Summer Houseguest Ch. 01


Rachel’s eyelids reluctantly opened to the growing morning light. The golden sun was just peeking over the ridge to the east and streaming in the french doors to the balcony. The silk sheets had slipped away during another night of restless sleep leaving Rachel’s nude body exposed to a gentle Santana breeze entering the north window. Rachel appreciated fresh air and it felt invigorating and healthy. The air caressed her nipples as it wafted across her skin. It was the only caress she was fortunate to feel these days.

Three years after her divorce from Jeff she was still reluctant to be more than casual friends with a man. After he ignored her for a year, in and out of bed, she had discovered Jeff’s affair with the local real estate whore. Rachel, seriously affected by the incident, chose to be completely celibate. She was now still very young at 28 but hadn’t been touched by anyone including herself since the divorce.

Jeff had built a wildly successful contracting business and things had been good. The money was there and life was great until things went cold. They had built this beautiful home in the hills overlooking the Santa Ynez Valley. The property became hers, spoils of divorce court. The acreage surrounding the Tuscan-designed villa was green and beautiful and there were no neighbors for a mile. It was quiet there…sometimes too quiet for a 28-year-old woman with not a lot of things to do. Friends from L.A. would sometimes drive up and enjoy the pool for a lazy day but, most of the time, Rachel was alone. She enjoyed the quiet but, during the last year, had begun to miss having maybe an arm around her shoulder or perhaps a loving touch or warm gaze. She had taken those long-ago moments for granted at the time and had almost forgotten about them until recently.

Rachel had also forgotten what it was like to be touched intimately by a man. She had not even brought herself to relieve any of that sexual tension that crept up on her regularly and, only in dreams, did she experience a brief, weak release. For all practical purposes her sexual being had gone dormant.

Rachel slipped out of her big California king bed and padded barefoot over toward the huge designer bathroom. Catching her reflection, she paused in front of the full-length dressing mirror tilted slightly on its oak stand by the dresser. What Rachel saw was the nude body of a beautiful woman. All five-feet-seven inches, 125 pounds of the woman in the mirror were perfectly shaped and molded. The soft light from the windows caressed her soft, smooth, flawless skin. Her rich, auburn hair tumbled in layers to just kiss the tops of her straight shoulders. The soft hair framed an angelic face blessed with natural eyebrows, cool blue eyes, a cute nose and gorgeous, full lips above a sweet, dimpled chin. Rachel never wore makeup…didn’t need to…the beauty was just there and had always been more than enough to drop a jaw or two when she went out.

Rachel’s creamy globes stared back at her from the mirror. Her breasts were full and natural, leading the way proudly on a woman who always enjoyed great posture and a straight back. Rachel’s breasts were the size of grapefruits, perfectly matched, swaying softly as she turned and moved. She usually preferred going bra-less because she never liked to be confined. She enjoyed the stimulation her dark, pink nipples received from natural movement against any one of her favorite sheer summer dresses. The nipples presented themselves beautifully, tilting slightly upward as if seeking something, perhaps like the petals of a flower seeking light. No one but Rachel had seen those nipples for three years. No one had enjoyed the sight of her delicate ribs and smooth, softly toned stomach flaring into softly rounded hips. Her long legs had excited many a man lucky enough to have a glimpse of those heavenly quads, calves and sweet feet. Her vulva peeked through soft, light brown pubic hair. Rachel’s body was soft, very lightly tanned, gorgeous and natural.

…and starved for an erotic touch.

Rachel took the long silk robe from its hook and wrapped it around her body to begin the day. As she sipped her coffee over the morning paper and the Today Show the phone rang.

“Rachel! It’s Sarah! How are ya, Cuz?”

Rachel hadn’t heard from her Texas cousin for over a year. There had been some great times they had shared during Rachel’s summer visits to the ranch outside Nacadochus. Rachel squealed with delight, “Sarahhhhh! How are you?!? What’s new, Baby?”

“Too much to tell you, Darlin’ and we’ll have to catch up! Listen, I have a favor. Do you remember the Whitney family, owns the ranch next to ours? You met their 8-year-old son, Nathan, when you were here last time? Geez, I think it’s been ten years, Cuz! You had just graduated high school! God, how time flies!! Anyway, Nathan is graduating high school this week and lucked out with a sports scholarship to UC Santa Barbara in the fall! Isn’t that great?”

Rachel began to offer congratulations but remembered that one couldn’t usually get a word in edgewise during a Sarah conversation, so she just let the words keep coming.

