Shy Lady Poses for Nude Photos Pt. 02



My name is Debbie Taylor. Jim and I have been happily married for thirteen years. I’m a thirty-five-year-old attractive house wife that recently had an amazing sexual awakening. I went to a local photographer’s studio for some ‘boudoir’ photos. These are the type of spicy bedroom photos that a couple can keep and look back on in their older years. The photo session got amazingly hot and I ended up having sex with the young hunk that was taking the pictures. It was sex at a new higher level than I’d ever thought possible. It was life changing. I must admit I’m becoming a bit of a tart. Read about it in my Literotica story, ‘Shy lady poses for nude photos.’ This story is about what happened in the next photo session.

Richard’s Viewpoint

Debbie’s the hottest mature lady that I’ve been with. After our session, she begged me to have her as my mistress, no holds barred. She even kissed my hand when I agreed. Pinch me. How lucky is that. Even though she is one of the most beautiful women I’ve had sex with, the most amazing thing about her is her easy-going, nurturing nature. She wants so much to please. This has kept her on my mind even when I’m having sex with other women. I think I’m falling in lust. She is coming over to finish her pictures and fuck. I’ve been away on assignment but I’m back wanting to hook up with this fantastic woman.

Her sweet nature and beauty got me thinking. My younger brother, Vincent, is a virgin and so shy around girls. He’s going off to college soon and he’s so hung up about being a virgin. It would be great for him to have Debbie as his first lover. When she said, “No holds barred,” why not put her to the test? The kid is a good-looking young man. He’s no athlete but he’s fit and horny. When he get’s over his shyness around girls, he’ll be a real ladies’ man. I’ll give him a call.

“Yo, Vinny, it’s your big brother Richie calling. How’s your summer holiday lose-your-cherry project going? Ahh, not good. Tell you what. You know how I photograph hot women, mostly housewives in skimpy bedroom clothing and even nude. Some of them get so horny that they beg for a fuck and I oblige. Yes, yes, I’m lucky, sure. Why don’t you come over tomorrow at ten in the morning and help me photograph a really great looking lady who is my new fuck-toy. I’ll tell her you’re my photographer’s apprentice, learning the ropes. There’s a good chance you’ll lose your cherry with a very hot lady. Did I ever tell you how I lost mine to an older lady like her. It’s the best way to learn baby brother. I’ll make a man of you. Okay, ten tomorrow morning. Be there.”

Alright, that’s great. It should be a fun photo session. I’ll have my fun with her after my brother has his.

Debbie’s Viewpoint.

Thank goodness I’m meeting Richard today. Waiting any longer and I’d die. What’s happening to me? I’m horny all the time. It’s been almost a week since I made love with Richard and it’s been agony ever since. He was out of town on a photo assignment and we couldn’t get together. I think of the great sex I had with him and my body just vibrates wanting more. My passion is constantly just below the surface. The other day at the mall I couldn’t help checking out the young men there. My nostrils flared, and I could feel my heart speed up when I saw a good looking guy. One hunk noticed my attention and I gave him a big inviting smile even though he was with his girlfriend. He smirked knowingly and walked on. Did the great sex I had with Richard turn me into a tart?

A couple of nights ago, I got so horny that I woke up my husband Jim and mounted him cowgirl-style in a fit of frenzied lust. I think I scared the heck out of him.

I really need to be with Richard today. All morning, my pussy has been vibrating and every time an image of his naked body pops into my brain, a thrill of adrenaline shots through me.

Richard asked me to wear another summer dress. He wants to take more shots of me in one. Luckily, I have a nice pink dress trimmed with a floral lace that looks so feminine. I’ve never worn it. When I got it home last summer, it seemed too slutty. It has a very deep cleavage and is tight around my bum. My husband, Jim, thought it was not appropriate. So, it stayed in my closet. But it will be perfect for this sexy photo shoot. I hope Richard likes it.

I also bought some super-sexy pink panties that have a see-through mesh triangle at the front that clearly shows my pubic hair and the camel-toe notch below. I can’t wait to see his handsome eyes when he sees that. Just wearing them turns me on.

I’d do anything to please him. He rocked my world with the best sex I’ve every had. I’ll take a shower and do my hair. It’s soon time to go over there.

Richard’s viewpoint.

“Hey, Vinny, come on in big guy. Today’s your big day. You’re looking good, brother. Let’s sit in my office and plan a few things.”

“I can’t thank you enough Ritchie. You are the best, bro.”

“Okay, let me show you some photos of the lady that’s coming over soon. The first ones are her Bostancı Escort in a nice dress. She’ll be wearing another summer dress and we’ll be shooting photos of her in it just like these. I’ll say you are my apprentice.”

