My First Time


I sat there in a nervous wreck. I couldn’t really describe the feeling. She sit on top of her desk looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes. Looking at her made me week, ok yes I know she was a bit older, ok, ok, ok, she’s my teacher, but am just a senior in detention. I never really looked at her this way.

She looked right into my eyes. “Ok Jason, what are we going to do about your research paper. It’s two weeks late.”

“I’m sorry Miss Jinkins, but I’ve been real busy with basketball, babysitting my little sister, work.” I said with a little stutter in my voice.

“That’s ok, but I’ll give one more week, then It’s a note to your mom. Ok?”

“Yes ma’am.”

She spread her leg apart slightly, reveling her nice black panties. I couldn’t help but look at them. I noticed that I was getting hard sitting there looking at her panties, “wait a minute,” I thought, “This is my teacher, she wouldn’t do that.” I looked up to she her noticing me looking at her.

“You like my new panties. I just got them.” She smiled at me as if Pendik Escort she had something in mind. “Would you like a better look?”

I found myself nodding “yes”, not realizing what I was just about to do.

She stood up slow, then started to unzip it in the back, letting it fall to the floor. “Do you like them?”

Again I nodded “yes”.

She stepped out of them as she walked to me. She pulled me to my feet, then proceeded to kiss me. It was like no kiss I ever had before, It felt like an explosion. I begin to feel her hands probing my pants, looking for my now extremely hard cock. I hard a sigh of glee as she found it. Pulling away from my mouth she begin to unzip my pants and starts to remove them. She pulled my boxers off and to the floor.

I stepped out of them as she kissed up my leg. Suddenly she started to lick and suck on my balls, her mouth felt so good against them. I placed my hand on her head, and tilted my head back to relax. She sat more on her desk, the knelt down as she proceeded to start sucking Kurtköy Escort my hard cock. She slowly licked the tip of the head, moving her tongue along the shaft, she then toke my cock all the way down her throat. Her head moved up and down as she sucked hard and slow. I moaned in pleasure, feeling her tongue move along my shaft as she sucked. She begin to move faster and suck harder.

She lifted her head, looked me in the eyes, and said, “get up.” I stood up, pulled her panties off and sat on the desk, so I kneeled down. I knew what she wanted. I had done it before on my ex-girlfriend, I spread her legs as I licked up her thighs, slowly getting closer to her wet pussy. As my tongued entered her pussy she moaned loudly, grabbing my head and shoving my tongue deeper in her pussy. I loved the taste of her pussy. She pulled my head up and told me to fuck her. I slide my cock slowly into her pussy, she moaned as I did. I pushed my hips into her, trusting my cock deeper into her wet pussy. She pulled me deeper in to her, moaning Ümraniye Escort loudly she dug her nails into my back. I was getting closer to cumming and I believed she was to.

I pulled out as she started to get down, she turned and bent over the desk. I shoved my cock in her pussy as she moaned with pleasure. I pushed my hips into her as I pulled her to me. Our bodies became one in the ecstasy. I stared to push harder, faster deeper into her as I got closer to cumming. She began to scream louder and louder, I know she was about to cum all over my cock.

“Cum in me, Jason!” she screamed as I pushed harder, I felt the pressure build up in my cock until I exploded.

“I’m CUUMMMING” I screamed, she begin to cum too. I felt her juices cover my cock, as I cummed inside her. I fell against her, taking a few short breaths.

She turned around a I pulled out, “You are amazing,” she said with a grin.

“This was my first time.” I replayed

She looked at me, “Will then you did a good job, you’ll make some girl proud too have sex with you.”

The next day she handed me a note the said, “Yesterday was wonderful, I want you to fuck me again today. Meet me after school at me house here’s the address…” And well, you know the rest of my story. Have fun all, I’m off to have some fun.

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