My Husband’s Best Friend Fucked Me


I was a Junior at Northeastern State when I met my soon to be husband. He was a Korean War Vet and older than most students there. We did the few things available in Tahlequah- went to the movies, attended frat dances and occasionly hung out in his apartment. We did a litlle fooling around, but nothing serious, just french kissing and rubbing each other through our clothes that never came off.

My husband graduated and got a job teaching in a small Kansas town outside of Dodge City. He had pinned me in thesummer session and it was understood that we would eventually get married, but I wanted to graduate first. After he had taught for a few weeks, he kept begging me to marry him. My heart won out over my head and we were married in November.

We spent our honeymoon at a friend’s cabin on Lake Tenkiller. Loosing my cherry wasn’t nothing to write home about as far as my enjoying it. At the time, I didn’t know better and thought that was the way it was supposed to be-dumb me.

I would come to visit him when I could,I was still in college and wefucked (of course in the missionary position). The only thing that I remember about our so called sex life is something really gross-he fucked me while I was mensturating. It made me sick and I refused to screw him for some time. I didn’t describe our sexual acts as ” making love” because all we did was fuck, there wasn’t any intimacy involved. I don’t want to give the wrong impression, I really enjoyed his sticking it to me. He would just stick the head barely in after rubbing it on my cunt lips and I would cum immediately which is fortunate because we were dealing with a three inch dick when hard. I also found out that I was a screamer and moaner.

If you aren’t bored to tears yet, please ” stick “(pardon the pun) withme. We couldnt’ make it on his salary as a teacher and me being a housewife so we moved back to Tulsa and later to Oklahoma City.In the meantime he had acquired an accounting degree and became a group manager where he met Bill, who later was tobecome his best friend Bostancı Escort and as for me, the giver of the best fuck of my life.

We went to Bill and Kays cabin on Lake Texhoma for the weekend and wassomething that we all looked forward to doing. Ken(my husband), Bill, and I loved to fish. Kay didn’t but liked to shop the antique and other stores in Kingston.

Friday evening after we had unpacked , we went to a club in Kingston and ate. Later, we danced and traded partners occasionaly. During one such trade, Bill and I were dancing cheek to cheek when he pushed his dick up against me. I was astounded at his audicity and even more astounded when I rubbed my cunt on his leg. That is as far as it went other, than me trying to control my heavy breathing when we returned to the table.

The next day, the three of us went fishing while Kay went shopping. Imust interject at this point that Ken loves for me to show off and tease men if that is far as it goes which he demanded and I agreed to abide by his rules. It was July and extremely hot and Bill’s boat didn’t have a top on it. We all wore long shirtsand long pants to keep from sunburning.

As we were trolling, my husband offered to wager on who caught the first and most fish which Bill and I agreed since it seemed to be clean fun-I should have known. Whoever caugt a fish got to ask one of the other two to obey their request . As you have suspected, Ken caught the first fish and asked me to unbutton my shirt which I promptly did to Bill’s surprise and delight. My husband asked me to take off my bra (I would have sun burned if I had taken off my shirt) and I asked him if he was sure that was what he wanted and he of course said yes. I then asked Bill if that was okay with him and he could only nod yes. I looked down at his his crotch and he definitely had a hard on. I would like to say that I then showed him a pair of44DD’s but I only had 34B’s to offer. This seemed to be enough for Bill and tickled my husband pink. After that , Bill quit watching Anadolu Yakası Escort hisline and sat there watching me. I watched his pole, the one in his pants, and became very hot. We were all dying for someone to catch a fish, anyone, but no one did so we went back to the cabin. As we went in, Kay asked me what I had spilled on my pants and I looked down- cunt juice had soiled a very large spot. I turned beet red and said that I had dropped a Coke.

We ate at the cabin and as Kay and I were washing dishes, Bill walked upbehind to set his glass down and his dick hit the crack of my ass. I couldn’t help myself, I pushed back hard and felt a monster! It must have been six inches long. He is rather ordinary in looks, but at that moment, he became an Adonis in my eyes. Kay saw what had happened and gasped. She is really a prude and wouldn’t swap mates if her life depended on it which is forunate because my husband wouldn’t be able to fuck if she wanted him to do so. I hurried out of the room and went into our bedroom and closed the door and jerked my jeans down and rubbed my clit util it felt raw and had the first and best orgasm that I had in years. Of course,Ken enjoyed the show in the kitchen and didn’t know about my masturbatng so he was happy.(Three out of four isn’t bad).

There was a very tense time in the morning until I apologized and said that I had felt faint is why I leaned back against Bill. I don’t think she believed it but it was a way to save face for all of us. To make amends, I told her that I would go shopping with her that afternoon. The men also agreed to go. As we were getting in the car,a neighbor came up and said that the sand bass were really biting.

Bill said he couldn’t let the opportunity go by so he changed into his fishing clothes. I asked hubby if it was Ok if I went with Bill. He immediately said ” YES” and then I asked Kay. She was really pissed but had been locked in if she had said no without making a scene , so she agreed. Ken pulled me aside and told me to have fun Pendik Escort but I was not to fuck Bill under any circumstances but ” show time” would be ok.

Kay and my husband stood at the dock to make sure we actually went out in the boat so we headed for Platter Flats. As soon as we were out of Soldiers Creek, I unbuttoned my shirt and started rubbing my tits while looking Bill in the eye , Somehow I had forgotten to put on a bra. He was transfixed and couldn’t take his eyes off of my small tits. as soon as we reached the flats, he killed the motor and Ipulled my shirt and jeans off and lay on the fishing deck with my cunt facing him with my legs wide open-sunburn be damned. He undressed in a flash and lay down beside me with the most beautiful dick sticking straight up in the air. It would make a better story if I said that we entered into foreplay for hours, but I wanted none of that, I pulled him on top of me, raised my hips up and guided his dick into my pussy while pulling on his ass to get it all the way in me. I came immediately and was screaming and moaning for him to fuck me I kept saying “OH” OH” OH” at the top of my voice and begging him to fuck me and me telling him I loved his dick. He put his hand over my mouth to still me but wasn’t too succesful. I had contunious orgasms for the next twenty minutes and then Bill came and came -he must not have fucked in a long time. I was clawing at his back and begging him not to stop.” FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK Me” kept coming out of my mouth. I lapsed into incoherent babbling and held him in me as long as possible. We managed to fuck twice more, each time being better than the last until we had to go.

We were both presentable when we got to the dock and pulled our trystoff until we undressed for bed in our separate bed rooms. Bill must to have undressed at first because Kay started screaming and yelling, asking how he got the scratch marks all over his back.

My husband was really turned on until I undressed, my tits and ass were sunburned and Bill’s semen and my cunt juices were running down my leg. At that point, my husband told me to get my ass dressed, that we were going home. We sneaked out and left. We no longer are friends and Bill isn’t Ken’s best friend- he’s mine. My God,what a dick he has and its mine every time we can get together.

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