Omar’s Odyssey Ch. 02: Origin


Hi, my name Is Omar, I’m a decent looking black guy, tall-ish, fairly muscular. Wear glasses and have short afro twist hair. I like to think my glasses make me look a little less intimidating, honestly, I don’t think I look intimidating but I’m aware I radiate a certain presence. I’m 23 and recently graduated from university. But this story I’m about to tell you is about how I lost my virginity.


After the most incredible blowjob of my life, I got to thinking about my first time at where it all began. I was 18 and experiencing a summer of love before leaving my hometown to go to university in another city. I had grown especially close to my friend, Leah. We both confessed our feelings to each and started a relationship. This was a really deep connection we shared, having been such close friends for years in high school. We had actually tried dating years prior but there was too much interference from other people and things went south after a week. But this was different we had both grown up and matured, mentally and physically.

I failed to get into our school sixth form, too focused on my art instead of my tests. So, I continued my studies at a college out of town, while she remained at the school. We went from seeing each other almost every day for years to nearly never seeing each other, though we did keep in regular contact. This is how we ended up discussing our feelings for each other. We had both definitely grown up. I was no longer the hyperactive kid with his head in the clouds that I was in high school, I had grown into a mature, confident man that was literally tall dark and handsome. And she had grown into a strong, beautiful black woman. She wore her hair in long single braids that framed her round face, reaching midway down her back, she still wore glasses but, they suited her more now, instead of making her look nerdy like I remembered they made her look distinguished. Her chest was ample, to say the least, if I had to put a number on it I would say her tits were 38-EE. And her ass was simply phenomenal.

We had both matured but we knew we had a limited amount of time together before she moved to university in Southampton and I moved to Leicester. Us both acutely aware of this and being at the whims of our hormones, our romance burned fast and bright.

After a late-night of exchanging lewd photos and yearning messages, Leah asked me to come to her place. So, midday came, and I was on the bus to her house, not knowing what to expect, but being ever hopeful I had made sure I had a condom in my wallet. I had only ever been to Leah’s house once before, months before to watch Jackass 3 on DVD with a mutual friend. Following a few wrong turns after getting off the bus, Leah met me at her local corner shop. We smiled at each other from a distance as she approached. Leah embraced me in a longing hug, my arms encircling the small of the waist. She gave me a little kiss, and I got the happy sick feeling inside, that I got every time we kissed.

“Hey stranger,” I smiled brightly.

“Hey,” She smiled back taking my hand in hers as we walked back the way she came.

It was a hot July day, and the weather was great, so we took our time walking back to her place.

“My family have gone out so we should be alone for a while,” she said

Suddenly there were butterflies in my stomach, and they were swarming, my mind ran away with the potential implications of what she said, become vividly aware of the condom my back pocket.

“Okay, that’s cool,” I replied calmly, doing my best not to get my hopes up.

We arrived, and she unlocked the door and let us in. As nice as the warm summer weather was, the chill of her climate-controlled house was a welcome change.

“I know it’s only been a few days since we last hung out, but I missed you so much,” I said before deeply kissing her pillowy lips.

She moaned softly into my mouth as we kissed “Come on,” she breathed into my ear. Grabbing my hand, she led me upstairs to her bedroom.

At this point, I felt it was all but confirmed what was about to transpire, and my heart rate was beginning to pick up from excitement and nervousness as we entered her bedroom.

Leah’s room was clearly an extension of her self-expression, every wall was covering in a myriad of band posters and concert tickets. She took a moment to plug her iPhone into her speaker and blast some music by one of our favourite bands before turning to walk towards me. In just a few steps she took to reach me I noticed the extra sway in her broad hips as she walked. She only stopped when her voluptuous breasts made contact with me. I stood on her tiptoes and kissed me passionately slightly biting my lower lip. It felt amazing. Instinctually my hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her in closer before letting my left hand wander down as firmly grasp the fat ass that filled out her jeans so well.

Leah let out a groan as I forcefully caressed her ass “I’ve wanted this for so long,”

She pressed her body hard against mine, Maltepe Escort forcing me to take a step back, my leg met the edge of her bed, and I slowly sat kissing all the while. With my hands still firmly kneading her ass, I used my strength to hoist her onto my lap.

