Secuction Ch. 02


[Refresher: Zach and Nicki are high school seniors stumbling their way through the wonders of sex with the aid of Nicki’s mother, Mandy who is using her supposed good intentions to support her own sexual desires for Zach’s ten inch fat cock. In Chapter 1, Mandy seduced Zach after his failed attempt at sex with GF, Nicki. Nicki catches her mother sucking and fucking Zach but just watches. Mandy has set the stage as she sent Zach, with his newly acquired knowledge; to take her daughter’s cherry.]

Mandy was stepping out of her shower. She wrapped a towel around her blonde hair and then one around her chest and tucked in between her breasts. It was a large towel and it covered from mid-thigh to her underarms. She was humming to herself as she walked into the bedroom and into a huge walk-in closet. She retrieved a hidden key and unlocked a cabinet door and pushed a few buttons and a video screen crackled to life. It was in full color and was high definition. She pushed a couple more buttons as images flashed quickly across the screen. She pushed another button and the flashing images stopped and she watched the playback of the living room security camera from the moment Zach and Nicki sat down on the couch. The monitor showed the main screen chosen to watch and three other smaller views of other rooms in the house at the same time.

As the scene on the main monitor showed Nicki pulling Zach’s cock from his pants she started getting horny again. She dropped the towel around her body and her fingers went to her pussy. She was getting wet again. She watched the entire show on the main screen. She noted the dining room smaller screen of herself pulling her panties off and when she was almost caught by Nicki when she raced through the dining room and up the stairs. She stroked herself to a massive orgasm as she watch herself giving Zach a blowjob.

Then she went rigid. In her peripheral vision she notice movement on the dining room screen and gasped out loud when she clearly saw Nicki watching Zach and her sucking and fucking. “Oh fuck..Oh fuck. This is not good. What in the hell was I thinking,” she said out loud to herself. She then thought, ‘I wasn’t thinking at all.’ She went back to frigging herself viciously as she watched herself fucking on Zach’s cock. ‘Jesus Christ that is hot. What a gorgeous cock he has,’ she thought.

Mandy shut down the security system and closed the cabinet door. No one, not even Nicki, knew about the cameras that she had professionally installed before they even moved in. They covered all of the downstairs except the bathroom, of course, and all around the outside yard. The bedrooms on the second floor had no cameras but the hallway did. She walked back into the bathroom and cleaned herself up again. She was trying to decide if she was going to confess having sex with Nicki’s boyfriend or not. After all she was totally busted and the video proved it.


When Zach got home his dad was in the living room watching TV. He stuck his head in and said, “Hi Dad. How was your day?” He got back the same response as always. “I’m going to take a shower and I will be right down. Did I miss dinner?” He didn’t wait for a response. He raced up the stairs to his room and took his clothes off. His underwear was so sticky he had to peel them from his dick. ‘Jesus, what a mess,’ he thought. He decided he had better wash them out in the sink before he tossed them in the laundry hamper.

I walked naked across the hall to the bathroom and started the shower. While the water was getting hot I brushed my teeth. I was savoring the taste of Nicki’s pussy all the way home but I figured I didn’t need my dad getting a whiff of my breath.

In the shower I was washing myself from head to toe and as always paid more attention to my crotch. My cock rose to attention, as always and I jerked myself off with slick soapy hands, as always. My cum splattered onto the shower floor and with some difficulty was washed down the drain. When I was done I stepped out of the shower. I dried myself off and went back into my bedroom to pull on some gym shorts and a tee-shirt. I went commando.

When I sat down on the couch in the Living room my dad picked up the remote control and hit the mute button. He said, “Zach we need to have a talk. When you stuck your head in to say hi before you went upstairs I noticed an unmistakable smell of sex on you. Are you and Nicki having sex?”

‘Oh fuck,’ I thought. I ummmmed and aaahhhhed as usual until he cut me off. “Zach. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I just want to help as much as you will let me. I know this time in your life is very difficult to wade through. I’ve been there and I remember how hard it was to figure things out and not be a total bumbling idiot. I’m sure Nicki is in the same boat and she is expecting you to be the expert and guide her as you experiment. Zach. I can help if you’ll let me.”

