Mattison House


“Twenty.” Offered Scott, an 18 year old at Dowling High. He stood in front of the Mattison House on 85th street with his friends Donny and Nicolai.

“That’s not even enough to compensate the hit I’m going to get when she opens the freakin’ door!” Donny interjected, running his hand through his thin mane of dirty blonde hair, ignoring the few strands that fell into his gray eyes. He was also 18 and was in several of Scott and Nicolai’s classes at Dowling High.

“Dude, give me fifty and I’ll do it.” Nicolai volunteered, pushing past Donny to grab the money from Scott.

“Nice, remember, you gotta get into the house. You gotta get her to let you in.” Scott reminded him as he started up the pathway to the dark mansion.

“Yeah, yeah, stuff it Scott.” Nicolai dismissed his friend’s words and pulled his long black hair out of his green eyes and back into a pony tail.

The Mattison House was occupied by Tatiana Mattison, a very independent, self-reliant 19 year old. Never associating with other kids at school, she was deemed a loner early in her school career. Her parents often went away months at a time traveling overseas and on business trips so she was usually left in the care of the butler, Herbert and the live-in maid, Jacqueline. They never interfered in her daily life, just left her alone and made sure she came down to breakfast and dinner everyday.

Upstairs in her tower bedroom, she watched the three boys from her class standing out on her walk.

What nonsense, how many times has this happened? A group of kids, thinking she is some kind of witch, standing outside her house daring the other to ring her doorbell.

Throwing on a plain blue dress, she pulled her blue/black, hip-length hair up into a clip and started down the stairs, expecting the doorbell to ring any second.

Sure enough, two seconds later the sound of Beethoven filled the parlor. Herbert, being the older man he was, called for them to wait as he scuffled down the hall.

“It’s alright, I’ve got it.” Tatiana gave a weak smile as she opened the door. “What do you want Nic?” she stared into the boy’s green eyes with her piercing blues.

“Oh, hey Tatiana, uhm….” He stuttered, trying to find an excuse for him being there. Words eluded his mouth.

She set her weight on one hip, leaned against the door and waited patiently for a lame excuse. “Well?”

He smiled sweetly and leaned against the doorframe, close to her face. “You know that test we have coming up in A.P. Psych?”

“The one on disorders?”


“What about it? Oh, let me guess, you want tutoring?”

“Please Tatiana? I really need this. You’ve seen my grades!” he made a sad attempt at a puppy dog face and pouted.

“Yeah and I wonder why you’re in there.”

Sighing, Tatiana pondered her situation. To let him in and hopefully do some good to this lost cause, or turn him away and wish him the best. The helpful part of her couldn’t stand to be so heartless and she stepped back, allowing him in. She tried to ignore how his strong, toned muscles pushed at the fabric of his shirt and how the fragrance of his smooth cologne lightly teased her nose.

“Just don’t touch anything.” She asked as politely as she could.

Heaving his backpack higher on his shoulder, he smiled and darted in. Studying the entryway, he smiled at the old-world architecture and design before following Tatiana further into the house.

“We’ll study in the library, Jacqueline and Herbert won’t disturb us there.” She informed him in a soft, aloft voice.

“You sure they wont think badly of you, having a man in you house alone with you and all?” he snickered jokingly. Setting down his backpack on the table he made himself comfortable in one of the large wing back chairs.

“I hardly think there is anything to think badly about.” Pulling a few books from the shelves, she set them on the table and cracked them open. “I’ll be tutoring you, that’s all.”

A knock on the door brought their attention to Herbert. “Excuse me miss, but how long does the young master intend on staying?”

Tatiana gave a wary glance to Nicolai before addressing the butler. “Nicolai won’t be staying too long. Just until dinner.”

“Very good miss, I’ll inform the cook then.” He gave a weak bow before shuffling away.

“You have a cook and a butler?” Nicolai asked in slight awe.

“Yes, my parents like to live comfortably. Now, down to business. Let’s start with Chapter 8, Childhood Starters.”

For the next two hours, Tatiana quizzed Nicolai over every detail covered in the upcoming exam, every disorder, every symptom, every treatment, every cause, until he knew them all by heart.

At seven thirty, Herbert entered the library once again with an announcement. “Excuse my interruption once again miss, but I’m afraid the young master’s parents just called.”

“And?” Nicolai asked, slightly nervous and annoyed.

