My Errand


Ever since I became the proud owner of a driver’s license, I loved having the freedom to drive where ever I wanted, all on my own. I especially liked it when my dad sent me on errands for his insurance business. This gave me all the more chances to go out and drive. This story is about my first real sexual experience, which happened when I was eighteen years old. But first, let me tell you a little about myself.

I always thought of myself as being a very skinny boy growing up. In fact, my grandfather used to call me squirrel’ when I was little kid. I thought being skinny was a curse I would have my entire life, so I didn’t really try to do anything about it. However, after our family moved out to a small farm, my dad made sure we had lots of work to do and a lot of it was pretty physical stuff. Our farm was right next to a large river that flowed through the valley towards town. In the summer we would spend hours swimming across the river and floating down to a public beach a couple of miles away, then we would walk back home.

All the work on the farm and the swimming ended up putting a fair amount of muscle on me, although I did not appreciate it at the time. I was a fairly good looking kid, although I didn’t really see myself that way at the time. I was very awkward and self-conscious growing up, probably due to my dad’s overbearing nature. This really crimped my style with the girls, something I have regretted all my life. Because I felt so awkward and self-conscious, I lived a very celibate life up until my eighteenth year. Looking back on my teen years, I could have been so much more sexually active, knowing now how desirable I really was back then! But I was trying so hard to be a good boy’ that I regrettably let a lot of opportunities pass me by.

Shortly after I turned eighteen my celibacy was challenged in a most unexpected way. My dad had a business associate named Jim who lived quite a long distance from our house. Jim and his wife Martie were very nice people that our entire family got to know a little bit. It really helped us know them better when my older brother started dating their daughter, Debbie.

Debbie was an absolutely stunning beauty, and she knew it. Jet black hair, large dark eyes, a wide smile, mischievous eyes that seemed to know’ something the rest of us didn’t, and a perfect figure. She turned heads everywhere she went. She was both flirtatious and genuinely warm and friendly an odd combination. She got her good looks from her mother, who was a very nice looking woman in her early 40’s. Even though Debbie was two years older than me, and therefore entirely out of my league, I couldn’t help sneaking lustful looks at her every time she was around. I know Debbie caught me looking at her a number of times, and even though I would just about die of embarrassment, she always smiled and gave her dark hair a toss, as if saying “Look at me some more!”

One Saturday my dad asked me if I would take some papers over to Jim and Martie’s house for him. He said I could just leave them in their screen door if nobody was home. I was happy for the chance to drive all alone again, and this trip would take me all the way to the city, 16 miles away, plus another ten miles to the north of town and back. So off I went.

When I got to their house, I couldn’t tell if anyone was home. I rang the doorbell and waited for quite some time. I was just about ready to slip the papers into the screen door when Martie answered. I mumbled something about some papers for her husband and was just about ready to leave, when she told me to wait. Martie told me that she was a painter and a sculptor and had been working on some projects that she wanted to show me. I was fairly artistic myself, so this caught my Tuzla Escort attention. She asked me if I had time to look at some of her work. I was in no hurry to get back home, so I said “Sure.”

She had a back room in their large home converted to a studio for her to work in. It was a large room with a daylight patio windowed in so it could get lots of sunlight. She had paintings in various stages of completion laying haphazardly around the place. The nicer ones were hanging on the walls, others were just leaning up against each other on the floor. She also had a number of clay sculptures of various sizes. What caught my eye was the fact that she was actually very good. This surprised me, because I just had no idea before that.

Martie was chatting away about this piece and that piece. I was at that age when anything sexual really caught my attention. In fact, I had an inordinate interest in sex and nudity, despite my deprived childhood. I found where my dad hid his stack of Playboy magazines and I snuck off to masturbate to their contents every chance I got. Even a photo of a woman’s breast was enough to get me to cum in a short amount of time.