“Fuck, is she ever hot. There’s no way she’ll want to do me.”

“Stop thinking like that brother. That’s your problem. Girls get horny and like sex, just like boys. You’ll see with this woman. She is so hot for it. When you are photographing her, I want you in there touching her and telling her what to do. Take control. Be the man. This woman likes that. I want you touching her ass, her boobs and eventually her pussy. It all there for you bro. Be the man.”

“I showed you last month how to use the camera. First, I want you to watch me give her orders on how to pose while I take shots. On this page, you can see her standing dress poses. See how she leaned forward to show her tits down her dress. After I do the standing poses, I’ll get her to sit on the sofa. Then I’ll exit for a bit and you tell her how to be sexy for some shots. See these sofa photos she did a couple of days ago. I want you to be firm and get her to do the same ones. Don’t worry. She’ll follow your directions. I want her tits out just like this pic. Squeeze her nipples to get them real hard. Just like this picture. She’ll be expecting that so dive in there. Get it.”

“What if she won’t do it?”

“Don’t even think like that. She will. She loves to be touched, especially from a handsome young guy like you. These older ladies are very horny. Once she’s super horny you’ll lose your cherry with her. Just wait, everything will go well. Be the man. Hey, there’s the doorbell. She’s here. Wait downstairs for us.”

Debbie’s Viewpoint.

Jeez, I’m so nervous, I can hardly breathe. I’ve never been on a booty date with a young hunk like Richard. I have on the bright red lipstick he likes. I hope he likes my dress and the new panties. Debbie, you’re such a slut. Your friends would never believe you’re doing this. I hear footsteps.

“Hi, Debbie, come on in. You look great. Let me give you a big hug.”

Wow, Richard is so hot. He hugs me and one hand slips to my bum and gives it a nice squeeze.

“I’ve been so looking forward to our session today and being with you again. You must think I’m such a slut. You blew my mind the other day. Oh my god.”

I’m acting like such a teenager. Get a hold of yourself Debbie.

“Well Debbie you rocked my world too. You are so special. We are going to have a great relationship.”

“Oh, thank you Richard.” I love that he said relationship. It would be so great to be together often.

“Debbie, today I have my apprentice working with me. He’s a good young kid who’s keen to be a photographer. That’s okay with you, right?”

I hesitate. Another man seeing me naked. I didn’t expect that. I bite my lip.

“Debbie, if you don’t want to be in my world, I know another photographer who can do your album and I can give you a full refund and call it quits. I just thought after what you said about us, that you were deeply committed.”

Oh no, the thought of losing my connection with Richard is too much.

“Of course, Richard, working with your apprentice is fine. Whatever you say. You’re the man.”

“Great let’s go down and meet him.”

We go down the stairs and there is a young man looking a bit shy. He’s taller than Richard but slimmer. He’s dressed in nice blue jeans and a tight sweater. He strikes me as being nice looking young man with one of those modern haircuts, spiky on top with lots of product and very short below. A yummy guy like him must drive the young girls crazy.

Richard says, “Vincent meet Mrs. Taylor, our beautiful model for today.”

I reach my hand out to the young man and he shakes it weakly with a blush on his face. He is staring at my cleavage. Young guys are so predictable.

“Please Vincent, call me Debbie.”

Richard pipes up. “No way. A young man should have manners. He’ll call you Mrs. Taylor.”

“Sure Richard, whatever you say.”

Vincent’s Viewpoint.

Fuck, Mrs. Taylor is so fucking hot. I can smell her flowery perfume from here and that dress is amazing. Her tits are pushed up over the top of the dress just like the slutty girls at the clubs. Is it really possible I’ll be touching those?

My brother shouts out, “Okay guys, time for the photo-shoot. Let’s start with the standing shots over here with the white background.” He is so in command. She obeyed him and moved over there in a flash.

“Okay Debbie just like the other day. Release your inner sexy feminine self. Yes, good. Big smile. Nice, flirt with the camera. Yes, just like that. Hands on hips. Sweet. Lift up those great breasts. Be proud of them. Great. Now turn and show me that tight ass. Look over your shoulder at me. Great. Pull the fabric tight over your bum. Love those sexy buns. Big sexy smile. Wonderful. Now turn to me. Put your hands behind your head and thrust out your chest. Big Ümraniye Escort smile like your proud of those sweet tits. Right on. Lift the hem of the dress and show some thigh. Nice. Now bend down and let your husband see down that dress. No deeper. Sweet. Now look at Vincent and give him a big sexy wink. Perfect. Okay, that’s all for the standing shots. Now over to the sofa.”