“They have asked us to keep him here for the next week, family business has called them out of town and they feel that ‘bringing Maltepe Escort him along would be pointless’. Or so they say.” He relayed the message in his usual haughty voice.

“Did you call mom and dad?” Tatiana asked, showing no signs of her annoyance.

“Yes, they have approved of the situation.”

“Alright, thank you Herbert. Please set up the guest room upstairs.”

“Very well miss.” He gave another stiff bow and shuffled away.

Nicolai smiled weakly and fiddled with his books nervously. “This was rather unexpected.”

“You set this up didn’t you?” Tatiana threw the accusation with venom.

“No I swear Tatiana, I didn’t have a clue what they were going to do!” he stood and tried to block her retreat from the library. “Please don’t be mad! Come on!”

Spinning to face him, she scowled at him. “Stay out of my way and stay out of my room.” Throwing open the door she stormed up the stairs.

“Aww man, and I thought we were really starting to connect too.” He chuckled at the irony of the situation and began to put his books back into his bag.

The next day, Nicolai was approached by Scott and Donny.

“Hey, Nic, you want that fifty now or later?” Scott laughed, clapping his friend on the back.

Nicolai shook his head. “Forget about it Scott, I wasn’t even interested in the money.”

“You sure?” Donny asked, giving his friend a inquisitive look.

Nicolai smiled, flashing his white teeth. “I’m sure guys. Anyway I gotta go, I’ll see you guys later.” With that, he quickly closed his locker and dashed off to class.

Over the next couple of days, Tatiana did her best to avoid Nicolai while still keeping a watchful eye on his every move. At breakfast they barely spoke and at dinner they only made small talk. Once in a while she would help him with his homework but every other time she stayed in her room, soft techno-operatic music flowing from the crack under the door.

Late one night, unable to sleep, Nicolai crept down the hall to her room, hoping she was still awake.

Her self-isolation irritated him, he knew she would be a fascinating person if she just opened up and talked to someone. The fact that she always wore darker clothing and kept to herself didn’t ever really help her image of being a loner.

Seeing a strip of light from under her door, he tiptoed closer and noticed her door wasn’t completely shut. Peering in, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Tatiana sat on the edge of her bed, her back to him, apparently naked. Her long dark hair was pulled over one shoulder and she was brushing it out. Soft music drifted from her sound system in the corner of her room beside a tall dresser.

Wanting to talk to her, he straightened up and quietly knocked. “Tatiana?”

“Nicolai? What do you want?”

He knew she was moving about judging by her shadow darting around the room. When she opened her door to greet him, she only wore a dark purple robe and her hair was up once again.

“Hey,” he rubbed the back of his neck and shrugged. “I couldn’t sleep I figured you’d be up and I could talk with ya.” He had left his hair down that day and as a result, it had gotten its usual wave to it. Running his hand through his hair, he tried to flatten it down.

Chuckling nervously, Tatiana slid out into the hall, closing her door behind her. “Do you want to go down to the parlor?”

“Well, I was thinking something a bit more private.”

“Oh, yeah, I don’t like people in my room.”

“Come on Tatiana, you can’t keep to yourself for forever, you’re going to have to have friends sometime.”

She stared at him with an unsure eye. “And are you suggesting friendship?”

“All I want is someone to talk with. I think that falls under most peace treaties. Believe me, I don’t plan on raiding your underwear drawer or reading your diary or whatever. I’m not into that sort of thing.”

Sighing in defeat, she had to admit that she had been starved for conversation for a long time. Stepping aside, she opened her door and let him in.

Instantly the smell of jasmine swarmed over him and a sense of relaxation filled him. Looking around he was impressed by what he saw.

From above her immense queen sized bed she had hung sheer red draperies which encircled her bed. Her walls were covered in her personal pencil, ink and charcoal drawings of mythical beasts and raving, naked beauties in a plethora of exotic poses, their assets exposed to the fullest. On her desk was a laptop, the screen saver a racy anime screen cap.

“I guess you like nudity?” Nicolai asked timidly, desperately trying not to damage the tentative connection he had just made with the distant exquisite creature.

She pulled her robe closer to her and sat on her couch across from her bed. “I like it, I think the human body is a wonderful thing.”

“Interesting.” He sat on the opposite end of her, absentmindedly studying her. The soft curve of her neck leading to her large supple breasts. He was intrigued at how her tiny waist sloped out to Cevizli Escort wide hips and a hefty, firm ass. He could feel himself becoming aroused and tried to think of something to start out a decent conversation with.

