Our New Neighbor had No Blinds


When we got a new neighbor back in the summer of 1977, it wasn’t exactly something out of the ordinary because tenants seemed to go in and out of the shabby little cottage pretty regularly. My Mom said it was because unlike our landlord, the guy that owned the house next door to us was a jerk who didn’t keep up the property any more than he screened people he rented to, but all I knew was that I was hoping there would be a kid or two my age moving in.

The new tenant turned out to be an old lady, which by my 18 year old standards meant she was about 50, and that made her about my Mom’s age. She wasn’t all that pretty but that might have been because she didn’t seem to dress very well and put little time or effort in styling her hair or putting on make-up. Again, a lot like my Mom who kind of gave up after the old man booked.

The woman, who I only knew as Mrs. Goode because that was the name scrawled on a piece of adhesive tape stuck on the mailbox, worked the midnight shift at a local warehouse, something I learned when I would see her walking home from there early in the morning when my school bus would go by her.

Luckily for me, school ended in June and to my delight I had graduated, and while I was going to be attending the community college in town come fall, what I was facing was a long summer stuck at home because my part time job didn’t provide much money for the things I wanted to do and besides, I didn’t have a car to get anywhere.

So I spent a lot of time hanging around the house, and invariably would go out and shoot hoops in the driveway. Being a mediocre player at best, I missed a lot of shots and when I did the ball would often hit the edge of the raggedy pavement and roll into the yard next door because there was no fence separating the two properties.

I didn’t think it was any big deal to go get the ball and the lady never said anything, but I did notice that the window in the back of her house had no blinds and or curtains. That might have been because she appeared to be painting that room, but in any event you could see right in and being a nosy guy, I looked.

This Mrs. Goode had a thing she wore everyday she painted, a very plain beige sleeveless house-dress, and right away I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath it. Her breasts hadn’t looked all that spectacular when she was dressed for work but without support those tits swung loose and free.

Since I had broken up with my first and only girlfriend a while back and there were few kids my age in the neighborhood, I was happy for any glimpses of females so my basketball ended up going over there a lot.

Finally, one time I heard the window go up as I was picking up my ball, and when I glance up I saw Mrs. Goode standing there in the window, looking at me while I tried not to look at her tits.

“Sorry,” I mumbled. “The ball gets away from me sometimes.”

“So I notice,” Mrs. Goode said in a raspy voice that suggested she was a smoker at some point. “I also notice you looking up into my house a lot too.”


“You the kid that had the graduation party next door last month?” she asked, apparently having seen the modest decorations of the sad little affair, and after I nodded she asked if I was 18.

“What’s your name?” Mrs. Goode asked after I nodded, and when I told her she snickered. “That short for Poindexter?”

“No ma’am.”

“Well then Dexter, since you’re 18 you’re a man, and as such if you want something you should ask for it,” Mrs Goode informed me. “Is there something in here you wanted to get a look at?”

“I – well…” was about all I could think of to say, but by then Mrs. Goode had taken the bottom of her house-dress in her hands and begun to lift it right up to the bottom of her little tummy, showing me that she wasn’t wearing anything at all underneath that thing.

“You know what this is?” she asked me as I stood there open-mouthed staring at a big uneven triangle of dark brown hair about five feet in front of me.

“Course I do,” I replied, trying to act like I saw pussies all the time instead of just two before this.

“What do you think? You like it? You ever see a pussy before?”

“Sure, of course I have. I have – had a girlfriend.”

“That right? The way you’re looking at it made me wonder.”

“Yours is a lot hairier than hers,” I blurted out, which in retrospect might not have been all that clever to say but she didn’t even blink.

“That right?”

“Yeah,” I replied and then proved I was no ladies man by elaborating. “Cindy only has a little hair around the opening, but yours is a lot like my Mom’s.”

“Really? You look at your Mom naked a lot?” she chuckled.

“When I can,” I admitted. “It’s just the two of us and sometimes you get to see things.”

“I suppose. Think she’s ever seen your goodies?” Mrs. Goode wondered aloud.

“I know she did,” I answered, figuring that if I kept her talking she would keep her dress up, and when she asked what I meant I admitted, “She Kadıköy Escort caught me jerking off, once that I know of.”

“Oh, you jerk off a lot?”

“Yeah, I guess,” I confessed.

“You got a big cock?” she asked.

“No,” I grumbled.