I opened up totally to him about what had happened today. I left the part about Nicki’s mom though. He explained some things I was still confused about, Anadolu Yakası Escort like the difference between putting my cock in her pussy versus putting it in her ass-hole (which I had heard some of the guys talk about). He explained that intercourse in a pussy was the normal way and was where you put your cock if you want to make a baby. Cumming in her ass would not make a baby. He continued by saying that many women don’t like having their ass fucked. It can be painful. Some women love it. He said that she and I would have to figure that one out on our own.

I loved our talk. He was very matter of fact and open about everything I asked about and even brought up some things that I had never even thought about. When we were talked out he said, “Zach. I know you are a good boy and I know you will always treat Nicki or whoever with care and respect. We have talked about a lot of topics, but don’t think for a minute that you know anything expect facts. Sex is so much more than facts. You are going to have to experience all the aspects of sex yourself and decide between you and your partner what you like and don’t like. Always be up front with your partner. If you want her to do something ask her. Ask her to do the same with you. There are an infinity of emotions and sensations that you will encounter. I envy your journey. Enjoy it but always be mindful of her emotions because as a woman hers will likely be totally different from yours. It’s just part of the mystery.”

We had talked for more than three hours and it was late. I got off the couch and leaned down and hugged my dad and said, “Thanks dad. I never imagined that a talk with you on this subject would be enjoyable.” He hugged me back and smiled at me. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

It was Saturday morning and the weather was hot and humid. I called Nicki and asked her if she would like to go to the beach or something. She did. I told her I would drive over and pick her up in a half hour. I told my dad where I was going and chugged down a cup of coffee. I pulled on my bathing suit. Being a competitive swimmer, my only bathing suit was a skimpy speed-o. I looked at myself in the mirror and I liked what I saw. My shoulders are broad and my waist and hips are narrow with firm pectorals and ripped abs, arms and legs. I pulled on some shorts over the bathing suit and a knit short-sleeved shirt over my head. I ran my fingers through my hair to mess it up a little. Nicki had told me she liked it that way.

I bounded down the stairs and found my new pair of cross-trainers and pulled them on my feet. I yelled bye to my dad and slammed the front door on my way out. I jumped in my car and drove the fifteen minutes to Nicki’s house. I was five minutes early. I guess I was anxious to see her.

I rang the front doorbell and the door instantly opened. Mandy was standing there in her bikini and a transparent cover-up over it. She looked incredibly gorgeous as she always did. I must have had a confused look on my face because she explained, “After you called, Nicki told me what your plans were and she asked if I would like to come too. It sounded like a good time. I don’t get many good times.” She winked at me. I gulped hard and my cock jumped in my bathing suit. At that moment I knew that wearing the speed-o was going to be a huge mistake. My cock bulged out in front even when it was soft. I had never had a boner during a swim meet but I was getting one now and the suit was not going to contain it very well. This was going to be an embarrassment of massive proportions. I gulped hard again.

Mandy invited me in and shut the door behind me. She walked from the foyer toward the kitchen in her high heeled sandals. Her hips swayed as she walked. I followed. She stood leaning back against the counter and asked if I would like a cup of coffee. I declined. I felt very awkward with her and she said, “Zach. Sweetie. Relax.” I smiled and leaned back in my chair and pushed my feet out straight in front of me. She looked down at me and smiled.

Five minutes later Nicki walked into the kitchen. She was stunning. I just stared at her with my mouth open until Nicki said, “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Mandy watched the whole thing and said, “Nicki. I think he just swallowed his tongue. You look amazing.” I shut my mouth and moved in and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back as she looked at her mother. She was never sure how her mother felt about her kissing boyfriends in front of her.

We broke the kiss and I said, “Have you got all your stuff together? Are we ready to go?” Both Mandy and Nicki nodded. I grabbed the beach bags and followed them through the front door. Mandy shut and locked the door behind me and we all piled into my car. Nicki sat in front and Mandy maneuvered herself into the backseat. She sat in the middle and she was all I could see when I looked in the rear-view mirror. When I look back she would smile and flick her tongue along her bottom lip. I tried to stop looking.