We were kissing deeply now getting lost on the moment. I let one of my hands venture north from Leah’s ass, slowly tracing a path her back before bringing it round to meet her hefty breast. This was my first time actually touching a boob, I remember thinking about how remarkable soft they were. She let out a soft moan as I give each breast, in turn, a soft squeeze. I started to feel her hips grind against me. The motion was the breaking point on any physiological restraint my body had and I was rock hard in with seconds. It was obvious when Leah noticed because she froze in her tracks, like a deer in headlights, as she realised the immensity of what she was sitting on.

At this point, I wasn’t sure how she was going to react, her face displayed complete shock and I was growing more and more concerned she would be intimidated, if not mortified by the sheer scope of my equipment. Fortunately, after this moment of uncertainty, time resumed.

“Wow” she cooed softly into my ear, sending chills right through my body causing my member to twitch, a sensation she seemed to like the feeling of underneath her crotch. I forced my cock to twitch again beneath her, this time more forcefully. My eyes must have been playing tricks on me because it looked like her entire body rose and fell with the motion as if I had managed to lift her slightly, this only served to make us both hornier. She slipped her hands under my black t-shirt, her hand felt so small against my abs, and she slid them upwards lifting my shirt from my body. I lifted one arm then the other to allow the shirt up over my neck, making sure to tense my veiny biceps or triceps as I did. This sparked a real hunger behind her eyes, and she tried to push me back, flat on the bed. In a display of dominance, just for the sake of it, I didn’t allow it. Her push was met by a wall of muscle that was immovable. I flashed her a cocky grin without saying a word just to reinforce my strength, I began to flex my pecs cause them to bounce and fall in turn. Instinctually she bit her bottom lip, that hunger behind her eyes was burning brighter. Finally, I decided to lie back and shuffle into a parallel position.

Now resituated on the bed, she leaned in and cupping my face in her hand, we began to kiss again, my hands returning to grope her perfect round ass. Her hand slid down from my face and found its way into the front of my jeans. She had always remarked about how small her hands were compared to mine, but her hand felt truly tiny trying to encircle the girth of my granite dick growing by the second. We both groaned passionately into one and other’s mouths as her hand roamed around in my underwear.

I was so horny, I could feel the wetness of my underwear due to the precum flowing from my tip, I just knew Leah’s rummaging hand was getting coated. She took her out and retracted from our kiss, grinning coyly with that same hunger in her eyes. She brought her hand to my midsection, it was so warm, so sticky. In the same motion, she lowered her head to my neck biting it tenderly and groaning, I wasn’t expecting it and I felt my cock twitch involuntarily from the pleasure. As she bit and sucked on the side of my neck she unfastened my jean, giving my colossal rod a little more room to breathe although it was still rather constricted by my boxer briefs.

“You ready?” Leah asked as she lowered herself down towards my groin. Too excited to speak I just nodded in response. She pulled down my underwear and my gargantuan cock sprang out like it was gasping desperately for air. The sheer speed of the motion caused it to sling a dollop of precum like a trebuchet sending it splattering against my abs.

“Fucking hell!” she exclaimed.

Leah stared in awe at its immensity. Her hands hovering above it, hesitant to grab hold. I gently grabbed I grabbed one of her hands and guided it forwards, when our hands came to rest on my steely hard dick, Leah sighed deeply and grinned. Knowing she had gotten over the shock and accepted the gravity of what I had to offer, I removed my hand giving her free reign to explore my colossal rod at her own pace. She did her best to wrap her and around my shaft, her hand no quite managing to completely encompass its girth. Leah gave my hot dick a firm squeeze, causing precum to emerge from the tip. She bit her bottom lip hungrily and began to slowly start pumping my turgid cock, all the while her eyes transfixed on my monolith of a cock, Leah’s pumping was working wonders, before long more precum for flowing out and it was driving me wild.

With her right hand still firmly stroking my throbbing member, Leah lowered her head down, right to my lap. She started to lick my balls before slowly stroking tongue up the entire length of the underside of my cock Anadolu Yakası Escort to the tip. Gently she kissed the tip being sure to smother her lips with precum, soliciting a deep approving groan from me.

She sat up “Is that good?” she cooed as she licked the cum off her lips

I reached my hands up and slid them under her top my broad hands stroking her smooth bare skin “ya babe, It’s amazing,” I answered.

