Lanna’s First Time


All characters are 18 and older, and this story is pure fiction.


“Summer break is finally here. I’m so glad to be done.” Lanna thought to herself.

She had just graduated from high school and was ready to start her college career at Harvard. She had graduated as valedictorian and was captain of the varsity of the tennis team, so in addition to being intelligent, she also had a great figure. Standing at 5’6″, she had long straight brown hair, blue eyes, strong toned legs, and had perky D cup breasts. She was popular and well-liked by everyone, and the boys were always trying to date her, but she never found an interest in any of them. They were all too immature for Lanna’s tastes. So this summer, she decided to try something different, online dating.

The morning after graduation, Lanna woke up determined that she would find a guy who was mature and successful. So she turned on her laptop and made her online dating profile. She sat there thinking that messages would just pour in since she was pretty. But after an hour, she realized that this may actually take a while. She got off her bed and stripped out of her shorts and tank top and stood in front of her mirror. She did a full slow turn, making sure to check out every part of her body, then cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples, which immediately started making her wet.

“Why don’t older guys like me?” she thought to herself as she continued to tweak her nipples. She closed her eyes and imagined it was a grown man touching her body. Opening her eyes, she sighed. She looked outside and saw that it was a clear, sunny day and decided a swim in the pool might clear her mind. Turning away from the mirror, she dug through her dresser to find her favorite neon pink micro bikini. She put it on, and checked herself in the mirror again. Just wearing it boosted her confidence a ton, her shaved pussy and nipples barely concealed by the skimpy fabric, leaving barely anything to the imagination.

She chose this bikini because she knew that her next door neighbor would be home today, and she wanted to make sure he saw her. Her neighbor, Dylan, was a tall, muscular, attractive black man, and he was also 35 years old. Sometimes if Lanna asked nicely, he would come swim with her and keep her company. She picked up her towel and bottle of sunscreen and walked over to Dylan’s place and knocked on the door.

Dylan had woken up early that morning to get some work done. He was a lawyer and often brought his work home with him. But even with all Anadolu Yakası Escort that work, he always found time to work out to make sure that he stayed in great shape. Even though he hadn’t found Mrs. Right yet, he had hoped he would soon. Being 35, he knew he didn’t have much youth left, but he wasn’t going to rush things. Stressed from his current case, he decided to take a break and watch some porn. It had been a while since he had a play partner, so even though he didn’t enjoy masturbating, it was the only thing he could do to relieve the stress at the moment. He went to the only site he ever used for porn and found the bondage category. He browsed through several videos, not really finding anything to his liking, then settled on one featuring a pretty, lean brunette. He pressed play, pulled down his boxers, leaned back in his chair and slowly began stroking his thick, 9″ cock. As he was getting really into the video and close to cumming, he heard a knock at his door. At first he ignored it, but the person kept knocking. Frustrated, he pulled on some basketball shorts and answered the door.

Opening the door, he saw that it was Lanna in her tiny bikini. His anger immediately dissipated as his eyes roamed her body. “Um, hi Lanna. Can I help you with something?”

“Well I was hoping that you wouldn’t mind swimming with me today” Lanna replied, her eyes lowering to see the huge bulge in his shorts. Bringing her eyes back up to his and giving a little pout, “But if you’re busy, that’s okay.”

Dylan couldn’t stop looking at her breasts that were barely covered. “Ummm, no I’m not busy.” He stammered, “Let me put on my swim trunks and I’ll meet you at your pool.” He turned and closed the door and went to his room to find his swim shorts. “What in the world is she thinking, wearing a bikini that small?” He wondered to himself. He pulled off his basketball shorts and his cock sprung out. He considered stroking one out before going over to meet Lanna, but then decided not to, and got dressed and walked over.

Lanna walked back over to her pool and sat down on the edge of the pool and began putting sunscreen on. She thought about the bulge she saw in Dylan’s shorts. Was it because of her bikini? No, it couldn’t have been, he had to have been hard before he opened the door. But he couldn’t stop staring at her breasts, so that was a plus, meant that the bikini did its job. She continued to slowly put sunscreen on as she waited for Dylan.

