Jen’s Story


Then we all reminded Jen that she owed us a story.

“OK guys, well I only got to hear about mom and our dearest Mr. Jones exploits second hand and I am so jealous that I missed spending the night of the storm with you. That sounded so exciting!”

She started in, us that she had been ‘experimenting’ with boys for a couple of years with some kissing and fondling, and once or twice letting a boy put his hand under her shirt, when she went on the infamous movie date with Joey just after she turned 18. He had managed to get a hand up her skirt to feel her panties and then told his friends that he and Jennifer had had sex. This ‘fact’ had traveled around the school and soon some of the upper class boys had tried to get her to go for a ride in their car after school and when she said no they had continued to try and take her out or get her alone somewhere after school.

About this time she had her first experience with their neighbor. She knew him as a polite older man, Mr. Henry, in his mid forties maybe, who always greeted her when he saw her coming home from school and several times had invited her to come up and sit on his porch for a glass of lemonade when it was hot out. While he was always very polite she noticed that he would sometimes stare at her breasts and when he brought her lemonade he often did yard work out front while she sat on the porch and she was sure that he was pretty clearly looking up her skirt more than once. Sometimes he sat next to her and they would just talk though, and he always smelled nice she thought.

Then one day he was doing some painting out front with a ladder. He had offered her lemonade and she had asked him what he was painting. “Just the trim and the down spouts” he had replied and then asked her if she wanted to help and he would pay her. She had agreed, saying he didn’t need to pay her because she just liked doing things with him, but she needed to change her clothes first. “No need” he had said and produced a painting smock for her. “I’ll just get you started” he told her, “and then maybe I can dig out another ladder and can of paint and we can both paint.”

The warm evening, the wine, and recounting her experience caused Jen to drift away into the memory, which had come forward with soft clarity in her mind, and then began to play back like a movie inside her head. She let her eyes close as the movie played and enveloped her consciousness.

They had moved the setup around the side of the house and away from the street, so the area felt fairly private.

She had started to climb the ladder, which seemed a little unsteady, when he offered to hold it for her while she got started. He had stood there behind her and put his hands on her hips, rather than the ladder itself, as she climbed. As she got higher his hands moved first to her ass, and then the bare skin of her upper thighs. His touch felt charged with sexual energy to her, and rather than putting her off she had begun to get seriously aroused by it. He asked her if she was OK and she had told him she felt better with him there holding her. As she began to paint his hands had moved up her thighs and under her skirt all the way to her panties till he had one hand right below each ass cheek. She had to stretch up to reach some places and she knew that he could see right up her skirt when she did, and she began to do it more than she needed, imagining him looking. As she worked he moved his hands so that his thumbs were between her thighs, touching her there, even rubbing her there.

While this seemed to go on forever she knew it was really only a few minutes when he asked her to come down because he didn’t think the ladder was safe for her. She had set down the paint and brush and climbed down slowly while his hands had traveled up under the smock until they were covering her breasts and gently massaging them. She had stood there and leaned back against him, letting him feel her breasts and not wanting him to stop. He did though, and just told her that she was welcome to help him with things around the house any time and sent her home in a desperate state of horniness.

Then she hadn’t seen him for several days, while her Anadolu Yakası Escort desire for more had grown till it was almost unbearable. When he had finally appeared again he invited her in and made lemonade for her but they sat in the kitchen and talked instead of going back out to the porch. He had stood up and come round behind her and began rubbing her shoulders and neck and then lower till her breasts were aching for him to touch them. Instead he had first slowly unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her bra before reaching down and putting his hands on them. He had massaged them and put his hands down beneath the cups to feel them naked and played with her nipples till she had had an orgasm right there in the chair in his kitchen. She sat there, breathless, panting, his hands still touching her breasts till she found her voice.

“I never felt anything like that before!”

“That’s nice Jennifer.” he whispered, using her full name. “You have beautiful breasts.”

He kissed her as he buttoned up her shirt and then showed her to the door saying he had to do some errands.

She had knocked on his door the next day but no one answered, and then, because her father was home, she couldn’t check to see if he was there for several days.