Leah arched her back and crossed her arms to grab the hem of her top and swiftly removed it in one smooth motion, her black lace bra stacked full with her huge soft tits revealed.

“God. You’re so beautiful,” I said softly as I caressed her cheek.

My hand gently traced down her jawline, to her neck and across her clavicle before firmly palming her left tit in my in hand. Leah leaned down and kissed me, I was caught off guard by the taste of my cum on her lips but I wasn’t mad. It actually tasted kind of sweet with a tingly sensation. As we kissed I wrapped my right arm around her back bringing her in closer to me with my left hand still fondling her breast I began to pinch her nipple through her bra. Again, Leah let out a deep moan as we kissed, her nipple getting harder between my thumb and forefinger.

Leah lowered herself back down towards my pulsing dick, moaning softly as her hard nipples brushed against the muscular hills of my torso. She rapidly swirled her tongue around the flaring head.

“Mmm fuck,” I groaned, putting my hand on the back of her head.

She gave my sensitive cock head a thorough suck before slowly dropping her head down to accept more of my hot meat into her mouth. Leah got into a steady rhythm of bobbing up and down comfortably taking 4 or 5 inches of my thick, black 8-inch cock in her mouth. Leah started to take things up a gear and forced herself to suck down more of my immense phallus. I felt my raging dick breach the opening of her throat and I audibly gasped from the breath leaving my lungs from the exhilarating sensation as she swallowed an additional inch or two. I was really impressed by her commitment, as she did her best to impale her throat on my man spear. The felling of the throat around my dick was amazing I could feel the muscles constrict and reflex as she tried to keep her breathing measured while she tried to force more of my cock inside. Leah began to gag on my mighty cock and the contortions and spasms of the throat were driving me wild, Despite the gagging, Leah didn’t let up. Her persistence was pretty commendable, honestly, it was downright brave. I knew that in a matter of seconds I was gonna cum and shoot my load directly into her throat or she was going to pass-out or both. As hot of a story that would have made. I wanted this experience to last for as long as I could, so I hooked my finger under her chin and pushed head up and eventually, she dislodged my dick from her throat and her mouth entirely. Hadn’t realised exactly how hot Leah’s mouth was until I from the cold air of the room on my slobbery dick.

My big black dick was slick and slimy from the mixture Leah’s saliva and a copious amount of precum as she wrapped her hands, one on top of the other around it and gave it a few long strokes. Before leaning up and kissing me deeply, and there was that sweetish taste again as her precum coated tongue explored my mouth mingling and swirling with my own. It was such as turn on having that taste in my mouth as this bombshell of a girl drove me crazy.

Concerned I wouldn’t last much longer if the kept going, I held Leah in my arms and rolled so that I was now on top of her. I kissed her again and slipped my hand into the front of her skinny jeans. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. The moment my fingers brushed against Leah’s sopping wet pussy, her whole body trembled beneath me as she moaned loudly, subconsciously arching her back forcing her hungry box against my finger. My middle finger slid in between her vulva as she continued to gyrate, I sat up and began to undo her jeans with my left hand, my right hand was preoccupied, my fingers twitched and stroked and rubber Leah’s womanhood, drawing louder moans from deep within her. I finally unfastened her jeans and swiftly pulled them down with her damp black panties revealing her tight soaking pussy, the wetness glinting off her trimmed pubes in the afternoon light.

She placed her feet on his shoulders and pulled him deeper into her pussy. His nose grazed her clitoris while his tongue searched for her hot spot. I slowly licked and flicked in every direction until I felt her hips twitch. Once I found her hot spot, I began honing my tongue. Leah started to scream as I lashed my tongue around occasionally sucking on her sensitive clit.

“Oh, God!! Oh God, yes!” she yelled her eyes bolted shut.