“We were talking, his parents and I, and we were wondering if you Anadolu Yakası Escort might have room for Nathan to come visit for the summer before he starts classes. You could show him the sights, check out the campus, and maybe help him meet some friends. He’s still so shy and could really use some building up in the social skills department.”

Rachel vaguely remembered the kid, a kind of scrawny 8-year-old, real quiet, but one thing she did remember were his intense brown eyes. She wondered if she’d have any success getting him into the social stream with the west coast culture. Could he transition from a beat up pickup truck with a rifle in the rack to, say, a slick surfboard?

“Well, Sarah, I have plenty of room here. It’s just me and 5,000 square feet with four bedrooms. I guess I could spare one of them for a friend of the family. When will he be coming?”

Sarah giggled a little (Rachel wasn’t sure what was amusing), “Soon as his eyes glaze over, I guess. Seriously, he can be there in a couple days if it’s ok with you.”

“Is he still that shy little boy, Sarah? I may have my work cut out for me if you expect me to light a fire under his social life.”

“Rache, I guess it’s been a long time. Yes, he’s still painfully shy. I don’t think he’s ever dated and that’s not because every girl in school wouldn’t….well, you’ll see when he gets there.”

Rachel pressed the off button and sipped her coffee. She hadn’t had a houseguest for a long time. Her only visitors had been friends from L.A. She wondered if she was equipped to be a “mom” to this shy little boy from Texas.

She put the thought aside for the moment.

It was another quiet night. In her dream she was nuzzling the soft nose of her new Arabian fowl. The dream immediately evolved forward as she found herself riding the steed that had become her favorite equestrian pet. She rode the Arabian stallion bareback through the nearby glade of oak trees. The wind enveloped her naked body and made her thick hair flow as the powerful stallion surged forward. Her hard nipples tingled and the movement of the rough horsehair beneath her teased her clitoris until the beginnings of a rare orgasm began to flare up across her abdomen and thighs. Just as she was about to reach the crest of cumming her phone chirped to life.

Her eyes fluttered open to the morning sun streaming from the large window next to the spa tub across the bedroom suite. The phone demanded her reluctant attention.

“Cuz! It’s me! Nathan has loaded up and he’s driving out to California tonight. He’ll be at your doorstep by Sunday night!!! Can you be there to meet him?”

“I’m always home, Sarah. I’ll have the place ready for him. What kind of kid am I looking for at the door? What’s he look like now? Is he still short and skinny?”

“Rache, he’s changed just a little bit. He says he remembers you from your last visit. Must’ve made some impression, huh?”

“Hmm.” Rachel loved hearing from Sarah but was secretly wishing she could return to that fabulous wet dream she was enjoying. Too late now. And now she’d have to be careful around the place when young lad Nathan Whitney joined the household for the summer. No more nude swims or walking around the house naked or in one of her shear summer dresses.

“OK, Sarah, tell Nathan I’ll see him Sunday night.”

“Tell him yourself! He’s right here.” Sarah turned away at the Texas end, “Nat, here’s Rachel.”

Nat’s voice came on the phone,”Ma’am?” Rachel caught her breath for a second. The voice on the other end was deeper than a kid’s and all grown up.

“Hi, Nathan.”

“Hi. You can call me Nat. Everyone does.”

“OK. Well, I’m sure we’ll have a good visit. Are you anxious to meet some new friends.”

“Guess so. ‘Preciate you lettin’ me stay with you for awhile.”

“No problem, Nat.” Rachel listened to the somewhat painful silence at the other end. She had her work cut out for her, all right. “Well, Nat, I’ll see you Sunday.”

“OK Ma’am. Bye.”

Whew. Yup. Nope. Shy young fella. Over the next two days Rachel dug into cleaning house and cleaning the pool up a bit. Maybe Nat would like a swim when he got here. She made the big bed in the guest room up with fresh sheets. She hoped he could stand silk because that’s all she had. If he ended up being too much of a boy’s boy she might have to break down and get some regular linens. She’d wait and see.

Saturday night Rachel slept a deep, dreamless sleep.

Sunday evening she had just slipped into a work shirt, tails tied above the navel, and a pair of well-worn Levi’s when she heard a car turning off the road to the long driveway. Didn’t sound like an old beat up pickup. Sounded more like the throaty exhaust of a Ford Mustang. She looked out the window and saw a ‘Stang coming through the distant gate. The windows were tinted black rendering the occupant invisible.

Rachel made one last inspection of the den and kitchen to make sure she had everything straightened up when she heard the door chimes. Back at the door she felt strangely excited without knowing why. It was just a kid, for God’s sake! She opened the door and…


Standing Bostancı Escort at the entrance to her home were 6 feet and 1 inch of the most spectacularly handsome male flesh she had ever laid…eyes on.