As Dylan walked over to the pool, he saw that Lanna Kadıköy Escort was sitting with her back to him. He stopped and just watched her apply sunscreen. Lanna was perfect to him, she had a very fit body, was smart, had a gorgeous smile. If she was older, he would have had her in his bed by now. But she had just turned 18 only a couple months ago if he remembered correctly, and didn’t want to be that old guy hitting on a teenager. He sighed, and deciding to be playful quietly walked up behind her and pushed her in the pool.

Lanna popped up on the surface of the water sputtering, “you prick!”, and when she saw the shocked look on Dylan’s face and wear he was staring, she looked down. Her top had come a little loose and showed her entire breasts. She grinned while looking up at him, “like what you see?” She had purposely tied her bikini top a little loose so that this would happen, but didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

Dylan could only nod his head to Lanna’s question. He had always dreamed of seeing her breasts, but never thought it would ever happen. Not sure how to handle this situation he said, “I should probably get going, I forgot that I have a lot of work to do.”

“Wait, isn’t today your day off? Come swim with me” Lanna protested.

“Yeah, but you know that I still have a lot of work to do Lanna. I’ll come swim with you later if you promise to wear a different bikini”

“So the bikini is the problem? I only wore it because I thought that you’d like it.” Lanna mumbled and pulled herself out of the pool and grabbed her towel to cover up. She turned and walked over to him, and could see that he was hard. Without hesitation, she reached out and grabbed his cock through his shorts and lightly stroked it. Looking into his eyes, “Look, I’ve been waiting on you to make a move on me since I turned 18. Based on how hard you are, I know you want me. So what’s the problem?”

Dylan tried as hard as he could to compose himself, but it was so hard with her stroking him. “Lanna, I know you’re 18 now, but I’m still 35, I’m too old for you. Yes, I think you’re beautiful, but… what’re you..?”

Before he could finish his sentence, Lanna had gotten down on her knees and pulled down his shorts freeing his big cock. She looked up at him, and slowly took the head of his cock into her mouth. Dylan moaned, and instinctively placed his hands around the back of her head. Lanna took this as encouragement and took more of him until the tip of his cock was touching the back of her throat. İstanbul Escort Then she pulled away and started bobbing her head on his cock while also stroking the base of it with one hand and fondling his balls with the other. As he was getting close to cumming, he tried to pull Lanna off of it, but she wouldn’t budge. He moaned her name loudly as he came down her throat. Lanna kept sucking and swallowing all of the cum, without missing a drop.

She stood up, licking her lips. “How was that?”

He just stared at her in amazement. He had always seen Lanna as a good girl, a tease sometimes, but ultimately a good girl. Never had he thought that she knew how to suck a cock. “Alright, you’re coming with me.”, and with that he picked her up in a fireman carry and took her over to his place. He took her upstairs to his bedroom and roughly through her on the bed. “Since you’re not the good girl that I thought you were, I won’t treat you like one. I’ll treat you like the slut you are.” He ripped off her bikini bottoms and slid her to the edge of the bed and was ready to thrust inside of her.

“Hey! Wait, I’m not a slut. I may know how to suck cock, but I’m still a virgin…”

“You’re lying. There’s no way that you know how to suck cock that well and you’re still a virgin, not with that body. And even if you are, with that teasing today, you’re gonna get it.” He placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy and rammed it in. “Wow, she really is a virgin.”

Lanna screamed in pain, it hurt bad, but there was also slight pleasure. For some reason, the fact that he was just taking her pussy really turned her on. Dylan kept pumping his cock in and out her regardless of how she felt. He looked at her face and enjoyed watching her face go from in pain to loving the feeling of his big cock deep in her pussy. He pulled out, and Lanna frowned thinking that it was over. But he flipped her over, put her on her hands and knees so that her ass was in the air and rammed his cock back inside her. Lanna gasped because he felt so much deeper in this position. Dylan kept pounding her tight little pussy until he felt that he was about to cum. He thought about pulling out, but then thought against it. If she got pregnant, then he could take care of her.

Lanna could feel him getting close because she could feel him getting even bigger inside of her. Was he not going to pull out? His next action answered her question, he rammed hard deep inside her and just stayed there. He then pulled out, and Lanna felt just empty inside.

“Hope you don’t mind that I gave you a cream pie for your first time. I just couldn’t hold myself back.” He said as he turned her over and kissed her deeply.

“I’ll forgive you this one time, only if you promise to fuck me like this every day,” She said while smiling.

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