Life Ch. 02


Life Chapter 2: Happy Birthday!

After Dixie left for Cali, I pretty much moped around the house when I wasn’t at work. I had no desire to go anywhere, even when my older brother offered to pay me for driving him around. After she told me she’d met some guy, I decided I needed to get laid. Luckily my cousin Linzy was having a party for her 18th birthday and her parents had left town on business. I figured one of her goth friends would be willing enough to crawl all over me after I got some alcohol into them.

Linzy and I grew up together, more so than my brother and me anyway, but due to some difference in our heads she turned into Little Miss Hellfire, and I just turned into the guy that stopped fights between the cliques. After she started hanging out around the goth kids, I always felt like Linzy liked me in more than a family way, and even though she continued to get more beautiful as she grew up, I wasn’t enough of a freak to try anything with my cousin. Her friends on the other hand, were different stories.

When Linzy opened the door, she jumped up and threw her arms around my neck, and kissed me on the cheek. “I’m so happy you came, Jeremy, I was starting to think the whole family forgot I existed.” She said after letting me go. She stepped back and I took her in, about 5’9, with shoulder length dark purple hair; dark blue eyes, and 200lbs that wrapped itself around her chest and hips to create the very definition of “Cushion for Pushin” all inside a loose black dress and white lace jacket.

I shrugged “Well you know how people are around here, they think you and your friends are all Satanists, and our family’s not much different. Besides, what’s an hour long drive when I get to see my favorite cousin?” I looked past her to see a few of her friends sitting around watching heavy metal music videos. “Is Mia in there by any chance?” Mia was a Japanese exchange student that never went home, and also a girl I had been trying to get into bed since I was 13.

We sat around eating junk food, watching horror movies, I watched the rest of the party get drunk and stoned while I flirted with Mia, and got shot down time and time again. The whole time however, Linzy never took her eyes off me. Eventually everyone but me and Linzy were either asleep or gone home, and we were trying to clean up a little. While I was trying to clean burnt chocolate off the stove, I heard glass breaking and Linzy shout, “Shit!” from behind me.

“What’s wrong?” I turned to see Linzy holding her finger wrapped up in the bottom of her jacket. There was a growing red stain around her hand. Which despite her size, was quite small. “Comon,” I said, and drug her into the adjoining half-bath that doubled as a laundry room. “Lemme see” I told her and gently unwrapped her fist from her finger, then her finger from the lace. It was across the inside of one of her knuckles, not really deep, but it looked painful. I turned the sink on and stuck her finger under the faucet to wash it, but she cringed and pulled away. Not knowing what else to do, I opened my mouth and sucked her finger inside. I could tell as I cleaned the cut with my tongue that she was getting turned on, so I quickly finished and pulled her hand from my face.”I- Um-“

Before I could say anything else, Linzy was on me, her arms around my neck, and her tongue in my mouth. She finally pulled away, with my lip inside of her smile. “I know you think it’s wrong, but Mom told me something before they left ok?” She whispered and let my lip snap back into place. “I’m adopted.” That was all I needed to hear. I pushed her back against the dryer, dropped to my knees and lifted her skirt and one of her legs over my shoulder. She still had razor bumps from where she shaved her pussy before the party, I could tell, because my cousin had opted to go without panties on her birthday. I moved closer and kissed her pussy lips, slipping my tongue between them and doing my best to make out with the vertical smile. When my tongue drifted north, and came in contact with her clit, which was barely peeking out of the top of her slit, Linzy moaned loudly and I felt one hand land on my head from outside of her skirt. Encouraged, I moved my lips and the rest of my mouth to her tiny nub and sucked it between my moistened Ataşehir Escort lips and started tracing my fingers along her gash.

She immediately started bucking and groaning, the leg over my shoulder slammed down on my back and I heard her free hand smash into the outside of the dryer. I sucked harder, and wrapped my tongue around her clit as I pushed the tips of two fingers between her labia. “Ohhhhh, God. Jeremy, I-, ohh, Wait, please.” She gasped out between orgasmic moans.

I pulled my head from her crotch, but left her leg clamped over my shoulder, and my hand on her cunt, rubbing slowly. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Did I hurt you?”

Her smile was ear-to-ear. “God, no. You didn’t hurt me.” She panted. “It’s just- ohhh.” She stoped to moan when I pushed my middle finger inside her shaved pussy, and pressed down on her clit with the heel of my hand. “I’m still…” She stopped and her already flushed face got redder.

That’s when I felt it, the tiny, flimsy membrane that kept my finger from fucking my little cousin. “You’re a virgin?” I gaped.

She immediately shoved my hand away and tried to get her leg off my shoulder. She was obviously embarrassed, and horrified at my reaction, but I stopped her from going anywhere by grabbing her other leg and standing up. “Wha- What are you doing?” she stammered.

I shrugged and let her ass fall on top of the washer so she was sitting in front of me with her legs spread open. “You’re a virgin, so what? Right?” I moved in and kissed her on her black-painted lips. “Or… Linzy, are you saving it for someone you love?” I asked and stepped closer again, laying my hands on her milk-white thighs and squeezing gently.