Was that amazing or what. I could see her getting more and more turned on as my brother told her to pose in so many sexy ways. I could almost see her nipples when she bent over so deep. I’ve got a huge boner. Oh fuck, she just looked at it.

Debbie’s Viewpoint.

Posing is such a thrill. I feel so sexy showing off my body. The young boy’s eyes were huge as he looked at me. I wonder if he has much experience with women. But of course, working with Richard he’ll be seeing all sorts of women nude. I’m so nasty showing off my body to a boy that’s surely legal but very young. Hell, what’s the harm? Plus, who the hell will ever know? I sit on the sofa like the other session.

Richard says, “I’ve got to make a few calls. Here’s the camera Vincent. You do the sofa shots like I told you.” He looks down at me. “Now I want you to take direction from Vincent just like you would me. Is that understood?”

“Yes.” I sure don’t want him angry at me.

“I want to be very clear here. Take direction exactly like you would from me. I want him getting experience with a good model that does what she’s told. Get it?”

“Yes Richard, I’ll be the best model I can be.” I blush at the thought of being nude in front of this young man I just met. But whatever pleases Richard.

“Good. Over to you Vincent. Make some great photos.” He races up the stairs and I’m alone with the young photographer. Jeez, I can feel my heart race and my nostrils flare just like the other day when I was checking out those young guys at the mall. This could be a sexy interlude, baring my private areas to this cute guy before Richard and I make love later. What a turn on.

Vincent’s Viewpoint.

Holy shit. It’s happening. She is a vision of beauty in a sexy dress smiling up at me. She told my brother that she’ll take my direction. Holy shit, it’s happening.

“Mrs. Taylor, you look very beautiful.”

“Thanks Vincent, you’re so sweet. What would you like me to do? You’re the man.”

“Mrs. Taylor you’ve done this before. Maybe you can give me some nice poses. I’ll make some suggestions too. Is that okay?”

“Sure, why don’t I start like my session before.”

I look through the viewfinder and Mrs. Taylor crosses her legs and puts her hand on her lap so conservatively. I snap a shot. She puffs out her chest. I take another shot. She puts one hand behind her head with a sexy grin on her face.

“Wow, very sexy Mrs. Taylor.”

“Thanks, Vincent.”

“Fuck, she liked me saying that. Pretty women on my block would have slapped me. Fuck it, I’ll do more.”

“Okay, uncross your leg and those sexy legs. Nice. Give me a big smile. Good. Now open your knees a bit. Sweet.”

I hear Ritchie calling me upstairs.

He says, “Vinny, I want you getting her to show those panties. Get in there and do some major touching. Unzip that dress and feel those great tits. She’ll do anything for you. You’re the man. Go down there, bro and do it.”

I go back down, and Mrs. Taylor is sitting obediently, waiting for instructions.

“Okay, Mrs. Taylor, let’s see more of those sexy legs. Lift that dress up your legs. Wow. Higher, I want to see your panties.”

Fuck, I can’t believe she is doing everything I ask. Fuck it, I’m going for it. I reach for knee and move it so I can see the crotch of her pink silk panties. The skin on her leg is velvety soft.

“Now bend forward to show off your great breasts.”

I can see almost to the nipple. Holy fuck, I’ve got a steel hard boner. Why don’t I feel those titties?

“Let me adjust your dress here.” I feel her breast from the outside of her dress. She just closed her eyes and a smile of pleasure crossed her face when I cupped her breast. She fucking likes it. Hers feel so much bigger than the girl I dated for a week last month. That was the only time I’d gotten to first base with any girl. I jerked off for a week after.

“Okay, get on your hands and knees on the sofa. Yes, just like that. Great. Let me lift your dress over your bum. Your husband will want to see a good view of those sexy panties. Lift your dress higher. We want to see your whole bum. Great.”

This pose is so skanky. Her ass is so sweet. I’ve got to feel it. I run my hand over the panty covered cheeks. I hear her groan in pleasure at my touch. What a tart.

“Spread your knees. That’s good. Mrs. Taylor” My friggin’ god, I can see the outline of her pussy under the shear fabric of her crotch. Damn, there’s a see-through bit down at the front of the panty with some pubic hair showing.”

“Now, I’ll take some pics from in front by your head. Stay on your hands and knees. Right Ataşehir Escort on. Let me shoot a picture right down the front of your dress. Great. I can see those beautiful breasts. Put your shoulders together to let me see all the way down to those sweet nipples. Very good. Give me a big sexy smile. Super. Vincent will love these shots.”