Here in Martie’s studio were several paintings of nude female figures, all very well painted and very scrutinized by my intense though surreptitious stares. Just knowing that some nude woman had sat there in the buff while being studied got my juices going. But I was embarrassed to be staring at them so much, so I tried to pretend like they were no big deal as if I saw such things all the time. It took a couple of minutes for the shocking realization to hit me that the woman in the paintings was actually Martie’s daughter, Debbie, my brother’s girlfriend. My face must have reflected my shock as my surprised gaze lingered on one of them much longer than I had wished.

Martie, who unknown to me, had been carefully watching my reactions, laughed when she saw my startled reaction. She must have know exactly what was going through my mind. She asked me playfully, “Recognize her?”

It was bad enough getting caught staring at the nudes in the paintings, worse yet realizing that the incredibly sexy body belonged to someone I actually knew. However, the worst thing about it all, besides getting caught, was the fact that I was sprouting an erection before I knew it. Once Martie had broken my trance by speaking to me, I realized the bulge that had developed in the front of my pants. I tried to turn away from Martie every chance I got so she might not see it. All the time I tried to act nonchalant while I answered her and chatted about things, but my red cheeks and the lump in my pants gave me away too much.

Martie was saying things to me that I wasn’t really hearing. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the wonderful paintings all around me. I became aware of a break in her chatting, and it dawned on me that the silence was her waiting for me to answer her question. What had she asked me? My spell broken once more, I looked at her not comprehending.

She asked me again, “Would you consider being a model and posing for me?” I was shocked. I must have really missed a lot of her prior conversation, because this seemed to come out of nowhere. My face showed my confusion so she explained to me again. “You have the perfect Greek physique, exactly what I have been wanting to capture in a painting, a very rare trait! Would you like to be my model?”

I had not ever dreamed of such a thing, the idea was completely foreign to my young, inexperienced mind. Me? A model? My heart screamed “No!” but I was still trying to be cool and mature about this whole adventure in the studio, so I casually answered “That’s something I think I could handle!” What had I said? What Gebze Escort was I in for?

This was what Martie wanted to hear and my response seemed to click her into instant action. She smiled and cooed “Oh wonderful! I have been looking for a model like you for the longest time!” “Come, let me have a look at you.” She started assessing me up and down, turned me this way and that, and seemed quite pleased with her find. I felt trapped, but acted like it was nothing.

Martie took charge and started giving me instructions. “Let’s do a quick pencil study before you go,” she said. Without even asking, me moved me over to a different section of the room, with me facing the broad wall of windows. She tugged at my shirt and removed it from me very quickly. I was standing there in my jeans and bare-chested. Okay, I thought, No problem! I can handle this.

Martie grabbed a pad of paper and a charcoal pencil and started scribbling. “Hold still, don’t move,” she told me. She then suggested that I should remove my pants so she could finish her pencil sketch. I froze. This was something I didn’t think I could do. My bravado was fading fast. She smiled and reached under the table and grabbed a bath-towel. “Here, you can put this around you.” She turned her back and waited for me to disrobe.

I figured she was a professional, so what’s the big deal? So I quickly slipped off my jeans and shorts and put the towel around me. When I said “Okay” Martie turned back around and proceeded to sketch some more. There was a problem, however. My being mostly naked surrounded by paintings of a naked Debbie that I couldn’t keep my eyes off had kept my erection going strong, and it showed through the towel. I tried to think of other things, hoping it would go away, but it was staying strong.

After some time Martie said she wanted to draw me without the towel but there was no way in hell I was letting go of it not in my condition! I started thinking that it was time for me to get out of there, fast. But Martie assured me she knew what my problem was and said she could get by with just painting part of me. She told me to turn so my back was to her and to hold the towel behind me, but open, to shield my butt from her view, and to close my eyes so I wouldn’t be distracted by anything else around me. This seemed fair enough to me maybe some cold air would be good to help things calm down.

As I stood there with my eyes closed, Martie commented every now and then, “Good, hold it. Don’t move. Wonderful!” With my eyes closed and just waiting like that, my mind started drifting and I became less away of the passage of time. My boner was still pretty hard, but I was used to it by now so it became less of a concern to me. Just then something caused me to snap back to reality. I hadn’t heard Martie say anything to me for some time but didn’t think much of it.