She finally broke her stunned silence and said softly, “Nathan?”

“Yes, Ma’am, but you can call me Nat. Everyone does.” It was that same grown up voice, quietly answering her.

Nathan’s deep, soft brown eyes twinkled back at her as his full, soft lips parted in a smile over pure white, straight teeth. God, what a hunk. Rachel’s eyes slowly wandered from his eyes to a shock of unruly dark hair falling over his forehead. Her breath came a bit shorter as her gaze dropped to the strong, straight nose, those cushy lips and the handsome chin. She could just make out a bit of dark stubble there left over from the road trip. Strange, but Nathan was wearing the same type of work shirt she wore, open a couple buttons to reveal a strong, hairless chest. Rachel’s eyes quickly grazed over a big cowboy belt buckle holding up a fine looking pair of well-worn Levi’s. (Hmm. Great minds….) Rachel could just make out a thick, slightly-worn vertical line in the denim from his crotch to an interesting eight inches down the inside of his left thigh. Rachel felt hot blood rushing up her neck at the sight. She hoped Nathan didn’t notice her embarrassment. She remembered that some guys in her youth used to stuff rolled-up socks down their leg to indicate they had…

Stop it! Rachel chided herself. This is just an 18-year-old kid! She made do with a final glance at the worn western boots. (They looked like at least size 13’s.)


Nathan had been anxious to make his California trip and enjoyed the two-day drive. Armed with Google maps he had no trouble finding Rachel’s place. After allowing his ‘Stang to come to rest in front of the house he just sat there gawking at the beautiful home and its surroundings. He’d never seen mountains until this trip and was, indeed, impressed. He soaked it all in for a few moments before getting out and walking up to the door where he would see, for the first time since he was 8 years old, a woman he remembered as being “real purdy.” He wondered if Rachel would look older than the 18 years he remembered.

Nathan hesitated at the door; a tiny worry entered his mind that he would be an imposition to Rachel with his summer stay. He hoped he would not be as shy as he normally was so she wouldn’t think he was a goof or a nerd. He finally got the courage up to “git ‘er done” and knocked.

The door opened.

In front of Nathan stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His heart began racing and he couldn’t help but just give out the biggest grin. A grin he was virtually unaccustomed to mustering up. Incredible…he couldn’t stop grinning at this gorgeous piece of female flesh. She was even wearing his same outfit! Geez. He grinned at her steel-blue eyes. He grinned at her beautiful head of hair. He grinned at her cute little nose, her luscious mouth and sweet little dimpled chin. He grinned at her shirt, nicely filled with what looked like nice puppies. He grinned at her slim waist, a nice looking “innie” and nicely-filled long pant legs. Then, he couldn’t help but do some more grinnin’ at her delicate bare feet. Nice. He felt a strange stirring on the left side of the crotch along that worn spot in his jeans.

Two sets of grinning eyes met again and locked for a couple of long moments.

“May I come in, Ma’am?”

“Oh!! Sure! Sorry. How rude. You must be exhausted. Let’s go in! Do you need help in with anything?”

“No, Ma’am. I’ll git ‘er done later.”

“(How precious) Okey-dokey. Come on in.” Rachel turned and led the way. Nathan followed, pulled forward by an invisible tractor beam from Rachel’s prize-winning buns that were creating a symphony of movement as she walked ahead. Nathan’s blood rushed to his face with embarrassment. He couldn’t take his eyes off the perfectly shaped globes encased in the soft, worn denim.

Rachel showed Nathan to his room. “I hope this is OK with you, Nathan…Nat …sorry. There’s the closet, your bathroom and the bed’s really never been slept in so I guess you’ll be breaking it in.” She just stood there and stared at him.

He just stood there and stared at her.

“Well, I guess I’ll whip up a snack for ya. You must be hungry after the drive.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Call me Rachel.”

“Yes, Rachel, Ma’am.”

“No. Please. Just Rachel. Don’t make me feel like an old lady.”

“OK, Rachel. I won’t.” How could anyone possibly think of her as an old lady??? She looked not much older than any of the girls in school and she was a hundred times prettier.

Rachel shut the door behind her, paused, took a deep breath and adjourned to the kitchen leaving Nathan to look in wonder at his surroundings. His room was five times bigger than his room at the ranch. It even had an attached bathroom that looked as big as his old room. Rachel was living large.

Rachel and Nathan shared a small dinner and Nathan, still painfully shy, wasn’t much of a conversationalist. That was OK with Rachel. She enjoyed Ümraniye Escort the quiet and was used to it. Nathan couldn’t keep his eyes from straying to Rachel’s work shirt across the table. Her soft, full breasts were snuggled together, tied loosely in the confines of the shirt. Rachel smiled inwardly as she caught him glancing a couple times. Boys.