“You’re honest at least. You got a hard on from looking at my pussy?”


“You want to come in for a while? Maybe jerk off while I watch?” Mrs. Goode asked, and that made me laugh until she told me she wasn’t kidding.

“You think you’re the only one that likes to look?” she asked, and after I shrugged she said, “the front door is open. Come on in if you want.”

It took me a couple of minutes to decided to go in, and that was because while I felt brave outside, to actually go inside this lady’s house was another thing all together. This wasn’t a kid my age but a woman, and to me that made her out of my league.

Still, I decided to go inside, figuring the worst I could do was chicken out and flee, and when I went inside Mrs. Goode was waiting for me, posed in the doorway of her bathroom and grinning at me.

“Thought you chickened out Dexter,” she chuckled as I took my first real look at my neighbor, and while up close and personal I could see the subtle signs of age more clearly, she still looked okay.

“No. Thought about it though,” I admitted, and when she saw me staring at her underarm which she exposed with her come hither pose in the doorway she asked what I was staring at.

“Your armpits,” I said with a nod towards the smooth hollow that looked different than it had outside a minute earlier when it was filled with a whole lot of dense stubble. “You shaved them.”

“Oh. Observant little guy aren’t you?” Mrs. Goode snickered. “Well, since I’m entertaining a man I wanted to look my best. Didn’t want to scare you off.”

“I wasn’t scared,” I told you.

“That’s right. Dexter likes hair, don’t you?” Mrs. Goode asked me as she lowered her arm to lift up her dress again, showing me that while she might have shaved under her arms the razor hadn’t touched her pussy. “Am I as hairy as your Mom down there?”

“No, you’re way more hairy,” I snapped, getting a little pissed off. “If you got me in here to laugh at me Mrs. Goode, I’ll leave because I don’t need that. I get enough of that in the real world.”

“Sorry Dexter,” Mrs. Goode said, losing the wise-ass tone in her voice while lowering her dress. “You’re right. I was just having fun because you’re so cute, but I guess I got carried away. By the way, I haven’t been Mrs. Goode for a while. You can call me Audrey, okay?”

“Okay Audrey,” I answered.

“Ever since I moved in here I’ve been watching you. Doesn’t seem to be many kids around here, or anybody at all, and you seemed lonely,” Audrey Goode said. “I know all about lonely. Can we start over?”

“Sure,” I agreed, and with that she came over, gave me a kiss, and took my hand.


Audrey Goode’s bedroom was a lot like the rest of the place seemed to be, sparsely furnished with inexpensive furnishings but not messy, and her unmade bed was comfortable to sit on when she put me on the edge.

“Didn’t make the bed,” she apologized as she sat next to me. “So Dexter – is that what you like to be called?”

“Dex or Dexter. Doesn’t matter.”

“Okay Dex. You said something about having a girlfriend,” Audrey recalled.

“Had. We broke up.”

“Too bad. I’ve been divorced for about 4 years,” she mentioned as her hand went onto my knee. “Are you a virgin?”

The question took me aback but after a minute I nodded, and she smiled and squeezed my knee at that.

“I’m not,” she admitted, making me smile. “To be honest, I like sex – a lot. My ex-husband used to like sex a lot too, but I found out he liked variety too. He liked them young too, and I’m not young anymore obviously. What do you like Dex?”

“I dunno,” I mumbled, and I shivered when Audrey’s hand slid up my thigh, wasting no time in going right to the crotch and luckily finding what she was looking for right away.

“Do you like this honey?” Audrey asked as she squeezed and pulled at me through the layers of clothing, and when I nodded she kept going.

“Gee Dex, you feel pretty big to me,” Audrey told me, and then she nudged me onto my back from the sitting position I had been in so she could undo my pants. “Now let me get these off of you.”

“There,” Mrs. Goode said after my pants were cast aside, and after she pulled my socks off she ran her hands up the insides of my calves. “Nice legs honey. Just a little hair on them. My ex was as hairy as a bear, so this is a nice change.

Mrs. Goode climbed onto the bed next to my hip and helped me take my t-shirt off, making me naked as the breeze, and apparently to make things even she pulled her house dress up and over her head.

“You should have seen them when I was your age,” Mrs. Goode commented when she saw me staring at her breasts, long thin tubes that hung down loosely to her waist with pale Ataşehir Escort pink areolas that covered the entire ends of the banana boobs, and as she cupped them and started kneading the very plaint flesh she added, “they used to stick way out instead of pointing down.”