Then he was there again, on his porch when she came home from school, waving her up and saying hello. They had chatted for a little bit in his kitchen when he asked her if she wanted to help out in the back. She agreed, and they worked together for a while in the sun. It was hot out and he mentioned that she could take off her shirt if she wanted. She had been startled at first by his suggestion, but the back yard was fairly private and she liked to have him look at her. She began unbuttoning the blouse as he watched, and took it off, laying it on a lawn chair. They had worked some more, she dressed now in her skirt and bra. It was making her horny to have him look at her as they worked and to be dressed that way. Then he suggested she might want to take off her skirt too and she did almost without hesitation, laying it on the chair along with her blouse.

They continued the yard work and she had begun to sweat in the heat. She could feel his eyes on her, watching her, and it made her feel incredibly sexy and desirable. Without prompting she stopped and removed her bra, letting her breasts swing free and now she was wearing only her panties. It felt very very naughty and her panties were very damp between her thighs, and not just from sweating.

He came over behind her and she stopped what she was doing expectantly, her body trembling with excitement. He kissed her neck and licked her ear whispering that she looked beautiful and then she felt his warm hands on her shoulders. The hands traveled down her arms all the way to her waist and onto her panties and then up her back. Then they were on her sides and she raised her arms a little as they moved around to cup her breasts. She moaned and leaned back against him and the hands went down across her belly, down between her thighs. Fingers were rubbing her through her panties, touching her, exploring that private area and sending little electric shocks through her. She thrust down and out against the fingers, rocking her pelvis as they rubbed her. Her ass was now pressed against his crotch and as she rocked she could feel what she was sure was his penis pressing back against her from inside his pants.

The feelings his fingers were generating became more intense and then one of his hands was working between them and she could feel him undoing his pants, working till the hard shaft of his naked penis was pressed against her ass and lower back. She pushed back against it as her orgasm built and then thrust wildly against the fingers as it broke and washed over her.

She turned to face him and looked down at his erect cock swaying there between them. She reached for it, wrapping her fingers around the hard shaft. He pulled her body against his, trapping her hand and his cock between them and began thrusting it up through her encircling fingers. She squeezed the thrusting shaft and felt it beginning to pulse as a flood Pendik Escort of semen spurted out against her naked belly and ran down over her fingers. It spurted again and again, soaking her belly and his shirt and running down onto her panties.

On impulse she knelt down and put her mouth over the end, sucking and licking the last dribbles of cum, tasting it. Her pussy contracted as she sucked as if it was jealous of her mouth and knew that what she held in her hand really belonged down there, between her legs, inside her. He sighed with pleasure and stroked her hair as she continued to lick and suck gently on him.

“Do you want to take a shower and clean up?” he asked as she let his organ slip from between her lips.

She nodded as she rose and stood in front of him, aware of her naked breasts standing out proudly between them. He put his hands on them again and she sighed with pleasure.

“Do you mind if I watch you?”

She shook her head and smiled at him. He gathered her clothes and led the way back into the house and down the hall to a bathroom. He started the water for her as she stepped out of her panties and left them laying on the floor. The tiled shower stall had frosted glass doors which she left open as she entered and stepped beneath the warm spray. There was soap and shampoo on a little shelf and she stood facing him as she lathered up her hair.

His penis was still hanging free of his pants and she stared at it as she moved back under the water letting the lather run down her shoulders and chest and over her breasts. She moved her hands up her sides to cup her boobs and massage them and play with the nipples. His penis was hanging lower now and had begun to rise out toward her. She took the soap and lathering her hands let them roam over her belly and back up to her tits and then down between her legs. His hand encircled the shaft of his penis and began to move back and forth, running the foreskin up over the head and back, up and back.

She watched him, staring at his stroking hand and his hard cock, bobbing within it, and began to rub herself, massaging the lips of her pussy with soapy fingers, parting them to expose her pink interior, letting one and then two fingers slip between the lips and dragging them up the slit to rub with a circular motion and then dive down into her interior again.

The hand had begun to move more quickly now and the shaft with its bobbing eye was pointing straight toward her. Her own excitement built and her fingers were busy between her thighs, rubbing faster and faster. There was a groan from the direction of the moving hand, and as she watched an arc of whitish liquid spurted out toward her and splashed onto the floor, and then another and another. She moaned, her pelvis thrusting, her fingers working madly and her eyes closed, her thighs pressed together clamping her hand between them and she felt she might faint.