“So, what do you do on your free time?” he asked, taking another look around her room.

She shrugged. “Mostly draw. Sometimes I write. But mostly I draw.”

“Oh?” he scooted closer to her. “What do you write?”

She smiled and turned her face away, blushing. “You don’t want to know.”

“Sure I do, that’s why I asked.”

Shrugging again she turned to face him. “Mostly romance, sometimes I add a bit of drama and adult content.”

“Have you published anything?”

She laughed and leaned back. “No, I’m not that good yet.”

“Who are all these girls?”

“In my drawings?”

“Yeah. Is it all the same girl? Is it someone you know?” Again, he inched himself closer to Tatiana.

“Well, the ones above my bed are of my old neighbor, she moved a few years ago. The ones over by my desk are of my niece, she lives in Georgia. Then these, right above us, are of my cousin and her new born baby.” She smiled as she gave a quick glance around at all of her accomplished pieces.

“How old is her baby?”

Thinking for a moment she tried to remember the baby’s exact age. “She’ll be three weeks old tomorrow.”

Nicolai nodded. “So you only draw women?”

“Yeah, I just find it easier. The curves are easier.” She smiled and leaned in slightly into the conversation.

“What’s your favorite part of a woman?” Nicolai asked, edging himself closer to her. “The breasts? Those soft mounds of sweet flesh. Or is it the waist? How it gently curves in. Or is it the legs? Long and sensuous.” With each word he inched closer and closer to her, finally hovering over her, his lips inches from hers.

“Nic, I…please, this isn’t right.” She felt speechless as she slid out from underneath him and stepped back to the foot of her bed.

“Tatiana, I know you aren’t going to believe me but I watch you at school. I know how you stare at the couples with that look in your eye. If you didn’t want any sort of contact you would have stopped me as soon as I started.” He stood and gently held her shoulders.

“Nic, honestly, please, I don’t think I want something like this.” She admitted, trying to pull herself away from him.

“Tatiana, give me a chance. Let me do something and if you don’t like it say something and I will leave and this will never be spoken or thought of again.”

Studying his eyes, tension gripped her body and indecision flooded her mind. She had a vague idea of what he wanted, what he wanted to do and her mind kept giving her mixed messages.

Slowly, Nicolai took the clip out of her hair, letting her hair fall in a raven wave around her face and shoulders. He gently and tenderly untied the sash around her waist and carefully pulled the terry fabric from her shoulders, gradually revealing more and more of her tempting caramel skin.

His breath caught in his throat when the robe finally dropped to the floor fully exposing her sensuous hourglass figure. Wrapping an arm around her, he took one of her large breasts into his hand and gently tugged at her nipple. The way she squirmed and moaned in his arms sent a chill through his body and only served to heighten his arousal.

Letting herself relax in his arms, Tatiana arched herself into him, asking for more of his touch. She took the opportunity to feel his ripped muscles. They were tight, even relaxed, and the rock hard feeling made her stomach fill with butterflies as her mind began to spin with images and ideas.

“Will you let me touch you? Can I feel your body more?” he asked, guiding her further back to her bed.

Sitting on her bed, she made a conscious effort to keep her legs together. She felt awkward and she didn’t know what to do. In fact, her mind wasn’t working at all. Watching him strip off his sweat pants and boxers and climb up onto the bed, she tried to keep her eyes on his face and not on his immense erection.

“Will you Tatiana?” he asked again, unsure if she heard him the first time.

Slowly she nodded, her mouth was dry and she found it hard to speak. Lying back, she felt herself involuntarily stiffen as he lay beside her on his side, pressed against her.

Smiling at her, he gently touched her cheek and felt her tension. Trailing his fingers over her neck, he slowly worked his way down over her breasts and smooth flat belly to the trimmed patch of fur between her thighs. Holding his hand there, he felt the heat coming off her.

Forcing her face to him, he caught her eyes with his and slid his fingers between her lips and began massaging her clit. Her heat and wetness astounded him and aroused him to an almost painful height. But her cries of pleasure pushed him closer to his limit. Quickly suppressing her loud moans by pressing his lips to hers, he cursed the fact that there were others in the house. Locked in a heated kiss, Nicolai worked Atalar Escort his finger deep inside of her.

She was so tight, so hot, her muscles clenching around his finger, stroking in and out of her. Her moans made his cock throb and her desire to spread her legs taunted him further.