Her breasts are so close. I reach in and cup one. It’s the first breast I’ve felt, skin-on-skin. Sweet perfection. She moans again and closes her eyes in submission as I grope her hanging tits first one, then the other. She is starting to pant.

“Okay, let me unzip this dress and set those perfect breasts free. Now sit up. Push the dress all the way down to your hips. I want the camera to see all your top. Great. Big happy smile. Yes. Cup those titties with both hands.”

She looks up at me with an intense look in her eyes. Gee, I wonder what she’s thinking.

Debbie’s Viewpoint.

I’m getting so horny it’s making me crazy. I love showing my breasts to this young man. His eyes are so intense and lust-filled. I started horny before I rang the doorbell and now this is way too much. Vincent has a big tent in the front of his jeans. It turns my lust meter up knowing he wants me. Fuck, Richard, when I get ahold of you, you better watch out. I’m going to fuck you silly. Right now, I need some more stimulation.

“Maybe if you sucked on my nipples they would look better in the photos. That’s what Richard does.”

His eyes just bugged out when I said that. In a flash he sits beside me and dives for the nipple nearest him. I give a loud groan. I press his head to my body and moan some more. Fuck, that feels heavenly. Sweet Mary and Joseph, his tongue swirling around my nipple is crazy making. This young man has turned me on so much I can’t think straight.

Oh my god, there’s Richard standing ten feet away watching us. How did he get there with us hearing? He has his finger to his lips indicating not to speak. I nod to say I understand as slurping noises rise from the happy boy below. He makes a okay circle with his fingers saying that my letting Vincent suck my breasts is okay with him. What’s that he’s making a circle with the fingers of one hand a pushing his index finger in and out of it, the universal sign for sex, to say that he wants me to have sex with young Vincent. Not a hint of jealousy about Vincent getting intimate with me. I silently point to him saying I want to be with him not Vincent. He sternly points to the boy, nods yes and then to himself and shakes his head no. He indicates that we will be together later. Oh heavens, what do I do. Hell, obviously do what my lover, Richard wants. I’m resigned to this and nod yes. He turns and silently goes up the stairs.

I look down at the cute lad. He’s so sweetly sucking on my breast. What a horny sight. I move the boy’s lips to my other nipple. I stroke the back of his head where his hair is a short stubble. My pussy is very aroused. If we are going to be fucking, why no enjoy it? I reach down to his firm butt inside those tight faded blue jeans. He hesitates when I stroke his butt like he’s surprised. I want to see and feel his young body. I feel so slutty but so alive. Who the hell will ever know?

“Hey Vincent, stand up. I want to take your clothes off. Fair’s fair.

Vincent’s Viewpoint.

Holy fuck, I can’t believe she just said that. Wow, it’s true, I’m going to lose my cherry. I stand along with her. Her dress falls to the floor and she is standing with just her panties on. What a vision of beauty. She goes for my belt as I pull my sweater over my head. She’s in a bit of a hurry to get at my junk. She’s as horny as me. Fuck, that’s impossible. I’m over the top horny. My zipper is down. She’s stripping my jeans and underwear down and off. Holy fuck, she’s kissing my dick.

Debbie’s Viewpoint.

His circumcised cock is man-sized, about the same as Richards. He has a light coating of light brown pubic hair on his ball-sack and above is penis. The young fuzz of a barely legal young guy. Debbie you should be ashamed of yourself. But it’s such a sweet cock on such a sweet young man and I want it inside of me. He is so hard and anxious that I don’t want to suck him off. He’d likely cum in a nanosecond. Best to go slowly and enjoy a good long fuck. Oh right, these young boys can get it back up again in no time. No worries.

I stand up in front of him. He’s six inches taller than me. I kiss his neck under his ear in complete submission. I want to be the woman. I need him to be the man. I’ll boost his ego.

“Oh, Vincent, please be gentle with me. You’re so strong.” I stroke his bare bicep and shoulder. My breasts touch on his chest and the tip of his erect penis touches my stomach. I kiss his hairless chest and slip my hands down to his naked ass-cheeks. What a yummy body he has.

Vincent’s Viewpoint.

That seals it. She will do whatever I want. Yes, I’m going to fuck a pretty lady. Look at her kiss my chest like I’m some sort of great guy or something. If she can feel my ass, I can feel hers. Wow, that is so neat. Her body feels so natural against mine. We fit and her bum is so sweet. She has on her panties. Why do I think she will be mad if I put my hands under and feel her bare ass-cheeks? Don’t be stupid, she’s yours.

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