She nodded, still blushing, still terrified, and said, “But I do love you, Jeremy.” She pulled my head to hers and kissed me, slipping her tongue in my mouth again, this time tasting herself in the kiss. As we made out, I felt her hands on my belt and buttons, getting them off rather quickly and letting my cock spring into the open air before breaking our kiss to pull my shirt over my head. “And I want you to, I’ve wanted you to since we were in junior high.” She told me as she tore open her lace jacket and unclasped her bra, letting those gorgeous DD’s with their sand-dollar sized nipples fall into her hands.

I pushed my hands up her skirt, and pulled her by the ass to the edge of the washer. Then I bunched the skirt up around her waist and watched her face as I started to penetrate her tiny cunt for the first time. She gasped for a breath as the head slipped between her pussy lips, Then clenched her eyes tightly closed when I started pushing on her virginity. She reared up and tried to moved away and I asked “Do you want me to stop?”

She wrapped her arms and legs around me. “No.” She whimpered. “Just do it fast, it’ll hurt less, I know it will. Please.” I kissed her cheek, which was pressed into my face, just before I shoved my dick into her. She was tighter than a vice, but the dripping wetness nearly made up for it, and the heat took care of that rest. Her whimper quickly turned into a scream, her nails dug into my back, and somewhere in the middle of her pain, I knew she had another orgasm because her walls were gripping and pulling on my cock, wanting it deeper in that tight crevice than it could go. “Ohh, God.. oh, god.. oh…” she mewled after the scream subsided.

“I’m not moving until you’re ready, I promise.” I whispered to her, moving my hands from her ass to around her back, pressing her even harder into my chest. After what seemed like hours of just holding one another and listening to the air move as we breathed, Linzy slowly started rocking her body against mine. I let my arms go slack around her, and she started moving her hips expirementally to see if her pussy would slide off and back on my cock. I decided to help her by grabbing a creamy ass-cheek in each hand and guiding her in the right direction until she was satisfied that the head of my cock grazing her g-spot each time she moved one way or another.

She let her arms loose from my neck and leaned back, our flesh clinging to each other until pulled apart, and rested her weight on her shoulders, propped by her elbows. She continued to fuck herself Anadolu Yakası Escort on my dick, and the motions of her hips were causing her tits to roll around almost hypnotically. “You wanna suck on my titties?” she whispered, which was difficult with the rolling orgasms she was giving herself, after she followed my eyes to her chest. I nodded and arched my back as I leaned over, inhaling one huge pink nipple and pressing my teeth into the flesh of her tit. I moved one hand to her other breast, and felt the nipple get even harder as she gasped and watched me lick and suck on her left areola. One tiny hand found its way over mine, and the other wove itself into my hair. With a moan, her pussy got both wetter and tighter, and I felt my dick swell even bigger and I pushed further in. “OW!” she yelped and I realized that I hit her cervix. “Too deep, take it out. Take it out!” she ordered and pulled my hair.

I jerked away, pulling my head from her chest and my penis from her slit. “Sorry.” I panted, then we both looked down to see small rivers of her blood mixed in the pussy juice. “Don’t worry,” I said, grabbing her shoulders as she started to get up. “It’s normal to bleed the first time, especially as tight as you are.”

She smiled and sat up anyway. “More like ‘As big as you are.'” She corrected. She ran her delicate little fingers along the underside of my dick and it jumped as she touched the head. She jerked her hand back and laughed. “Um… Can I…” She stopped and looked up at me, chewing her lip. I raised my eye brows, waiting. “Can I.. Well I wanna try to anyway… Can I, you know… Suck it?” she worked out.

I smiled. “You’ve never even given head?” I laughed.

She punched me in the side and I remembered that she used to be on the kickboxing team. “Don’t make fun of me, I’ve only ever had one boyfriend, and we never got past first base.” She yelled, even more embarrassed than when she revealed her short-to-live virginity.

“Ow, ok.” I rubbed my side, and kissed her again, quickly. “You can try, just don’t choke.”

She eased off the dryer, her pussy was already sore, and got down on her knees in front of me. She smiled, blushed, and slowly leaned forward and gently kissed the very tip. Then she stuck out her tongue and drug it along the side of my cock. “Is this what I tasted like?” she asked, wrapping her fist, or trying to anyway, around the base of my cock.

“A lil less bloody, I’m sure, but yeah.” I answered, hoping she liked it enough to keep going.

She shrugged. “A lil tangy, but kinda sweet too.” She said and licked the other side, this time pressing her tongue to my shaft and dragging it back fast. She repeated on the bottom and sides at least six more times, while I watched and panted. “Just tell me if I’m doing it wrong, ok?” I nodded and urged her to keep going. She smiled and licked around the head, swirling her wet tongue around the glans and across and up and down the slit before she planted her lips around the side of my head and started moving down. She sucked on the entire shaft, and then moved to my balls, pushing my cock straight up with her hand and licking the pussy juice off my scrotum. It wasn’t long before she attempted to suck of my nuts into her mouth, which despite a good start became an ordeal for both of us. She nearly choked, and when she gagged her teeth started closing. Linzy pulled away before she damaged me, but still apologized, and moved back to the head of my cock. “I know I can’t fit it all in my mouth.” She said sadly.

