Neighbor Girl Ch. 01


Billy lay on the bed with the fingers of his left hand wrapped firmly around his hard dick, tugging ferociously toward an expected climax. This was a typical, daily occurrence for him. In fact, his day wasn’t complete until he whacked off at least once, usually more. In all honesty, jerking off was Billy’s favorite activity as he could never quite seem to keep his hands off his penis, like every other eighteen-year-old boy in high school. Every guy Billy knew yanked their chain, and if they said otherwise they were lying. At least, he assumed they did because of all the joking that went on about jerking off on any given day. How could they not masturbate? Clearly, it was the greatest feeling in the world as nothing quite equaled the sensation of your dick as it exploded with hot cum.

And as Billy pulled on his stiff prick he eagerly anticipated the next experience. He had been looking forward to it all day, having woken with a woody and been unable to shake it. Good thing he got so much pleasure from masturbating because nobody else was doing it for him.

When his friend Max dropped him off after school, Billy went directly to his room where he stripped naked and hopped on the bed to commence his favorite activity. He loved getting naked and being in the nude. Clothes just got in the way of things. They were too constricting, limiting the sexual exploration of his body. Unlike most teenagers, Billy really liked the way he looked, especially naked. Standing in front of the mirror on his closet door, he would stare at himself, watching his penis rise and fall as he played with it. He particularly liked flicking his dick against his abdomen to watch it bounce. Turning sideways, he discovered, made his cock look even longer, and he would jerk off as he watched himself in the mirror, excited to see cum fly out the tip of his penis.

As the familiar sensation arose in his body, signaling the inevitable culmination, Billy lifted his hips in the air as clumps of white, sticky semen shot out and landed on his chest. He groaned out with pleasure as cum warmed his belly. One squirt even hit his chin, making him chuckle as he finished pulling on his shrinking appendage. Billy rested for a bit before retrieving a dirty undershirt from the hamper to clean up his mess. Throwing on a pair of shorts, he made his way down into the kitchen to have a snack.

Once his appetite was satisfied, Billy went back to his room, got naked again and lay back on his bed to listen to music. As was his habit, he fantasized about having sex with different girls in his school. He visualized the way he imagined they looked naked, or how the girls would blow him. Billy pictured himself eating them out and fucking them. The preferred activity he imagined was having an orgy with a bunch of girls, all of them taking turns to service his meat before he pounded their pussies one at a time.

Instinctively, a usual occurrence of this meticulously practiced routine, Billy quickly turned his thoughts to his neighbor Suzy. In the end, his thoughts always returned to her. She was, for all intents and purposes, his first – and at this point in his short existence only – love. There were just two problems with this. First, Suzy was a junior in college while he remained a few months away from his high school graduation. Second, she had no idea how he felt. Billy had never told her.

As children they had played together often, but once the onset of puberty hit, and she moved to middle school, they drifted apart. Thankfully, she had a brother named Tony who was a year younger than Billy and took her place to become a good friend. At least until high school when they gradually went their own way as a result of different interests and activities.

Suzy remained the only girl Billy had ever played with in his life and, it seemed to him, the only girl he had ever really been attracted to. At times she even seemed sweet on him as well as she always made a point to reach out and say hello or talk to him, even as she grew older and in front of her friends, which was a big fucking deal as a kid.

There was a time when he and Suzy used to roller skate together during “couples song,” which he always looked forward to. Unlike the rest of the country, where roller skating finally went out of style in the 1980s, in their small town it was still the place for young adolescents to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night. Even though he and Suzy were separated by three years – not a lot, but tremendously critical as teenagers – she never seemed to mind Billy and was usually the one who would approach to ask him to skate during the couples only song.

Listening to music as he lay on his bed, Billy recalled those times with Suzy, which now seemed so long ago. He had been in the 7th and 8th grades at the time while she was already in high school. It occurred to him that while it didn’t seem unusual at the time, now as a senior he couldn’t imagine asking someone three years younger than him to skate together during Anadolu Yakası Escort a couples dance. Yet, on several of those occasions they had even kissed, after making their way to one of the four corners of the roller rink set aside as resting places. There were long benches attached to the wall and chairs for kids to skate out and take a break. Usually, though, those dark places presented the perfect hiding spot for people looking to kiss, mess around, and, if they were really daring, fuck.

