Ms. Hughes Ch. 01


Growing up, I was never quite a ladies’ man. In high school, while everyone else was out screwing their brains out, I was at home doing homework. It wasn’t that I wasn’t sexually active, I jacked off just about every day, it was just that my family wasn’t financially well off. So, I had to work my ass off all throughout school so to ensure I would get into a decent college with some sort of funding or loans. And, after four rigorous years in high school, I was in.

Thing is, after years of solitude and overzealous study, I lacked social skills. Most of my first year at college were spent in my dorm room, catching the occasional movie here and there. I made a few friends, but they were like me, and didn’t enjoy going out to parties and such. However, the beginning of my sophomore year, when I had just turned 18, I had saved up enough money from summer jobs to get my own place. Well, by “my own place” I mean a room in a rental house just off campus. You’d think living in a house with other people would help my social interactions. Truth is, it just shut me out more. When not in class or at work, most of my time was spent in my room, souping up my computer for more and more porn.

But, no porn I could ever download could compare to my Physics teacher. Ms. Hughes was a goddess. I had her in my freshman year and absolutely fell in love. She looked like a mature Christina Ricci, and wore the stereotypical teacher glasses. About thirty-five years old, she had brains and beauty. And, as interesting as the corpuscular theory is, I could only stare at her tits. I was simply in awe, she was a ripe 34 C (if I had to guess, and I did, often) which panned down to a Victorian thin waist. And nothing, I mean nothing, made me happier than when she turned around and pulled down the projection screen. When she reached up for that string and her ass floated just above the desk, I was in heaven.

The best part was we became friends, in a manner of speaking. She would always say “hi” to me if we ran across each other on campus, and we even went out for coffee once or twice. We discussed physics and how classes were going, but in my mind I was in another world. I had to try harder than anything I’ve ever done not to stare at her breasts and they rose out of her button down suit. Perhaps it was my lack of female teachers growing up (my school district only hired male teachers, something I’m sure will end soon), but her suit-and tie look drove me wild like there was no tomorrow. With all the staring I was doing, I was sure I’d get caught. Well that’s where the trouble came in.

And, this is more or less where my story begins. I used to bike back-and-forth from my place to work and school. Coming home from work on night, around 8:00 p.m., I took the long way. One of my co-worker’s had given me some rum after the shift was over ( I’ve drank once, maybe twice before this time) and I was no Lance Armstrong. As I biked down the road, I heard someone call out my name.

“Christian!” a woman’s voice yelled.

As I turned to look who was calling, my equilibrium was thrown off base and I crashed. I had hit a pothole in the road and fell off right into a puddle. I looked in the direction of the voice, but there was nothing. I wiped the dirty water from my face and pulled my bike to the curb. As I sat catching my breath and checking my bike for damage, I heard the voice again. “Christian, of my god, I’m sorry.”

When I looked up, it was like seeing an angel. The dark skies framed her pale white skin, and her face shone.

“Chris. Oh man, I’m sorry. I just saw you riding your bike, and I live over there, and I wanted to say ‘hi’ and…”

Her words stammered together. She apologized and explained that she had seen me from her window, yelling out to catch my attention. She helped me up and brushed me off. As I turned back to her after picking up my bike she looked at me with a slight sigh.

“Look at you! You’re all dirty and wet. And…look, your ear has a cut. Come in and clean up. You can leave your bike over there, you’re a mess.”

I told her I was ok, but she eventually convinced me to come in. Her house was more of a loft, very similar to other campus housing in the area. She took my jacket off and walked into another room. Coming back, she lead me into the bathroom. She took a washcloth and cleaned off my face, applying cut medication the nick on my ear. When she was all done, she stepped back and looked at me.

“That didn’t help much at all. Your clothes are soaked, Chris. Let me wash them.”

I looked at her, nodding my head in a “no” fashion and telling her it was ok. She patted me lightly on the chest and walked off into her bedroom. When she came back, she had some old sweat pants and a t-shirt. She sat them on the sink and told me to hop into the shower.