“What? You like me playing with my breasts?” Audrey asked when she thought my increased breathing a wide eyes meant I was enjoying it, a correct thought as it turned out, and after I nodded she squeezed them harder.

Mrs. Goode was handling breasts really roughly but she seemed to like what she was doing to herself as much as she liked me watching. Just before she let go of her breasts she grabbed her fat nipples between her thumbs and index fingers and lifted them up so they stuck straight out like they might have once, the loose skin stretching out as she did so.

“Did you like that?” Mrs. Goode cackled, and after I nodded like an eager puppy she took my hand and brought it up between her legs and into the wild jungle of hair. “I liked t too. Feel how wet I am?”

“Yes,” I admitted as my fingers rubbed the lips of her sex, the very musk odor seeming to fill the room.

“Now let me see what’s under these Fruit of the Looms,” Mrs. Goode announced as she lifted the opening of the briefs closest to her where my dick was pointed and peeked in. “Circumcised. Nice. Now off they go.”

Mrs. Goode leaned forward, her hangers swaying, and with care worked the elastic of my underwear around my arching prong and peeled them down my thighs, smiling as she looked at my erection.

“Dexter, you might have been right about not having a big cock, but it sure isn’t small either,” she declared as she lifted my dick by putting her finger under it and trying to get it to stand upright, not easy because it was curling back towards me. “And you’re so hard too. Like blue steel.”

“Aw!” I groaned when she set it back down on my belly and ran her finger up and down the exposed underside, toying with the taut skin that stretched from under my balls while I kept my one hand between her legs and grabbed the bedding with the other.

“Oh honey, your dick is leaking,” Mrs. Goode giggled as precum started to ooze out of the tip, and when she brought that hand down and cupped my balls that made me leak more. “Cute little nuts you’ve got here. You like me playing with them? Yes? THis too hard?”

“No but,” I managed to grunt out as her fist kneaded my balls in their wrinkled hairless sac. “Can’t…”

“Can’t what honey?” Mrs. Goode said gleefully and she milked and milked while my dick involuntarily twitched and jumped untouched. “You aren’t going to cum are you?”

I couldn’t answer because just then an orgasm roared through my groin, and just before my vision got blurred I saw my dick spring upward like a 6″ monolith before spurting like a geyser. After that all I could do was churn in the sheets, legs kicking as my fist was grabbing her pussy hair, all the while I felt my dick spitting cum all over my upper torso until I was milked dry. Only then did Mrs. Goode let go of my nuts.

“My fault I’m afraid,” my new neighbor reasoned as she knelt beside me and looked at the mess I had made of myself, and I’m sure the ropes of semen looked even more copious from her angle.

All I knew that I had pleasured myself hundreds of times in the years since I discovered the habit, but I had never ejaculated like that before. Despite the draining she had given me I knew I wanted more and hoped Audrey Goode would have the patience for me to reload because while the orgasm was great I wanted the real thing hidden beneath that forest of curls. As the leaned over me with those long hangers dangling away, I found out she was not done with me.

“Let’s clean you up a bit,” Mrs. Goode decided before letting her tongue gather up a string of cum between my belly button and my pubic hair, and as she noisily slurped it up she announced, “nothing is sweeter that the sap of a young lad, and yours Dexter my lad, is like warm buttermilk.”

I had tasted my semen once just for the heck of it, but I didn’t think it was anything I would want to consume again but the way Mrs. Goode worked her way up my body sucking up my cum proved she must have liked it. She kept going right up to my collarbone where I had managed to launch a load and Audrey took her time cleaning up my nipples too, making the little pegs hard enough to cut glass.

“Almost done,” she told me, as if I was bored by her feverish licking, and she ended up by licking her way around my nipple and under my arm, letting her tongue paste the sad little wisp of armpit hair to my skin while she let a hand slip down and grab my limp dick which was just starting to come back to life.

“Now to get this big fellow primed again,” Mrs. Goode said as she straightened and looked at what she was wiggling, a dick that when soft was no ‘big fellow’ but more like a peanut, but she didn’t care and started to climb over me.

“You ever eat pussy Dexter?” Mrs. Goode Maltepe Escort asked as she prepared to lift her leg over me.