Tatiana had masturbated before, she had several types of vibrators stashed away in a private box in her closet, but she was a virgin to an actual man. The feel of his fingers penetrating her hot pussy made her groan and thrust herself on him for more.

“Nic…” she breathed his name, it came out as a whisper more then anything else. “Nicolai…”

He leaned down closer to her, continuing to work his fingers in and out of her, unable to tear himself away from the wonderful feel of her silky body. “What Tatiana, do you want me to stop?” Reluctantly he began to pull out his fingers.

Grabbing his wrist, she shook her head. “No, please, I want more.”

Smiling, he lifted himself up and kneeled by her knees. Lifting his fingers to his lips he licked off her juices.

Giggling she covered her face in embarrassment. “Oh, no Nic, don’t do that!”

“Why?” he pulled apart her legs further and knelt down, his face hovering inches from her pussy. Teasingly, he gave her throbbing, hungry clit a few strokes with his tongue. “It’s the same as doing that. I’m tasting you all the same.” He licked her again, with more drawn out strokes. “And frankly my dear, you taste fabulous.”

Compared to her moans when he fingered her, her moans as he licked her pussy were by far more intense. In an attempt to keep their encounter private, he reached up and shoved his first two fingers into her mouth. Immediately she began sucking them, stroking them with her tongue and grazing her teeth over them. Her moans were stifled but not at all silenced. With one hand she gripped his wrist and with the other she fisted his thick mane of hair between her slender fingers.

She couldn’t keep her hips still. She wanted more of his hot mouth, more of his touch. She loved how her skin tingled and her heart raced as his eyes studied her and his hands worshiped her body.

“Nicolai, please!” she moaned past his fingers.

“What Tatiana? Don’t you like it?” he smiled up at her over the soft round of her belly.

“I love it, but its nothing but a tease!” Absentmindedly she released his hair and held her breast, twisting her nipple slowly between her fingers, the painful pleasure surging through her body.

Sitting back on his heels, Nicolai grabbed Tatiana by her hair and forced her up. He smiled at her groans and let her lean her weight on his thighs. She looked so vulnerable and innocent and it aroused him further. Taking her hand, he wrapped it around his throbbing cock. “Stroke it.”

Slowly she slid her hand up and down his shaft, feeling his warm blood pulse. He was long, thick and thankfully circumcised. His moans excited her as she watched a trickle of pre-cum dripped off his head. Getting excited she ducked down and licked up the sweet juice.

He breathed deeply and raised his hips, pressing his head to her soft lips. He was rewarded with her warm mouth and soft tongue wrapping around his cock. She stroked him and massaged him and sucked him with long, sensuous movements, taking his balls in her hand and ever so gently massaging them.

Groaning, one hand gripping her shoulder the other the comforter, Nicolai tried to keep from throwing her down and thrusting deep inside her. Her mouth teased him, coaxed more of his pre-cum, and lifted him closer to orgasm.

Pulling her away he pushed her back onto the bed, unable to take more. He closed his eyes and tried to hold back, seeing her stretched out beneath him was exhilarating and he wanted to do nothing more then take her like an animal.

Reaching down between her thighs, Tatiana spread apart her lips showing off her glistening pussy. “Come to me, Nicolai.” She breathed, her voice quiet, barely a whisper.

Crawling over her body, he gently set himself down above her, pressing his cock to her sweet pussy lips. “Tell me now if you want this, once I start I wont stop.”

Pushing up her hips, she slid his head into her. Gasping with pleasure she bathed in the joy of having such a thick cock inside her, stretching her apart. She gripped his arms tightly as he pushed further into her, then suddenly he stopped, a blank stare on his face.

“What is it? Is something wrong?” Tatiana asked, twisting herself around to see his face better.

“You’re a virgin aren’t you?” Nicolai asked softly.

Tatiana sighed and tried to work herself out from underneath him. “And if I am?”

Grabbing her, he worked himself above her again, pinning her beneath him, finally thrusting into her deeper past her virgin seal. “You stay where I put you.”

She cried out in pleasure, her body burning for more. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, sucking the warm flesh there.

He thrust himself in and out of her hot, tight sheath slowly. Holding her close to him he sucked on her breast, grazing his teeth over the hard nipple.

His body rocked her, pulling moan after moan past her lips. She cried out when he occasionally thrust deep and hard, her little body not used to such a joyous intrusion.

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