Billy remembered the first time he kissed Suzy. It had been on one of those benches in the corner of the roller rink hidden in the dark. He had been in the 8th grade and she was asking him if he was excited to be going into high school the next year. When he turned to respond, his face smacked right into hers and they shared an awkward first kiss. Still, most times after that, when they skated together they would end up in one of those corners and their kissing got better. Sadly, that was all they had ever done and, all too soon, Billy was in high school and Suzy graduated. And that, as they say, was that.

Just recollecting those times was enough to awaken Billy’s manhood for the second time that afternoon, and he glanced down to see his one-eyed shlong rigidly looking up at him. Jesus, he thought, I have got to be the horniest person alive. But that thought wasn’t enough to keep his hands off himself as he slowly rubbed his naked body. Billy reached down to cup his balls, massaging them as blood pumped into his pecker. As he ran his left hand over his hard boner, he thought about the last time he saw Suzy.

It had been just this past Christmas, when she was home from college. She looked beautiful as always. Her smile. What a fucking killer smile. She had a mouthful of pearly white teeth and when she smiled it took up her whole face. Her wavy, long brown hair and brown eyes only accentuated her beauty. The sweet softness of her voice penetrated his soul every time she would say, “Hi Billy,” in a teasing way with her toothy grin and sparkling eyes. Billy started to grip his penis harder, sliding his hand up and down its firm shaft.

Through the years, with Suzy living next door to him, Billy had gotten an opportunity to see parts of her naked body a couple times. Once, while over at her house playing video games with Tony, Billy had to use the bathroom. Even though the door was closed, he turned the knob and walked in to see Suzy sitting on the toilet. The first thing he noticed – the only thing he noticed – was her patch of bushy pubic hair as he stood in the doorway staring at it. Thankfully, Suzy only laughed as she politely told him to get out, which he had done immediately. But he thought of her black bush as he continued to pull on himself.

He also thought about the time they were swimming in her pool and how her bikini top fell off as she jumped out of the water. When Suzy turned around, kneeling to retrieve her bathing suit from the water, her tits jingled together right in front of him. Once again, he was rooted to the spot ogling her boobs while she giggled and quickly covered herself. As far as Billy was concerned, she had the greatest set of tits in the world. Then again, it wasn’t like he had many others to compare them with.

There had been several opportunities for Billy to mess around with people during adolescence. He had actually jerked off with Tony a few times while they watched some porn on his laptop. Billy’s first blow job was pretty memorable, but only because of the pain caused as the girl scraped his boner with her teeth. The others he had received were all much better, he was glad to note, especially the one Angela gave him just last week.

Angela was also a senior and didn’t even try to hide her interest in him. She was nice, of course, and willing to fool around from time to time but beyond that he really wasn’t interested in her. As far as any serious sexual exploration, he just assumed that would have to wait for college. It didn’t seem likely that anything was going to happen until then, which was another reason he chose to masturbate daily. It kept his mind off a non-existent sex life while still being gratified in some way.

As he worked himself toward another explosive discharge, Billy pictured Suzy in his mind – in her bikini – her tits bobbing up and down – her small, curly muff. These images darted through his brain as he stroked harder and quicker. Scooting down on the bed, he pushed his feet against the footboard to arch his back. Jerking fast with his left hand, fondling his balls with his right, Billy lifted his ass in the air as his dick unloaded for the second time that afternoon. Thick gobs of goo splattered his chest as a wave of warmth pulsed through his body. Ahh…Christ, thought Billy. That feels so fucking good. Every. Fucking. Time.

The very next afternoon as Billy once again lay on his bed to relax and listen to music, he heard a car door slam shut and naturally assumed Tony had finally made his way home. In addition to being his neighbor and Suzy’s little brother, Tony was the star pitcher on their school’s baseball team. With the advent of spring came daily practices.