I petted her hair and reassured her. “It’s okay, you don’t have to, I don’t want to hurt you.” My cousin smiled through her pouting, then aimed my dick at her mouth and sucked just the head between her teeth. She kept it there, watching my reaction, which was stomach clenching, gasping for air, and almost grabbing the back of her head, before she pushed her mouth down further. She toyed with my cock on her tongue until the tip of it touched the back of her throat and she started gagging again. She pulled it out by less than an inch, and still had room to jerk my shaft with her hand while she sucked me. Which she did, gazing up at me with those blueberry eyes of hers until I grabbed her wrist. “If you don’t stop, I’m gonna Kadıköy Escort cum in your mouth.” I warned.

Without taking my cock from her mouth, she mumbled. “I wa ew oo.” and went back to trying to inhale my dick.

I moaned, and threw my head back, trying to hold back. “But I want to fuck you, Linzy.” She mewled something unintelligible and started bobbing her head up and down. “Oh.. Shit..” I groaned and looked down to see her free hand going crazy on her clit. “Linzy, I want to fuck that greasy little cunt you’re fingering.” She moaned and started rocking her own body on her fingers. “That’s what you want too, isn’t it?” I gasped out and she mumbled an affirmative. “You want me to bend you over and fuck you like a dog, use your body like a rag doll and fill your cunt with my jizz. Isn’t that what you want, Linzy?” I asked and grabbed the back of her head and pulled it off my cock.

“Yes!” She yelled and started cumming on her fingers. “Oh, God yes. Fuck me!” I pulled her to her feet by her hair and spun her around, pushing her over the washing machine and spreading her legs until I could see her still spasming pussy. I pulled on her hair again as I stabbed my dick into her until I felt my head hit her back wall. She groaned and wrenched one arm around and grabbed the base of my cock, there was more than enough left for her to make a fist. “Fuck me, Jeremy. Fuck your little cousin.” I let go of her hair and grabbed her ass in both hands as I started pumping away at her snatch. Her fist was lined up almost perfectly with her hole, and it didn’t take long for me to start fucking it as part of her pussy since it was smeared with her cunt lube and precum anyway.

She was still almost too tight, and each time pushed my dick into her, Linzy’s tits and stomach would stick to the metal of the top of the washer and screech as it drugs across. Then screech again as I jerked her back either by pulling out of her tunnel, or by pulling on her ass with my hands. “Ohhh, I’m gonna cum!” I announced as I shoved my cock in her again and again.

She stood on her tiptoes and pushed her ass back at me. “Do it! Do it baby! Cum in my little virgin pussy!” she screamed out, still in the midst of an orgasm. I roared and slammed into her, waiting for my jizz, then realizing her hand was squeezing my cock shut. I slapped it away and gushed like a fire hose against the door to her uterus. I fucked her until it stopped cumming, and then heard her say. “I still want to taste you” weakly.

I pulled out from her, and spun her body around and flipped her over on her back so her head was hanging down off the edge of the washer. Linzy opened her mouth and I fed my juice-covered cock to her while my hands were busy mauling her huge tits that had been turned red by the friction between them and the washer top. She still gagged before my cock entered her throat, so I compensated by fucking her lips while she jerked her hand on my shaft like she was shaking a stubborn ketchup bottle. She pulled her mouth away to get her hand slick again, and said. “Its good babe, cum in my mouth, I want to taste more. Please!”

I squeezed her tits until I’m sure they bruised, then grunted as another load was pumped into my cousin’s mouth. She swallowed what she could, but started choking, so I pulled out and rolled her over again so she could catch her breath and spit up and out the jizz couldn’t swallow. “I love you Linzy.” I panted and pulled her to sit up.

She hugged me with tears still in her eyes. “I love you too.”

The next morning, after all her friends left (most of them with smug glances at either me or my cousin, only a few honestly connecting us together for the source of the noise) and we cleaned up a little more, I took Linzy to her clinic to get a morning after pill, claiming she was afraid to tell her mother, so she got her cousin to drive her. We said our goodbyes and hugged and kissed moments before her parents got home. I collected souvenirs for my parents, brother, and me from Milwaukee and waved bye from the driveway. Linzy flashed those gorgeous tits at me from the porch after her parents turned away and I blew her a quick kiss.

When I got home, I handed out gifts, and talked to my parents for a minute, then asked, “Hey mom, why didn’t you ever tell me Linzy was adopted?”

She looked at me like I was loony. “Linzy’s not adopted. Why do you think she looks so much like your Uncle Gerald? I was there when she was born.” She told me. “I even filmed it for your Aunt Kim.”

That Lying Bitch.

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