“No,” I admitted. “I would like to learn how though.”

“Time to learn then,” Audrey said as her pale legs straddled my head, and as I looked up at the furry delta an eclipse of sorts began as Mrs. Goode lowered herself towards my face while I felt my dick go into a very wet and warm place and begin to be sucked on hard.

Inches away from my nose and face Mrs. Goode’s pussy beckoned, with her legs spread the puffy labia were visible as was the pink insides that I was supposed to explore with my tongue, and the pungent scent made my eyes water a bit. I didn’t have a clue what to do so I decided to just lean up and start licking and hope for the best, and my neighbor helped by grinding her pussy into my face and almost seeming to guide me where she wanted my tongue and nose to go.

Yes, even my nose was pressed into action as it fir nicely between Mrs. Goode’s labia and as she ground up and down my face, all I had to do once my tongue tired was to just stick it out as far as I could and she did the rest. Meanwhile, my dick was stiff and ready thanks to my neighbor, and that was her clue to stop before I popped my cork again.

Audrey rolled over and took me with her so that I was splayed on top of her, and as I got onto my hands and knees she grabbed my biceps and hissed in my ear.

“Give it to me Dex,” she implored me while thankfully she was reaching down and putting me inside of her. “Fuck me hard honey.”

That, to put it mildly, was exactly what I did. I treated Mrs. Goode like a human trampoline as I humped her wildly, and after we started to get disconnected on my more exaggerated up and down movements she managed to get her legs around me to keep my thrusts inside of her. Inside her? What a wonderful feeling it was to feel my dick in that snug wet opening, and as she grinned like a lunatic Audrey added to it all.

“That’s it honey!” she yelped as she made me feel like a man even if her words were hyperbolic to say the least. “You feel so big and hard in me. Gonna make me cum!”

Cum she did, with her face strained and her eyes bugging out while her fingernails left evidence that this was no dream on my back, and when she came so did I. Our combined efforts nearly knocked us on the carpet with the mattress leaning in that direction, and after it was over she laughed this wacky laugh of hers.

“I’m not laughing at you Dex, I just enjoyed watching your face and wished I was your age again,” Audrey explained as my limp dick fell out of her. “Can’t believe you’re a virgin because you were wonderful. Were a virgin, I should say.”

That’s when it hit me. I was no longer a virgin. That albatross I had carried about all my life, all the denying and lying about it? Those days were over forever.

“This is the greatest day of my life,” I gushed in between kissing her, and I was certain that I would never feel anything so glorious again.

That feeling lasted about an hour. After we put the bed together again and we cuddled a bit, Despite her claim that I had worn her out and made her feel every bit her 54 years –

a number that surprised me because I guessed her to me just under 50 like my Mom –

Audrey Goode had managed to climb on top of me and had her hands on the headboard just behind me and was gently rocking to and fro with our goodies rubbing.

This position had Mrs. Goode’s breasts dangling within easy reach so I cupped them. They looked and felt like they were something like oranges that were stretching out the skin to make them hang to her waist, so while they weren’t as big as they initially looked I loved the way they felt in my hands, and when Mrs. Goode encouraged me to handle them as rough as I wanted I stepped up the intensity of my kneading.

“Am I crushing you?” Audrey asked, and after I assured her she was fine the way she was she noted something. “Your cock. It’s getting hard again. You want some more?”

“Can’t help it Audrey,” I told her while calling her by her first name for the first time. “You’re so sexy.”

“I don’t know about you Dex,” Mrs. Goode said as she reached down and slipped me into her once again. “You’re either insane or you need an eye exam.”

I didn’t need either, because while in the 40 years that have passed since then I’ve been blessed to be intimate with several women and some may have been more beautiful than Audrey Goode, none of them were sexier than her and she was never sexier than she was that day.

Afterwards, when we rested while looking up at the ceiling, we talked about a number of things, mostly my college career which would be starting a little more than a month.

“Just my luck,” Audrey said as I amused myself by leaning over and nursing on her plump nipple. “I find myself a stud and he deserts me.”

“I’ll be coming home around the holidays,” I assured her. “Plus I’m still going to be around for a while longer, if you want me to come back.”

“Just give me a bit of time to recover,” Audrey said with a chuckle as I nibbled under her arm, and I did just that, waiting until Mom left for work the next morning to knock on her kitchen door. “Us old ladies aren’t as energetic as you.”

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