We found a spot of sand without Pendik Escort tons of other people sitting on top of us. Nicki and Mandy worked together to spread out a couple of blankets. Nicki stripped down to her thong bikini. My dick surged when she turned 360 degrees to show herself off. Mandy did the same. She also was wearing a thong bikini that made her stand out among the sea of bikinis on the beach. Both of them were absolutely stunning. Mother and daughter and it was a toss-up as to which one was more beautiful.

I made no move to remove my shorts. I could feel my cock, in its current state, would not be contained in my skimpy speed-o. Nicki said, “Come on Zach. It’s your turn. Get those shorts off.” She knew that as a swimmer, I would be wearing a speed-o. I had told her once that it was the only bathing suit I owned. She had never seen me in it as she never came to swim practice and she had never been to a swim meet either. She wanted to see me in it now.

Mandy knelt down on a blanket and watched Nicki and I going back and forth. I took my shirt off and Nicki and her mother stared at my torso. Mandy looked at Nicki and Nicki looked back at her and said, “Hubba.. Hubba. Very nice package, huh mom?” Mandy couldn’t take her eyes off me and she just nodded. I could see her nipples harden under her extremely undersized bikini top.

Mandy said, “Come on Zach. You get to ogle us in our suits. It’s our turn.” Nicki knew that her mother had seen and tried out everything that her boyfriend had to show and Mandy knew that she knew from the security video. Of course Zach didn’t know that Nicki knew about him and her mother and he also didn’t know that Mandy knew that she knew. I was the only one completely in the dark.

Nicki leaned into her mother and whispered something I didn’t catch. Mandy smiled and nodded. I lay down on the blanket and as soon as I had laid back both of them leaped to their feet and threw themselves on me. Mandy held me down while Nicki unbuckled my pants and pulled my zipper down. I was struggling to stop them and objecting verbally. As my shorts slipped past my hips everything stopped. Mandy was sitting on my chest looking down at Nicki as she had pulled my shorts down to reveal my speed-o suit. They both looked from my crotch to each other. Mandy said to Nicki, “Holy Shit. Look at that thing. Nicki was licking her lower lip.

Mandy pushed herself off my chest and knelt on the blanket beside me. I looked at her as she was staring at my cock that was pushed several inches out of my speed-o. It was as hard as a steel pipe. I looked down at what they both were staring at and said, “See why I didn’t want to take my shorts off.” Mandy knelt absolutely still. She was breathing heavily as she continued to stare at my cock lying on my stomach held in place by the elastic band of my speed-o. It was pulsing up and down with my heart beat.

Without even thinking first, Nicki reached down and began pushing my cock back into my suit. It surge with her touch. There was just no way that was going to happen until it went completely soft. Mandy’s trance broke and she said, “Nicki you had better pull his shorts back up before we get arrested.” She abandoned her efforts on my cock and pulled my shorts back up. I lifted my hips to aid her efforts. I zipped up and buckled the belt.

I was totally embarrassed so I rolled onto my stomach to hide it. Nothing more was said by anyone. Mandy and Nicki moved up and lay down on the blankets face down. They both knew that the sudden stream of guys walking up the beach was so they could ogle their asses on the way by. After several minutes Nicki moved over beside me. She rubbed my back and quietly said, “Zach. I’m sorry we embarrassed you. Can you turn on your back so I can cuddle with you?” I moved over onto my back as she requested and she pushed herself up against my side and rested her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her in tight. I kissed her on the forehead and she kissed my nipple.

Mandy had her head turned in our direction and she watched Nicki snuggle into me. She could feel the moisture collecting in her crotch. Fortunately, the material of her bottom would not show a different color when it was wet. She pushed herself up to her feet and said, “I’m going to take a stroll down the beach.”

Nicki rolled over and shielded her eyes and said, “OK. Mom. When Zach can get his equipment in that tiny little suit, we’ll catch up. Nicki was still adamant that she was going to see Zach in that suit.”

Mandy headed off down the beach. She knew she would attract a lot of attention with her looks and body. She was surprised at how many men walked by and said, “Hi Mandy.” Everyone would walk by and then turn to watch her walk away. She thought that the ones who knew her name must work at her company. She didn’t normally show this much skin at places that her employees would be and she hadn’t thought this through enough. She expected that she would find all kinds of photos of her on the many bulletin Kurtköy Escort boards around the factory floor. She just smiled to herself and kept on walking.