“I’ll leave Kurtköy Escort these here. Undress and when you’re done, slide the clothes outside of the bathroom door. I’ll come and get them as soon as I hear the water running. I’ll put them in the washer and when you’re done you can put these on until your clothes are dry.”

She patted the clothes on the sink, and although I protested, she kept telling me she felt bad for what happened. Before I was able to argue any further, she walked out and closed the door behind her.

I began looking around the small bathroom. It looked just like every other rental house bathroom, un-renovated since the 60’s, the only new things were rugs and a shower curtain, one of those semi-clear jobs that could only been seen through if you were close-up, anything else was just a blur. Her shelves were cluttered with beauty products, unnecessary I though.. I undressed and adjusted the water in the shower. I cracked the door slightly and peered out, Ms. Hughes was nowhere in sight. I took my damp clothes and swung them through the crack in the door. I turned around, shutting the door, noticing that there was no lock. I thought nothing of it and stepped into the shower.

Once inside, the warm water hit my skin, and I admit, it felt good. Ms. Hughes was right. At first I stood underneath the water, cleansing myself off, but my mind soon wandered. I noticed the massaging showerhead and my mind went wild with ideas of shower time masturbation stories I had read on the internet. Slowly, my hand drifted to my crotch, and I began pumping. Out of habit, I reached over for shampoo to jerk off with.

When I popped the cap, my senses were overcome with pleasure; the smell was so familiar to me. Ms. Hughes always had a certain smell to her, and I had become accustomed, almost conditioned, to it. The smell of lilac was fueling my eroticism and I began pumping harder. Within seconds, I was on the verge of climax. I looked over through the curtain, and saw the outline of Ms. Hughes body. It was blurry, but unmistakable. With that, I blew. Gobs of sperm shot up into the air and my eyes sealed tight.

As my jizm ran down the drain with the water, I collected myself and looked back through the curtain. Nothing. I opened it up and peered out. Again, nothing. I began to think I imagined the whole thing. I cleaned up, waited for my erection to soften down, and stepped out of the shower. I toweled off and grabbed the clothes Ms. Hughes left for me.

As I walked towards the door, toweling off my hair, my mind ran wild again. I envisioned Ms. Hughes sitting in one of her chairs in a sexy nightgown, sipping a glass of wine. As I delved deeper into my fantasy, I became aroused again.

I stepped out into the living room and saw my fantasy was partly true. Sitting in her big chair, Ms. Hughes was sipping a glass of wine. She wasn’t wearing a nightgown though. Instead, she was in plaid pajamas, sitting cross-legged in her chair. She looked up at me through her glasses and smiled.

“There, feel better?”

I agreed, toweling off the rest of my face and head.

“Your clothes are still in the washer, it’ll be about ten more minutes, then I’ll throw them in the dryer.”

She sat the glass of wine down and stood. Walking to the kitchen at the other side of the room, she offered me a glass of wine. By now, my rum buzz had worn off and I was a bit peckish. I agreed and she poured me a glass. As she bent down to hand it to me, I saw her sheer black bra underneath the pjs.

I accepted the wine and sat on the chair across from her. She was grading papers and we began to discusses the class. She complimented me on my job in the class.

“Thanks. I really like Physics, and you’re a great teacher.”

She thanked me for the compliment, and gave me the look of a flirtatious teenager. She then took a big sip of her wine and set down her papers. She asked me how classes were going, and for a while we had a good conversation going. That was, until she asked me about my social life. I explained that all I did was work and go to school. Like my mother, she told me I should go out and have fun, that these were the prime years of my life. I told her I didn’t really enjoy going out, that most kids my age were immature, and that I didn’t have time for it.

“But this is fun.” I said. “If I knew anyone like you, I’d be glad to go out on the weekends.”

“Well,” she answered back, beginning to slur her words slightly. “I’m a person like me, how come you don’t hang out with me?”

I was shocked. I questioned her about the ethics of hanging around students. She told me that “this is college” and that it’s ok.

“Besides,” she said, “you’re not my student anymore. You passed with flying colors.”

