Sally’s First Pilot


As a young elementary school teacher in the 1970’s, I was not paid during the summer and I had a mortgage I was responsible for. I taught summer school and worked as the night desk clerk at the Holiday Inn on weekends and on Wednesdays from 4 to 11 PM.

This particular Holiday Inn was where the airline crews stayed on their layovers. During that summer I got to know a number of the officers, some of them quite well. Being an attractive young teacher, you can imagine how many of them hit on me regularly. Tom, a pilot, and I became especially close. He usually stayed over on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tom was about 40, a little older than my 26 and in great physical shape. He always spent an hour or two in the fitness center when he arrived in the early evening and then showered before going up to the lounge on the top floor.

Tom made it a point of learning my name and addressing me by name when he checked in. After the first time I signed him in he always let the rest of the crew go ahead of him so that we could talk for a few minutes before he went to his room as long as things were quiet at the desk, which they usually were at that time in the evening.

The second week I was on duty when Tom checked in he ask me if I would meet him in the lounge for a drink after I got off work at 11. I put him off the first couple of times but I was attracted to him and I wasn’t seeing anyone on a regular basis so I finally agreed to meet him on the next Saturday he stayed over if he was still interested.

I dressed especially nice for my Saturday night date, wearing a dress rather than my usual jeans and blazer. Tom was a perfect gentleman as we enjoyed several drinks and dances before Ataşehir Escort the lounge closed at 2 AM. He held my hand as we walked to the dance floor and held my chair for me when we returned to our table.

We became regulars at the lounge every Wednesday from 11 to midnight (I was teaching summer school) and Saturdays from 11 to closing. The rest of the crew guys stopped asking me out when they saw how it was with Tom and me.

Each time we were together we got a little closer and I felt more comfortable and relaxed with him.

He began holding me closer as we danced, kissing me on the ear and around my neck as he nuzzled me. He began introducing sex into our conversations and learned that I was not a virgin. He began to accidentally brush against my breast or touch my ass as he moved his hands over my body as we danced or sat and talked over drinks. I could tell that I excited him because of the lump in his trousers which poked me as we danced and kissed. I could feel that I was getting wet down below.

One Saturday night (Sunday morning) after we had been even more touchy-feely than before, he placed the extra key to his room in my hand near the end of the evening and told me that I could either use it or turn it in at the desk the next night I worked. He said, “Sally, I really hope you decide to come to my room for a nightcap.”

When he kissed me at the elevator before going down to his room I knew what my decision was going to be but I didn’t tell him. After the elevator doors closed I went to the ladies room to refresh myself the best I could. I also took off my bra and underwear and put them in my purse. I knew what I wanted to happen.

Tom Kadıköy Escort was in the shower when I used the key to open the door to his room. He was wearing his shorts as he came out of the bathroom. When he saw me standing there he came over to me, took me in his arms and continued the fantastic kiss from the elevator. This was the first time he had introduced his tongue into our kisses and I could feel myself melt. He had just brushed his teeth and I got a taste of peppermint as our tongues met and wrestled in our mouths.

Tom ran his hands all over my unencumbered body and finally lifted my dress over my head. After another fantastic kiss, I responded by sliding his shorts to the floor and dropping to my knees to caress his erect uncircumcised cock. There was a drop of salty, but tasty, pre-cum on the tip of his velvet head and I spread it around his cap with my tongue before taking his penis into my mouth. Tom put his hands on my head and began gently fucking my mouth. After a few minutes he raised me to my feet and led me to the bed where he proceeded to run his tongue through my slit and then concentrated his attention on my clit while caressing my breasts and playing with my very sensitive nipples. As his tongue pressed into my vagina I knew I wanted him. It felt so good that I didn’t want him to ever stop.

Tom kissed his way up my body. He gave my DD, firm, and perky breasts extra attention and then moved up to my mouth again. His hard rod was poking around below so I took him in my hand and directed it to my pussy, rubbing it up and down my slit several times before placing it at the opening of my vagina. I was so wet by now that with the Bostancı Escort slightest movement on Tom’s part it just slid in as if it were made to fit there. As Tom and I got into rhythm I was sure I could hear a squish – squish sound because I was so wet and the slap of flesh on flesh as our bodies came together. We pumped together, varying speed, depth, and angle for at least ten minutes or more before Tom said, “I’m going to cum. Where do you want it?”

I answered, “Please cum deep inside me.”

A few more pumps and my orgasm came just as he erupted. His cock jerked at least three times as he shot his load. It was so warm and felt as good as it spread around inside my womb. We lay there, joined together, until we both fell asleep.

He came in me at least two more times during the night. It seemed as if neither of us could get enough of the other. In the morning we had wake-up sex to take care of Tom’s woody. Tom had to be at the airport by 8 AM and I know for a fact that he hadn’t had much sleep. I also knew that it wasn’t true about pilots not drinking before flying.

For the rest of the summer we had sex every Wednesday and Saturday. On Wednesdays we just had sex once and then I went home since I had school the next day. On Saturdays I spent the night with him and usually was still in bed when he left for his early flight. I think he must have started taking naps between check-in and when I got off the desk at 11 because he was always ready to go.

During the whole time we never exchanged the “I Love You” words. I told him “I love your cock” and “I love kissing you” and he told me “I love your breasts” and “I love having sex with you” and “I love the way you taste” but never the 3 love words.

I found out later that he had a wife and kids in New Jersey, but with us it was just sex – very intense sex. Once the fall semester began I was a full-time teacher again and we lost contact. The memories however are here forever.

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