Nicki’s head was still resting on Zach’s shoulder and every once in a while she would lift the waist band of his shorts to see if his cock was getting soft enough to get into his suit. She would reach down and push the tip down and it would push right back to where it was. She would giggle at the response. She noticed people walking by and pointing at them when they would catch her with her hands in his pants.

It was quite a while before Zach shrugged her head off and sat up. He reached down and made some adjustment inside his shorts and then he stood up and pulled his shorts down and kicked them off. His cock was completely encased in my tiny little speed-o. It wasn’t completely flaccid but it was heading in that direction. She stared up at him shielding her eyes and scanning him from head to toe. Her gaze settled on his crotch. She said, “Zach. Maybe you should just wear your shorts.”

I looked down and said, “Why. This is about what it looks like at swim practice and meets.”

She decided that she needed to pay more attention to swim practice and swim meets. “Ok. Let’s walk down the beach and catch up to mom,” she said. We walked hand in hand. I had to look anywhere but at her or I would be out of this suit again. I had decided to carry my shorts, just in case. Everyone stared at us as we walked by at water’s edge. We were coming up on a group of twenty-something women and one of them was pointing at us and I overheard her say, “Holy shit. Look at that.” They all stopped and stood there and watch us walk by.

Mandy had been stopped by a group of men. They apparently didn’t work at her company but they wanted to meet her and maybe get a phone number or something. Mandy was polite and talked with them for a while. It gave us time to catch up. Nicki broke away from me and ran through the clutch of guys and grabbed her mother and jumped up and kissed her on the cheek. Mandy turned to the guys and said, “Gentlemen, this is my daughter.” She didn’t give her name or Nicki’s. She hadn’t given any information that would allow any of them to track her down. She excused herself and continued walking hand in hand with Nicki.

Zach caught up and separated Mandy and Nicki and inserted himself in the middle between them. Mandy said that she was looking for a rest room. We found a public toilet building and walked toward it. The building had men’s and women’s entrances on opposite sides of the building. I headed one way and they headed the other.

I had to make some further adjustments so I found an open stall. I happened to be in the handicapped stall. I washed my face to get the sand off. I had no sooner got my completely flaccid cock in its usual place in my suit when the stall door pushed inward. It was Mandy and she wasted no time squatting down and pulling my suit down to my knees. Without a word, she grabbed my cock and shoved it into her mouth. “Mmmmmpppphhhhh” was the only sound. I don’t think my cock ever grew from completely soft to completely hard faster. She engulfed my cock and my head flew back as “UUUUnnnnnggggghhhhh” escaped from my throat.

She hadn’t deep-throated me yesterday but she was right now. The sensation was incredible and “UUUUUnnnnnnnngggggghhhh” escaped again. She continued furiously throat fucking me. She knew I wouldn’t last long and that is what she was working on so she could get in and back out before she got caught my Nicki. I told Mandy that I was going to cum. She just nodded her head. I would learn with time that experienced women knew that I guy was about to cum from the constriction in his balls and the expansion of his cock. Again I groaned, “UUUNNNNNGGGGHHHH,” as a massive loud of cum launched from my cock into her mouth. She took the first stream into her mouth and held it. She pulled her head off immediately and pointed my cock down. She had pulled her bottom triangle away from her body and the second and third ropes fired into her suit. She had pulled her tiny bathing suit top up over her tits and she aimed the last two shots onto her tits. The final couple of shots she aimed it into her hair.

When the final small shots of cum drooled out, she stuck out her tongue to collect them. She stood up and showed me my cum in her mouth. She pushed it around with her tongue and then pushed it out of her mouth in a big bubble and sucked it back in. Then she made a big show of swallowing it. I could see her throat working on getting it down. She pulled her suit bottom out and pushed her hands down inside. She squished the double shot around her pussy. She then rubbed my cum all around both tits and put the tiny little top back in place over her nipples which were as hard as nails.

With cum on her lower lip she stood up on her toes and kissed me hard on my lips. I kissed her back. She moved over in front of the mirror and made some adjustments. She ran her fingers through the gobs of cum in her hair. When she was satisfied she turned to the door and when she knew there was no one else in the room, she walked out the door and circled the building to the ladies room side of the building. Nicki wasn’t outside waiting for her so she just positioned herself like she was waiting for Nicki.

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