A bit tired from his trip, Nathan excused himself and went to his room, quietly closed the door, showered and went to bed. He’d never slept between silk sheets before and these were even black. Real different. They felt soft and smooth on his mostly hairless body. He had begun sleeping naked the last couple years because, sometimes, he would have a dream and wake up in really tight under shorts, messing them up sometimes. He had discovered that sleeping loose and free he was able to avoid those messy dreams. When he slipped in between these sheets it was a new and pleasant sensation. Nathan drifted to sleep for his first night in Rachel’s home.

Rachel loaded the dishwasher, pushed the button and went to her room. That was an interesting thought: “Her room.” As opposed to “Nathan’s room.” She now shared her home with a young man. She’d have to stop running around nude like she was used to. Trouble was, Rachel did feel a bit confined in the tight jeans and work shirt so she kind of yearned for her favorite summer dress. Even though it was so sheer you could see right through it, it probably wouldn’t hurt to wear it as long as Nathan was in his room. Rachel peeled off her jeans and put them in the clothes hamper. She had noticed the crotch of the Levi’s were damp. She had not realized the dampness until now. She had not worn panties and apparently some juices had been coaxed out of her when she caught Nathan staring at her breasts at dinner.

Rachel untied her shirttails and slipped out of the top, pitching it after the Levi’s. She found her beloved summer dress and buttoned it around her. It was loose-fitting, leaving plenty of room for comfortable movement. She looked at herself in the floor mirror and felt a little embarrassed wearing it now that there was a “man” in the house. She could clearly see her nipples and the aureoles pressing against the sheer fabric. She could even make out the pubic hair framing her vulva. Definitely not for company.

Rachel spent a couple hours reading in her room, often stopping to think about Nathan asleep in his room, imagining his tall frame enveloped in those silk sheets. Restless, she left her room and quietly padded down the hallway to the kitchen and den area to make sure all was secure for the night. All the lights had been left on. She thought she had turned everything off, but…

On the other side of the den was Nathan’s room. His door was ajar a few inches and the bright light from the den area slivered into the black darkness of his bedroom. Rachel decided to quietly close the door and turn the lights off. She silently moved to his door and quietly began to pull the knob toward her. Just then, her eye caught a glimpse of Nathan’s bed in the darkness. She could see his large bare foot toward the foot of his bed, pointed in her direction. Rachel should have just quietly pulled the door shut but something compelled her to step closer to the door and slowly open it wider. As she did, the bright light from the den bathed the foot of the bed and Nathan’s feet. The door moved slowly and silently, as if on its own, to reveal a gorgeous set of tanned, athletic legs on top of the black silk. It appeared that Nathan’s sheets had worked their way off of his body in his sleep. Rachel’s breath came more quickly as her curiosity was beginning to get the best of her. The door slowly opened further until Rachel gasped. There in front of her, no more than ten feet away, lay a young man whose body was totally nude. Nathan lay on his left side facing Rachel, his chest and head were still hidden in the pitch black of the room. Rachel’s eyes locked onto Nathan’s groin. There it was, the longest, thickest cock Rachel had ever seen. It softly fell across Nathan’s left thigh, it’s tip nudging the black silk of the mattress. A massive mushroom head was encased in foreskin. A large, hairless scrotum lay behind the tube. Rachel could see Nathan’s balls moving slightly up and down. If she wasn’t mistaken, she also sensed the massive soft tube beginning to move, inching toward Nathan’s left hip. “Oh god,” Rachel murmured to herself. “He’s beautiful.” Rachel stood in the doorway, transfixed.

A few minutes earlier, Nathan couldn’t sleep. He had gotten up and gone into the kitchen for a glass of water when he suddenly realized he had no clothes on. He panicked, thinking what would happen if Rachel got up. Just then he heard the door to her room open down the hallway. Without stopping to turn the lights back off he quietly ran for his room. As he began shutting his door he caught a glimpse of Rachel’s foot stepping into the kitchen from her side of the house. Too late to close the door. It would make noise and draw her attention to him. He’d be too embarrassed. He was naked, for Pete’s sake! Nathan quickly, silently, lay back down on the bed. Before he could pull his black silk covers back over him Rachel was at his door! He lay very quiet and still, playing opossum, hoping she wouldn’t look in and see him naked. The bright light behind her would certainly light his body up for her to see. He couldn’t move. All Nathan could do was lie there on his side, facing the door.

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