into two hard points. I moaned around Ronnie’s dick and pressed my body into James’s hands as they massaged my tits. Then, his hands slipped lower. Caressing my sides, he made his way to my panties. I spread my knees open, allowing him access to my pussy. James slipped his hand between my legs and pushed the crotch of my panties aside, running his finger through my moist cleft. Getting his finger good and wet, he touched my hole, just resting his finger at my opening. I moaned and moved my body, trying to get his finger inside me. He chuckled, teasing me some more before shoving his finger in.

He began to fuck me, adding his middle finger, thrusting them in and out. The stimulation of my pussy caused me to redouble my efforts on Ronnie’s dick and I began to suck harder, my head picking up speed as I took about seven inches in my mouth. I heard Ronnie begin to breath harder as he gripped my hair, shoving his length into my mouth. The stirrings of the unrequited orgasm from earlier tonight returned as I bounced up and down on James’ fingers. Then he curled his two digits, rubbing my g spot and I clenched down. I squealed as I came which caused Ronnie to gasp. His member throbbed and the first blast of his semen shot down my throat. Another twitch, another blast. I didn’t even really taste it, swallowing the fluid down so I wouldn’t choke.

Finally, Ronnie pulled out of my mouth and James stopped fingering me. I licked the head of Ronnie’s dick clean of my saliva and his spunk. It had softened somewhat but still remained semihard. James gently grasped my shoulders and laid me down on the bed. I looked down at his dick and saw the rigid member dripping clear fluid from its tip. He hooked his finger through the crotch of my panties and yanked it off of me. I looked up at him, bit my lip and spread my legs wide. Crawling up, he looked me in the eyes and I felt the head of his cock push past the lips of my pussy. All eight inches were thrust inside me with one push, taking my breath away. Then, James started fucking me. Each thrust caused me to gasp as I felt the ridges of his member scraping my inner wall. “God, she’s tight!” James said. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down on top of me. Another orgasm began to build and I threw my head back as I clenched down. He had so much more stamina than John earlier. With each thrust, I came that much closer to orgasming until, finally, I screamed out and tightened up. That triggered James and I felt his cock swell inside me as he spewed his seed deep in my pussy. We stayed locked like that for what seemed like an hour before he pulled his dick out. I just laid there, my legs spread open, my pussy leaking out all over the comforter.

“Damn bro, you gotta fuck her.” James said to Ronnie as he leaned back on the bed. I looked over at his glistening cock and licked my lips. Getting to my knees, I crawled between his legs and took his cock into my mouth, cleaning it of our combined juices. My ass was sticking up into the air and I felt Ronnie’s hands on my hips. The sight of James fucking me must have aroused him again because the next thing I felt was Ronnie’s dick pressing into me. Where James had thrust hard, Ronnie took his time, pushing into me slowly. He let out a groan and began to fuck me. Softly at first but then picking up speed, pushing ever in deeper until I felt his crotch hairs tickling my ass. Then he really started pounding. I gasped as I felt the head of Ronnie’s dick slam against my cervix, each thrust pushing my head further onto James’ cock, which was coming to life again as I sucked it.

Again, I felt the stirrings of my impending orgasm as Ronnie plowed into me. He reached down my body and began to pinch and pull on my nipples, stretching my breasts into cones. I squealed around James’ dick as the pain kicked of another orgasm. My whole body shook as Ronnie kept fucking me. Finally, when my legs felt like they were about to give out, Ronnie thrust one last time. I could feel his dick swell as his semen coated my insides. He trembled for a few moments before pulling out and laying on the bed. James still had his dick in my mouth and as my legs gave out, I sank down, taking his whole length in my mouth. My nose touched his bush as his dick lurched, shooting another load down my throat. This one wasn’t as large as the first and after a few spurts, he pulled out of me.

All three of us just laid there on the bed, collectively getting our bearings back. After a while, I got up and went to the bathroom to clean myself off. When I finished, I exited to see both men had donned robes as well as their boxers. Ronnie said that I could stay the night but I declined. After I finished dressing, he gave me the unopened bottle of Cristal as a gift. I smiled, thanking them both for the wild time and walked out.

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