When she opened her eyes the warm water was still streaming down over her body. Mr. Henry was cleaning himself with a wet cloth and then knelt down to wipe the floor. He set a towel out for her and left the room closing the door behind him. She stood there under the shower, her body still trembling slightly, remembering the erupting stream of fluid and the stroking hand. She imagined that hard curved shaft pressing against her, rubbing her instead of her fingers, pushing up inside her and moving in and out until the fluid streamed out inside her. She knew that was where it belonged and she wanted it there, wanted to feel it inside her.

She turned the water off and dried her body with the towel. She put on her blouse but not her bra, which was still damp with sweat, and then her skirt but left her panties, the crotch and front wet from her pussy and his cum, laying there spread out on the floor.

Mr. Henry was waiting for her in the kitchen with a glass of lemonade. She sat and he stood behind her, stroking her wet hair and running his hands down over her chest and back up until she had finished the glass. He asked her if she wanted to dry her hair and then had produced a hair dryer for her.

“I have some rules” he had said, Kurtköy Escort “No pictures, no phone calls, and no talking, not to anyone, not to your friends, not to your sister, no one.”

She nodded and smiled at him. “I like it that way Mr. Henry, secret, forbidden. It makes me extra horny. Will you be here tomorrow?”

He shook his head. “I will be away for a few days, but you can come over when I get back if you want to.”

She nodded again.

“Maybe you don’t need to wear a bra when you come. I like you without one.” he said putting his hands on her breasts and squeezing them gently through her blouse.

He had handed her a piece of paper when she left. It had the address of Planned Parenthood on it. She went down the next day and got a prescription for birth control pills.

The next few days had seemed to take forever and she had masturbated in the shower, in the bathroom at school, and in bed at night, replaying those scenes over and over in her mind.

When she saw him again, there on his porch when she came home from school, she had rushed home to strip off her bra and arrived on his porch almost breathless.

“I have your panties Jennifer. I washed them for you. Why don’t you come in?”

She followed him inside where her panties were lying on the table. He said she could pick them up when she left if she wanted and then had asked her if she wanted to work out in the back again.

She nodded yes, feeling his eyes staring at her chest and she unconsciously arched her back slightly, pressing her breasts out against the semi transparent fabric of her blouse, her nipples making clearly visible bumps. She looked down and noticed that he had a large bulge in his trousers.

He led her through the house and out into the back yard. He found a rake and handed it to her indicating where she could begin raking up grass clippings. She began to rake, putting on a show for him, bending over so her skirt rode up the back of her thighs, unbuttoning her blouse so her breasts hung out and swayed as she worked.

He let her work there in the sun till she had begun to get sweaty and her breasts glistened as they swayed and swung in the sun. Then he came up behind her and pulled her ass back against his crotch where she felt his erect cock, already free of his pants, press against her. He put his hands on her breasts, massaging the sweaty globes and then reached under her skirt and put his hand down under her panties till he could put a finger inside her. Her pussy was already soaking wet with anticipation and he lifted the back of her skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees. Then his hard cock was there between her legs. She reached down to feel it, pulling it up against her and rubbing herself against it. She felt him take hold of it with one hand and push its swollen head against her pussy, working it back and forth till it slipped inside her, penetrating her interior.

She moaned “Oh god!” and pushed back against his thrust, forcing him to penetrate further and further. He withdrew and thrust again and then again until he was filling her with each stroke. His hands were on her naked breasts as his cock worked on her pussy. In a kind of delirium of sexual desire she began to rub herself as he fucked her. She could feel his shaft plunging itself up into her with each thrust. She began to cum and his cock seemed to swell inside her and thrust more quickly and then she felt it throb as it began to spew semen into her. She felt the walls of her pussy contracting, squeezing him, and she could hear the sound his wet cock made as it entered her, sloppy with their secretions.

He stood there, holding her tight against him, his penis still pulsing, weakly now, inside her. They were both gasping and out of breath from the wild exertion of the climax.

“That was your first time, wasn’t it?” he said, noting the bit of blood on his slackening organ as it slipped from her.

“Yes” she nodded, pulling up her panties “I filled the prescription.”

“OK, that’s good.”

“Can we do it again?”

He laughed and smiled at her “Right now?”

She nodded, blushing a little.

“OK, why don’t you come inside with me.”

“Jen, Jen, are you going to finish your story?”

Jen opened her eyes. “Sorry, I must have drifted off. Where was I?”

“I don’t know where you were but you were telling us about you and the neighbor, Mr. Henry.”

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