She told me this as she walked into Pendik Escort the kitchenette, coming back with the wine bottle. She fell back into her chair and took her glasses off.

“See,” she said, pouring herself another glass, “it seems like, anymore, teachers and student’s can’t just hang out. When I was in college, I hung out with some of my professors on the weekends. I mean, I wasn’t very popular back then. But things were different. Nowadays it’s a big deal when students and teachers meet outside of class, which is a shame. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with some of my students. I’m having a great time right now, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“How can you be?” she asked.

At first, I was confused. I didn’t know what she was talking about, I thought it was going well.

“I mean, your glass is empty. How can you be having fun on an empty liver?”

I was relieved at first, it was an awkward pause, but she laughed and the tension eased. She then stood up and came towards me. I realized she had the wine bottle in her hand and I held my glass up.

As she went to pour, she tripped and fell into me. Trying to stable herself in mid-fall, she twisted and fell ass-first into my lap. When she had landed she began laughing hysterically. She covered her face and kept laughing, trying to compose herself. Suddenly, she had stopped laughed and her body had stopped shaking from the laughter, and I knew why. My erection had been growing since he ripe, firm ass landed on my crotch and she was now beginning to notice.

She turned around and joking said, in a southern voice, “Why Mr. Gher, I do declare!”

My face turned red. She gripped the bottle and stood up. Turning around and leaning on her chair she said, “Honestly, Christian, did you think I didn’t notice you staring at me during class?” You walked out of there everyday with your notebook covering your erection.”

I was shocked. I hung my head slightly and thought to myself, “oh my god.” She however, was as giddy as I’ve ever seen her.

“It’s ok. Actually, I’m flattered. Come on, nobody I work with even talks to me. And I don’t get out much, it’s good to see anyone showing interest in me.” She began to giggle again.

She then did something completely unexpected. As she continued giggling, she leaned forward and began unbuttoning her top. As she did so, her beautiful round breasts popped out, still covered in the bra, but beautiful as ever. This made my hard-on grow even more, and she knew it. She finished unbuttoning her top and caressed her hand across her taught stomach and up to her breasts, squeezing them slightly. The top fell to the floor and she grabbed her glass of wine.

“I know what you’re thinking. You’re just like me when I was your age. And when I was your age I wanted nothing more than to jump on top of a man twice my age. It’s funny, as I grew up my longing for older men shifted, and now I can’t stop thinking about young men. Boys. Boys your age.” She sipped the glass and gave me a ‘what-do-you-think-of-that’ look.

She then dropped the glass. She leaned towards me, placing either of her hands on my legs. Her breasts were just about spilling out of their black entrapment, and the look in her eyes was undescribable. She leaned in even closer, her cheek caressing mine, and whispered in my ear.

“Come on. I can tell by looking at you that you’ve never had sex before, and you’re longing to.”

She pulled back and finished,

“And me?” She pulled on the drawstring of her pajamas, “If I don’t get fucked I’m going to go nuts.

And there she stood, in a black bra and panties. Pale skinned, busty, and writing with the itch to fuck. She leaned into me, kneeling down in front of the chair. She rubbed her hand up and down my body from my knees to chest. After what seemed like a decade, she began rubbing my cock, squeezing it and breathing hard.

“Fuck me Christian, I need it bad.” She slithered up my body like a snake. Just as she was face to face with me, she pulled back. Now standing in front of my, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Letting it slide slowly down her arms, which were clasped in front of her, her tits were squeezed together accentuating their size.

When the bra hit the floor, I went nuts. Standing in front of me was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, completely naked and wanting fo fuck me! I couldn’t take it anymore, I lunged out of the chair and wrapped my arms around her. Pulling back, my mouth sank around her gorgeous mounds of flesh, taking each nipple into my mouth in turn. Her head reeled back and she began to moan. The vibrations of her moaning body sent me into overdrive, my erection pressed up against her crotch and we both melted.

Fondling her breasts, she leaned forward and kissed my Mutlukent Escort neck, her hair swinging across my shoulders. As she continued to kiss, and I continued to suck on her breasts, she reached down between my legs and wrapped her hand around my cock. She began pumping my cock, and as she got more into it, she reached down and began to fondle my balls.