But then I heard her voice coming from in front of me! She had moved around me and I didn’t even know it. My eyes flew open and there she was, just two feet in front me. I could hardly believe my eyes Martie had quietly removed all of her clothing and was as naked as I was!

My eyes instantly locked onto her exquisitely shaped breasts, very natural with wonderfully pointed tips ending with erect nipples. They were almost identical to the ones that I had been staring at in her paintings. My mind was struggling to grasp what my eyes were seeing, but my partially hard cock instantly sprung back to full attention. With a fluid movement, Martie melted to her knees in front of me and said quietly, “I can take care of that problem for you.”

I was stuck in one place. Shock and desire battled within me. I had barely even kissed a girl before now and here Aydınlı Escort was a beautiful, naked woman, old enough to be my mother, kneeling in front of my naked body offering something I had little concept about. She drew near to me and I started to instinctively back away, but her hands were already behind my butt cheeks and she hugged me towards her.

Her hot mouth quickly slid over my fully erect penis while her sharp fingernails pressed gently against my tailbone as her hands caressed my round butt muscles. I seemed to melt forward as I leaned into her hot, wet oral embrace. With slow, slow movements, Martie started sliding her lips up and down my shaft, wetting it with her saliva.

I stared down at her, my mind still reeling at the wonderful things she was doing to me. My eyes once again focused on her bare breasts, perfectly shaped and just about as exciting as what her mouth was doing to me. I reached down with my trembling right hand and lightly slid my fingers across her left breast. This was my first ever touch of a woman’s breast. The silky smoothness with its warmth and the firmness of her hard nipple perched on top all registered some place in my mind with a loud affirmation “Yes!”

Her movements of her mouth over my cock slowly increased in intensity. I was soon oblivious to everything else around me, the focus of my entire being was only on the intense feelings being produced by her hungry mouth. As her rhythmic pumping of my cock kept on incessantly, her fingers were tracing little patterns across and around my firm butt muscles. She left ticklish trails that soon glided deeper and deeper into my crevice, and soon one of her fingers was jiggling right against my butt hole. This combination was too much for my inexperienced body.

I could feel a mounting surge of tension starting to arise deep within me. Something told me to try to keep it at bay for as long as possible, but it had a life of its own. A swelling wave of urgency that I could not hold back started to rush from deep within my belly.

I started to pull away, not sure if it would be right to explode at that moment, but a sharp poke of her finger against my butthole kept me pressed close against her face. I vainly held back as hard as I could; my efforts only served to increase the ferocity of the coming explosion.

Suddenly one hard spurt after another began to jet out of my cock straight into the back of Martie’s throat. She pressed her tongue against my shaft as she milked and swallowed each gulp of my semen as it shot out. The spasms of my orgasm seemed to go on and on forever, and my penis even continued to twitch and pump after it had spent its entire load.

My knees wanted to give out as I spent my last drop of cum deep inside of Martie’s throat. She hung on to me tightly as her mouth stayed pressed over the entire length of my still-hard cock, her nose pressed up against my belly and her tongue still trying to coax more out of me.

We stayed like that for another full minute, her hands caressing my butt, pressing me close against her face. She slowly withdrew her mouth from me and relaxed her grip. She sat back on her heels and looked up at me with such a look of satisfied passion, that I will never forget the look on her face.

Martie rose to her feet and stood before me. Although she was fairly tall for a woman, she was still at least two inches shorter than my youthful six-foot frame. She pulled me close to her, pressing her still-firm breasts against my chest and rested her head on my shoulder as she softly nuzzled my neck. My arms instinctively reached around her shoulders and held her close to me, grateful to her for giving me this wonderful, new experience. For those few moments, Martie was not a 40-plus year old woman and me just an eighteen year old boy. I was man’ and she, woman’ and we shared a bond as only a man and a woman can.

This was the first but not the last of my experiences in Martie’s art studio. There is more to be told later!

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