When Billy decided to get up and glance out his bedroom window, which conveniently overlooked his neighbor’s driveway, he spotted Suzy’s car. What the hell is she doing home, he wondered? The semester’s not over yet. Then she was there, walking out the front door and heading to her car to retrieve something. She looked up to see the top half of Billy staring at her and she immediately smiled at him and waved. Billy waved back in an embarrassed way, knowing he had been busted spying. Fuck, he thought, I’m a dope.

Dressing quickly, he decided to go over and say hello. When he walked outside and advanced across the lawn, Suzy was still rummaging around the back of her car. “Hey,” he yelled to her as he approached. “What the hell are you doing here? It’s not summer yet.”

Suzy backed out of her car and smiled radiantly at him, “Hi Billy. I just needed to bring some things home. I didn’t feel like leaving it all until the end of the semester.”

“Oh. Can I help you with anything?” he responded, walking over to stand next to her.

“You’re so sweet,” she answered, flashing that toothy grin of hers. She handed him a box, “Here. You can carry this.”

He followed Suzy into her house and down the hall to her bedroom, watching as her long brown hair swayed back and forth in front of him. When Billy stepped inside her room the realization of where he was hit him like a bolt of lightning and he instantly tensed up and froze. It had been a very long time since he had last been inside her room – her very own sanctuary.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, looking at him quizzically and noticing his stiff manner.

He shook his head quickly, and probably a little too violently, in a feeble attempt to dismiss her question and to snap him out of his stupid delirium. “Nothing,” he said quietly, trying his best to look casual and nonchalant.

Suzy looked at him and then a knowing smile spread across her face as she said, “This is the first time in quite a while since you’ve been in my room, isn’t it?” Billy didn’t know what to say. Caught again you stupid asshole, he said to himself. He could only smile awkwardly at her as she reached out to take the box from him. Placing it on the floor and sitting down on her bed, she patting the space next to her for him to sit, “Come here.”

Billy obediently sat down next to her but could only look down at the floor. Suzy reached up and started to rub his back with her hand which automatically caused his penis to stir noticeably. “Sorry. I should go,” he uttered nervously.

As Billy began to rise, Suzy grabbed his right arm and pulled him back down on the bed, “Don’t go, Billy. You don’t have to be embarrassed, okay?” When he turned to look at her she continued, “I know you like me. I’ve always known. It’s okay. I’m flattered and always have been.”

She leaned closer to Billy’s face and their lips met, igniting a passion neither one expected. Billy couldn’t help himself as he wrapped his arms around Suzy and pulled her close to him while his tongue danced with hers and explored the inside of her mouth. She gripped him in her arms as their lips moved together, a growing desire to explore more erupting inside her.

After several minutes of impassioned kissing they parted and sat back on the bed and looked at each other. Both were wide-eyed with surprise at the intensity of the moment. Billy spoke first, “I’m sorry. I…um…I probably shouldn’t have done that.”

“Don’t be silly,” Suzy quickly cut him off. “We should have done that a long time ago. Besides, I wanted to kiss you.” Then after a slight pause when he didn’t respond, “You’re a really good kisser, Billy.”

He sheepishly smiled up at her and slightly chuckling, “Thanks. You are too.”

Sitting quietly for a bit, both absorbed in their own thoughts, Suzy finally asked, “Have you ever been with a girl, Billy?” When he looked over at her, those beautiful big brown eyes of hers staring right at him, he seemed confused, so she added gently, “What I mean is…have you ever slept with a girl?”

Billy hesitated, wondering whether to lie or just tell the truth. He probably could have lied to any other girl, but with Suzy he settled for the truth. “No,” he answered, slowly shaking his head.

“I see. Well, don’t be embarrassed, Billy,” she added quickly. “That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Although, I am surprised. You’re a very handsome guy.”

“Thanks,” he responded meekly as the color of his cheeks turned crimson and his eyes remained fixed on her beautiful face. He wasn’t sure what to do or whether he should stay or go. He had all he could do just to swallow.

Suzy sat next to him and began to gently rub his back. Then, with her mind made up she offered sheepishly, not wanting to sound like a slut, “Um…would you like to sleep with me?”

Billy sprang straight up and his head jerked to stare directly at her, considering whether or not she was serious. “What?” he said with utter disbelief.