Her screams were a great motivator as I swirled my tongue and plunged it into her. Not stopping my oral cavort, I slowly caressed her thighs, rubbing my hands down to her lower legs. I wrapped my hands around her legs and lifted them onto Ümraniye Escort my shoulders. With her legs resting my on shoulders, I firming grabbed her ass and pulled her sex deeper to my mouth. Leah started to play with her heaving chest as she wrapped the legs around my head, sucking on my her right tit as she pinched the nipple of the left. I could feel her juices running down my chin as I working away wildly, stimulating her quivering snatch. My tongue manically ventured and explored the folds and creases of the dripping pussy as she continued to scream, breathing heavily all the while. I was so turned on by the echoes of her moans going through my head as I worked on Leah’s snatch. My hand found my adamantine tool giving myself long deep strokes as precum flowed freely from the end.

“O-O-Omar!” Leah hollered arching her back intensely before screaming with all her might. Instinctually she tensed her legs trapping my head in a vice-like grip between her thighs, her thick thighs muffling the sound of her deafening screams as she came. I kicked my oral smithing into top gear slurping and sucking on her cunt with complete reckless abandon.

After a while subjected to my cunnilingal onslaught, Leah’s screaming came to a diminuendo as the orgasmic waves that washed over her body began to subside. Her gushing cunt quivered as her thighs shook uncontrollably against either side of my head. I was a mess Leah’s juices had run down my chin and spread down my chest, I looked down to notice I had made a puddle on the floor from the tidal amount of precum my excited dick was expelling.

“Do you wonna take this further?” I asked panting slightly.

Still coming down from her orgasms, Leah barely had the strength to speak. She nodded her head with her eyes closed and used her hand to spread her wet pussy lips inviting me in.

I stood up for the first time in what felt like hours. My dark throbbing pole of a dick was twitching wildly as it jutted out, upwards from my body, a copious amount of precum oozing from the head and leaking down the length of my shaft. I took a moment to take in the sight before me. Leah lay on the bay with her legs spread wide, her heavy chest heaving with her deep breaths as she looked up at me.

I climbed on top of her bringing my body close to hers, I felt her hard nipples rub against my broad chest. Leah had started to calm down and had regained some composure. I lowered my face to hers cupped my hand around the back of her neck bringing her in for a deep passionate kiss.

“I love you,” she sighed into my mouth as we kissed

I retrieved the condom I had the foresight to bring. “I love you too,” I said as I unwrapped the protection and put it on.

Continuing to kiss her. I grabbed her left tit and massaged it as she moaned softly into my mouth. I withdrew my hand from between my chest and her full tit and grabbed the base of my cock. As lined my angry phallus up, the head brushed between her vulva and we both shuddered in unison. Having found my target, I applied a little pressure. Leah winced at the feeling of my massive ramrod trying to invade her.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked, concerned my dick was hurting her. Up until this point, I didn’t really think I was all that big. I didn’t really pay attention to the guys in the locker, besides flaccid comparisons wouldn’t say much and compared to the Porn I had watched I felt my 8-inch cock was a healthy but fairly average size. But seeing and hearing Leah wince made it clear how huge I actually was and the damage I could do.

“I want this more than anything,” she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck “Please,” she cooed “Please fuck me, Omar,”

Her pleading sent chills down my spine and into my dick. I pushed again against her forbidden gate, harder this time. Leah’s face contorted with discomfort as I added my and more pressure until I felt the head of my dick sink into the tight folds of Leah’s aching pussy.

“Ohhh,” Leah whimpered, as her body reluctantly accepted me into the mouth of her arousal.

Her pussy was so tight, I could have orgasmed then and there but I needed this, this unbelievable sensation to last. I kept still for a moment and took a deep breath, taking it all in, the smell of Leah’s body, the way it felt, as the head of my dick throbbed within her.

Slowly I pushed, my swollen appendage venturing deeper inside the heart of her femininity. I buried my head in the shallow of Leah’s neck and let out a guttural groan as I sank my shaft further and further, inch by inch into her mound. After about 5 inches I started to feel an increase in resistance and naively assumed Leah’s cunt had reached its limit.

“Fuck,” groaned deeply into Leah’s ear and she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I began pulling out and clumsily pulled out completely. I felt Leah shiver as she was left feeling empty. I also shuddered slightly as the cold air assaulted my member making it painfully clear just how hot and inviting Leah’s pussy was. Reflexively I quickly reinserted myself causing Leah to let out a squeal. I kept pushing before change gears and backing up and again, careful not to pull out completely. Mentally gaging my range of motion, I lift my head up began to fuck her, getting more confident with each stroke.

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