After a few minutes of what I imagined couldn’t get any better, Ms. Hughes pulled back. She sleeked backed towards her bed and motioned with her finger for me to follow her. She laid back at the foot of her bed and spread her legs. I took my shirt off and crept towards, attempting to lay on top of her. She reached out her hand and placed it on my head, stopping me. She then ran her fingers through my hair, when her hand reached the crown of my head, she pushed me down into her crotch. I an my face over her panty-clad pussy, smelling the sweetness it emitted. I then slipped my thumbs under either side of the waistband and pulled them down.

I began to lick and suck on her pussy. Her hair was trimmed into a short patch above her crotch, and I explored every inch. My hands roamed up towards her stomach, feeling the bottoms of her breasts. I looked up and saw her running her fingers through her hair and biting her bottom lip. Until now, all my sexual experiences had been based on what I saw in porn movies, and I had done enough “research” to know what to do.

As much as I enjoyed looking at her enjoying my pleasuring her, I loved even more eating her pussy with reckless disregard. My eyes went back down to her shaved bush and I kept sucking. Next thing I know, I hear a faint buzzing. I look up and she had pulled a small vibrator from her end-table. She placed it gingerly on her clit. Her other hand came down on the top of my head. The pressure on my head increased as she neared orgasm. Within seconds, her legs napped around my head and she began grinding her pussy into my face. After a few pumps, her back arched and she let loose with a scream. The vibrator fell to the bed and rolled off as kept licking and exploring her body while she came down from climax. She was well done with her orgasm while I continued licking and kissing her pussy. She ran her fingers through my hair and placed her hands on my face.

“That was amazing.” she said. Her head tossed from side to side. It came to rest on her pillow and she looked down at me. “It’s your turn now. I haven’t sucked a dick in a long time and getting eaten out made me crave it more than I ever have before.

Saying that, she sat up and pulled me towards her. She viciously grabbed the waistband of the sweat-pants and pulled them down. Slipping out of them, I laid back onto the bed. She threw them onto the floor and swung herself between my legs. She kissed on my stomach and swayed her chest back and forth, her tits knocking against my hard cock. She looked me in the eyes and wrapper her huge tits around my throbbing erection. My head lay back in ecstacy and her jugs pumped up and down around my dick. She then began talking dirty to me.

“You like this? I know you wanted to fuck me ever since the first day of class. I would raise my ass and look over my shoulder, and you’d be there touching yourself.”

She was right. And with every word I came closer to orgasm.

Just then, her tits came off of my cock and she dove down on it. Her luscious red lips were wrapped around my shaft like every fantasy I’ve ever had. She focused on the heard at first, taking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. She then sucked my whole 7″ into her mouth, wrapping my cock in velvety wetness. She took a breath and dove down the entire length, spinning her head at the base, her hair ticking my whole crotch.

She pulled off and grabbed my cock with her hand. She pulled up and lick its length. She stopped at the base and took my balls into her mouth. She hummed lightly with her mouth wrapped around my scrotum. She came off and licked the length over and over, taking my cock fully into her mouth.

“Oh, Ms. Hughes, it feels so good!” I moaned.

Hearing this she began to suck harder and faster. Seeing her beautiful face bob up and down on my dick was too much. I screamed out,

“Ms. Hughes, I’m gonna cum!”

With that she sucked even faster. Feeling the first shot of cum, she pulled off and aimed my spurting dick at her voluptuous tits. I shot my load all over her. By the time I was finished she was covered in my cream from neck to belly. The white cum stood out only slightly on her white, white skin.

When I was finished, she laid back and rubbed my cum all over her tits. She then would take each hand and lick it, sucking the cum off of each and every finger.

We both regained our breath and I sat up. I leaned in over her naked body, and began to speak softly.


The laundry buzzer had gone off. It startled us at first, but then we both began to laugh. But there was nothing funny about the things that happened that day, and the things that were going to happen later that night.

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