She reacted by giggling, and then moved her hand from his back to rest on his right leg. “I asked if you would like to sleep with me.”

“Are you serious?” he asked in obvious wonder, moving his eyes from her face to her breasts and back up again to see her smiling at him.

Suzy watched as his eyes roamed and hers grew wider in anticipation of what possibly lie ahead, “Yes. I’m very serious, Billy.” Then she leaned in close to him again to whisper in his ear, “Let’s have sex. It’ll be fun.”

Billy didn’t know if he was going to piss, puke or shit as his insides erupted in a flurry of activity and his heart began to race. He continued to stare at her in amazement, unable to believe or accept what she had said to him. She can’t be serious, he thought. He opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t find the words. Finally, all he could manage was a feeble, “Okay.”

This prompted another outward giggle from Suzy as she stood up to face him, “We can’t do it here, though, because Tony will be home soon and I really don’t feel like explaining anything to my little brother. Can we go over to your house?” Billy nodded, still rooted to the spot and apparently unable to move. Suzy took him by the hands and nodded her head toward the door, “Come on then.”

They walked back down her hall and out the front door, crossing the lawn to Billy’s house. Opening the door for her, Suzy walked in and moved to the side to allow Billy to lead the way. They proceeded up the stairs to the first room on the left. When they were inside, Billy turned and locked the door, then faced the only girl he had ever had a crush on.

Suzy was smiling at him, teeth everywhere, with her long brown hair sloping down her back. She reached out and took him by both hands to pull him closer. They embraced and immediately resumed kissing. Slow at first, deliberate, and then becoming more passionate as they grew more comfortable and their hands began exploring each other. Suzy slid her hands down Billy’s back, squeezed his ass, and then worked her way to his front. She rested on his bulging pants and squeezed again. As Billy’s lips were locked with Suzy’s, he roamed down the front of her shirt to caress her right breast.

Linked together in a tight embrace for some time, their lips smacked together, tongues darted about, and hands roamed freely over the other as hormones raged and the excitement built up.

When they separated Suzy told him, “You taste just the same as you did when we used to kiss at the roller rink. Except you’re a much better kisser now,” her eyes sparkling as she looked at him. Stepping back to pull the shirt over her head, she exposed her beautiful breasts trapped inside their protective harness. Still smiling at him, Suzy reached behind her back, unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor as her boobs jiggled in response to her movement. She stepped forward, took Billy by his hands again and placed them on her soft creamy chest, “Go ahead, Billy, touch me.”

For someone with little to no experience with the opposite sex, Billy handled her tits like an expert as he slowly touched and fondled them in his hands, pressing them gently and rubbing his thumbs on her hardening nipples as she let out a soft moan.

“You feel great, Suzy,” he said, continuing his manual exploration of her breasts.

As Billy rubbed and played with her sculpted tits, Suzy slipped out of her shoes and unhooked the button of her pants to let them slither to the floor. She stepped backwards again to wriggle out of her jeans, and then bent over to remove her socks. With Billy’s complete attention focused on her increasingly bare body, Suzy slipped her fingers inside her purple panties and pulled them down. She promptly kicked them away. Standing naked before him, Billy could only stare with fascination at this gorgeous specimen of a human being. “Jesus Christ, Suzy,” he said. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

She smiled broadly at him, “You’re so sweet,” then stepped forward again to embrace him with her nude frame. She wanted him to feel her – all of her – and she delighted in his attention and his innocence. They began kissing once more, urgently this time as Suzy’s hands began touching Billy all over. When they broke apart she said, “It’s your turn, Billy. I want to see you naked,” as she loosened his belt while slowly moving her hips back and forth over his bulging package.

Billy kicked off his shoes and yanked the shirt off his body while Suzy unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to expose the stiff boner hidden inside his briefs. She rubbed her hand over his bulge as he stepped out of his pants and flicked them in the corner with his foot, then she squeezed his hard-on before reaching inside to slide the underwear down his legs. When Billy stepped out of his briefs he stood before Suzy with a rigid 8-inch cock pulsing in front of her like a conductor’s baton.

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